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Newsletter #2 / September 2021
INFRARES Towards resilient transportation infrastructure in a multi-hazard environment
Funding: Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation (HFRI) & General Secretariat for Research and Innovation (GSRI)
Project news
Recent disastrous hazard events in Greece and worldwide
highlighted the urgent need for development of rigorous
methodologies for the assessment of risk and resilience of
transportation infrastructure in a muti-hazard environment
There is increasing evidence of the detrimental effects of
natural hazards (e.g., floods) on crucial elements of
roadway networks in Greece
Effects of natural hazards on transportation infrastructure in Greece
Examples of effects of recent floods on transportation
infrastructure in various areas in Greece
(photos from local press sites)
COMPDYN2021: A presentation of the
project along with some preliminary
results, referring to the development of
a unified seismic-flood hazard model for
the assessment of roadway networks in
Greece was made in the framework of
the international conference
COMPDYN2021, streamed from
Athens, Greece, in July 2021. Relevant
paper is available to interested audience
upon request via our webpage.
SafeGreece2021: We will attend the
conference with a presentation, entitled:
Towards Effective Risk Assessment Of
Greek Roadway Networks In A
hazard Environment(24-
26/11/2021, streamed from Athens)
Dr Olga Markogiannaki joins our team.
For more info, visit our webpage.
Newsletter #2 / September 2021
Blockage of the south portal of the Othrios twin tunnels,
caused by rainfall-induced landslides during Medicare
Ianos, 2020 3
Climate change effects are expected to worsen the
performance of roadway networks
WP2and WP3of INFRARES aim at proposing
analytical frameworks towards more efficient and
rigorous vulnerability assessment of crucial elements of
transportation infrastructure
Collapse of a bridge in
Trikala during flooding
(2016) 1
Collapse of a bridge in
Rhodos during flooding
(2019) 2
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