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The last decade marked undeniably the leading role of web services and the establishment of service-oriented architectures. Indeed, it is nowadays hard to find a contemporary software application that does not use at least one third-party web service. The main driver for this paradigm shift, lies in the benefits that decoupled, cloud-based services bring to software development, operation and maintenance as well as at the seamless deployment, integration and scalability features those modern public clouds provide.

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In the age of knowledge, Natural Language Processing (NLP) express its demand by a huge range of utilization. Previously NLP was dealing with statically data. Contemporary time NLP is doing considerably with the corpus, lexicon database, pattern reorganization. Considering Deep Learning (DL) method recognize artificial Neural Network (NN) to nonlinear process, NLP tools become increasingly accurate and efficient that begin a debacle. Multi-Layer Neural Network obtaining the importance of the NLP for its capability including standard speed and resolute output. Hierarchical designs of data operate recurring processing layers to learn and with this arrangement of DL methods manage several practices. In this paper, this resumed striving to reach a review of the tools and the necessary methodology to present a clear understanding of the association of NLP and DL for truly understand in the training.
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Microservice architectures are used as alternative to monolithic applications because they are simpler to scale and more flexible. Microservices require a careful design because each service component should be simple and easy to develop. In this paper, a new microservice pattern is proposed: a database that can be considered a microservice by itself. We named this new pattern as The Database is the Service. The proposed simplified database pattern has been tested by adding ebXML registry capabilities to a noSQL database.
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Likert scale is applied as one of the most fundamental and frequently used psychometric tools in educational and social sciences research. Simultaneously, it is also subjected to a lot of debates and controversies in regards with the analysis and inclusion of points on the scale. With this context, through reviewing the available literature and then clubbing the received information with coherent scientific thinking, this paper attempts to gradually build a construct around Likert scale. This analytical review begins with the necessity of psychometric tools like Likert scale andits variants and focuses on some convoluted issues like validity, reliability and analysis of the scale.
Because web services can be reused and composed to fulfill a complex request, the issue of web service composition has grown to be a hot topic, and many researchers are attracted to work on it. This chapter first gives an overview of the area of service composition and addresses new challenges on service composition. Then it introduces three service composition methods.
Engineering systems by combining BPMN and HLA-based distributed simulation
  • A Falcone
  • A Garro
  • A D'ambrogio
  • A Giglio
Falcone, A., Garro, A., D'Ambrogio, A., & Giglio, A. (2017). Engineering systems by combining BPMN and HLA-based distributed simulation. 2017 IEEE International Systems Engineering Symposium (ISSE), 1-6.
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