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What are the implications of virtualisation for building trust during the management consultancy lifecycle? Luca Collina article-Management Consulting Journal-vol.7 June 2021-pag.18



Covid-19 forced management consultants to deliver their services online, a trend which is unlikely to stop completely after the pandemic. For provision to be more successful, working virtually or offering a combination of virtual and face-to-face delivery will be needed. Using mixed research methods, this paper explores the implications of the use of virtual communication and collaboration tools on building trust throughout a consulting lifecycle. Based on the analysis, this paper argues that face-to-face interaction is key to creating an emotional connection, but other factors reduce the need for it, such as other trust-building elements, types of services and tasks in various stages as well as the level of knowledge and familiarity with the tools. Drivers of further virtualisation and skills required for online delivery are identified.
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