S3D Dashboard: Exploring Depth on Large Interactive Dashboards



Over the last decades, the interior of cars has been constantly changing. A promising, yet unexplored, modality are large stereoscopic 3D (S3D) dashboards. Replacing the traditional car dashboard with a large display and applying binocular depth cues, such a user interface (UI) could provide novel possibilities for research and industry. In this book, the author introduces a development environment for such a user interface. With it, he performed several driving simulator experiments and shows that S3D can be used across the dashboard to support menu navigation and to highlight elements without impairing driving performance. The author demonstrates that S3D has the potential to promote safe driving when used in combination with virtual agents during conditional automated driving. Further, he present results indicating that S3D navigational cues improve take-over maneuvers in conditional automated vehicles. Finally, investigating the domain of highly automated driving, he studied how users would interact with and manipulate S3D content on such dashboards and present a user-defined gesture set. About the author Florian Weidner received the master’s degree (M. Sc.) in media computer science from the TU Dresden in 2015 and the PhD degree from the Ilmenau University of Technology in 2021.
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