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Food Value Chain Assessment for Circular Food Systems in Africa: The Context Study Report for the RUNRES Project

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Abstract and Figures

Executive Summary In this report we collected and analyzed data from food commodity value chains from three city-regions of the RUNRES project across three different countries namely; cassava in Rwanda, coffee in DRC, and bananas in Ethiopia. Data from South Africa has not been considered as a food commodity value chain was not yet clearly defined. We collected data from randomly selected actors along the respective food commodity value chains from all available actor segments in the respective value chains including; input sellers, farmers, middlemen, processors, wholesalers, retailers, and consumers. Data was collected electronically by project coordinators and enumerators, and was analyzed descriptively by the project scientists. Data was collected from a sample of 2,721 consumer households (1,318 from Rwanda, 809 from DRC, and 594 from Ethiopia), while where available, a sizeable number of households was also interviewed from other actor segments.
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