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Legalizing Active Euthanasia in India

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This paper-letter to the President of India et al., is seeking the legalization of active voluntary euthanasia in India in the context of calamitous and cataclysmic socio-political-economic and environmental situation. This article shows, often sarcastically, that the religious extremist plutocratic regime has led to suicides, unhappiness, hunger, malnutrition, unemployment and so on. It also shows that the present government is following the blueprint of the Third Reich, especially in connection with the Aktion-T4 project.
“Once upon a time this frog got into a hole in a stone, and in that shelter
it existed for three thousand years. I have learnt from it the secret of
continuing to exist, but to live it does not know. To-day I felt bored and
smashed its shelter. I've thus saved it from existing for ever. Isn't that good
As said by the King in Rabindranath Thakur, Red Oleanders (1925)
The Honourable President,
The Republic of India,
Rashtrapati Bhavan,
New Delhi- 110004
Sub: “If thou cannot save me, why unfurl such deafening
arrangements then?” An Appeal For Legalizing Active Euthanasia
Respected Ācārya,
We, the undersigned, are earnestly requesting you to legalize active euthanasia.
Subjectively speaking, we are suffering too much during the last seven years due
to different type(s) of “capital” punishment, including mob lynching, hate-
speeches, planned pogroms, riots, rampant economic bankruptcies etc., in India.
Our subjective impression can be subscribed by the following information given
by various human right organizations, fact-checkers etc. Though there are
serious allegations against India’s poor data-quality, data denial, data paucity
and data opacity.
· EIU declined India's offer to use govt data for Democracy Index VIEW
HERE (As reported on 31st August, 2021 ©Hindustan Times)
· 'India's Public Domain Covid Data Is Embarrassing, It's Irresponsible Not
to Share If More Exists' VIEW HERE (As reported on 27th December, 2021
©The Wire)
To introduce the area of concern, we are citing a report on the increasing risk
and rate of genocide in the Indian Republic:
1. Countries at Risk for Mass Killing 202122: New Early Warning
Report VIEW HERE (As reported on 29th November, 2021 ©US Holocaust
Memorial Museum)
2. 'US Congress Must Pass Resolution Warning India On Genocide,
Biden Must Tell Modi Ties to Suffer' VIEW HERE (As reported on
19th January, 2022 ©The Wire)
We do not know whether the above report and the interview with Dr.
Stanton is factually true or not, however, we are feeling extreme pain
within ourselves and viewing the increasing rate of violence towards our
Furthermore, our freedom is also at stake during this regime as
reported by some foreign human rights organizations as well as fact-
checkers cum survey institutes:
· India Is No Longer a Democracy but an 'Electoral Autocracy': Swedish
Institute VIEW HERE (As reported on 11th March 2021, © The Wire)
The Freedom House also dropped India from the list of “Free Countries”
in its annual report entitled Democracy under Siege VIEW HERE .
· India is now only 'partly free' under Modi, says report VIEW HERE (As
reported on 3rd March, 2021 © BBC News)
· INDIA 2020: Report by the Amnesty International VIEW HERE
· Amnesty International’s Appeal To India’s PM VIEW HERE
· India falls to 53rd rank in EIU's Democracy Index, dubbed as flawed
democracy VIEW HERE (As reported on 4th February, 2021 ©The
Economic Times)
Moreover, if statistics is to be believed, the following data further highlight the
devastating socio-political-economic situation of our beloved country:
1. Hunger Index: rank 101 out of 116 qualifying countries (2021)
2. Unemployment rate: India (overall): 7.0%; Urban: 8.4%;
Rural: 6.3% (2022)
3. GDP growth rate: 1.9% post-lockdown (2020), following global
recession. GDP per capita rank 42nd (nominal; 2020) 124th (PPP; 2020).
8.5% as per the IMF Report (2022) . Though Dr. Subramanian Swamy
said otherwise on his Twitter Post (14th September,
=20 The same is -7.3 according to World Bank’s 2020 Report.
Note that there is a difference between the projected GDP and the actual
4. According to The Economist (2016), India occupied the ninth position in
global Crony-Capitalist Index, having crony sector wealth that accounts
for 3.4% of the total GDP.
According to reports from various sources, the current ruling party’s
assets are increasing by leaps and bounds:
A. BJP’s Declared Assets Increased By 627% in 10 Years: ADR
B. BJP highest earner in FY19 at Rs 2,410 crore; TMC’s income spikes
3,628% VIEW HERE
C. BJP’s assets increased by 22% in 2017-18, Congress’ down by 15%:
Even, it is alleged that in case of individual party member is also gaining,
D. Amit Shah’s Son Delayed Filings, His Total Income Rose By 15000%
From 2014-19: Report VIEW HERE
E. Amit Shah’s son’s 6 crore company got credit facility worth 97 crore,
says Congress VIEW HERE
On the other hand, PSU banks, some private banks are going to be
bankrupted due to Gross NPAs. Inflation is inevitable. One peculiar
F. Loans over Rs 68k crore, including to Mehul Choksi’s firms, VIEW HERE
G. Banks Technically Write Off Over Rs 68,000 Cr Loans, Choksi Among
50 Top Wilful Defaulters: RTI VIEW HERE
The middle-class depositors of the Dewan Housing Finance Corporation
Limited (DHFL), Punjab and Maharashtra Co-operative Bank, Yes Bank,
Punjab National Bank etc., are undergoing insolvency. It’s a different
type of “capital” punishment for them.
There is ‘one-to-one correspondence’ between the present ruling
party’s (and party members’) increasing assets and abrupt bankruptcies.
5. Happiness Index: Rank 139 out of 149 countries (2021) . If Hedonistic
calculus is deployed perfectly, this is a sorry state of affairswe are living
within the sick society.
6. Corruption Index: Rank 86th out of 180 countries (Corruption
Perceptions Index, 2021)
7. Informal sector workers: 93% of the total workforce (2019).
Disinvestment and privatization are the major reasons behind it.
Supposed/probable citizens of India (“probable”, as the Indian citizen is
yet to be proved by the tiresome processes of NPR-NRC-CAA ) used to
elect their government to switch over from public sectors to private
sectors. What a paradox! Only an equivocator could say two antithetical
concepts: “FDI” and atmanirbharata” (self-reliance) with nationalistic
jingoism in a same breath! In fact, the large-scale privatization is nothing
but a hegemonic subsumption of the informal sector for the sake of free
flow of private capital and market fundamentalism.
It is to be noted that the Informal sector shrank sharply in 2020-21: SBI
report VIEW HERE (As reported on 31st October, 2021 ©The Hindu)
8. Availability of Hospital beds: 0.055 per 1,000 populations (2017) !
5 hospital beds/10k population: India ranks 155th in 167 VIEW
HERE (As reported on 17th December, 2020 ©The Times of India)
9. Defence Budget: The union government justifiably allocated Rs 3.37
lakh crore as the defence budget for the financial year 2020-21.
(Compared to the 8th point above, it is observed that the death industry is
proliferated by the government itself. Why one human being is against
another for the sake of the profits of the mercantile enterprise of arms and
ammunitions??) The budget does not include the transportation costs of
arms and ammunitions, defence research and other variables. If these
variables are considered, the de facto defence budget will be nearly about
70% of the total budget. Why don’t we launch Mahendra-
Sanghamitrā project for total disarmament following our heritage?
10. Malnourished population: 195.9 million malnourished people (2015-
17); one-third of the world’s malnourished children belong to India.
11. Carbon Footprints: Emission of 2,299 million tonnes of Carbon Dioxide
(2018). No visible step is observed to save the planet from the
consequences of anthropogenic global heating by the Indian
Government. Even there is no anticipatory policy regarding the
rehabilitation of climate refugees. Instead, the government is justifiably
busy with ostentatious display of statues, temples, anti-green bullet trains
etc., along with planned deforestation for mining and other
developmental projects. Kindly also view the Air Quality Index issued by
the Central Pollution Control Board.
12. Poverty index: rank 49. Two-thirds of people in India live in poverty:
68.8% of the Indian population lives on less than $2 a day. Over 30% even
have less than $1.25 per day. More than 36 crore Indians still cannot
afford three square meals a day. India had 73 million people living in
extreme poverty which makes up 5.5% of its total population. India’s top
1% owns half of national wealth.
13. External Debt is nearly about Rupees 69 trillion+ (as on
23/01/2022) ! However, Indian Government has written off the
astronomical figure of money, 68,607 crores owed by the super-rich
people at the time of international crisis.
14. Suicide rate: About 800,000 people die by suicide worldwide every
year, of these 1, 35, 000 (17.8%) are from India. India now accounts for
over a third of the world’s annual female suicides and nearly a fourth of
male suicides. (2019)
Update: After the COVID Pandemic hit India and an unplanned lockdown
was imposed by the Government, the suicide rate rapidly multiplied.
Suicides increase 10% to highest since 1967, accidental deaths down
11%: National data VIEW HERE (As reported on 29th October, 2021
©Hindustan Times)
15. India is also a victim of Lawrence Summers’ (chief “economist” of the
World Bank 1991-93) memo Let Them Eat Pollution”. Majority of Indians
have lost their herd immunity for consuming spurious products
(pesticides, chemical fertilizers etc., made out of Second World War
Wastes) of the so-called Green Revolution (empirical data not available
for the same).
How Leftover Bombs From World War 2 Became 'Fertilisers' for
Agricultural Use VIEW HERE (As reported on 4th May, 2021 ©Pure &
Eco India)
Postwar Fertilizer Explodes VIEW HERE (©Wessels Living History of
16. Water Crisis: An average human being needs 15 litres of water per day
to meet the basic needs and easements, which roughly amounts to more
than 50 litres per family. In the rural areas, more than 50% of women walk
up to minimum 5km on a daily basis for necessary consumption. On an
average, they have to undertake 2-3 trips to and fro with earthen pots on
their heads (15-20 litres capacity each). Carrying such heavy loads of
water on their heads leads to chronic biological complications. Unsafe
water also leads to an annual surge in infant mortality. Children of nearly
100 million households in India are left to survive without water. Due to
the non-availability of safe drinking water, 2 lakh Indians have to die every
year and 600 million of the Indian population encounter extreme water
crisis. India ranks 120 among 122 countries in Water Quality Index; 70%
contaminated VIEW HERE (As reported on 3rd December, 2019
©Observer Research Foundation)
Toxic foam covers India's sacred Yamuna river VIEW HERE (As reported
on 8th November, 2021 ©The Mint)
Toxic, White Foam In Yamuna As Devotees Take A Dip On Chhath
Puja VIEW HERE (As reported on 8th November, 2021 ©NDTV)
Clouds of toxic foam float on surface of India's sacred Yamuna
river VIEW HERE (As reported on 9th November, 2021 ©Global News)
[As irreligious non-believers, we are condemning such superstitious act,
i.e., drinking toxic water in the name of religious ritual. In fact, the ruling
party is using this type of heathen, prejudiced act through their populist
politics by ignoring other serious problems such as hunger, malnutrition,
unemployment etc. Kindly compare the Happiness Index of the Atheist
Countries. The 2018 UN World Happiness Report: most atheistic
countries are the happiest, while religious countries are poor and
unhappy VIEW HERE ]
17. World Inequality Report 2022: “As per the latest World Inequality
Report 2022, India is a “poor and very unequal country, with an affluent
elite,” where 57 percent of the national income is held by top 10 percent,
while the share of the bottom 50 percent is merely 13 percent in
2021.” VIEW HERE (As reported on 8th December, 2021 ©The Quint)
Interview with Oxfam India CEO: With India’s inequality exploding, it
can’t be business as usual VIEW HERE (As reported on 21st January,
2022 ©Scroll)
Hence, we are at the verge of self-annihilation as we are terminated by the crony
as well as monopoly capitalist ventures of the present regime. Therefore, we are
citing some instances where the Lord Buddha himself subscribed the process of
harming one’s own self:
The person who could get out of tanhā and the causes of tanhā, i.e., avidyā, can
annihilate him/herself.
Example 1: Godhikā could not attain nirvāṇa due to her physical illness. She
decided to terminate herself by using a sword. Buddha admitted her plea for
self-annihilation. (Kathābotthu)
Example 2: Even after spending seven years, Shihao could not achieve nirvāṇa.
After putting rope around his neck, he achieved arhattattva and miraculously
that rope loosened up. (Therigāthā)
Example 3: Svapnadās, due to his physical illness, could not practice the
necessary sādhanā for achieving nirvāṇa. After taking the decision to annihilate
himself, he achieved the nirvāṇa.
Example 4: Vakkāli loved to admiringly stare at the divine body of the Lord
Buddha. For this type of infatuation, Buddha expelled him. Vakkāli decided to
commit suicide by jumping off a cliff. The Buddha endorsed his resolution.
Furthermore, if Capital Punishment or death penalty is still legally permitted in
India, why not active euthanasia?
See below the countries, where capital punishment has been abolished (at least
70% of the countries) or otherwise in law or practice:
Infographic: Which countries still have the death penalty? VIEW HERE (©Al
Death penalty: How many countries still have it? VIEW HERE (©BBC)
'Liberals Have Failed, Particularly In India': Mahatma's Grandson Gopal
Gandhi on the Death Penalty Issue VIEW HERE (As reported on
30th November, 2016 ©NDTV)
Abolished in law for all crimes: 108
Abolished in law for all crimes except those committed under exceptional
circumstances (such as crimes committed in wartime): 7
Abolished in practice (no executions during the last 10 or more years and
believed to have a policy or established practice of not carrying out
executions): 27
Retains capital punishment: 54 Source: Wikipedia
Therefore, we are requesting you to follow Hitler’s footsteps in this regard. As
we have understood that the Sangh Parivar is an ardent follower as well as
inheritor of the infamous Nazi ideology, therefore, we are requesting you to
legalize active euthanasia on the basis of the following information:
· Schindler's List: Hospital Euthanasia Scene VIEW HERE
We wish to mention the Nazi active euthanasia (although involuntary)
programme, “the Aktion-T4”, in this regard:
Aktion T4 VIEW HERE (©Wikipedia)
T4 Euthanasia Program VIEW HERE (©Britannica)
Holocaust Memorial Museum)
300,000 VIEW HERE (©History)
Aktion T4: Hitler's Euthanasia Program for German Nationals VIEW
HERE (©Into the Shadows)
We are humbly requesting you to follow this path of action not as a de
facto genocide, but de jure genocide. NITI Aayog and our Hon’ble Parliament can
decide this matter following Switzerland legalization of the “SARCO
Initiative” :
SARCO (from the term “Sarcophagus” used in the context of Egyptian
Mummification: the “painless death” device
(You can import this device if your anti-historical almanac-producing IITs
would cut a sorry figure to manufacture the same.)
For showing precedents, here is the shortened list of countries that have legalize
active euthanasia in one form or another:
1. As of November 2021, Active Voluntary Euthanasia is legal in Belgium,
Canada, Colombia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain and
several states of Australia (Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and
Western Australia). Euthanasia was briefly legal in the Northern Territory
between 1996 and 1997, but was overturned by a federal law.
2. Physician-assisted suicide is legal in some countries, under certain specific
circumstances, including Austria, Belgium, Canada, Luxembourg, the
Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland and parts of the United States
(California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico,
Oregon, Vermont, Washington and Washington DC) and Australia (Queensland,
South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia). The Constitutional
Courts of Colombia, Germany and Italy legalized assisted suicide, but their
governments have not legislated or regulated the practice yet.
Current legal status of euthanasia around the world:
Active voluntary euthanasia legal (Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Luxembourg,
the Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain and the states of Queensland, South
Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia)
Passive euthanasia legal (refusal of treatment / withdrawal of life support)
Active euthanasia illegal, passive euthanasia not legislated or regulated
All forms of euthanasia illegal Source: Wikipedia
“If thou cannot save me, why unfurl such deafening arrangements then?”
To conclude, we have earlier cited from Rabindranath Thakur’s play Red
Oleanders (1925), which mentioned the story of the frog that existed”. Here,
the character of the King differentiates between actually “living” and merely
“surviving or existing”. The all-pervading governmentality has led all the living
beings from the phenomenon of “to exist” to the epiphenomenon of “to exit”.
Therefore, our docile bodies cannot cope with such maladies within the sick
society with a failed state and bad governance. We wish that this type of worst
governmentality with the goal of grand depopulation project must sustain, and
such being the case, we want to buy our death in the form of a commodity in
the context of crony and monopoly capitalism in India. How can we “live” or
even “survive” under an egoist/megalomaniac schizophrenic government
(cf. Modi govt’s ‘schizophrenia’ led to Covid ravage, says Nobel laureate
Amartya Sen? VIEW HERE As reported on 5th June, 2021©The Print)? Viewing
this type of situation, especially the intellectual drought in India, the current US
President and the Vice President had briefed the Indian PM regarding the value
of democracy, tolerance and non-violence during the latter's recent diplomatic
visit (23rd-24th September, 2021) to the USA . It is also to be noted that the
Indian PM was a mum, passive receptor (?) of the said conversation since there
was no teleprompter!
It is also a pity that our present Hon’ble Home Minister is allegedly branded as
a “war criminal”:
UK Firm Alleges War Crimes in Kashmir, Seeks Arrest of Amit Shah, MM
Naravane VIEW HERE (As reported on 20th January, 2022 ©The Quint)
(Cf. OHCHR’s Report on Human Rights Violations in Jammu and Kashmir,
2019 VIEW HERE )
Due to the Godi Media’s powerful and populist Goebbelsian propaganda
machine supported by Tek Fog, the consent is being manufactured. Our
thoughts are thoroughly controlled, appropriated, approximated and codified.
Thus, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India lamented:
Chief Justice of India rues ‘sorry state of affairs’ in lawmaking VIEW HERE (As
reported on 15th August, 2021 ©The Hindu) “Then the debates and discussions in the
[Parliament] House were constructive. They could elaborately discuss the legislation taking
place... Laws used to be discussed and deliberated... Unfortunately, over a period of time...
you know what is happening in the House. In the absence of quality debate, courts are
unable to fathom the intent and object of the new laws,” the CJI addressed an audience of
judges and lawyers. Chief Justice Ramana said the lack of intellectual heft witnessed in the
House could be remedied if more lawyers actively participated in public life rather than
confine themselves to their legal practice and homes. He said leaders of the Independence
struggle were lawyers, such as Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru. “They sacrificed
not only their professions but also their families and property for the struggle...” the CJI
In this catastrophic situation, the proposed “Rama Rajya”, as data show, is far
far away. Let us conclude with Canakya Niti, triggering the point: The subjects
of the Indian republic are not happy at all.
जासखे खं रा: जानां हिते हितम
नामयं हितं रा: जानां यं हितम
― Dev Dantreliya,
Chanakya Niti on Corruption: Glimpses of how Chanakya tackled menace of
corruption 300 BCE in India?
Let us die peacefully instead of sending the Bajrang Dal.
Warmest Regards,
Debaprasad Bandyopadhyay
Rupa Sanyal
Akhar Bandyopadhyay
1. The Honourable Prime Minister, The Government of India
2. The Honourable Minister of Law and Justice, The Government of
3. The Honourable Chief Justice, Supreme Court of India
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