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“Messianic Narcissism and Melancholia: A Transnational Dialogue on Whiteness and Racial Difference through 'La esclava blanca.'” [Transatlantic, Transcultural and Transnational Dialogues on Identity, Culture, and Migration. Rowman & Littlefield-Lexington Books, 2021]. pp. 163-181.

  • Lakeland University
CONTRIBUTORS: Stephanie Álvarez, Marta Boris
Tarre, Martin Oliver Carrión, Lori Celaya, Eugenia
Charoni, Jana F. Gutiérrez Kerns, Luisa Marcela
Ossa, Jm. Persánch, Paulette A. Ramsay, and Sonja
Stephenson Watson
An innovative, wide-ranging collection of essays that
address trans topics in spirited and challenging ways.
Gustavorez Firmat, Columbia University
“Lori Celaya and Sonja Watson’s intriguing and wide-
ranging collection explores the multiple dimensions of
the trans prefixtransnational, transcultural,
transcontinental, and even transracialamong people
of Latin American origin in the United States, Latin
America, and Spain. This well-edited volume provides
fresh insights on novels, poems, chronicles, popular
songs, telenovelas, and other cultural genres, especially
by promoting a broad interdisciplinary dialogue about
the transformative implications of the massive
movement of people across national borders. I
recommend it as a significant and original contribution
to the intertwined fields of Latino, Latin American,
Caribbean. and Afro-Latino studies.
Jorge Duany, author of Blurred Borders:
Transnational Migration between the Hispanic
Caribbean and the United States (2011)
Lori Celaya is associate professor and director of Latin
American studies at the University of Idaho.
Sonja Stephenson Watson is dean of the AddRan
College of Liberal Arts, interim dean of the School of
Interdisciplinary Studies, and professor of Spanish at
Texas Christian University.
Edited by Lori Celaya and Sonja Stephenson Watson
Thoroughly researched and refreshingly expansive
in its areas of focus, this volume weaves an energetic,
cohesive, and engaging thread of
transatlanticism/culturalism/nationalism through the
fields of music, literature, religion, language, and
politics. Each innovative chapter stands on its own as
a focused dive into how African diasporic
communities navigate various forms of crossing to
create an identity in new geographic, political, and
linguistic spaces. Most significantly, however, is the
work’s collective message that a thoughtful
consideration of culture from below invites a rich,
interdisciplinary discussion about the
interconnectedness of migration and identity in Latin
America and the Hispanic Caribbean.
Sheridan Wigginton, California Lutheran
University and President of the Afro-
Latin/American Research Association
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