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Gravity as a 4

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T.H. Ray 20 September – 10 October 2021
Gravity as a 4-dimensional distributed control system.
Distributed control
is a system whose source is everywhere local, and nowhere extended.
Distributed computing
is the 3-dimension model of a distributed control system.
However, the source, which is nowhere extended, lives in four dimensions.
We have previously shown
that the 3-dimension horizon is equal to the 4-dimension limit.
Which implies a universe of many-horizons and no boundary; i.e., no limit to the 3 dimension
boundary, while the 4-dimension limit is everywhere. “Everywhere local”is synonymous with
both “local” and “everywhere.” A system which is nowhere extended is everywhere local, and
Perhaps it is obvious now that we are addressing general relativity. Instead of looking at it in a
Newtonian way, however, we are going to invert the relation between time and space. GR
cosmology says the universe is “finite and unbounded,meaning finite in time—bounded at the
big bang singularity— and unbounded in space. Suppose it were finite in space and unbounded
in time.
Then, the big bang singularity would be true point; i.e., fully collapsed space, and time oriented
in, and integrated with, that space—is distributed by a single complex point (a line) of infinite
Most of what I wished to say is in the reference number four
In reference
(p. 3) is Einstein’s description of quantum reality which I think conforms to the
description of every singularity.
To be continued.
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ResearchGate has not been able to resolve any references for this publication.