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  • Medical center Integrative medicine Sofia
*Christo Damyanov, MD, PhD, Aleksandar Todorov MD and Vladimir Pavlov MD
Medical Center for Integrative Medicine, Sofia, Bulgaria
The review of the effectiveness of the reductionist approach in the treatment of oncological diseases
shows insignificant progress in the treatment of oncological diseases. This is due to the use of a
limited set of treatment methods mainly in the field of biochemistry and ignoring many scientific
advances in biology and biophysics. Based on the accumulated clinical experience from the
application of a systematic approach in the treatment of cancer and the achievements of modern
biophysics, we created and introduced in our clinical practice the method IPT & BPT, which is a
combined application of Insulin Potentiated Therapy and Biomagnetic Therapy with Magnetic Pairs.
Our first results presented in two consecutive publications gave us confidence in the new
opportunities in this direction. The experience gained so far has given us the opportunity to streamline
the application of Biomagnetic therapy with magnetic pairs using Scalar information transfer for
correction of magnetic depolarization. Subsequently, we created a protocol for Scalar IPT & BPT,
replacing the intravenous administration of chemotherapeutics with scalar transfer of the same drugs.
The first results of the modified IPT & BPT method will be presented in our next publication.
The huge investments in molecular biology and advances in
genetics undoubtedly significantly expanded our knowledge in
the field of tumor biology. Unfortunately, such knowledge is
often ignored in conventional oncology, which continue on the
old well-trodden path to be satisfied with a prolonged overall
survival and notions of slow progress in performance (1). In
conventional oncology, we observe continuous attempts,
striving for purposeful and reductionist approaches of
destruction of tumor without taking into account the fact that
carcinogenesis and tumor development are not a one-sided
process but complex interactions and reactions of the whole
organism. Conventional oncology has outlined a reductionist
approach, which is inadequate in terms of performance and
financial investment. The widely proclaimed targeted therapy
and related terminologies as personalized or precision
medicine emphasize the uniqueness and advantages of targeted
therapy and unfortunately interpret the individual
characteristics and biological transformations of the human
body only with the molecular profile. The diversity of tumor
mutations, tumor heterogeneity, resistance, side effects and
high cost are the main factors that make senseless the claims
and statements of the proponents of targeted therapy for
revolutionary achievements in oncology (1,2,3,4).
*Corresponding author: Christo Damyanov, MD, PhD,
Medical Center for Integrative Medicine, Sofia, Bulgaria.
Globally, the leading factors in lack of serious progress in
treatment of cancer is the imbalance use of a limited arsenal of
treatment methods mainly in the interdependent fields of
bioenergetics, metabolism and biochemistry while ignoring
many knowledge gaps and scientific advances in biology and
biophysics. In this context, integration and analyses of
fundamental scientific data in cancer-related topics involve
severe alterations of immunity that is responsible for
monitoring and destroying cancerous cells/ tissues. In recent
years, the role of acute and chronic inflammation that are the
major contributing factors in maintenance of health or
induction of was as the loss of balance between two tightly
regulated and biologically opposing pathways of Yin
(tumoricidal) and Yang (tumorigenic) properties of acute
inflammation. The Yin and Yang pathways were further
defined to require differentiated bioenergetics at different
stages of life (3). We will not spare the role of social and
economic factors that predetermine and impose the
reductionist approaches as the only treatment options to
cancer. There is a serious imbalance in financial investments
and resources in implementation of scientific research defined
as evidence-based medicine, primarily focused in the field of
biochemistry and metabolism. In addition, lack of serious
interest for effective research progress for cancer treatment and
care and associated tremendous financial toxicities in such
reductionist and failed approaches to resolve cancer mystery
desperately stimulated the public to seek alternative methods
within social media, often without medical supervision that
further increased chaos, controversies and anxieties among
cancer victims and their families.
Article History:
Received 15th March, 2021
Received in revised form
24th April, 2021
Accepted 19th May, 2021
Published online 30th June, 2021
International Journal of Recent Advances in Multidisciplinary Research
Vol. 08, Issue 06, pp. 6997-7001, June, 2021
Core Stability, ACL Injury.
There is also a progressive tendency to depersonalize the
medical profession by replacing the art of medicine with
misunderstood standards of care that often subordinate to
economic and political interests and motives of decision
makers. The solution to the problem could be achieved by
correcting the financial and scientific misinformation, by
timely introduction of integrated scientific progress and return
of medicine to the bosom of art. In contrast to classical physics
and chemistry on which modern biology and the reductionist
approaches are based, the foundations of integrative biophysics
and biology were laid, offer systematic and more logical
strategies that could explain the fundamental
interconnectedness in the organism and the environment.
Integrative biophysics, based on field processes from quantum
physics, electromagnetic and bio photons topics reveals new
possibilities of a systematic approach in the treatment of
chronic and oncological diseases. (5,6,7,8,9,10,11). Since
2006, our clinical practice has exclusively focused on the
treatment of oncological diseases. Our guiding principle is a
systematic approach with implementation of all available
achievements of integrative biophysics. In 1980, Dr. Richard
Broeringmeyer, NASA's medical director studied the
dysfunctional disorders of astronauts returning from space. He
concluded that the reason for this was the lack of an earth's
magnetic field in space. In the course of his research, he
revealed the role of the magnetic field in the body, where he
found that the organs and tissues in the human body have
magnetic polarization. This is related to the pH (acidity and
alkalinity) of the body. (12).
In 1988 Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran, a physiotherapist from Mexico,
created Biomagnetic therapy with magnetic pairs. He based his
therapy on the work of Dr. Richard Broeringmeyer, which is
another major achievement in the field of medicine and
biophysics. According to Dr. Isaac Goiz, normal homeostasis
in the body is a direct function of acid-base balance, whereas
disturbed pH balance creates an environment conducive to the
development of viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. Scanning
the body with magnetic pairs allows detecting a magnetic
imbalance, which is indicative of the changed pH which
indicates the presence of infection. Dysfunction in organs with
disturbed pH balance can be corrected by a phenomenon called
depolarization. This result is obtained by applying a magnetic
field of opposite polarity to the bioenergy field produced by
the body. This attracts hydrogen ions and releases radicals of
opposite polarity. And finally, the healing process occurs when
the pH is balanced and reaches its optimal level. (13,14,15,16).
According to Goiz’s hypothesis for carcinogenesis (Tumor
Phenomenon), the presence of various pathogenetic factors
Cell membrane trauma factor
Pathogenic bacteria determining the location of the tumor
in the body
Delayed tumor growth factor involving two pathogenic
Aggressive tumor growth factor with the presence of
Malignancy factor determined by the presence of.
Mycobacterium Leprae
Metastatic factor in the presence of anaerobic bacteria
such as pseudomonas and clostridiums that cause
metastasis as does mycobacterium tuberculosis
Necrosis factor determined by the presence of parasites -
(babesia and schistosoma). (13)
These and related progress in the fields of biophysics require
serious considerations in studying chronic diseases including
cancer sciences. The studiesare marked by a number of reports
in exploring the role of the energy level, in particular the
cellular transmembrane (voltage) potential. The results
convincingly demonstrate their importance for the occurrence
and development of chronic and oncological diseases. The
transmembrane potential plays a key role in the maintenance
and regulation of cellular physicochemical processes directly
related to the biological health of the organism. To maintain
good health, the transmembrane potential should be in the
range of - 50 to - 70 millivolts. The level of cellular voltage is
regulated not only by endogenous factors but also by
exogenous ones from the environment. Low energy levels are
represented by low transmembrane potential in the range of -
10 to -20 millivolts. This range is a prerequisite for chronic and
oncological diseases (17,18,19,20,21). Experimental studies
have shown that low levels of transmembrane potential of -10
to -20 millivolts increase the mitogenic activity of the tumor
cell, which is a leading factor in the physiology of the tumor
cell (17,18).
According to Tennant THEORY of Cancer, low voltage has a
direct effect on cellular pH, leading to acidosis, the normal
condition of the tumor cell.Without voltage adjustment and pH
normalization (7.35-7.45), i.e. without a balance of oxygen
saturation, we cannot expect a stable treatment effect. (20,21)
In 2018, after a long study period, we created the IPT & BMP
method, which is a combined application of Insulin
Potentiation Therapy and Biomagnetic Therapy with Magnetic
Pairs. The results obtained in the treatment of patients with
advanced metastatic tumors, gave us reason to believe that the
integrative approach using methods from biochemistry and
biophysics can successfully increase the effectiveness of
treatment. It was noted that most of these patients failed
conventional methods and became refractory cases. (22,23).
The development and achievements of quantum physics have
made it possible to build the concept of biological information
transfer through intercellular and exogenous energy transfers.
A number of studies on biophotonic emissions for
communication also offerthe likely possibilities for
applicationsin medicine (24,25,26,28,29,30,31,32). The Nobel
laureate Dr. L Montagnier and colleagues in a 2007
experimental study demonstrated genetic information transfer
by low-frequency electromagnetic waves (idiosyncratic
measurement method) in highly dilute aqueous solutions.
Accordingly, the information copy coincides 98% with the
original. Montagnier concludes that information transfer offers
serious prospects in the diagnosis and treatment of infectious
and oncological diseases. In 2013, Prof. Konstantin Meyl
repeated Montagnier's experiment with a scalar transverter, in
which he reached a coincidence of more than 30%. The lower
coincidence rate is explained by a technological problem
(25,26). Norman et al presented experimental evidence that
biologically effective informationcouldbe obtained by
electromagnetic propagation on aqueous systems to be used for
pharmacological frequency transfer. Successful information
transfer in water samples of Metronidazole has been reported
in which the growth of axen-cultured trophozoites from
Entamoeba histolytica and Trichomonas vaginalis has been
significantly inhibited. Moreover, electro information transfer
of Retinoic acid to human neuroblastoma cells and
teratocarcinoma stem cells has been successfully achieved,
with a reported biological effect on cell proliferation and
differentiation (29). Using energy and information transfer for
International Journal of Recent Advances in Multidisciplinary Research 6998
medical purposes, we focused on the potential possibilities for
application in medicine of Scalar electromagnetics (scalar
energy) that theoretically substantiated by JC Maxwell (1865)
and further demonstrated by N. Tesla (1904). Scalar energy is
defined as stationary energy that is not part of the
electromagnetic spectrum and cannot be measured with
available frequency instruments. It is represented by
longitudinal waves in contrast to transverse electromagnetic
waves. They propagate at a speed greater than that of light, and
have no restrictions and loss of energy in space. Technically,
these are the result of two electromagnetic waves that are 180
degrees out of phase with each other, which leads to the
cancellation of both signals. This leads to a kind of "pressure
wave" (32,33,34,35,36). A number of experimental studies
have demonstrated the biological effects of scalar energy that
could be successfully used in medicine.
These effects include:
Increase of the cellular energy level within the optimum (- 50
to - 70 millivolts)
Improved immune function by 149% in laboratory studies.
Improved cellular permeability which allows the absorption
of nutrients and disposal of waste products.
Improved mental focus and balances the cerebral
hemispheres, established by EEG tests.
Antidepressant effect by inhibiting the uptake of
norepinephrine by PC12 nerve cells
Cleansing of the blood is achieved by controlling the level of
chylomicrons and triglycerides
Protective action against harmful electromagnetic radiation.
Transfer of biological information into the human body for
therapeutic purposes. (37,38,39,40, 41,42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47)
From the presented biological effects, our attention was
directed in two main directions: energy and information
transfer. Our clinical results and the accumulated experience
from the application of the BMP, assured us that it is possible
to achieve energy transfer with the biophysical method of
magnetic depolarization, which increases the effectiveness of
the treatment. In our opinions, remarkable achievements of
Prof. Konstantin Meyl in the field of scalar wave technology
mark new horizons in integrative physics. Of particular interest
is the present experience in the application of longitudinal
scalar waves in medicine. This is published in Prof. Konstantin
Meyl’s book (Documentation 2)on scalar wave medicine. The
book Documentation 1 on scalar wave technology, also written
by Prof. Konstantin Meyl examines in detail the technological
and experimental possibilities of scalar energy for energy
transfer, which are a prerequisite for additional targeted
research in this field (26,27). An experimental study on the
information transfer of the antifungal medication Clotrimazole
on agar-cultured fungal colonies of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
investigated the inhibitory effect of a directly administered
preparation and that with information transfer. After 24 hours
in the control experiment with the directly applied medication,
the reported inhibitory effect was 70% and 107% after 48
hours. The inhibitory control in information transfer is 29%
and 48% after 24 and 48 hours. In another variant of the
experiment, Triamcinolone (a synthetic glucocorticosteroid)
was used in this case as an anabolic growth stimulant. After 24
and 48 hours, growth stimulation was reported in 17% after 24
hours and 22% after 48 hours compared to colonies in aqueous
medium. The obtained results are statistically significant. The
discussion of the obtained results takes into account the
advantage of the information transfer to avoid the side effects
of the drugs, as well as the possibility for the combined use of
drugs. With information transfer, the therapeutic effect is
enhanced and side effects are reduced. (26. p 27-38, 48; 27. p
200-204). Our attention was drawn to experimental studies on
the effect of scalar energy on tumor cells and the first attempts
to apply it in patients with cancer. The first experimental
studies on the antitumor effect of scalar energy were conducted
in 2012 at a research center in Germany on two cuvettes with
tumor cells in a nutrient medium. In one of them is placed a
1% solution of Sodium acid serving as a control. The scalar
procedure lasted 9 minutes. After 12 hours, all tumor cells
from the scalar procedure died, while in the control group they
were still alive (26. p199-200). One year later, these results
were reproduced by Dr. Marti Bosch and Dr. Lopez from the
University of Madrid. The experiment was performed on 3
tubes with a cell culture of 3 mil. HeLa cells. One of them is
subjected to scalar energy, the other is treated with a
chemotherapeutic substance, and the third is a control. The
effect is reported with counting the surviving cells at 10
minutes and after 24 hours. At the tenth minute, 0.7 million
survived of those treated with chemotherapy, 1 mil. of those
subjected to scalar energy and 2.6 mil. for the control. On the
next day, surviving cells were only in the control group - 1.3
million. (27. P 107-108).
The theoretical and experimental grounds for information
transfer of antitumor drugs through longitudinal waves
propagating in the direction of the magnetic field are presented
in a publication of Prof. Konstantin Meyl in 2019 (48). Based
on the positive experimental results, treatment with scalar
information transfer was again performed in Madrid in 13
patients with end-stage tumor disease (expected survival 2-3
months) with a protocol prepared by Dr. Alberto Marti. The
protocol includes information transfer of antitumor drugs
placed in the serum and urine of the patient. After 3 months,
the results showed: 3 patients discontinued treatment, 2 died
during treatment and 8 received significant clinical
improvements (27. 109-115). These first experimental studies
at this stage are still far from completeness and persuasiveness.
However, they are a prerequisite and indication for future
experimental and clinical studies aimed at the application of
scalar energy in medicine. Armed with this information and the
ambition to expand the arsenal of methods of biophysics in our
clinical practice, we proceeded to the practical application of
scalar energy based on the equipment created and offered by
Prof. Meyl - SWD SWG-A towers. (26,27). After a series of
experiments, we were able to create our own methodology for
the application of Biomagnetic therapy with magnetic pairs
through information scalar transfer. We have prepared
programs for Biomagnetic therapy with magnetic pairs
specifically aimed at tumor diseases and recorded on CD. The
recorded program includes magnetic pairs for depolarization of
specific tumor pairs, viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites and
reservoirs. Another disc contains magnetic pairs for
detoxification, immune stimulation and psycho-emotional
imbalance. In the cases of concomitant diseases, if necessary, a
biomagnetic program for the respective disease is prepared. In
order to avoid abuse, a detailed description of the programs
will be provided only to physicians and researchers. The
recorded information discs are placed on the receiver of SWG-
A towers, and a bottle of water for homeopathic transfer is
placed on the transmitter. The procedure lasts 30 minutes with
correction of the magnetic imbalance, and the result is
International Journal of Recent Advances in Multidisciplinary Research 6999
controlled by an autonomous muscle test (49). The scalar
information transfer of biomagnetic therapy is not inferior to
the effectiveness of static magnet therapy, and has the
advantage of accessibility and reduced duration of the
treatment procedure. The successful practical application of
scalar transfer for magnetic depolarization has given us the
confidence that we can prepare a protocol for scalar drug
transfer for the treatment of cancer. In order to have a model
for comparing the effectiveness of the treatment, we used the
protocol of the IPT & BMP method, replacing the intravenous
administration of antitumor drugs with scalar transfer of the
same drugs placed in the patient's urine. The duration of the
procedure is 30 minutes and is performed once a week. We
perform an autonomous muscle test (also called
neuromodulation test) at each procedure to assess the
effectiveness and the individual duration of treatment (49). The
effectiveness of the treatment is also monitored with standard
tests used in oncology. A detailed description of this protocol
will be also provided only to physicians and researchers in
order to avoid abuse. To date, the treatment has been
administered to 16 patients. The first results of the new method
(Scalar IPT & BMP) will be the subject of our next
The review of the lack of effectiveness of reductionist
approaches in the treatment of oncological diseases
demonstrates limited progress inof curing or solving cancer.
This is primarily due to the use of a limited arsenal of
treatment methods mainly in the field of biochemistry while
ignoring to integrate many scientific advances in biology and
biophysics. The systematic approach offers the correction of
the disturbed balance between biochemical and biophysical
methods as a guarantee for serious change and progress in the
effectiveness of the treatment of oncological diseases. Based
on the research experience in the field of biophysics so far, and
our personal, although initial clinical experience, we have the
reason to believe that there is a serious prospect for integration
into clinical practice of methods from modern biophysics, and
the so-called Energy Medicine (Quantum Energy Healing
Model). After a serious literature review, we began to include
in our clinical practice methods of Energy Medicine with
proven safety and lack of side effects in our preclinical studies.
Our first results from the IPT & BMP method, which is a
combined application of Insulin Potentiation Therapy and
Biomagnetic Therapy with Magnetic Pairs presented in two
consecutive publications, gave us confidence in the new
treatment opportunities in this direction. The experience gained
so far has given us the opportunity to streamline the
application of Biomagnetic Therapy with Magnetic Pairs with
the use of Scalar Information Transfer to correct magnetic
depolarization. We subsequently developed the Scalar IPT &
BMP protocol, replacing the intravenous administration of
chemotherapeutics with scalar transfer of the same
medications. The first results of the modified IPT & BMP
method will be presented in our next publication. Finally, we
will allow ourselves a philosophical sentence and appeal:
science is art, and art is science and Homo sapiens are doomed
without science based medicine. Let us not allow the medical
profession to become an instrument and standard that serves
political and economic interests. We believe that we could
bring to our patients the treatments that are science based, safe
and effective in fighting cancer.
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... The diagnosis is based on clinical examination, laboratory tests, image tests, Beretta symptom index, Autonomic muscle test (5), oximetry, AMP Rapid Test SARS-CoV-2 IgG/IgM and Influenza A+B. Treatment includes daily procedures with SBT combined sequentially with intravenously administered Vit.C -12.0g + ALA (600 mg) on the first day. ...
Full-text available
On the background of the announced COVID-19 pandemic, the treatment of seasonal viral infections demonstrates a serious irrational approach by ignoring numerous scientific publications about methods from the arsenal of integrative medicine. Among these methods stand out: intravenous vitamin C application in high doses, Ozone therapy and Scalar Biomagnetic therapy (SBT) with magnetic pairs. After a thorough review of a number of scientific publications and based on our clinical experience of the application of these methods in oncological diseases, we have prepared our own protocol for the treatment of viral diseases including these three methods. The protocol was prepared in January 2021. In this publication, we present the first results using this method for the treatment of oncological and viral diseases
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Life is based on two aspects: matter and a non-material, electrical component. In a dynamic system of reciprocal causality, matter and the so-called bioelectricity interact with one another, forming a functional unity. The aim of this essay is to summarize evidence for bioelectricity, for the sensitivity of biosystems to external physical factors and for the interactions of internal bioelectricity with internal biochemical structures. I propose non-material information of bioelectrical states to be just as inheritable from generation to generation as is the material genetic code.
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For over six decades reductionist approaches to cancer chemotherapies including recent immunotherapy for solid tumors produced outcome failure-rates of 90% (±5) according to governmental agencies and industry. Despite tremendous public and private funding and initial enthusiasm about missile-therapy for site-specific cancers, molecular targeting drugs for specific enzymes such as kinases or inhibitors of growth factor receptors, the outcomes are very bleak and disappointing. Major scientific reasons for repeated failures of such therapeutic approaches are attributed to reductionist approaches to research and infinite numbers of genetic mutations in chaotic molecular environment of solid tumors that are bases of drug development. Safety and efficacy of candidate drugs tested in test tubes or experimental tumor models of rats or mice are usually evaluated and approved by FDA. Cost-benefit ratios of such 'targeted' therapies are also far from ideal as compared with antibiotics half a century ago. Such alarming records of failure of clinical outcomes, the increased publicity for specific vaccines (e.g., HPV or flu) targeting young and old populations, along with increasing rise of cancer incidence and death created huge and unsustainable cost to the public around the globe. This article discusses a closer scientific assessment of current cancer therapeutics and vaccines. We also present future logical approaches to cancer research and therapy and vaccines.
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Biofield therapies are noninvasive therapies in which the practitioner explicitly works with a client's biofield (interacting fields of energy and information that surround living systems) to stimulate healing responses in patients. While the practice of biofield therapies has existed in Eastern and Western cultures for thousands of years, empirical research on the effectiveness of biofield therapies is still relatively nascent. In this article, we provide a summary of the state of the evidence for biofield therapies for a number of different clinical conditions. We note specific methodological issues for research in biofield therapies that need to be addressed (including practitioner-based, outcomes-based, and research design considerations), as well as provide a list of suggested next steps for biofield researchers to consider.
This book presents new information on radiobiology that more clearly refutes the linear no-threshold (LNT) assumption and supports radiation hormesis. Fresh light is cast on the mechanisms of radiation hormesis and the potential benefits of low-dose ionizing radiation in preventing and treating a wide variety of inflammatory and proliferative diseases. It is proposed that these effects may derive from cellular communication via electromagnetic waves directed by DNA, with each cell acting as a quantum computer. Readers will also find close analysis of the negative impacts of radiophobia on many aspects of modern life, including attitudes to imaging technologies, licensing of nuclear power reactors, and preparedness for survival of nuclear war. The book will be of interest to researchers and scientists in radiobiology, radiation protection, health physics, medical physics, and radiology. Specifically, it will provide medical physicians, radiation oncologists, radiation epidemiologists, gerontologists, cell biologists, toxicologists, and nuclear engineers with a wide range of interesting facts and enlightening novel perspectives.
In addition to biochemical gradients and transcriptional networks, cell behavior is regulated by endogenous bioelectrical cues originating in the activity of ion channels and pumps, operating in a wide variety of cell types. Instructive signals mediated by changes in resting potential control proliferation, differentiation, cell shape, and apoptosis of stem, progenitor, and somatic cells. Of importance, however, cells are regulated not only by their own Vmem but also by the Vmem of their neighbors, forming networks via electrical synapses known as gap junctions. Spatiotemporal changes in Vmem distribution among nonneural somatic tissues regulate pattern formation and serve as signals that trigger limb regeneration, induce eye formation, set polarity of whole-body anatomical axes, and orchestrate craniofacial patterning. New tools for tracking and functionally altering Vmem gradients in vivo have identified novel roles for bioelectrical signaling and revealed the molecular pathways by which Vmem changes are transduced into cascades of downstream gene expression. Because channels and gap junctions are gated posttranslationally, bioelectrical networks have their own characteristic dynamics that do not reduce to molecular profiling of channel expression (although they couple functionally to transcriptional networks). The recent data provide an exciting opportunity to crack the bioelectric code, and learn to program cellular activity at the level of organs, not only cell types. The understanding of how patterning information is encoded in bioelectrical networks, which may require concepts from computational neuroscience, will have transformative implications for embryogenesis, regeneration, cancer, and synthetic bioengineering.
A large number of experimental observations suggests that a significant correlation may exist between the level of the electrical transmembrane potential difference in somatic cells and the intensity of their mitotic activity. The present paper, after review of pertinent experimental background data, assumes that a functional relationship between potential level and mitotic activity does in fact exist and, invoking the precepts of classical membrane potential theory, proceeds with the formulation of a basic theory of mitosis control wherein the intracellular ionic conditions associated with various levels of the potential difference act to regulate preparation for DNA synthesis and other essential mitotic preparations. The theory links the activity of the potential-generation mechanisms of the cell surface complex, and hence mitogenic activity, with cellular metabolism and with external environmental influences through an explicit system of interacting feedback circuits. Inherent in the overall theoretical development is the formulation of a unified theory of the cytogenetic etiology and maintenance of the malignant state. Additional specific experimental evidence is cited in support of the theoretical concepts developed.
Several lines of investigation point to differences in electrical properties between normal and cancerous cells. Several tumor lines have low-resting membrane potentials. A few comparisons have been made between normal and tumor cells within the same tissue cell type. This study compares the cellular or transmembrane potential of hepatocytes and fibroblasts in both normal and tumor cells. High-impedance micropipets were used to record intracellularly in vivo in Buffalo rat hepatocytes and Morris 7777 hepatoma cells, as well as A/J mouse corneal fibroblasts and poorly differentiated fibrosarcoma cells. Rat hepatocytes had a mean membrane potential of -37.1 +/- 4.3 (S.D.) mV compared to -19.8 +/- 7.1 mV in the hepatoma cells. Mouse corneal fibroblasts measured -42.5 +/- 5.4 mV, while cells of mouse fibrosarcoma were -14.3 +/- 5.4 mV. The membrane potentials of the tumor cells were lower in both instances than in their normal counterpart (statistically significant at p = 0.001 for both tissue cell types). This supports the notion that lower cellular or membrane potentials may play a significant role in the altered physiology of the tumor cell.
Conventional Treatment of Cancer Realities and Problems
  • C A Damyanov
  • I K Maslev
  • V S Pavlov
  • L Avramov
Damyanov CA, Maslev IK, Pavlov VS, Avramov L. Conventional Treatment of Cancer Realities and Problems. Ann Complement Altern Med. 2018; 1(1): 1002.