Smart Digital Photo Frame Design

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A Digital Photo frame, also known as a digital media frame. It's a device that displays pictures digitally without the use of a computer or printer. Today’s Digital picture frames comes in a number of designs and sizes, as well as with a variety of extra capabilities. The advent of digital picture frames antecedent all computers commence the dawn of projecting memories digitally. Digital photo frames were originally designed to showcase stationary, slide show of images digitally hence they give a professional look to display images in a frame and due to simplicity in the design, it can be used continuously. You can even run a video containing multiple images with a short display time frame.

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SM S messaging has traditionally been utilised for person-to-person messaging. Some researchers have recognised the value in using SM S for person-to-location messaging, but such technology has been largely confined to the laboratory. We argue that commercially available digital photo frames provide a low-cost opportunity for situated display technology, and that such technology can be used for person-to-location SM S messaging. This paper describes an initial prototype of the software infrastructure that provides this functionality, our plans for its evaluation and suggests possible extensions and improvements for future consideration.
This paper used STM32F103VET6 as the core processor, SD card to store the image file. In addition, the host controller read, write, operate and decode the image data stored in the SD card with the SPI communication mode. Then it will send the processed data to the indication controller. And finally display the photos with TFT-LCD. The function keys send interruption requests to the processor by external interrupting. With different interrupt handler, the processor can show and switch images in the digital photo frame in different ways so as to realize the various functions of the digital photo frame.
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With the development of Bluetooth technology, more and more Bluetooth product come into our living, such as Bluetooth earphone, Bluetooth home-network and so on. A new type of digital photo frame (DPF) adopted Bluetooth technology is present in the paper. we can send a picture to it by Bluetooth communication from a mobile phone, PC, PDA and any electronic equipment with Bluetooth function. then immediately show. Samsung CPU S3C2410 is adopted as core processor, and linux 2.6.14 is ported as the embedded real time operation system. The hardware and software architecture is presented in this paper. In addition, the experiment result show that the reliability of Bluetooth communication is assured. The advanced technology of Bluetooth communication will give you more enjoyment and bring large economic benefit.
Smart parking management system
  • A B Patil
  • Anshuman Kumar
  • Demitrus Cletus
  • Diptanshu Pathak
A.B.Patil, Anshuman Kumar, DemitruS Cletus, Diptanshu Pathak, "Smart parking management system", International Journal of Industrial Electronics and Electrical Engineering,2018, ISSN(p): 2347-6982, volume 6,issue 3,March2018
Automatic Resistance detection and Abrasion testing of copper wire used in transformer or motor windings by ARM 7 processor
  • Amruta Patil
  • R M Prof
  • Khaire
Amruta Patil,Prof. R.M.Khaire," Automatic Resistance detection and Abrasion testing of copper wire used in transformer or motor windings by ARM 7 processor", International Journal of Emerging Trends & Technology in Computer Science (IJETTCS), Volume 3, Issue 2, March -April 2014, ISSN 2278-6856
Digital Photo Frame With Audio Playback And Recording
  • Prashant Kumar
Prashant Kumar Jha(2015). Digital Photo Frame With Audio Playback And Recording. Corpus ID: 73710762