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Manufactured Consensus: A chronology of scientific censorship within the context of the early COVID-19 pandemic, 12/27/19 - 5/22/20



A linked, single-page PDF that provides an introduction to the timeline and evidence of direct collusion amongst senior officials, scientists and publishers during the first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic. All information has been derived from FOIA documents and published written work by individuals below, based upon my own complete review of the evidence and additional analysis by US Right-to-Know, among others. Among the included institutions & organizations: The National Institutes of Health [NIH], NIAID, EcoHealth Alliance, Wellcome Trust & the Wuhan Institute of Virology Among the included individuals: Anthony Fauci, Francis Collins, David Morens, Erik Stemmy, Alan Embry, Ralph Baric, Peter Daszak, Ian Lipkin, Stanley Perlman, Edward Holmes, Zheng-Li Shi
Date Event, Relevance and/or Person Information Source Authors, Orchestrators, Notes Institution
12/27 Wuhan drs sound alarm on Weibo after initial lab sample tests as a SARS-CoV news reports Li Wienlang Weibo texts Wuhan
12/30 Undiagnosed Pneumonia - China (Hubei): Request for Information ProMed Sina Finance [machine translation] ProMed - ISID
12/30 Shi ordered home to Wuhan; edits virus database; later deletes from server DRASTIC - Internet Archive Gilles Demaneuf & Billy Bostickson DRASTIC
12/31 Daszak on phone with WIV gathering intel DRASTIC - USRTK - Baric FOIA Daszak & WIV
1/2 Shi finishes sequencing the full SARS-CoV-2 genome; doesn't publish DRASTIC - Internet Archive
1/3 China's CDC sequences the genome DRASTIC - Internet Archive
1/5 Pneumonia of Unknown Cause – China WHO **WHO Disease Outbreak News WHO China Country Office
1/7 Daszak in possession of 'info to be shared offline with NAS director' US Right - to-Know-Baric FOIA
1/10 Genome shared with via E. Holmes
1/11 Phylogenetic Analysis Shows Novel Wuhan Coronavirus Clusters with SARS - EcoHealth Alliance EcoHealth Alliance
1/20 China: First human-to-human transmission of virus in Wuhan reported Jan. 20 Z. Nanshan, Caixin *1st suspected in late December
1/20 A pneumonia outbreak associated with a new coronavirus of probable bat origin journal Pre-print, already peer-reviewed - Shi et al WIV
1/29 Analysis of Wuhan Coronavirus: déjà vu Gallaher @ Tulane (TU)
1/30 WHO intiates 'Public Health Emergency of International Concern' news reports
1/31 President Trump announces travel ban for travelers from China news reports
1/31 K. Andersen & Fauci discuss upcoming conference call WP FOIA-Fauci
2/1 Fauci et al hold 1st conference call on the possibility of an unnatural origin for SARS-CoV-2 WP FOIA-Fauci Fauci, Lancet letter signatories, Baric, Daszak + Varied
2/2 Preumption: Fauci & Collins work to set up 2/3 OSTP meeting WP FOIA-Fauci NIH, OSTP
2/3 OSTP Coronavirus Request to NASEM White House OSTP
2/3 A pneumonia outbreak associated with a new coronavirus of probable bat origin Nature Shi, Hu WIV
2/3 NAS/NIH working group with Fauci - this meeting spurred the OSTP letter DRASTIC-USRTK - Baric FOIA Charles Rixey NIAID, HHS, EHA, UNC
2/4 Working OSTP letter submitted to NASEM [Daszak coord] US Right - to-Know-Baric FOIA Daszak, Baric, Andersen, Perlman NIAID, HHS, EHA, UNC
2/6 Daszak begins organizing Lancet letter US Right - to-Know-Baric FOIA Daszak EHA, UNC, OSU
2/6 Tackling Rumors of a Suspicious Origin of nCoV2019 - SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus / nCoV-2019 Evolutionary History Gallaher @
2/7 NASEM Response to OSTP re Coronavirus_February 6, 2020 OSTP site Daszak, Baric, Andersen, Perlman +NASEM
2/11 Full article: No credible evidence supporting claims of the laboratory engineering of SARS-CoV-2 Emerging Microbes & Infections Saif, Shu, Weiss, Liu - 'cleaned up' by Baric OSU, UNC
2/14 The First Disease X is Caused by a Highly Transmissible Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus journal Shi
2/16 "The Proximal origin of SARS-CoV-2" - signed by signatories of the Lancet letter journal Andersen, Holmes, Garry, Rambaut, Lipkin EHA, UNC, Scripps, TU
2/19 Statement in support of the scientists, public health professionals, and medical professionals of China combatting COVID-19 The Lancet Daszak, EHA, UNC, Scripps,
2/20 Another Decade, Another Coronavirus NE Journal of Medicine Stanley Perlman University of Iowa
2/26 Escaping Pandora’s Box — Another Novel Coronavirus NE Journal of Medicine Daszak, Laubenberger, Morens EHA, NIH
3/1 2019-nCoV in context: lessons learned? The Lancet Planetary Health Karesh EHA
3/19 Probable Pangolin Origin of SARS-CoV-2 Associated with the COVID-19 Outbreak Current Biology Zhang et al
3/26 Identifying SARS-CoV-2-related coronaviruses in Malayan pangolins journal Lam et al Nature
3/26 "Genomic Study Points to Natural Origin of COVID-19" - Blog post by NIH Director Ross NIH site Dir. Francis Ross NIH - Fauci's boss
4/27 Transcript of NIH communications with Peter Daszak concerning termination of EHA grant news reports Dir. Francis Ross NIH - Fauci's boss
4/30 Nobel laureates and science groups demand NIH review decision to kill coronavirus grant | Science | AAAS ( news reports Editors of Science Science
5/8 SARS-CoV-2: Combating Coronavirus Emergence Immunity Baric & Graham UNC
5/14 Are pangolins the intermediate host of the 2019 novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)? journal
5/21 Letter by 77 Nobel Laureates condemning the funding cuts to EcoHealth Alliance news reports orchestrated by Daszak - friends in high places EHA
5/22 Baric issues a correction to a 2015 paper to add the sequence of his chimaeric SARS-like CoV Nature *Which might have looked like GOF 5 years earlier… UNC, WIV
5/22 31 academic societies call on NIH to reverse EcoHealth Alliance funding decision news reports orchestrated by Daszak EHA
#D.R.A.S.T.I.C. - Information obtained from PubMed (NIH) & FOIA documents requested by U.S. Right-to-Know, 2020-2021 & Buzzfeed, 2021
© Charles H. Rixey, 2021
Prometheus Shrugged (
article claiming COVID-19 was engineered is published at ZeroHedge
Published 12 hours after 1st sequence made public, by Daszak on EHA's website
Given permission to publish after having finished sequencing on 1/3
*This has never been publicly addressed; likely not yet provided to Congress
Prometheus Shrugged: A Timeline of Scientific Censorship within the Context of the Early COVID-19 Pandemic 12/27/19 - 5/22/20
*The NIH, Peter Daszak & EcoHealth Alliance's responses to a global pandemic they've predicted and/or exist to mitigate are: 1) No research & 2) Coordinating statements to protect against anticipated criticism*
Pre-print of potential HIV/COVID-19 link published [retracted days later]
Wuhan lockdown finally announced
Huanan Seafood Market closed
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