Kohärente Theorie-Praxis-Verzahnung im Rahmen schulpraktischer Studienphasen durch den Einsatz von Blogs. Ein Vergleich von induktiven und deduktiven Lehr-Lern-Settings und deren Wirkungen auf die Reflexionsfähigkeit von Lehramtsstudierenden.

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A coherent conception of teacher education is characterized at a horizontal level by an appropriate interweaving of theory and teaching practice. In this context, practical schoolbased study phases have a central position with respect to the further professionalization process of teachers because science, practice, and subject stand in an ambivalent relationship to each other. The ability to reflect is of particular importance as a key construct of professional action. Blogs, among others, are a suitable means for the realization of accompanying reflection arrangements in practical school-based study phases. In our contribution, we will discuss how inductive and deductive access to practice that is complemented by scientific knowledge can be shaped by means of blogs as a medium of articulation and reflection and what effects this has on student teachers’ ability to reflect. Keywords: blogs; coherence; reflexivity; practical school-based phases in teacher education; theory-practice linkage

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To read the full-text of this research,
you can request a copy directly from the authors.

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In diesem Beitrag werden die Elemente „Begleitseminar“ und „Begleitforschungsseminar“ des Praxissemesters für Lehramtsstudierende der beruflichen Fachrichtungen Maschinenbautechnik und Elektrotechnik an der Universität Paderborn im Hinblick auf die Veränderungen durch die Covid-19-Pandemie erläutert.
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