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CONSILIENCE, Issue 7: 'Energy'. | Windrows (Paradox) is an entangled artwork comprising photographs (taken by the artist’s mother in coastal Newfoundland [Ktaqmkuk] in 1973), text, and an artistic rendering of a wind energy resource contour map. Traces of the wind contours reverberate across the page, through narrative text comparing two island figures: Newfoundland and the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Windrows (Paradox) ruminates on the contradictory manifestations of abundance and loss in the two islands. While one is marked by the devastating demise and squandering of something highly valued and once thought to be endless, the Atlantic cod, the other is a seemingly permanent mass; an assemblage of discarded items of little (perceived) value typically thought of as temporary. The wind resource map used here was developed as part of the growing renewable energy sector in Newfoundland and Labrador. Just as the colonists embark on this next stage of their transactional negotiation with the wind, the Pacific winds gather scattered flotsam and detritus to form a different kind of colony characterised by a different flavour of abundance and misuse.
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