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The compilation deals with the aporia on the SARS COV-2 Vaccine(s). As there are many contradictory or even antithetical views on this issue, the authors of this compilation have tried to amalgamate the major information regarding the ethos of medical science. The authors, being academic sceptics, emphasized especially on the following key problem-questions: a) What is/are the origin(s) of the said virus? Why is it patented? b) Is it possible to develop and execute multiple vaccines for a disease with multiple variants? c) Can “mandatory” vaccine passports (for domestic and international travel) be implemented by the “welfare” state without taking heed of the consent of the subjects? d) What are the long term effects (cognitive and otherwise) of the vaccine(s)? Is the vaccination programme part of the grand depopulation/sterilization project? e) Are the vaccine(s) working as anatomo-bio-political tools for the purpose of surveillance? f) Can we trust/have faith/believe in the so-called “welfare state”? Methodologically, the authors of this compilation, as agnostic bricoleurs, have depended on the works of M. K. Gandhi, Michel Foucault, Bruno Latour, Ivan Illich and Ashis Nandy et al. All of them have questioned the medical scientific paradigm in their own ways. Thus, the authors self-reflexively denied to get the “death jabs”! In fact, the authors have tried to associate the whole interlinked processes (plexus of power as well as limits of power) of subjection and objectification of the docile bodies by the crony “welfare state”, which is already branded as being “autocratic” by the whistle-blowers. Thus, they did not perceive partially (particulars) the “good will” of the crony “welfare state” vis-à-vis “free will” of the subjects of the plutocratic, deep, coercive state and the MNCs without being trapped by the hasty generalization.
Compiled By
Akhar Bandyopadhyay
Debaprasad Bandyopadhyay
“The atomic situation is now at the end point of this process; the
power to expose a whole population to death is the underside of the
power to guarantee an individual‘s continued existence. The
principle underline the practice of battlethat one has to be capable
of killing in order to go on living- has become the principle that
defines the strategy of states….. At state a biological existence of a
population. If genocide is indeed the dream of modern powers, this
is not because of a recent return of the ancient right to kill; it is
because power is situated and exercised at the level of life, the
species, the race, and the large-scale phenomena of population.
“……But what might be called as societies, ―threshold of modernity
has been reached when the life of the species is wagered on its own
political strategies. For millennia, man remained what he was for
Aristotle: a living animal with the additional capacity for a political
existence; Modern man is an animal whose politics places his
existence as a living being in question.” -- MICHEL FOUCAULT
The present compilation shall focus on the news cum
allegations/rumours/hoax centering the ongoing vaccination programme
against the COVID-19 virus and will try to bring out the multifarious social,
political cum economic implications of the same.
First of all, certain essential points need to be mentioned beforehand regarding
the so-called “mandatory” status of the COVID Vaccines in India and abroad:
The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, has
declared the status of all COVID-19 vaccines to be
entirely voluntary VIEW HERE (The relevant RTI Document also
attached herewith as Google Drive link:
/view?usp=sharing), i.e., it is up to the logical decision reached by the
individual citizen so concerned, with reference to his/her fundamental
Right to Life and Personal Liberty” as preserved by the law of the
land (cf. Article 21 of the Indian Constitution).
The United Nations Universal Declaration on Bioethics and
Human Rights, Article 6 explicitly states that “Any preventive,
diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention is only to be carried out
with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned, based
on adequate information. The consent should, where appropriate, be
express and may be withdrawn by the person concerned at any time and
for any reason without disadvantage or prejudice.”
The Nuremberg Code of Informed Consent states that
the voluntary informed consent is required to be guarded as the
fundamental ethical principle. The responsibility is to be given to the
individual to make the decision and give consents related to their
medical conditions. It is not only essential for the safety and the
protection of the patient but also for the respect and integrity of the
The Helsinki Declarations of the World Medical Association
(WMA) also call for the right to informed consent.
Sections 87-90 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) uphold
the underlying necessity of consent and also declare that a person above
18 years of age can give such valid consent under the right to stay
For more information on the essentiality of informed consent in the medical
realm in India as well as the world, kindly refer to the following URLs:
Before going into the subject-matter of my present letter, we must admit in full
awareness that we are neither virologists, haematologists, epidemiologists,
community health care providers nor specialists in the field of Medical sciences.
Therefore, as mere laypersons, we are bound to depend upon the contradictory
“news” published in different journals, social media platforms and the print
media. So, we humbly hope that the reader will kindly bear with us in this regard
at the age of simulation (a la Baudrillard) in the post-truth society. It is very
difficult for us to make decisions regarding any issues since, for us, all the
following information are full of uncontradictory contradictions or aporia.
The whole endeavour of this compilation is to mediate among the violence of
science (as God?!), the state (as Demigod?!) and the public sphere. As
academic sceptics, we do not ‘believe’ in any imperatives given by any
authoritarian domain.
There can be two major significant hypotheses (excepting a number of others)
that can be postulated concerning the origin of the present Coronavirus (SARS‐
a) It might be a necessary by-product of the irreversible
anthropogenic glocal (global+local) heating, which has led to the rapid melting
of the Permafrost, unleashing hitherto unknown bacteria and viruses (quite
apparently, no ‘natural immunity’ or “herd immunity” per se exists for
such primordial pathogens in the contaminated corporeal of the present-
day homo sapiens sapiens):
Permafrost thaw could release bacteria and viruses VIEW HERE (As
reported on 22nd October, 2021 ©The European Space Agency)
'Melting permafrost will unleash unknown viruses, bacteria,
radioactive waste' VIEW HERE (As reported on 26th October, 2021
©OneIndia News)
b) It has also been widely discussed by certain conspiracy theorists (or
otherwise, ‘whistle-blowers’; moreover, none of their assertions are “theories”
in the technical sense of the term, but are mere hypothetical conjectures) that
the virus is actually a judiciously manufactured, lab-generated, patented and
lethal bio-weapon that is being utilized for the sake of what is being termed as
the “grand depopulation project” [Broadly involving the experimental use
of Authorization, Eugenics, Depopulation, Lethal Injection and Bio-Weapons],
aided by the world’s topmost digital monopolies owned by the superrich
minority (Masters of the (hu)mankind, a la Adam Smith), though no critical,
conclusive evidence (in the epistemological sense) still exist for completely
validating the same.
Hereby we would like to present some of the reports both in
favour and against the above-mentioned “bio-war” hypothesis as well as to
throw light on the ongoing vaccination programme as an alleged “Malthusian
positive checks/means of population control
”, the implications of which are
manifold but the conclusion is perplexingly indeterminate.
French Virologist, Who Discovered HIV, Says Coronavirus
Originated In A Lab VIEW HERE (As reported on 19th April, 2020 ©Crux)
Surprisingly enough, a “virus” (family?) in its multiple forms possess registered
patents! (It was beyond our imagination that a virus can be patented)
Chinese Doctor Says COVID-19 Made by China VIEW HERE (As
reported on 19th September, 2020 ©ISH News)
Former Pfizer employee confirms the patent for the Chinese
version of the Pfizer vaccine lists graphene oxide as a key
component VIEW HERE
In the midst of the catastrophic climate crisis, proliferation of worldwide
fascism along with destructive arms and ammunitions, devastating financial
"ecosystem" (fallacy of misplaced concreteness?!), it is pretty difficult for us to
maintain the status quo, following our predetermined careerist aspirations.
attadīpā viharatha
attasaraṇā anaññasaraṇā,
dhammadīpā dhammasaraṇā anaññasaraṇā.”
“Therefore, Ananda, be islands/lamps unto yourselves, refuges unto
yourselves, seeking no external refuge; with the Dhamma as your
island/lamp, the Dhamma as your refuge, seeking no other refuge.”
Forget, forget about your future life, predetermined and formulated by your
previous generations.
Forget the dead old habits indoctrinated by them and those you have
ritualistically accepted without asking, "Why is it so papa?"
Forget about degree-nokri equation by completing the stipulated trajectory of
10+2+3+2...i.e., academic achievements!
Be an autodidact. You have to survive in the midst of anthropogenic glocal
You have to learn:
Farming (if you at all can get grassland without being contaminated by war
waste, chemical fertilizers, pesticides)
Weaving (if you at all can get cotton. Think about supplements, viz., leaves,
tree bark, tree fibres, and tissues. Please don't harm trees for generating
culturally imposed dress code. You need to protect yourself from the
changing weather patterns not for hiding your culturally imposed "shameful
private organs” (?).
Gathering (pray, where is the jungle? We have deliberately burnt those, our
intimate friends, our source of breathing)
Try to prepare oil, salt
Know the rules of swimming, diving. You have to rescue climate refugees and
simultaneously you have to resist those hungry refugees. For self-defense
without arms, learn karate or any other such non-violent martial art.
Try to learn the knowhow of constructing green architecture-- your shelter!
Know rain water harvesting. You do not need toxic water or expensive bottled
Reduce the use of electronic gadgets-- the myth of energy crisis would be over
as you are using daylight & renewable energy sources.
Propagate non-procreative liberty. The planet earth is not safe for future
generations anymore.
For all these, you have to spend 2.5 hrs per day (in average) per annum. The
surplus time is your me-time (better to say "we-time"). You can do anything
without harming the nature and neighbours.
(Don't take these as imperatives. All these are your compulsions as you are
facing the beginning of an end!)
Heading towards a partyless, moneyless, networked but decentralized, self-
reliant local resource based non-violent green economy of austerity...
Some of the conspiracy hypotheses revolve around Bill Gates’ pivotal role in
the depopulation programme, the vaccination being the part-and-parcel of
that project.
With Vaccines, Bill Gates Changes The World Again VIEW
HERE (As reported on 2nd November, 2011 ©Reuters) Kindly Note The Date
of the Report! Is this a pre-planned grand design?
In the same year, remarkably enough, a film named "Contagion"
depicting a story quite akin to the Coronavirus disease, was made by director
Steven Soderbergh. How could the author and director of the texts predict
such catastrophe beforehand? After watching this movie, we cannot help but
recall Czech novelist Karel Čapek's Classic Play "The White
Plague" (Czech: Bílá nemoc) depicting a similar scenario, which was
adapted into the film Skeleton on Horseback (1937)
by Hugo Haas. We
are also remembering in this context Albert Camus' absurdist novel: "The
Bill Gates and global elites plan a depopulation through the
vaccines VIEW HERE (As reported on 30th November, 2020 ©Poynter)
Fact Check-Bill Gates quote about vaccines and population
growth VIEW HERE (As reported on 22nd April, 2021 ©Reuters)
Bill Gates, vaccines and population control VIEW HERE (As
reported on 18th January, 2021 ©India Today)
Vandana Shiva: Bill Gates Empires ‘Must Be Dismantled’ VIEW
HERE (As reported on 4th May, 2021 ©Regeneration International) "In an
interview with Dr. Joseph Mercola, Vandana Shiva says, "… if In the next
decade, if we don’t protect what has to be protected … and take away the
sainthood from this criminal (viz., Bill Gates), they will leave nothing much to
be saved."
Are you being "Patented" aka "Owned" ...mRNA... VIEW HERE (As
reported on 25th September, 2021 ©LogicBeforeAuthority)
Jim Jordan Goes Through the Fauci Emails and it’s Damning (Proof
for COVID as a Patented Bioweapon) VIEW HERE (As reported on
30th June, 2021 ©Circuses)
Vaccine Patent Shows Evidence Vial Have Nano Devices
Controlling Mind & Behavior! VIEW HERE (As reported on October
2021 ©The True Defender)
Medical Tyranny Machine: special report VIEW HERE (As reported
on 18th September, 2021 ©News With Views)
Rewritten History - Depopulation and Sterilization of Humanity
with Raven Keefer VIEW HERE (As reported on 8th May, 2021
©Forbidden Knowledge News)
Is it scientifically possible to develop multiple vaccines for a constantly mutating,
structurally complicated mRNA virus with multiple strains or variants within just
a few months? Some of the other relevant source-links are cited below further
in order to highlight the exceedingly dubitable intricacies and
complexities centering the worldwide vaccination drives, including the fact that
the Covishield/AstraZeneca Vaccine is banned in more than a dozen countries
Nobel Prize winner: Mass COVID vaccination an ‘unacceptable
mistake’ VIEW HERE (As reported on 19th May, 2021 ©LIFESITE)
Why Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier’s Arguments for COVID Lab-
Leak Don’t Hold Up VIEW HERE (As reported on 22nd April, 2020
©TheWire )
More COVID facts the CDC & Biden Administration doesn't want
you to hear VIEW HERE (As reported on 8th August, 2021 ©Rumble)
HERE (As reported on 5th August, 2021 ©BitChute)
HERE (As reported on 23rd July, 2021 ©Rumble)
Researcher: ‘We Made a Big Mistake’ on COVID-19 Vaccine VIEW
HERE (As reported on 15th June, 2021 ©Rights and Freedoms)
Top vaccine scientist warns the world: HALT all covid-19
vaccinations immediately, or "uncontrollable monster" will be
unleashed VIEW HERE (As reported on 15th March, 2021 ©A Final
After getting caught FAKING vaccine efficacy data, AstraZeneca
"revises" its numbers... but it's all still a cruel farce VIEW HERE (As
reported on 26th March, 2021 ©A Final Warning)
Bombshell Salk Institute science paper reveals the COVID spike
protein is what's causing deadly blood clots... and it's in all the covid
vaccines (by design) VIEW HERE (As reported on 7th May, 2021 ©A Final
Immunized but banned: Serum Institute's Covishield takers face
hurdles in Europe VIEW HERE (As reported on 13th July, 2021 ©The
“The so-called Green Pass, health passport, or Covid certificate is paving the
way to mass surveillance, arbitrary control, injustice, discrimination and
apartheid, in addition to triggering the loss of many rights and freedoms that
have always been ours, as free human beings. It is being rolled out in a
plethora of countries and being met passively by many people who do not
realise what this measure actually implies. It has nothing to do with health;
rather, it forms part of an agenda that uses an experimental vaccine or gene
therapy to alter our DNA, so that we will stop being human beings and become
transhumans. As such, we become property of the pharmaceutical company
that owns the patent, and every person is given their own QR code, just like
any other marketable product that can be bought and sold.” (Collected from
anonymous social media platforms. Usual disclaimers apply)
Are vaccine passports a threat to human rights? VIEW HERE (As
reported on 7th April, 2021 ©The New Statesman)
“The “certification” part is more of a euphemism. The government is not only
proposing a handy way to show you have a reduced risk of transmission.
Certification will be used as a passport to certain social activities though
expressly not to “essential public services”, public transport and “essential
shops”. It is taken as a given that the system will include international travel,
even though the World Health Organisation is currently against this. The even
more controversial use is for entry to theatres, nightclubs, mass events and
“hospitality”. Ministers have danced around the question but it sounds like
restaurants and pubs are being considered. (emphasis added)
WHO Urges Against Vaccine Passports, Even For International Travel
“Covid passports would be digital identity cards by the back door, giving public
authorities such as the police access to biometric and healthcare data. This
“thin end of the wedge” point is an important one, particularly given that
public authorities have not always been responsible guardians of our data.
And it is also reasonable to highlight the risk that such measures will outlast
the threat of the virus itself, as has been the case with other emergency
powers.” (emphasis added)
During the wake of ever-emerging (supposedly) “vaccine-immune” variants
of the COVID-19 virus such as the Delta, Mu or Lambda, humanity’s hopes
are allegedly/reportedly diminishing according to some experts (or mere
‘conspiracy theorists’ or whistle-blowers?):
'A Variant Worse Than Delta': Fauci Dials Fear To 11 As Emerging
'Lambda' Strain Appears More Resistant To Vaccine VIEW
HERE (As reported on 5th August, 2021 ©ZeroHedge)
New COVID-19 Mutant immune to vaccine?! VIEW HERE (As
reported on 2nd September, 2021 ©Project Nightfall)
CDC Warns COVID Vaccine Causing 74% Of New Cases VIEW
HERE (As reported on 1st August, 2021 ©The Alex Jones Show)
CDC study shows 74% of people infected in Massachusetts Covid
outbreak were fully vaccinated VIEW HERE (As reported on 30th July,
2021 ©CNBC)
“In fact, the trend line suggests a marginally positive association such that
countries with higher percentage of population fully vaccinated have higher
COVID-19 cases per 1 million people.” (Consult the graph below)
About the impossibility of developing any kind of herd immunity against the
COVID-19 Virus, here is the study published in the reputed Nature:
Five reasons why COVID herd immunity is probably
impossible VIEW HERE (As reported on 18th March, 2021 ©Nature)
For more information on the debatable vaccination project, kindly refer to
Geert Vanden Bossche’s (DMV, PhD, independent virologist and vaccine
expert, formerly employed at GAVI and The Bill & Melinda Gates
Foundation) letter as an ‘anti-vaxxer’ (Letter being Attached as Google Drive
F9rbfDtTgaohkycTb6J_/view?usp=sharing ).
Is the vaccination drive being encouraged solely for yielding massive profits
to the pharmaceutical companies (kindly note the patents for the Coronavirus
mentioned previously. Has this whole project been predeterministically
planned and effectively engineered?)?
Certain ‘whistle-blowers’ claim/allege so.
The neo-classical economist, John Maynard Keynes, advocated a policy where the Treasury
has to fill old bottles with banknotes, bury them deep into the disused coalmines, which are
then to be filled up again to the surface with town garbage, and subsequently the laissez-
faire private enterprise would intervene and dig up the notes again by paying hired wage-
workers. This is how he sought to sort out the deep-rooted problem of unemployment without
heeding the environmental variables!
In connection with Keynes’ formulation as the very life-sustaining breath of our all-pervading
neo-liberal economy, we need to talk about an infamous memo at this point.
On 12th December, 1991, Lawrence Summers, an “economist” of the World Bank
and also a relative of Paul Samuelson (note the difference in surnames!),
another main proponent of neo-classical economics, sent a memorandum to
some of his colleagues, presenting his “views” on the state of the natural
environment. The memo came to be known as: "Let Them Eat Pollution".
What is the memo all about? The memo intentionally promotes the deliberate
metamorphosis of use-value into exchange value in a mass scale in the so-
called “Less Developed Countries” of the so-called “third world”. How?
By means of manufactured or engineered pollution, i.e., toxic industrial wastes
from the so-called “first world” should be dumped off in the poor countries over
a certain time-period, and then anti-pollutant pharmaceutical products should
be sold off to those countries, yielding massive profits to the green-corporate
as a result.
The whole self-annihilating project is evident from the following lines of the said
“Just between you and me, shouldn't the World Bank be encouraging more
migration of the dirty industries to the LDCs (Less Developed Countries)? I can
think of three reasons:
The measurement of the costs of health-impairing pollution depends on the
foregone earnings from increased morbidity and mortality. From this point
of view a given amount of health-impairing pollution should be done in the country with
the lowest wages. I think the economic logic behind dumping a load of toxic
waste in the lowest-wage country is impeccable and we should face up to that.
The costs of pollution are likely to be non-linear as the initial increments of
pollution probably have very low cost. I've always thought that under-populated
countries in Africa are vastly under-polluted; their air quality is probably vastly
inefficiently low [sic] compared to Los Angeles or Mexico City. Only the lamentable
facts that so much pollution is generated by non-tradable industries (transport,
electrical generation) and that the unit transport costs of solid waste are so high
prevent world-welfare-enhancing trade in air pollution and waste.
The demand for a clean environment for aesthetic and health reasons is likely
to have very high income-elasticity. The concern over an agent that causes a
one-in-a-million change in the odds of prostate cancer is obviously going to be
much higher in a country where people survive to get prostate cancer than in a
country where under-5 mortality is 200 per thousand. Also, much of the concern
over industrial atmospheric discharge is about visibility-impairing
particulates. These discharges may have very little direct health impact. Clearly trade
in goods that embody aesthetic pollution concerns could be welfare-enhancing. While
production is mobile the consumption of pretty air is a non-tradable. The problem
with the arguments against all of these proposals for more pollution in LDCs
(intrinsic rights to certain goods, moral reasons, social concerns, lack of
adequate markets, etc) could be turned around and used more or less effectively
against every Bank proposal for liberalisation.” (emphasis added)
Summers’ business venture was the beginning of the project to depopulate the
Pfizer Reaps Hundreds of Millions in Profits From Covid Vaccine VIEW
HERE (As reported on 4th May, 2021 ©The New York Times)
Covid-19 vaccines lift pharma company profits VIEW HERE (As
reported on 11th May, 2021 ©The Times of India)
Pharmaceutical companies reaping immoral profits from Covid vaccines
yet paying low tax rates VIEW HERE (As reported on 15th September,
2021 ©Actionaid)
6 pharma stocks to bet on amid Covid 2.0 VIEW HERE (As reported on
6th May, 2021 ©The Economic Times)
No strongly verified, conclusive, critical evidence is present to properly
substantiate the following rumours/allegations/hoax (?), but they are worthy
of our rational consideration or theoretical attention for the sake of the
vulnerable future of our self-annihilating species (post-industrial revolution or
anthropocene/capitalocene) at the edge of extinction:
The said “death jab” or vaccination could probably lead to the risk of lethal
and non-lethal disruptions of blood clotting including bleeding disorders,
thrombosis in the brain, brain stroke and heart attack; nervous system
disorders, facial paralysis, tremors, walking problems, autoimmune and
allergic reactions; antibody-dependent enhancement of disease. Due to this
the vaccine Astrazeneca sold in India as COVISHIELD is banned/age restricted
in more than a dozen countries (as on 16th March 2021
) worldwide as
young people have succumbed due to blood clots. In support of the above I
would like to submit the following document (containing the relevant RTIs as
well as the Writs/PILs at the Honourable Supreme Court of India and respective
High Courts of certain states in the Union of India and other relevant
Here is what the post-mortem study of a vaccinated patient revealed:
First case of postmortem study in a patient vaccinated against
SARS-CoV-2 VIEW HERE (As reported on 21st July, 2021 ©ASMAA)
Other Alleged/Possible Long-term Risks of the Vaccine(s) include the
COVID-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease VIEW
HERE “…the spike protein, created by the translation of the vaccine RNA,
binds angiotensin converting enzyme 2 (ACE2), a zinc containing enzyme. This
interaction has the potential to increase intracellular zinc. Zinc ions have been
shown to cause the transformation of TDP-43 to its pathologic prion
configuration. The folding of TDP-43 and FUS into their pathologic prion
confirmations is known to cause ALS, front temporal lobar degeneration,
Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological degenerative diseases.” (ibid.)
What about long-term effects of the vaccine? VIEW HERE (As
reported on 27th May, 2021 ©ICSI)
From Dr. Susan Vosloo’s (Notable Cardio-thoracic Surgeon, South Africa)
opinion (Copied- From Dr Susan Vosloo's Channel) : “Most people I speak to,
who accepted or support the vaccine, seem to be making more of an emotional
decision than anything else… I have literally personally read and studied
scientific publications, listened to HIGHLY qualified doctors, and VERY higher-
grade discussions, and I personally cannot - even for a second - understand
how people can make any decision without properly studying both sides of the
argument. As an example, I read the actual Pfizer Study Papers, their EUA
Applications, Approvals, AND Information sheets, and I am VERY worried for
my friends who are not informed about the risks I see SO CLEARLY... But again
- it will come down to who is wrong, and who is right, I suppose... My concern
is that - if I am wrong - I can always take the vaccine later. If anyone who takes
the vaccine is wrong - they have signed what might turn out to be a death
sentence, purely through ignorance - because they "did the right thing." All
these very qualified doctors, virologists, microbiologists, pulmonologists,
evolutionary biologists, the co-inventor of mRNA, the inventor of the PCR
test... All these highly credentialed people do presentations in great detail
about the risks, the pathology, the mechanism of inoculation, the formation
of T-Cells, Spike-Proteins, Messenger RNA, and all manner of highly scientific
discussions, around the risks of the vaccine... Why would people think that all
these people are simply conspiracy nuts, poor scientists, liars, and theorists,
who benefit (somehow) from speaking out so verbally while risking their
careers? THAT is what concerns me... If they are right. If their concerns turn
out to be true. If a D-Dymer Test is the ONLY way to know if you're a ticking
time-bomb to die from micro-capillary clotting (already proven), in 2, 3, or 5
years - way beyond the scope of the 60day EUA tests - what is our future going
to look like? I am more willing to be judged and labeled than to take risks like
this with my health, just because "it's the right thing to do," versus being
swayed by real, consistent science, and verified facts... I am not going to make
a decision on my future health, based on the emotional blackmail used by
governments, the media, friends who "unfriend" and label me, or those who
benefit most from my compliance. That's probably the most accurate
description of where I am, right now, that I have ever typed...”
Dr. Steven J Fishman’s (Surgeon-in-Chief ; Chief, Department of Surgery;
Stuart and Jane Weitzman Family Chair in Surgery; Co-Director, Vascular
Anomalies Center, Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School) much-
discussed article “How Long Do the Vaccinated Have to Live?” is also being
attached (as G-Drive link) with this document.
In the context of the post-truth society, as a follower of the school of academic
scepticism (imbibing the motto of Doubt everything”), how can we make a
decision directly impacting our lives and health on the basis of the
aforementioned conflicting reports (or attested conspiracy hypotheses)
involving uncontradictory contradictions, decidable undecidables or aporia with
regard to the very efficacy of the concerned vaccine(s) against the COVID-19
Within the sphere of our individuality, there is still no easy way to
either escape or grasp the dilemma by its horns in this case.
What are the opinions of Animal Rights’ Activists and mandatory Ethical Committees
constituted for such experiments?
It is to be noted that after the Genome Project (the biggest funded
project after the Manhattan Project) initiated by the USA, something called
“Genome Mapping” has been introduced in different countries including India.
We are told:
Taking inspiration from the Human Genome Project, the Department of
Biotechnology (DBT) initiated the ambitious “Genome India Project” (GIP) in
January 2020. The GIP aims to collect 10,000 genetic samples from citizens
across India, to build a reference genome. VIEW HERE (As reported on 4th
June, 2021 ©PMF IAS)
Especially after the introduction of the Data Privacy Bill (2019) along with NPR-
NRC-CAA, the Indian Government has started the Genome Mapping since
February 2020, just before the advent of the mysterious virus along with the
ongoing process of CAA-NPR-NRC.
Genomic Surveillance for SARS-CoV-2 In India VIEW HERE
Explained: Mapping the ‘Indian’ genome VIEW HERE (As reported on 10th
February, 2020 © Indian Express)
Mega project to map India’s genetic diversity gets govt green signal VIEW HERE
(As reported on 15th November, 2021 ©Indian Express)
According to Foucauldian activists (stamped as suffering for “persecutory
paranoia” by the mainstream media, following the questionable DSM-5
Classification), this is also part of anatomo-bio-political intervention (a la Michel
Foucault) to cripple the docile corporeal of the subjects, i.e., extending the gaze
of panopticon through installing sensors into the body.
Mark Poster anticipated this type of surveillance society following Foucault in
the ‘80s (not to talk about the Orwellian foreseeing!).
Foucault, Marxism and History: Mode of Production versus Mode of
Information (1984) VIEW HERE
One may watch the TV Show “Person of Interest” for the fictional
representation of such subjection and reification or objectification.
How can we be indubitably certain of the fact that it is not a carefully-
designed anatomo-bio political tool as part of the Genome Mapping
(which is also a part of Personal Data Protection Bill or Data Privacy
Bill, 2019, that is already implemented without being an act
) for
completely crippling of docile body of the subject, i.e., a pharmakon
(simultaneously poison and nectar, as in Plato’s oeuvre) given by the
contemporary “welfare state machinery” to ensure its thought-
control processes (a la Noam Chomsky)?
In fact, we are trying to associate whole interlinked processes (plexus of power
as well as limits of power) of subjection and objectification of the docile bodies
by the “welfare state”, which is already branded as being “autocraticby the
whistleblowers. Thus, we are not perceiving partially (particulars) the “good
will” of the crony “welfare state” vis-à-vis “free will” of the subjects of the
plutocratic deep state without being trapped by the hasty generalization.
India Is No Longer a Democracy but an 'Electoral Autocracy': Swedish
Institute (As reported on 11th March 2021, © The Wire)
The Freedom House also dropped India from the list of “Free Countries” in its
annual report entitled Democracy under Siege VIEW HERE .
India is now only 'partly free' under Modi, says report (As reported on
3rd March, 2021 © BBC News)
The World is Discussing Modi’s Fascism VIEW HERE (As reported on 19th
October, 2021 ©Inquilab India)
Therefore, because of the utterly confusing uncertainty and undecidability
looming over the existing COVID vaccines, we, as anti-vaxxers, have refrained
and are still refraining from taking any of them.
Pray, consider a bit: what has the so-called ‘welfare state machinery’ (even if we
limit it to my very own Indian condition) truly provide us with till now?
a) In 1974, the employees of Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)
started to inject children a vaccine for preventing cholera. Afterwards, the
Sharma Commission revealed the fact that the vaccine itself is nothing but
a heinous “experimental-jab” for children as it contained Aluminum
Phosphate, which could lead to a life-threatening condition called
b) The hegemony of overproduction and monocropping has led to the
innovation of HYVs, hybrids and Genetically Modified (GM) Seeds through
the Green Revolution in India (beginning from the late 1960s as a grand
government initiative to reduce malnutrition by increasing protein intake
among malnourished children) along with cancer-inducing chemical
fertilizers and toxic pesticides made from Second World War-wastes,
which only brings ruin to the generic health of the soil, the plants, the
animals and the humans in the long run. Evolved plants, which have,
through both natural and artificial selection, adapted to their own
surrounding habitats over the course of many years, are being eliminated
and the lab-generated GM seeds or hybrids lacking any such evolutionary
history are being introduced into the farmlands. This process of
monocultural chemical farming also marks a strong shift from the
traditional methods of farming using heirloom or over 4500 varieties (in
the case of the Indian subcontinent) of native seeds, which are
intrinsically friendly to the natural processes. The Green Revolution has
created the fragile Pesticide Generation”, a generation of contaminated
beings, susceptible to multiple health risks (increasing cases of cancer,
hyperthyroidism, blue-baby syndrome, kidney diseases and
congenital/birth defects in a sizable segment of the population)!
To conclude, we are citing from Rabindranath Thakur’s play Red Oleanders
(1925), which mentioned the story of the “frog that existed. We wish to
associate King’s enunciation in the play with Foucault’s standpoint as cited in
the beginning of this compilation. Here, the King differentiates between “living”
and “surviving”. The all-pervading governmentality has led all the living beings
from the phenomenon of “to exist” to the epiphenomenon of “to exit”:
“Once upon a time this frog got into a hole in a stone, and in that shelter it
existed for three thousand years. I have learnt from it the secret of continuing
to exist, but to live it does not know. To-day I felt bored and smashed its
shelter. I've thus saved it from existing for ever. Isn't that good news?”
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