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Supporting Information to the paper Dembicz, I., Dengler, J. et al. (2021) Fine-grain beta diversity
of Palaearctic grassland vegetation. Journal of Vegetation Science.
Appendix S1. Summary of previous findings for fine-grain β-diversity (z-values) in relationship to
the predictors analysed in our study.
Table S1. Summary of previous findings of relationships between fine-grain β-diversity (z-values)
and the predictors analysed in our study. The symbols “+”,“ and ”∪” indicate significant
positive, negative and u-shaped relationships, respectively. If a certain study used a related, but
not identical predictor, this is given in the last column. If a certain study did not use z-values but
other measures of fine-grain β-diversity, this is indicated in the footnotes.
Predictor/predictor group
Variable taken as a proxy (in brackets
indication where the highest level of the
predictor is expected)
Previous findings for fine-grain β-diversity (with
1. Taxonomic group
Vascular plants vs. bryophytes vs. lichens
Bryophytes < vascular plants (Turtureanu et al., 2014)
2. Biogeographic
2.1 Latitude
“–” (Kraft et al., 2011; Qian et al., 2013)
2.2 Elevation
“–” (Kraft et al., 2011; Tello et al., 20151; Moradi et al.,
2020), “+” (Dembicz et al., 2021)
2.3 Mean annual
“+” (Talebi et al., 2021); minimum temperature of
coldest month: ” +” (Turtureanu et al., 2014; Moradi et
al., 2020)
2.4 Mean annual
” (Polyakova
et al., 2016); precipitation of driest
month: “+” (Talebi et al., 2021)
2.5 Temperature
2.6 Precipitation
3. Ecological (site)
3.1 Productivity
(i.e. absence of
Soil pH (at intermediate level)
Fertilisation (if present)
Soil nitrogen: “+” (Moradi et al., 2020)
Mean soil depth (at high level)
“–” (Filibeck et al., 2019)
Herb layer cover (at high level)
“+” (DeMalach et al., 20192)
3.2 Disturbance
Slope inclination (at high level)
“+” (Dembicz et al., 2021)
Litter cover (at low level)
“+” (Turtureanu et al., 2014, Kuzemko et al., 2016)
Dembicz et al. (2021) Fine-grain beta diversity of Palaearctic grassland vegetation - Appendix S1 p. 2
Predictor/predictor group
Variable taken as a proxy (in brackets
indication where the highest level of the
predictor is expected)
Previous findings for fine-grain β-diversity (with
Naturalness (at low level)
Livestock grazing (if present)
Abandonment of grazing (as inverse of disturbance):
“+” (Dupré and Diekmann, 2001)
Mowing (if present)
Burning (if present)
3.3 Heterogeneity
Soil depth CV (at high level)
Soil pH CV: “+” (DeMalach et al., 20192)
Microtopography (at high level)
“+” (Polyakova et al., 2016); index of environmental
heterogeneity: ” +“’ (Harner and Harper, 1976)
Rock and stone cover (at intermediate
“+” (Filibeck et al., 2019)
Shrub cover (at intermediate level*)
“+” (DeMalach et al., 20192)
4. Alpha diversity
c-value [i.e. the modelled species richness
at 1 m²]
“+” (Zhang et al., 20143)
1 Tello et al. (2015) used multiplicative β-diversity based on the exponential of Shannon diversity (instead of species richness).
2 DeMalach et al. (2019) used the slope parameter b1 of the logarithmic function modelled to species accumulation curves derived
from non-contiguous plots.
3 Zhang et al. (2014) used additive β-diversity.
*Highest heterogeneity is assumed when two “habitat types”, i.e. grassy and rocky parts or grassy and shrubby parts, respectively,
cover similar fractions of the plot.
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