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Patent 2756454 Heat-resistant silicone coating with a surface relief structure-2021/ Термостойкое силиконовое покрытие с поверхностной рельефной структурой



The invention relates to light industry (to materials and products with a heat-resistant coating that provides protection from mechanical and thermal effects). Heat-resistant silicone coating 2.0 mm thick on the surface of materials and parts of garments with the effect of barrier protection, which is formed due to the properties of heat-resistant silicone and relief pattern on the surface. The drawing has a continuous rapport of 5 mm with the help of repeating diamond-shaped sections with corresponding axis lengths (longitudinal 18 mm, transverse 18 mm). Diamond-shaped relief areas are formed by small longitudinal five projections 2.0mm wide. The projections have a length and height: the first and fifth - 6.5 mm and 1.0 mm, the third - 18.0 mm and 1.5 mm, the second and fourth - 11.2 mm and 1.25 mm, respectively. The distance between the protrusions is 2.0 mm. The technical result is an increase in the stability of the main materials and parts of special-purpose clothing to the risks of temperature burning and mechanical influences due to the fact that the proposed model of the relief pattern of the coating allows for oriented sliding and removal of hot particles from the surface, creating additional insulation from direct burning of the main flat surface of materials and products.
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