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Intentional Destruction of Life on Earth

  • Transdyne Corporation, California
  • Florida Department of Health in Monroe County

Abstract and Figures

The title might suggest that this is a fictional work about an invasion from outer space. Wrong. It is a true recitation of forensic scientific and medical investigations of a near-global, near-daily conspicuous activity whose actual nature and intent is cloaked in secrecy and disinformation.
Content may be subject to copyright.
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Herndon, J. M., & Whiteside, M. (2021). Intentional Destruction of Life on Earth. Advances in Social Sciences Research Journal, 8(7).
The$title$might$suggest$that$ this$ is$ a$ fictional$ work$about$an$invasion$from$outer$
:2NI! 3=4?8B! 289! C2$$! G?B42>?<8! O4?8B3! C:M:4! 289! C:M:4! O?493,! E8! <T:4>#48:9! 4<NQ! >I2>! <8N:!
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:8T?4<8G:8>2$! 2N>?T?3>3(! 3<G:! C<4G?8B! <4B28?V2>?<83! ><! :9#N2>:(! =<$?>?N?V:(! 289! $?>?B2>:! C<4! 2!
F<4!9:N29:3(!:8T?4<8G:8>2$!<4B28?V2>?<83! B248:4:9! $24B:!3#G3!<C!G<8:%!C4<G! >I:! =#O$?N(!23!
<C!O?<3=I:4:!N<$$2=3:,!7I:!I:4O?N?9:!B$%=I<32>:!Y\Z!?3! >I:!AA7!<C!>I:!&*st!N:8>#4%(! 289!>I2>!?3!
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9:B4292>?<8! 289! 4#?82>?<8! I2T:! O:N<G:! N<T:4>$%! ?83>?>#>?<82$?V:9! <8! 28! ?8>:482>?<82$! $:T:$,!
WT:8! MI:8! O4<#BI>! ><! >I:! 2>>:8>?<8! <C! G2?83>4:2G! G:9?2(! :$:N>:9! <CC?N?2$3(! B<T:48G:8>!
2B:8N?:3(!82>?<82$!3N?:8>?C?N! 2N29:G?:3(!:8T?4<8G:8>2$!<4B28?V2>?<83(!G:9?N2$!=#O$?3I:43! `!><!
<8!<#4!B$<O2$!:8T?4<8G:8>,!L<43:(!>I:4:! 24:!9:$?O:42>:!2>>:G=>3!><! 9:N:?T:!>I:!=#O$?N!<C!>I:!
>I2>!<#43!?3! >I:!<8$%!=$28:>!?8!>I:! 3<$24!3%3>:G!N2=2O$:!<C!3#3>2?8?8B! I#G28!$?C:,![8!>I:!:24$%!
NI28B:3!?8! >I:! B:<G2B8:>?N! C?:$9!>I2>! =<>:8>?2$$%! ?8N4:23:! >I4:2>3!C4<G! >I:! <83$2#BI>! <C!>I:!
=4<N:33:3!I2T:! G29:! $?C:! =<33?O$:!<8! >I?3! =$28:>! C<4!3:T:42$! O?$$?<8! %:243,! 7I?3!N<G=$:S! 289!
>I:!82>#42$! :8T?4<8G:8>,! J#NI! I23! O::8! M4?>>:8! <8! >I?3! 3#O5:N>(!O#>!$?>>$:!=4<B4:33! ?3! O:?8B!
E>! $:23>! 23! C24! O2NQ! 23! >I:! *66)3(! N<8N:48:9! N?>?V:83! I29! 3>24>:9! ><! 8<>?N:! MI?>:! >42?$3! >I2>!
2! MI?>:! I2V:,! ! E3! >?G:! =233:9(! >I:3:! 5:>R$2?9! MI?>:! >42?$3! O:N2G:! G<4:! C4:b#:8>! 289! M:4:!
>42?$3e!LI%!M23! >I?3! O:?8B! 9<8:e! LI2>! M:4:!>I:!4?3Q3! ><! I#G28! 289! :8T?4<8G:8>2$! I:2$>Ie!
LI2>!M23!>I:!$:B2$! 5#3>?C?N2>?<8e! ![8b#?4?:3!><!2#>I<4?>?:3!?8:T?>2O$%!M:4:! G:>! M?>I!>I:!32G:!
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X4?>?3I!;<GG<8M:2$>I!82>?<83(!289!>I:!W#4<=:28!D8?<8!>#48:9!2! O$?89!:%:!><! >I:!9:$?O:42>:!
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32G=$:3! 282$%V:9! 2>! N<GG:4N?2$! $2O<42><4?:3! 289! =<3>:9! >I:! 4:3#$>3! <8! >I:! [8>:48:>,! J<3>!
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4:b#:3>:9! 282$%3:3! <C! 2$#G?8#G(! O24?#G(! 289! 3>4<8>?#G,! [8! 4:3=<83:! ><! >I:! C?89?8B3(! <8:!
M?9:3=4:29! =#O$?3I:9! :S=$282>?<8(! =4:3#G2O$%! G29:! ><! G?3$:29! <4! 9:N:?T:! =:<=$:(! ?3! >I2>!
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3=42%:9!?8><! >I:! 2>G<3=I:4:! 288#2$$%(! O#>! >I:4:! M:4:! 8<! <OT?<#3! 3<#4N:3! C<4! 3#NI! G233?T:!
3N2$:!=4<9#N>?<8!I29! ><! O:!>2Q?8B!=$2N:,!7I:!#8Q8<M8! 3#O3>28N:! I29!><!N<8>2?8!2$#G?8#G!`!
><!5:>R3=42%!23!28!2:4<3<$! <8!>I:!3N2$:! <O3:4T:9,!_<>2O$%(!2!@=28?3I!$2O<42><4%U3!:S=:4?G:8>3!
M:4:! N<89#N>:9! ?8! &))'(! G?S?8B! N<2$! C$%! 23I! M?>I! 9?3>?$$:9! M2>:4! C<4! &-! I<#43,! 7I:! 4:3#$>3!
3I<M:9! >I2>! 2>! $:23>! /0! :$:G:8>3! M:4:! =24>?2$$%! 9?33<$T:9! ?8! >I:! M2>:4! Y&&Z,! 7I:! 9?33<$T:9!
P28B:3! ]?T:4(! <8:! <C! #3! c"JHd! 3I<M:9! Y&-Z!>I2>! [8>:48:>R=<3>:9! =2?43! <C! :$:G:8>3(!
2$#G?8#G1O24?#G! 289! 3>4<8>?#G1O24?#G! G:23#4:9! ?8! 42?8M2>:4! M:4:! 3?G?$24! ><!
N<44:3=<89?8B! :$:G:8>! =2?43! :S>42N>:9! ?8><! M2>:4! C4<G! N<2$! C$%! 23I! ?8! >I:! :S=:4?G:8>3!
N<89#N>:9! O%! @=28?3I! 3N?:8>?3>3,! h#O$?3I:9! ?8! &)*'(! >I:! Current' Science!=2=:4! M23! >I:! C?43>!
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3N?:8>?C?N!:T?9:8N:! >I2>! ><S?N! N<2$!C$%! 23I! M23! >I:! G2?8! 3#O3>28N:! O:?8B! 5:>R3=42%:9! ?8><! >I:!
h:4I2=3! >I:! O:3>! :T?9:8N:! <C! >I:! Current' Science!=2=:4U3! N<44:N>8:33! M23! >I:! ?GG:9?2>:!
5<#482$3! >I2>! 2$3<! I29! =::4R4:T?:M:9! 289! =#O$?3I:9! 3#O3:b#:8>! M<4Q! O%! H:489<8! <8! >I:!
?3! 4:>42N>:9(! 289! >I2>! <8$%! <NN#43! 2C>:4! >I:! 2#>I<43! 24:! N<8C4<8>:9! M?>I! >I:! 2$$:B2>?<83! <C!
N<2$! C$%! 23I! M23! 2! N$:24!?89?N2>?<8! >I2>! >I<3:! MI<! <49:4! <4! <>I:4M?3:! =24>?N?=2>:! ?8! >I:! 5:>R
=<?8>! >I2>! >I:! =4:3:8>! 2#>I<43! c"JH! 289! JLd! O:B28! >I:?4! N<$$2O<42>?<8! ><! O4?8B! ><B:>I:4!
3N?:8>?C?N! 289! G:9?N2$! Q8<M$:9B:! ?8! 2! G<4:! N<G=4:I:83?T:! C<4:83?N! ?8T:3>?B2>?<8! 289!
C42G:M<4Q,! E$<8B! M?>I! <NN23?<82$! 233<N?2>:3(! M:! O:B28! 2! 8#GO:4! <C! 3N?:8>?C?N! 289! G:9?N2$!
?8T:3>?B2>?<83,! E3! 9:3N4?O:9! ?8! >I?3! 24>?N$:(! >I:! 9?3N<T:4?:3! M:! G29:! =4<T?9:! N<G=:$$?8B!
C<4!>I:!N<$$:N>?<8!289!N<GG:4N?2$!282$%3:3! <C! =<3>R3=42%?8B! 32G=$:3! <C! 42?8M2>:4!289!38<M,!
7I:!282$%>?N2$! 4:3#$>3! C<4! *)! :$:G:8>! =2?43! 24:! 3I<M8! ?8! F?B#4:! &!2$<8B! M?>I! >I:! =4:T?<#3$%!
F2$$?8B! 38<MC$2Q:3! >42=! 289! O4?8B! 9<M8! =24>?N$:3! 5:>R3=42%:9! ?8><! >I:! $<M:4! 2>G<3=I:4:,!
O:8:2>I! 38<M,! E3! >I:! 38<M! 3>24>3! ><! G:$>(! >I:! =24>?N$:3! ?>! >42==:9! 24:! 4:$:23:9! 289! G2%! O:!
E?4! =<$$#>?<8(! >I:! M<4$9U3! $:29?8B! N2#3:! <C! :8T?4<8G:8>2$! I#G28! C2>2$?>?:3(! ?3! 2! G25<4!
N<8>4?O#><4! ><! 8<8N<GG#8?N2O$:! 9?3:23:,! E:4<3<$?V:9! N<2$! C$%!23I(! 2! =24>?N#$24$%! I2V249<#3!
23I! ><! O:! N<T:4>$%! 5:>R3=42%:9! ?8><! >I:! T:4%! 2?4! =:<=$:! O4:2>I:(! 289! ?89::9! =4<C?>! C4<G! >I2>!
;<2$! C$%! 23I! I23! >I#3! O:N<G:! 2! ><S?N! :8T?4<8G:8>2$! 8?BI>G24:! N<83?3>?8B! G2?8$%! <C! >?8%!
3=I:4?N2$!=24>?N$:3,! cF?B#4:! -d! 7I:3:! =24>?N$:3! N<8>2?8! N<8N:8>42>?<83! <C! >I:! G<3>! I2V249<#3!
G<3>! ><S?N! =<?3<83! Q8<M8(! 289! Q8<M8! ><! G<T:! #=! >I:! C<<9! NI2?8! Y&6Z,! ;I$<4?8:! C4<G!
2:4<3<$?V:9! N<2$! C$%! 23I(! $<C>:9! ?8><! >I:! #==:4! 2>G<3=I:4:! c3>42><3=I:4:d(! 9:3>4<%3! W24>IU3!
<V<8:!$2%:4(! 289!:S=<3:3!2$$!3#4C2N:!$?C:!><!>I:!9:29$%!#$>42T?<$:>!429?2>?<8!C4<G!>I:!3#8!Y/)Z,!
;<8>2G?82>?8B!>I:!:8T?4<8G:8>!M?>I! >I:! G233?T:!b#28>?>?:3!<C!?4<8!N<8>2?8:9! ?8! N<2$!C$%!23I!
E:4<3<$?V:9! N<2$! C$%! 23IU3! #$>42C?8:! =24>?N$:3! 289! 828<=24>?N$:3! N28! :8>:4! >I:! O$<<9! 3>4:2G!
Y//(!/-Z!289!?8!>I:!I:24>!Y/&Z,!LI:8! :S=<3:9!><!O<9%!C$#?93(!N<2$! C$%!23I!N28!4:$:23:!2!I<3>!<C!
><S?N!NI:G?N2$3!?8N$#9?8B!8:#4<R><S?N(! NI:G?N2$$%! G<O?$:! 2$#G?8#G(!289!N24N?8<B:83!3#NI!23!
h24>?N#$2>:! =<$$#>?<8! I23! G#$>?=$:(! 3:4?<#3! 29T:43:! N<83:b#:8N:3! <8! :8T?4<8G:8>2$! I:2$>I,!
I#G28?>%! >I2>! C<4:3I29<M3! even' greater' global' devastation' through' undisclosed' particulate'
>4::3! 24:! 92G2B:9! O%! NI:G>42?$RN2#3:9! 94<#BI>! 289! =<?3<8:9! O%! >I:! NI:G?N2$$%! G<O?$:!
2$#G?8#G! 299:9! ><! 2>G<3=I:4?N! M2>:4,! 7I:%! 24:! 2$3<! 92G2B:9! O%! >I:! ?8N4:23:9! $:T:$3! <C!
289! 3:T:4?>%! <C! C<4:3>! C?4:3! ?8! ;2$?C<48?2! 289! :$3:MI:4:l! <>I:4! 29T:43:! :CC:N>3! ?8N$#9:!
?8N4:23:3! >I:! =<>:8>?2$! C<4! C<4:3>! C?4:! ?B8?>?<8! O%! $?BI>:8?8B,! L?$9C?4:3! 942G2>?N2$$%! M<43:8!
O23:$?8:!2?4! =<$$#>?<8(!:G?>>?8B!I24GC#$! B23:3!289!T<$2>?$:!<4B28?N!N<G=<#893(!289!>I:%!O<>I!
2?4!=<$$#>?<8!N4:2>:9!O%!M?$9C?4:3!?3!233<N?2>:9!M?>I!?8N4:23:9! 2$$RN2#3:!G<4>2$?>%!M<4$9M?9:(!
L?$9$?C:! 3=:N?:3! 24:! 3#CC:4?8B! 2! =4:N?=?><#3! B$<O2$! 9:N$?8:! Y*Z,! E:4<3<$?V:9! N<2$! C$%! 23I! ?3! 2!
289!O2>3!Y-)Z,![83:N>3! N28! ?8B:3>!2891<4!2NN#G#$2>:!><S?N!N<2$!C$%!23I! <8! >I:?4!O<9%!3#4C2N:3!
C<4! :S2G=$:(! NI:G>42?$3! N2#3:! 3I?C>3! ?8! >I:! B$<O2$! =$28Q><8! N<GG#8?>%! O2$28N:! ?8! C2T<4! <C!
E3! M:! 9?3N<T:4:9! >I:! G#$>?=$:(! 42G?C%?8B! N<83:b#:8N:3! <C! NI:G>42?$! N<2$! C$%! 23I! <8! >I:!
H#G283! 24:! <==<4>#8?3>?N! N4:2>#4:3,! F<4! :S2G=$:(! G28%(! $2NQ?8B! 2! G<42$! N<G=233(! G?BI>!
N2=?>2$?V:! <8! >I:! N<83:b#:8N:3! <C! >I:! NI:G>42?$! 2332#$>! <8! >I:! :8T?4<8G:8>! O%! 2Nb#?4?8B!
C24G$289!C4<G! C24G:43! MI<3:! N4<=3! M:4:! 4#?8:9! O%! NI:G>42?$3(! <4! 4:2$! :3>2>:! 9:3>4<%:9! O%!
3#==<3:9$%! N?T?$?V:9! =:<=$:! Q::=! 3?$:8>! 289! 2$$<M! >I:! MI<$:32$:! 9:3>4#N>?<8! <C! I#G28! 289!
:8>?>?:3! 24:! 4:3=<83?O$:e! 7I:3:! b#:3>?<83! 2$3<! 3I2=:9! <#4! C<4:83?N! 3N?:8>?C?N! 289! G:9?N2$!
D3:! <C! W8T?4<8G:8>2$! J<9?C?N2>?<8! 7:NI8?b#:3j! YW_J^AZ! <O$?B2>:3! 3?B82><4%! 82>?<83! ><!
fundamentally'compromise'their' own' sovereignty! 289! ><! O4?8B!2O<#>! M?9:3=4:29(! =:4G28:8>!
2B4?N#$>#42$! 9:T23>2>?<8,! [83>:29! <C! prohibiting! iH<3>?$:! D3:! <C! W8T?4<8G:8>2$! J<9?C?N2>?<8!
7:NI8?b#:3(! 23! ?>3! >?>$:! 3#BB:3>3(! W_J^A! obligates!3?B82><4%! 82>?<83! ><! =24>?N?=2>:! ?8!
#89:4!#83=:N?C?:9!N?4N#G3>28N:3(! M?>I<#>! $?G?>2>?<8!><!I24G,!LI:>I:4!I24G! ?3! ?8C$?N>:9!<8!2!
7I:!T:?$!<C!W_J^A!9:N:=>?<8!M23!=?:4N:9! O%! 2==$%?8B! =4:N?3:! Q8<M$:9B:! <C!N<8>42N>!$2M!><!
L:! 4:B249! ?>! 2! 8:24! N:4>2?8>%! >I2>! >I:! I?BI$%! 3:N4:>! W_J^A! i=:2N:C#$! :8T?4<8G:8>2$!
?G=4<T:G:8>(j!328N>?<8:9!289(!?89::9(! :T:8! G2892>:9! O%! >I:! >4:2>%(! ?3! ><! G:$>!E4N>?N!?N:!><!
8<>!i=:2N:C#$(j!MI:>I:4!>I:!B<2$3! 24:! N<GG:4N?2$! <4! G?$?>24%,! 7I:! >4#:! 82>#4:! <C! >I?3! D8?>:9!
2B2?83>!:3>2O$?3I:9!82>?<8!3>2>:3(!?8N$#9?8B!L:3>:48! 3>2>:3(!>I:?4!N?>?V:83!289! >I:?4!N#$>#4:!?8!
C2T<4! <C! 2! 3#=4282>?<82$(! B$<O2$! 4:B#$2><4%! 4:B?G:! MI<3:! <T:43?BI>! M?$$! :8N<G=233! 2! C#$$%!
F<4!8:24$%!C<#4!9:N29:3(!>I:! D8?>:9! _2>?<83! >I4<#BI!?>3![8>:4B<T:48G:8>2$!h28:$!<8!;$?G2>:!
N$?G2>:! NI28B:! `! B$<O2$! M24G?8B! `! ?3! N2#3:9! O%! 28>I4<=<B:8?N! C<33?$RC#:$R=4<9#N:9! N24O<8!
9?<S?9:,! 7I:! B<2$! 3::G3! ><! O:! ><! N<8>4<$! <4! 3I#>! 9<M8! C<33?$! C#:$! #3:! ?8! C2T<4! <C! 4:8:M2O$:!
E! i=4<3=:N>#3(j! ?8! 2! G:9?N2$! <4! =#O$?N! I:2$>I! 5<#482$(! ?3! 2! 3I<4>! 24>?N$:! >I2>! =4<T?9:3! :24$%!
Bulletin' of' the' World' Health' Organization!M248?8B! <C! >I:! =<>:8>?2$! I:2$>I! N4?3?3! =<3:9! O%!
2:4<3<$?V:9! N<2$! C$%! 23I! O:?8B! 5:>R3=42%:9! ?8><! >I:! $<M:4! 2>G<3=I:4:,! 7I2>! =4<3=:N>#3! M23!
7I:! ?GG:9?2>:! 4:5:N>?<8! <C! >I?3! 4:T?:M! =<?8>3! ><! D8?>:9! _2>?<83! ?8T<$T:G:8>! ?8! >I:! B$<O2$!
:8T?4<8G:8>2$!G<9?C?N2>?<8!2N>?T?>%,! 7I:4:!24:!<>I:4!O29!2N><43! 23!M:$$,![8!*6\0(!J2NA<82$9!
Y-&Z!2NN#42>:$%!C<4:N23>:9!>I:! G?$?>24%U3!9:N?3?<8!><!M:2=<8?V:!>I:! :8T?4<8G:8>! C<4!82>?<82$!
G:9?2(!>:NI!B?28>3(!3#=:4R4?NI!:$?>:3(!289!N<G=$?N?>!B<T:48G:8>!2B:8N?:3(! N<#$9!289!M<#$9!O:!
co-opted! O%! 2! 3:N4:>! ?8>:482>?<82$! 2B4::G:8>! ><! M2B:! 9:! C2N><! M24! <8! =$28:>! W24>I! 289! ?>3!
MI2>! ?3! I2==:8?8B! O:C<4:! >I:?4! T:4%! :%:3! 289! N<$$:N>?T:$%! 9:G289! 2! I2$>! ><! >I:3:! N<T:4>!
>:NI8<$<B?N2$! 2N>?T?>?:3(! M:! M?$$! N<8>?8#:! ><! NI24B:! C#$$R3=::9R2I:29! ?8><! >I:! C?43>!
289! T:4%! :S?3>:8N:! <C! I#G28?>%! ?3! 2>! 3>2Q:,! [8! >I:! D8?>:9! @>2>:3! <#4! =:43<82$! C4::9<G3! 289!
=4<=:4>?:3!24:!=4<>:N>:9!C4<G!B<T:48G:8>! :SN:33:3! O%!>I:!X?$$!<C!]?BI>3(!O#>!EG:4?N283!289!
<>I:4! G:GO:43! <C! >I:! M<4$9! N<GG#8?>%! 24:! 8<>! =4<>:N>:9! 2B2?83>! G#$>?R9?G:83?<82$(!
>428382>?<82$! >:NI8<$<B?N2$! :SN:33:3,! [8! >I:! D8?>:9! @>2>:3! M:! 9:3=:42>:$%! 8::9! 2! 3:>! <C! 8:M!
=4<>:N>!>I:! =$28:>24%! :8T?4<8G:8>! C4<G! 9:$?O:42>:! =:4T:43?<8!289!2$>:42>?<8!T?2! $24B:R3N2$:!
:8T?4<8G:8>2$! G<9?C?N2>?<8! <4! B:<:8B?8::4?8B,! @#NI! 2! 8:M! 7:NI8<$<B%! X?$$! <C! ]?BI>3! N<#$9!
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... Carbon dioxide has been one of the most dangerous threats to the present order of our lives. As one of the major greenhouse gases, it makes our environment warmer and directly changes the ecosystem of Earth, the only known planet in the cosmos that supports complex life forms (Herndon and Whiteside, 2021). ...
... The PES data given in Figure 3 confirm these results. Also, it should be noted that TS (AB-3) could potentially be considered for the (York and Bell, 2019;Herndon and Whiteside, 2021)-proton-sigmatropic shift reaction due to properties which have recently been revealed in Jasiński, (2020). We have used the B3LYP/6311++G (d,p) level of theory for these mechanism studies due to the fact that this basis set has been widely applied for theoretical prediction of the experimentally investigated reaction parameters. ...
Full-text available
Carbon dioxide (CO2), a stable gaseous species, occupies the troposphere layer of the atmosphere. Following it, the environment gets warmer, and the ecosystem changes as a consequence of disrupting the natural order of our life. Due to this, in the present reasearch, the possibility of carbon fixation of CO2 by using borane was investigated. To conduct this, each of the probable reaction channels between borane and CO2 was investigated to find the fate of this species. The results indicate that among all the channels, the least energetic path for the reaction is reactant complex (RC) to TS (A-1) to Int (A-1) to TS (A-D) to formic acid (and further meta boric acid production from the transformation of boric acid). It shows that use of gaseous borane might lead to controlling these dangerous greenhouse gases which are threatening the present form of life on Earth, our beautiful, fragile home.
... Coal fly ash particles range in size from a few nm to tens of µm across and tend to be disequilibrium assemblages, having formed rapidly in an unnatural environment. Consequently, coal fly ash occurs in a multitude of elemental combinations and poses great risks to human and environmental health [12,13]. ...
... Geoengineering, including "solar radiation management," falsely portrayed in the scientific literature as a future endeavor necessary to combat global warming, has been going on for decades with devastating results, including causing global warming. All of those who participate in systematically altering Earth's natural environment [12,13,[137][138][139], we allege, are complicit in the crime of Planetary Treason, the legal basis of which is every persons' right to self-defense. ...
Full-text available
Earth's life support systems are breaking down, including the stratospheric ozone layer, which protects all higher life on the planet from deadly ultraviolet radiation. This breakdown is a direct result of human activities including the large-scale manipulation of processes that affect Earth's climate, otherwise known as geoengineering. We present further evidence that coal fly ash, utilized in tropospheric aerosol geoengineering, is the primary cause of stratospheric ozone depletion, not chlorofluorocarbons, as "decreed" by the Montreal Protocol. The misdiagnosis was a potentially fatal mistake by mankind. Coal fly ash particles, uplifted to the stratosphere, are collected and trapped by polar stratospheric clouds. In springtime, as these clouds begin to melt/evaporate, multiple coal fly ash compounds and elements are released to react with and consume stratospheric ozone. Contrary to the prevailing narrative, the stratospheric ozone layer has already been badly damaged and now increasingly deadly ultraviolet radiation, UV-B and UV-C, penetrates to Earth's surface. Our time is short to permanently end all geoengineering activities, and to reduce and/or eliminate all sources of aerosolized coal fly ash, including first and foremost the jet-sprayed emplacements into the troposphere that are systematically breaking down Earth's support systems and poisoning life on this planet.
... Coal fly ash particles range in size from a few nm to tens of µm across and tend to be disequilibrium assemblages, having formed rapidly in an unnatural environment. Consequently, coal fly ash occurs in a multitude of elemental combinations and poses great risks to human and environmental health [26,65]. ...
Full-text available
We present compelling evidence that supports our contention that aerosolized coal fly ash particles are the main agents responsible for stratospheric ozone depletion, not chlorofluorocarbon gases. Aerosolized coal fly ash particles, uplifted to the stratosphere, not only serve as ice-nucleating agents, but are trapped and concentrated in stratospheric clouds, including Polar Stratospheric Clouds. In springtime, as stratospheric clouds begin to melt/evaporate, said ozone-consuming coal fly ash particles are released making them available to react with and consume stratospheric ozone. Ceasing to contaminate the environment with aerosolized coal fly ash will decrease stratospheric ozone destruction, reduce global warming, and will significantly improve human and environmental health.
... It has long been used for fisheries activity [6]. Unfortunately, the aquatic environment of the river might face adverse impacts by different anthropogenic activities, which affect its physiochemical quality and systematically destroys the community disrupting the delicate food web [7][8][9]. ...
Full-text available
Water quality analysis is an essential aspect of aquatic environment studies to assess the pollution level and identify the suitable environment for fishery activities like fishing and cultivation. In this investigation, sample waters were obtained from five different sampling sites to evaluate the water quality status of the Naf river from March 2021 to September 2021. Throughout the research, seven physio-chemical parameters were analyzed, which were water temperature, transparency, turbidity, pH, DO, salinity, alkalinity and ranges from 27-34°C; 19-54 cm; 18-138 NTU; 7.2-8.2; 7-13 mg/L; 25-30 ppt and 86-336 ppm respectively. During the analysis among all sampling locations, no considerable variations were observed for any parameters, but significant differences were seen in the monthly data assessment, especially in April and July. The study revealed that the water of the Naf River is in good environmental condition for fisheries activity such as fishing and fisheries cultivation, comparing with the standard value of different water quality parameters.
Full-text available
We report three major and confronting environmental issues that have received little attention and require urgent action. First, we review the evidence that future environmental conditions will be far more dangerous than currently believed. The scale of the threats to the biosphere and all its lifeforms — including humanity — is in fact so great that it is difficult to grasp for even well-informed experts. Second, we ask what political or economic system, or leadership, is prepared to handle the predicted disasters, or even capable of such action. Third, this dire situation places an extraordinary responsibility on scientists to speak out candidly and accurately when engaging with government, business, and the public. We especially draw attention to the lack of appreciation of the enormous challenges to creating a sustainable future. The added stresses to human health, wealth, and well-being will perversely diminish our political capacity to mitigate the erosion of ecosystem services on which society depends. The science underlying these issues is strong, but awareness is weak. Without fully appreciating and broadcasting the scale of the problems and the enormity of the solutions required, society will fail to achieve even modest sustainability goals.
Full-text available
The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic exploded into a world already reeling from climate change, degradation of natural systems, and pandemics of air pollution and noncommunicable diseases. These pandemics are interrelated; air pollution, the world’s biggest killer, is a major contributor to noncommunicable disease. Air pollution is a probable cofactor in the spread and severity of COVID-19. There are shared mechanisms of injury by the emerging COVID-19 immunopathology, ultrafine air pollutants, and chronic degenerative disease. A key feature of each is oxidative stress, including that caused by iron dysregulation. Exogenous combustion-derived magnetite nanoparticles found in human brains and hearts are strongly implicated in the development of cardiometabolic and neurogenerative disease. Altered iron balance favoring excess reactive or misplaced iron is probably the most important predisposing condition for severe COVID-19 infection. Ultrafine-particle/nanoparticle toxicity and COVID-19 immunopathology on the subcellular level are both characterized by iron dysregulation, mitochondrial dysfunction, and endoplasmic reticulum stress. Primary sources of the most damaging ultrafine pollution particles are fossil fuel combustion, vehicle emissions, and coal fly ash utilized in undisclosed tropospheric aerosol geoengineering. The same ultrafine particles when emitted or placed into the troposphere alter the world’s cloud layers and reduce atmospheric convection, directly contributing to climate change and global warming. Pandemics can only be tackled by international cooperation. Immediate steps that must be taken include monitoring and control of ultrafine particulate air pollution, and prompt cessation of geoengineering operations.
Full-text available
While the public perception of the recent attempts to unseat duly-elected U.S. President Donald J. Trump is thought to be solely of national origin, there is strong evidence of a more pernicious, United Nations' sanctioned environmental assault on America and on American citizens. The United States and other sovereign nations are in the midst of a highly organized, covert environmental warfare assault, underlain by deception and deceit, orchestrated by a foreign entity, and perpetrated in America by the U.S. Air Force and its contractors, and facilitated by intelligence-agency operatives. The intent, to slowly and insidiously sicken, weaken, and debilitate citizenry, cause weather and climate chaos, cripple agriculture, and devastate the environment, is so cleverly underwritten and camouflaged as to have gone unnoticed in the 2018 National Defense Strategy of the United States of America and, presumably, is unknown to the Joint Chiefs of Staff. But it is described here. American military officers have the responsibility to protect their own citizens, especially as they possess the means to destroy human and environmental health. Systematically poisoning the air Americans breathe, harming human and environmental health, causing weather and climate chaos, damaging agriculture, and deceiving the public as to the adverse human and environmental health consequences-all under secret orders originating from a foreign entity-we allege, violates not only their Oath of Office, but is tantamount to treason. The United States Air Force co-optation, deceit, and unquestioning capitulation to a foreign entity should be of grave concern to the Joint Chiefs of Staff. With due humility we must emphasize that no military asset is worth damaging human and environmental health, especially on a national or planetary-scale, and especially due to a deceptively-worded, Trojan horse, United Nations international treaty whose signatories presumably were duped into signing in the false belief that they were preventing hostile environmental warfare.
Full-text available
Government leaders and educators ought to be able to rely on scientists to tell the truth about climate change, but science has been tainted by politics. Real science, unlike politics, is all about telling the truth, truth that is securely anchored to the properties of matter and radiation. The current, high-profile, politically-driven, climate-change debate centers on two disparate ideas, namely, either global warming is caused by carbon dioxide or is not occurring at all. Neither is correct. Evidence from World War II indicates that particulate pollution, not carbon dioxide, is the cause of global warming. The difference between daily high and nightly low temperature data, tracked over time over a large geographic area, provide evidence that global warming is in fact occurring, which is independent of carbon dioxide. Particles in the lower atmosphere (troposphere) are heated by solar radiation and by radiant heat from the Earth, and transfer that heat to atmospheric gases by molecular collisions. The resultant heating increases atmospheric temperature, and reduces the temperature difference relative to air near the surface, which reduces atmospheric convection, and concomitantly reduces convective heat transport from the surface. This is the mechanism whereby particulate pollution causes global warming.
Full-text available
The 1978 "Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques" [ENMOD] obligates signatory nations to fundamentally compromise their own sovereignty and to bring about widespread, permanent agricultural devastation. Instead of prohibiting "Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques " , as its title suggests, ENMOD obligates signatory nations to participate in unspecified " peaceful " environmental modification activities performed by unspecified entities, under unspecified circumstances, without limitation to harm, whether inflicted on a nation or region's agriculture, its environment, or on health of its population, that is, its citizenry. Large-scale environment modification cannot be construed as "peaceful"; it is instead fundamentally hostile. Ongoing undisclosed tropospheric aerosol particulate geoengineering has already begun to have devastating consequences for agriculture, as well as widespread, long-lasting, and severe effects on human and environmental health. These effects include lung cancer, cardiac, neurodegenerative, respiratory, and other diseases; the disruption of once stable weather patterns; the decimation of insect, bat, and bird populations; the exacerbation of wildfires and the death of forests; the propagation of harmful algae in our waters; and the destruction of the ozone layer that shields life from the sun's deadly ultraviolet radiation. Ongoing sanctioned covert environmental modification activities constitute de facto warfare on sovereign nations. Moreover, those activities are blatantly contradictory to the missions of other United Nations' entities, including, but not limited to, the World Health Organization, the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, and the Food and Agriculture Organization. Agricultural collapse and mass starvation are one of the potential consequences of environmental modification "for peaceful purposes." Covert global environmental modification activities must be halted immediately, and permanently, if we and our progeny are to survive. The operation should be exposed to public scrutiny. When aerial particulate tropospheric emplacement ceases, the last geoengineered particulates will fall to Earth in a matter of days or weeks and global warming will be reduced. Agricultural production and public health will improve worldwide.
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Aims: Concerted efforts are made to deceive the public into falsely believing the jet-emplaced tropospheric aerosol trails, called chemtrails by some, are harmless ice-crystal contrails from aircraft engine exhaust-moisture. Our objective is to use radiometric measurements in the range 250-300 nm to show that a typical chemtrail is not a contrail, and to generalize that finding with additional data. Methods: We utilized International Light Technologies ILT950UV Spectral Radiometer mounted on a Meade LXD55 auto guider telescope tripod and mount assembly. Results: Radiometric solar irradiance spectra data that included the transit of a typical tropospheric aerosol trail between radiometer-sensor and the solar disc showed significant absorption during the transit period. The during-transit absorption is wholly inconsistent with the almost negligible adsorption by ice, but is wholly consistent with absorption by aerosolize particulates, including coal fly ash. This result is consistent with other aerosol-trail physical phenomena observations. Conclusions: The public and the scientific community have been systematically deceived into falsely believing that the pervasive, jet-sprayed ‘chemtrails’ are harmless ice-crystal contrails. We have presented radiometric measurements which unambiguously prove the falsity of that characterization for one specific, but typical instance. We show in a more general framework that the physical manifestations of the aerial trails are inconsistent with ice-crystal contrails, but entirely consistent with aerosol particulate trails. We describe potential reasons for the deception, and cite the extremely adverse consequences of the aerial particulate spraying on human and environmental health. For the sake of life on Earth, the modification of the natural environment by aerial particulate spraying and other methodologies must immediately and permanently end.
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Coral reefs provide many benefits to the society, including ecological nest for aquatic species, medicine ingredient, and protection of coastlines from flooding and storms. Organic and inorganic UV filters (UVfs) are key ingredients in a variety of sunscreen and personal care products, which are massively released to natural waters by marine tourism. Reports are alarming UVfs cause fast bleaching of coral reefs in the Persian Gulf at a tiny concentration (less than 10 µl L-1). Here, for the first time, the evidence pertaining to the impacts of UVfs on corals in the Persian Gulf is highlighted. Based on the existing field reports, laboratory experiments and increasing trend f tourism, corals of Kish Island in Iran are seriously threatened. Here, Kish is a study model that highlights the alarming impacts of UVfs on the endangered population of corals in all Gulf countries. This study found a positive relation between the number of visitors to the island and the bleaching rate of stony coral.
For the protection of humanity and the planetary environment in general, and American citizens in particular, what is needed, we posit, is a set of new Constitutional Amendments that collectively form a second Bill of Rights, a Technology Bill of Rights, to protect our freedoms, health, air, water, agriculture, and the planetary environment from deliberate perversion and alteration. We describe the rationale for said Technology Bill of Rights that would: (1) Prohibit the application of any technique or method for changing – through the deliberate manipulation of natural processes – the dynamics, composition or structure of the Earth, including its biota, lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere, or of outer space; (2) Prohibit the application of any technique, including software-based process or platform or method for violating individuals free speech, censoring, altering, editing, deleting, excluding, blacklisting, or engaging in any activities that potentially bias votes or deceive the public on matters of health and/or environmental harm; and, (3) Prohibit activities of such scale and nature that would intentionally or unintentionally alter the complex but delicate balance in nature by and between myriad biota and their environments that makes our planet habitable for life. Whereas the meaning of (1) and (2) above is clear, (3) necessitates further clarification that may be inferred from the following non-exclusive examples of prohibited activities: ● Use of metallic and/or nano-particulate additions to aircraft fuel; ● Excessive launching of satellites, numbering in the tens of thousands, whose rocket exhaust might damage the ozone layer; ● Excessive exposure of humans and other biota to electromagnetic radiation; ● Use of electromagnetic radiation to heat the ionosphere; ● Pollution of air, land, water, agriculture, and aquaculture by particulates, toxic chemicals, heavy metals, radioactive nuclides, and bio-toxins; and, ● Strict oversight of biotechnology/bioengineering, including prohibition of gain-of-function experiments with potential pandemic pathogens.
Exposure to particulate air pollution is a major environmental risk factor for cardiovascular mortality and morbidity, on a global scale. Both acute and chronic cardiovascular impacts have so far been attributed to particulate-mediated oxidative stress in the lung and/or via ‘secondary’ pathways, including endothelial dysfunction, and inflammation. However, increasing evidence indicates the translocation of inhaled nanoparticles to major organs via the circulation. It is essential to identify the composition and intracellular targets of such particles, since these are likely to determine their toxicity and consequent health impacts. Of potential major concern is the abundant presence of iron-rich air pollution nanoparticles, emitted from a range of industry and traffic-related sources. Bioreactive iron can catalyse formation of damaging reactive oxygen species, leading to oxidative stress and cell damage or death. Here, we identify for the first time, in situ, that exogenous nanoparticles (∼15 – 40 nm diameter) within myocardial mitochondria of young, highly-exposed subjects are dominantly iron-rich, and co-associated with other reactive metals including aluminium and titanium. These rounded, electrodense nanoparticles (up to ∼ 10 x more abundant than in lower-pollution controls) are located within abnormal myocardial mitochondria (e.g. deformed cristae; ruptured membranes). Measurements of an oxidative stress marker, PrPC and an endoplasmic reticulum stress marker, GRP78, identify significant ventricular up-regulation in the highly-exposed vs lower-pollution controls. In shape/size/composition, the within-mitochondrial particles are indistinguishable from the iron-rich, combustion- and friction-derived nanoparticles prolific in roadside/urban environments, emitted from traffic/industrial sources. Incursion of myocardial mitochondria by inhaled iron-rich air pollution nanoparticles thus appears associated with mitochondrial dysfunction, and excess formation of reactive oxygen species through the iron-catalyzed Fenton reaction. Ventricular oxidative stress, as indicated by PrPC and GRP78 up-regulation, is evident even in children/young adults with minimal risk factors and no co-morbidities. These new findings indicate that myocardial iron overload resulting from inhalation of airborne, metal-rich nanoparticles is a plausible and modifiable environmental risk factor for cardiac oxidative stress and cardiovascular disease, on an international scale.