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The Zone is a state of mind/body coordination that is much sought after by athletes because it is so conducive to achieving peak performance. The experience of this state can be so transcendent that some have come to view sport as a spiritual practice. An immensely popular recent movie about competitive chess, The Queen's Gambit, is not overtly about the Zone, addressing such popular themes as female empowerment and chess as a replacement competitive sport in the socially disconnected time of Covid. But its popularity may also stem from its evocation of the peak performance Zone in chess matches. The film's young female protagonist is able to play inspired chess by using a range of approaches to accessing this altered state of consciousness (ASC). This essay will discuss several aspects of the Zone, including psycho-spiritual tools to elicit it, pathology-based medical explanations for its occurrence, paranormal aspects of this ASC, and its possible role in helping humanity cope with the Covid crisis. (Spoiler alert: Important plot points from the Netflix movie The Queen's Gambit will be discussed in this essay.)
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Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, Harvard Medical School, PO Box 92, Buckland, Boston, MA 01338, United States
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Covid and chess
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E-mail address: E<6>?8F>BJ<GM:@4<?6B@  $8F>BJ<GM
A7 584G<A: G;8 *HFF<4A 547 :HLFFG<?? C?4LF J8?? <A @8E<64 J<G;
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The zone
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<A: G;8<E 64E88EF 5HG J<?? E8@8@58E 4?? G;8<E ?<I8F ,;8 6BA68CG J4F QEFG
CBCH?4E<M87 5L %<6;48? %HEC;L 4 9BHA7<A: 94G;8E B9 G;8 H@4A (B
G8AG<4? %BI8@8AG <A ;<F  5BB> The Zone: Transcendent Experience in
Sports %HEC;L G;?8G8F GB?7 ;<@ 45BHG G;8 FG4G8 B9 GE4AFC8EFBA4? 86
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%BFG FC<E<GH4? GE47<G<BAF 78F6E<58 FH6; 4 FG4G8 B9 BA8A8FF 4A7 HA<GL
4F 9BE 8K4@C?8 +HMH><F 28A I<8J B9 4GG4<A<A: F8?946GH4?<M4G<BA 5L 9HF
P 
E. Leskowitz / EXPLORE xxx (xxxx) 14
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>ABJA 4F G;8 2BA8 <F @BFG 6?BF8?L ?<A>87 GB 6B@C8G<G<I8 FCBEGF
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<AFG847 HF8F G;8 CFL6;B?B:<64? G8E@ RBJ FG4G8F<>FM8AG@<;4?L 9BE
4?? <AG8AGF 4A7 CHECBF8F G;BH:; G;8 G8E@F 4E8 8KC8E<8AG<4??L 4A7 B5
=86G<I8?L <78AG<64? !A G;<F FG4G8 @H?G<C?8 A8HEBCFL6;B?B:<6 4A7 CFL
6;BC;LF<B?B:<6 C4E4@8G8EF 6;4A:8 @4E>87?L $8F>BJ<GM 4?C;4 7B@<
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46H<GL 786E84F87 <A;<5<GBEL 46G<BA <A G;8 CE89EBAG4? 6BEG8K 4F F;BJA
5L 9%*!F B9 E4CC8EF E8FF8L 4A7 BA8CB<AG87 6BA68AGE4G<BA 6;4E
46G8E<M8 G;<F FG4G8 +CBEGF CFL6;B?B:<FGF 4A7 GE4<A8EF ;4I8 78I8?BC87
@4AL 4CCEB46;8F GB 4GG4<A<A: G;<F FG4G8 9EB@ G;8 6?4FF<6 Inner Game
of Tennis 4??J8L GB @<A79H?A8FF @87<G4G<BA BA G;8 54F>8G54?? 6BHEG
%H@9BE7 CE8:4@8 I<FH4?<M4G<BA CE46G<68 GB <@CEBI8 F;BBG<A: 466H
E46L (BFG 4A7 C4E4??8?@B78 CEB68FF<A: GB 46;<8I8 ABA7H4? 4J4E8A8FF
7HE<A: @4G6; C?4L BE7 F J8 J<?? F88 F8I8E4? FH6; 4CCEB46;8F GB <A
A8E 4?<:A@8AG 4E8 78F6E<587 <A Gambit
Gambits story arc
L J4L B9 546>:EBHA7 G;8 @4<A 6;4E46G8E <A Gambit 54F87 BA G;8
 ABI8? B9 G;8 F4@8 A4@8 5L /4?G8E ,8I<F <F 8G; 4E@BA 4A BE
C;4A <A F #8AGH6>L J;B J;8A G4H:;G 6;8FF 4G 4:8  5L G;8 BE
C;4A4:8 =4A<GBE 7<F6BI8E87 ;8E CEB7<:<BHF G4?8AG +;8 ;47 4?E847L FH9
98E87 :E84G GE4H@4 FHEI<I<A: 4F G;8 C4FF8A:8E <A ;8E @BG;8EF FH<6<74?
64E 6E4F; 8E 4G;B?<6 BEC;4A4:8 @4A4:87 58;4I<BE4? CEB5?8@F 5L :<I
<A: G;8 6;<?7E8A I<G4@<AFG;4G J8E8 <A 946G G;8 GE4ADH<?<M8E $<5E<H@
8G; 9BHA7 G;4G G;8F8 C<??F DH<8G87 ;8E @<A7 4A7 786E84F87 ;8E C8E9BE
@4A68 4AK<8GL F;8 6BH?7 586B@8 FB 9B6HF87 G;4G F;8 JBH?7 F88 6;8FF
:4@8F CEB=86G87 BAGB G;8 68<?<A: 45BI8 ;8E ?<>8 4  @BI<8 ,;8 :4@8F
JBH?7 HA9B?7 589BE8 ;8E 8L8F 4A7 ;<:;?<:;G G;8 BCG<@H@ FGE4G8:<8F 9BE
;8E GB CHEFH8 <A 4AL :<I8A :4@8 F<GH4G<BA <:  +;8 J4F <A G;8 2BA8
4?G;BH:; <G J4F BA8 G;4G E8DH<E87 @8AG4? 9B6HF 4A7 C;LF<64? 6B@9BEG
@BE8 G;4A C;LF<64? 46G<BA 4A7 6BBE7<A4G<BA
,;8 ABI8?F ;8EB<A8 DH<G8 HA?<>8 G;8 @BI<8F J4F :4J>L 4A7 HA
4GGE46G<I8 ;4I<A: AB F8AF8 B9 F8?98FG88@ HAG<? ;8E 6;8FF F><??F 58:4A
GB HA9B?7 +B@8 J8AG 4 FG8C 9HEG;8E J<G; BA8 JE<G8E 6B@@8AG<A: G;4G
8G;F :EBJ<A: F8?96BAQ78A68 <A ;8E 6;8FF F><??F ;8?CF ;8E GB <A;45<G
;8E 5B7L 6B@9BEG45?L 4A7 G;<F 4??BJF ;8E GB C?4L 58GG8E 6;8FF%<??8E
EB@ G;8 @<A75B7L C8EFC86G<I8 ;8E A8J CBF<G<I8 F8?9<@4:8 466B@
C?<F;87 @H6; B9 J;4G G;8 I<G4@<AF9BE@8E?L 7<7 ;8E CFL6;B?B:<64?
Fig. 1. 8G; J4G6;8F G;8 :4@8 HA9B?7 BA G;8 68<?<A:
6B@9BEG 6E84G87 4 F8AF8 B9 C;LF<64? 6B@9BEG G;4G G;8A 946<?<G4G87 <A
6E84F87 @8AG4? 6?4E<GL !G J4F 4 CBF<G<I8 9887546> ?BBC 58GJ88A CBF<G<I8
CFL6;B?B:L 4A7 5B7L68AG8E87 CFL6;BG;8E4CL
Substance abuse and the zone
,;8 F8E<8FA4EE4G<I8 4E6 9B??BJF 8G; 4F F;8 E<78F ;8E <A5BEA A4GHE4?
G4?8AG GB ?B64? E8:<BA4? A4G<BA4? 4A7 QA4??L <AG8EA4G<BA4? FH668FF +;8
E8@4<AF 8@BG<BA4??L FGHAG87 ;BJ8I8E 4?@BFG @46;<A8?<>8 <A ;8E C8E
FBA4? <AG8E46G<BAF BA G;8 FC86GEH@ J8 @<:;G F4L ABJ G;BH:; @BE8
?<>8?L F;8 J4F AH@587 <9 ABG 7<FFB6<4G87 5L ;8E 6;<?7;BB7 (,+ 8E
6;8FFC?4L<A: FGL?8 <F <AGH<G<I8 4A7 4::E8FF<I8 4F F;8 4IB<7F G;8 @8@B
E<M87 F8DH8A68F G;4G J8E8 <A 94IBE 8I8A 546> <A ;8E CE86B@CHG8E JBE?7
B9 6;8FF GE4<A<A: 8E 6;<??8F;88? <F G;4G F;8 64A BA?L 4GG4<A G;BF8
;8<:;G8A87 FG4G8F B9 4J4E8A8FF 5L 45HF<A: CFL6;B46G<I8 FH5FG4A68F GB
?BJ8E ;8E ;<:; ?8I8? B9 54F8?<A8 4AK<8GL 8E 7EH:F B9 6;B<68 4E8 4?6B;B?
4A7 $<5E<H@ <AG8E8FG<A:?L GJB 9BE@8E JBE?7 6;8FF 6;4@C<BAF ?8K4A
78E ?8>;<A8 4A7 %<>;4<? ,4? 4?FB ;47 4?6B;B? 45HF8 CEB5?8@F ,B 58
FHE8 <GF 6B@@BA 9BE C8BC?8 HF<A: FH5FG4A68F GB BI8EE4G8 G;8<E BJA 4G;
?8G<6 C8E9BE@4A68 4F %HEC;L ;4F F4<7 B?>F @4L 988? 4F <9 G;8L 4E8 BC
8E4G<A: <A G;8 2BA8 <A FCBEG J;<?8 HA78E G;8 <ARH8A68 5HG G;8<E 58;4I<BE
7B8FAG 78@BAFGE4G8 <G !A BG;8E JBE7F G;8 CEBB9 B9 G;8 CH77<A: <F <A
G;8 84G<A: 4A7 8G; 7B8F 78?<I8E
HG 49G8E ;8E 47BCG<I8 @BG;8E 7<8F B9 4?6B;B?E8?4G87 ;8C4G<G<F J;8A
8G; <F  4A7 ;8E 6;8FF GE4<A8E 6BA9EBAGF ;8E 45BHG ;8E 7E<A><A: CEB5
?8@ 8G; 4:E88F GB DH<G 7E<A><A: -A9BEGHA4G8?L F;8 G;8A ?BF8F 4668FF
GB G;8 R4F;8F B9 788C <AGH<G<I8 <AF<:;G G;4G HF87 GB :H<78 ;8E ;8E A4GH
E4??L 4::E8FF<I8 4A7 4GG46><A: FGL?8 B9 C?4L E8@4<AF 5HG ;8E :8A<HF ?<8F
+B ;BJ 94E 64A ;8E A4GHE4? G4?8AG G4>8 ;8E <9 F;8 AB ?BA:8E ;4F 8AGEN8
<AGB G;BF8 8K4?G87 FG4G8F B9 6BAF6<BHFA8FF J;<6; ;47 BA?L 588A 4668FF<
5?8 J<G; 7EH:F ,;<F 58<A: 4A @8E<64ACEB7H687 @BI<8 <A  G;8
4AFJ8E <F 45BHG 8@CBJ8E@8AG !GF C4EG?L :<E?CBJ8E 4 ;84EGGB;84EG
G4?> J<G; ;8E ?BA:?BFG BEC;4A4:8 F<FG8E<AFH998E<A: :8GF ;8E BI8E G;8
;H@C B9 F8?97BH5G 4A7 8A6BHE4:8F ;8E GB E8I<F<G G;8 BEC;4A4:8 HG
BA ;8E I<F<G F;8 F88F G;8 A8JF 6?<CC<A:F 45BHG ;8E 64E88E G;4G ;8E =4A
<GBE@8AGBE ;47 F4I87 6BA6E8G8 CEBB9 B9 ;<F HAFCB>8A ?BI8 4A7 47@<
E4G<BA 9BE ;8E @CBJ8E@8AG 4?FB 6B@8F 9EB@ ;8E FHCCBEG G84@ B9 CE8
I<BHF?LI4ADH<F;87 @8E<64A @4?8 9B8F G;8<E ?BA:7<FG4A68 C;BA8 64??
;8?CF ;8E CE8C4E8 9BE ;8E QA4? F;BJ7BJA J<G; ;8E *HFF<4A A8@8F<F <A
G;8 Q?@F 6?<@46G<6 QA4?8 <A %BF6BJ
F 4 ;<FGBE<64? 4F<78 G;<F G84@JBE> <F <A 6BAGE4FG GB G;8 ABGBE<BHF
?BA8E FGL?8 B9 B55L <F6;8E 4 E84??<98 @8E<64A 6;8FF CEB7<:L J;B 58
64@8 -+ 6;4@C<BA 4G 4:8  <A  4A7 J;B 46;<8I87 <AG8EA4G<BA4?
68?85E<GL <A G;8 F /4?G8E ,8I<F G;8 4HG;BE B9 Gambit 4A7 4 ?<98
?BA: @<7?8I8? 6;8FF C?4L8E ;4F FC86<9<64??L FG4G87 G;4G <F6;8E J4F ABG
G;8 <AFC<E4G<BA 9BE 8G; 4F @4AL ;47 4FFH@87 *4G;8E ,8I<F 7E8J 9BE@
;<F C8EFBA4? ;<FGBEL B9 58<A: CE8F6E<587 GE4ADH<?<M8EF 54E5<GHE4G8F 9BE
6;<?7;BB7 E;8H@4G<6 ;84EG 7<F84F8 ?847<A: GB ?<98?BA: CEB5?8@F J<G;
FH5FG4A68 45HF8 /4EG<> !AG8E8FG<A:?L ,8I<F 4?FB JEBG8 GJB BG;8E ABI
8?F G;4G J8E8 474CG87 <AGB @BI<8F  The Hustler 4A7 The Color of Money
-54F87 BA ;<F C8EFBA4? 8KC8E<8A68F J<G; :4@5?<A: CBB? ;HFG?<A: 4A7
Love and the zone
,;8 >8L GB 8G;F QA4? @4G6; CE8C <F G;8 ABG E84??L FHECE<F<A:
?4FG@<AHG8 E84CC84E4A68 B9 G;8 BA8 6;8FF C?4L8E J;B ;47 588A 45?8 GB
GBH6; ;8E 8@BG<BA4? F<78 4A7 BC8A ;8E ;84EG GB G;8 CBFF<5<?<GL B9 EB
@4AG<6 ?BI8 +;8 E8HA<G8F J<G; ;<@ FBBA 49G8E F;8 E86B:A<M8F G;8 I4?H8
B9 ;8E @H?G<C?8 BG;8E <AG8EC8EFBA4? 6BAA86G<BAF =HFG <A G<@8 9BE G;8 5<:
@4G6; ,;<F F8AF8 B9 58<A: 64E87 9BE 4A7 4668CG87 4??BJF ;8E GB QA4??L
E8?84F8 ;8E F8AF8 B9 :H<?G 4A7 F;4@8 45BHG ;8E @BG;8EF FH<6<78 8G;F
?BA:E8CE8FF87 @8@BE<8F B9 ;8E @BG;8EF FH<6<78 8@8E:8 <AGB 9H?? 4J4E8
A8FF 4??BJ<A: ;8E GB E8<AG8:E4G8 4A7 ;84? ;8E (,+ F;8 4?FB 988?F 8@
CBJ8E87 8ABH:; GB RHF; ;8E 8@8E:8A6L FG4F; B9 GE4ADH<?<M8EF 7BJA
E. Leskowitz / EXPLORE xxx (xxxx) 14
G;8 GB<?8G HE<A: G;8 A8KG 74LF 6;4@C<BAF;<C @4G6; F;8 <F 45?8 GB E8
GHEA 546> <AGB G;8 2BA8 J<G;BHG G4><A: CFL6;B46G<I8 FH5FG4A68F BE 4?6B
;B? 4F F;8 J4G6;8F I<F<BAF B9 G;8 HC6B@<A: @BI8F HA9B?7<A: BA68 4:4<A
BA G;8 68<?<A: B9 G;8 GBHEA4@8AGF 4@C;<G;84G8E
!A 89986G ?BI8 ;4F 78FGE8FF87 ;8E @<A7 4A7 5B7L =HFG 4F 89986G<I8?L 4F
G;8 C;4E@468HG<64?F HF87 GB 7B 5HG J<G;BHG G;8<E ;4E@9H? F<78 89986GF
!9 8G; ;47 588A ;BB>87 HC GB 4 ;84EG E4G8 5<B9887546> 78I<68 ! FHF
C86G F;8 JBH?7 ;4I8 78@BAFGE4G87 G;8 9BE@ B9 ;<:; ;84EG E4G8 I4E<45<?
<GL 64??87 ;84EG 6B;8E8A68 4 FG4G8 8?<6<G87 5L CBF<G<I8 8@BG<BAF ?<>8 4C
CE86<4G<BA 4A7 4 FG4G8 B9 6BAF6<BHFA8FF G;4G <F 4?FB @4E>87 5L <A6E84F87
@<A75B7L 6BBE7<A4G<BA :E84G8E 4668FF GB <AGH<G<I8 4J4E8A8FF 4A7
4A 8A;4A687 <@@HA8 E8FCBAF8 (468 +B ?BI8 ABG BA?L ;8?C87 GB ;84?
;8E (,+ E86BAA86G ;8E J<G; BG;8E C8BC?8 4A7 786E84F8 ;8E C8E9BE
@4A68 4AK<8GL  <G 4?FB E8BC8A87 G;8 7BBE GB G;8 + B9 G;8 2BA8
,;<F <F G;8 I8EL E84FBA G;4G FB@8 FCBEGF CFL6;B?B:<FGF C4E47BK<64??L CE8
F6E<58 ?BI8 4F 4 6B@C8G<G<I8 FGE4G8:L BE?4A7 @H6; ?<>8 4<><7BF :H<7
<A: CE<A6<C?8 B9 JBE><A: J<G; ABG 4:4<AFG G;8 8A8E:L B9 G;8 BCCBA8AG
Psychopathology, physiology, or parapsychology
,;8 I<I<7 <@4:8F 8G; C8E68<I8F J;8A <A G;8 2BA8 4E8 E8@<A<F68AG
B9 G;8 <@4:8F F88A 5L G;8 CEBG4:BA<FG <A G;8  @BI<8 Bee Season.
?8I8AL84E B?7 ?<M4 &4H@4A <F 4?FB 4 LBHA: :<E? J;B 8K68?F 4G 4
ABA6BAG46G 6B@C8G<G<I8 FCBEG G;8 FC8??<A: 588 8E FC8??<A: 45<?<GL
G4>8F 4 DH4AGH@ ?84C HA78E G;8 :H<74A68 B9 ;8E 94G;8E 4 CEB98FFBE B9
"8J<F; @LFG<6<F@ J;B G846;8F ;8E #4554?<FG<6 CE46G<68F B9 5E84G;<A:
GBA<A: <@4:8EL 4A7 CE4L8E GB ?8G B7 RBJ G;EBH:; LBH ,;<F FG4G8
<F 64??87 shefa, ?<G8E4??L @84A<A: RBJ<A 85E8J 4 @87<8I4? "8J<F;
I8EF<BA B9 G;8 2BA8 .<FH4? FL@5B?F B9 G;8 JBE7F GB 58 FC8??87 4CC84E
GB ?<M4 <A 6BA6E8G8 9BE@ 9BE 8K4@C?8 J;<?8 GEL<A: GB FC8?? 74A78?<BA
G;8 6BEE86G ?8GG8EF 4E8 6E84G87 <A F8DH8A68 5L 4 CH?F4G<A: 6?BH7 B9 74A
78?<BA F887F G;4G 4E8 G;8 8KG8EA4? E8CE8F8AG4G<BA B9 J;4G F;8 F88F <AG8E
A4??L <: 
BG; 8K4@C?8F E4<F8 DH8FG<BAF 45BHG G;8 A4GHE8 B9 G;8F8 <@4:8F
4E8 G;8L FL@CGB@F B9 C4G;B?B:L 4E8 G;8L 8K4@C?8F B9 C;LF<B?B:<6 8K68?
?8A68 BE 4E8 G;8L C4E4ABE@4? C;8AB@8A4 G BA8 8A7 B9 G;8 8KC?4A4
GBEL FC86GEH@ ?<8 @87<64??L BE<8AG87 7<4:ABF8F ?<>8 CFL6;BG<6 ;4??H6<A4
G<BAF C8E;4CF GE<::8E87 5L (,+ F<7889986GF B9 CFL6;B46G<I8 7EH:F BE
8I8A 8C<?8CFL ?<M4 FH998E87 4 F8<MHE8 J;<?8 GE4<A<A: <AG8AF<I8?L J<G;
;8E 94G;8E 9BE G;8 &4G<BA4? +C8??<A: 88 E8@<A<F68AG B9 +G (8G8EF 6BA
I8EF<BA 8KC8E<8A68 BA G;8 EB47 GB 4@4F6HF G;4G ;4F 588A 4F6E<587 GB
G8@CBE4? ?B58 8C<?8CFL 4A7 <GF 4GG8A74AG I<FH4? ;4??H6<A4G<BAF $4A7F
%<7FC86GEH@ 8KC?4A4G<BAF JBH?7 58 C;LF<B?B:<64??L BE<8AG87 ,;8F8
<AA4G8?L G4?8AG87 :<E?F F4I4AGF 6BH?7 58 F88A 4F 8K;<5<G<A: ;<:;?L
89Q6<8AG 6B:A<G<I8 9HA6G<BA<A: G;4G E8FH?G87 9EB@ 8KG8AF<I8 GE4<A<A:
G;BH:; G;8L ;47AG 588A 4G <G ?BA: 8ABH:; GB E846; G;8  ; B9
Fig. 2. ?<M4F <@4:8 B9 G;8 ?8GG8E &
CE46G<68 A88787 GB 586B@8 BA8 B9 %4?6B?@ ?47J8??F BHG?<8EF G;8 CBC
CFL6;B?B:<6 ABG<BA G;4G BHGFG4A7<A: ;H@4A C8E9BE@4A68F BHG?<8EF
4E8 54F87 BA 4 9BHA74G<BA B9 ?BA:G8E@ CE46G<68 E8DH<E<A: <A ?47J8??F
I<8J 4G ?84FG  E8C8G<G<BAF ?47J8??
8G; @4L ;4I8 588A F88<A: ;LCA4:B:<6 <@4:8F G;8 7E84@?<>8 <@
4:8F J8 B9G8A F88 J;<?8 94??<A: 4F?88C  G;BH:; F;8 E8@4<A87 J<78 4J4>8
G;EBH:;BHG G;8F8 8KC8E<8A68F +;8 @<:;G ;4I8 ;47 4 C;BGB:E4C;<6 BE
8<78G<6 @8@BEL 4 J8??7B6H@8AG87 F><?? 6?4<@87 5L ,BF64A<A< G;8 6BA
7H6GBE H?8E G;8 @4G;8@4G<6<4A 4A7 + $8J<F G;8 4HG;BE 4@BA: BG;
8EF 'A8 B9 G;8 6;8FF 47I<FBEF GB G;8 @BI<8 9BE@8E JBE?7 6;4@C<BA
4EEL #4FC4EBI J4F 4F>87 <9 ;8 ;47 4 F<@<?4E 45<?<GL GB C?4L @4G6;8F <A
;<F ;847 8 F4<7 18F B9 6BHEF8 ! 64A A7 G;4GF I8EL GLC<64? 9BE GBC
C?4L8EF ,;8L 64A G;<A> 45BHG G;8 :4@8 B9 6;8FF 8I8A 7HE<A: G;8 @4G6;
5L ABG ?BB><A: 4G G;8 5B4E7 ,;8 J;B?8 <784 B9 ;8E ?BB><A: 4G G;8 68<?
<A: BE 4G G;8 F<78 4A7 F88<A: G;8 C<868F 4A7 =HFG GHEA<A: G;8@ HCF<78
7BJA <GF I8EL I8EL A4GHE4?/8E@4A
A7 4G G;8 C4E4ABE@4? 8A7 B9 G;8 FC86GEH@ G;8F8 F><??F JBH?7 58
F88A 4F 8K6887<A: G;8 64C45<?<G<8F B9 G;8 ABE@4? J4><A: 8:B F CBE
GE4L87 <A G;8 @BI<8 G;8 I<8J8E <F :<I8A G;8 <@CE8FF<BA G;4G G;8 <A9BE
@4G<BA E868<I87 5L G;8 :<E? 8G; 6BH?7AG ;4I8 8@8E:87 9EB@ ;8E CE<BE
8KC8E<8A68F 4A7 GE4<A<A: BE 9EB@ ;8E QI8 C;LF<64? F8AF8F F<A68 G;8 I<
F<BAF J8E8 4 CE8I<8J B9 :4@8F G;4G ;47 ABG L8G 588A C?4L87 8A68 G;<F
<A9BE@4G<BA J4F 4668FF87 9EB@ FBHE68F BHGF<78 B9 FC468 4A7 G<@8 9EB@
J;4G C4E4CFL6;B?B:<FGF 64?? G;8 ABA?B64? E84?@  @H?G<7<@8AF<BA4?
G;8 CEB68FF8F HF87 5L G;8 GJB :<E?F GB 4668FF G;8<E +F 8G; GE4AF<
G<BA87 9EB@ GE4ADH<?<M8EF GB ?BI8 4F ;8E 94IBE87 64G4?LFG J;<?8 ?<M4 J4F
G4H:;G FC86<Q6 FC<E<GH4? CE46G<68F GB 4GG4<A G;4G FG4G8 /<G;BHG E847<A:
GBB @H6; <AGB G;8F8 Q6G<BA4? 5HG HA64AA<?L 8IB64G<I8 466BHAGF G;8 Q?@F
6BH?7 58 <AG8ECE8G87 4F 466HE4G8?L 78C<6G<A: 8?8@8AGF 9EB@ F8I8E4? I4?<
74G87 4A7 J8??E8F84E6;87 CF< CEB68FF8F E8@BG8 I<8J<A: CE86B:A<G<BA
*47<A CE8@BA<G<BAF BFF8L @87<H@F;<C 8?BE@8 4A7 6;4AA8?87
:H<74A68 !AG8E8FG<A:?L G;8F8 F4@8 CFL6;<6 45<?<G<8F J8E8 >ABJA GB
LB:4 CE46G<G<BA8EF B9 G;8 6?4FF<6 8E4 J;B 64??87 G;8@ siddhis F88 G;8 78
G4<?87 6;4EG <A %HEC;L C 
ESP, global consciousness, and Covid
'9 6BHEF8 G;8F8 GJB 8K4@C?8F 4E8 Q6G<BA4? J<G; BA8 CEB@<A8AG
C4E4CFL6;B?B:L E8F84E6;8E 8I8A 7<F@<FF<A: 8G;F 8KC8E<8A68 4F 4 ABA
?B64? C?BG 78I<68 HG BI8E  B9 @8E<64AF 58?<8I8 <A +( %BBE8
4A7 G;8 @4AL I4?<74G87 466BHAGF 84G;8E <A6?H78 F8?9E8CBEGF 5L F6<8A
G<FGF 4A7 8A:<A88EF FB G;8E8 JBH?7 58 4 FGEBA: 6H?GHE4? E8FBA4A68 J<G;
FH6; 4A 466HE4G8 CBEGE4L4? B9 G;8F8 G;8@8F (8E;4CF 4 6;8FF @4FG8E 6BH?7
E8I<8J G;8 E4C<7QE8 @BI8F G;4G 8G; J4G6;8F BA G;8 68<?<A: G;8 A<:;G
589BE8 ;8E QA4? :4@8 GB F88 <9 G;8L @4G6; HC J<G; G;8 @BI8F G;4G J8E8
46GH4??L C?4L87 BHG G;8 9B??BJ<A: @BEA<A: ,;<F 6BEE8FCBA78A68 JBH?7
AG I4?<74G8 G;8 E84?<GL B9 8G;F CE86B:A<G<BA B9 6BHEF8 5HG JBH?7 58
4ABG;8E 8K4@C?8 B9 G;8 7<E86GBEF CFL6;B?B:<64? 4FGHG8A8FF <A 466HE4G8?L
78C<6G<A: 4 7E4@4G<6 CF<?<>8 8I8AG 4A7 B9 G;8 4GG8AG<BA ;8 C4<7 GB G;8
A<GGL:E<GGL E84?<G<8F B9 6;8FF @4G6;8F G;8 BA64@8E4 :4@8F J8E8 46GH4?
E88A46G@8AGF B9 6?4FF<6 @4G6;8F 9BE 8K4@C?8
! G;<A> G;<F 8FBG8E<6 8?8@8AG <F 4A <@CBEG4AG 7E<I8E B9 GambitF CBC
H?4E<GL !9 G;8 Q?@ <F <AG8ECE8G87 4F 4A 4??8:BEL E4G;8E G;4A 4 ?<A<64?
4F8 *8CBEG J8 64A @BE8 E847<?L F88 ;BJ <G 9887F <AGB BHE FC<E<GH4?
;HA:8E <A G;8F8 74LF B9 BI<7 ;BJ <G 86;B8F BHE J<F; GB 6BAA86G J<G;
;<:;8E J<F7B@ <A BE78E GB HA78EFG4A7 J;4G BHE A8KG @BI8 F;BH?7 58
!9 @BE8 C8BC?8 J8E8 4J4E8 G;4G G;8 :?B54? @<A7Q8?7 B9 F;4E87 6BA
F6<BHFA8FF <F ABG F<@C?L 4 @8G4C;BE 5HG 4 J8??7B6H@8AG87 B5=86G<I8
8AG<GL &8?FBA J8 6BH?7 G;8A FGE<I8 GB :8G <AGB G;4G 2BA8 B9 J<F7B@
GB:8G;8E /8 6BH?7 6E84G8 4 :?B54? + B9 C84> C8E9BE@4A68 5L E8FCBA7
<A: GB G;<F 6;4??8A:8 J<G; 6B;8E8AG 6B??86G<I8 ;84?<A: <AG8AG >ABJ<A:
G;4G 6B@C4FF<BA 4A7 4 F8AF8 B9 <AG8E6BAA86G87A8FF 8A;4A68 BHE <@@HA8
E8F<?<8A68 /8 @<:;G 8I8A 58:<A GB E8:4E7 ;84?G; <A :8A8E4? 4A7 BI<7
E. Leskowitz / EXPLORE xxx (xxxx) 14
E8F<FG4A68 <A C4EG<6H?4E 4F 4A <AG8EA4? 6E84G<BA E4G;8E G;4A 4 54GG?8
4:4<AFG 8KG8EA4? 8A8@<8F <A J;4G JBH?7 58 4 E8JBE><A: B9 $BH<F (4F
G8HEF ?4G8?<98 E84?<M4G<BA G;4G G;8 GEH8 64HF8 B9 <??A8FF ?<8F J<G; BHE <AA8E
G8EE4<AE4G;8E G;4A 4AL 8KG8EA4? :8E@
!EBA<64??L G;8 JBE7 6B@C8G<G<BA78E<I8F 9EB@ G;8 $4G<A 9BE FGE<I8
GB:8G;8E ,;4G <F GB F4L J8E8 ABG 6B@C8G<A: 4:4<AFG 4 I<E4? 8A8@L
E4G;8E G;8 ;H@4A E468 @HFG FGE<I8 GB:8G;8E <A BE78E GB 46;<8I8 ;84?G;
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Uncited references
  E8FFL E4<AF F64AF B9 E4CC8EF F;87 ?<:;G BA 6E84G<I<GL &4GHE8  ;GGCF
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B:A<G  7B<=54A76
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 $ BFF8L ,;8 (BJ8E B9 (E8@BA<G<BAF BJ #ABJ<A: G;8 HGHE8 4A +;4C8 'HE
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 7B<EFG5
  %H@9BE7 ,;8 %<A79H? G;?8G8 ,;8 +86E8G GB (HE8 (8E9BE@4A68 8E>8?8L 
(4E4??4K (E8FF 
 % %HEC;L * /;<G8 ,;8 2BA8 ,E4AF68A78AG KC8E<8A68 <A +CBEGF E>4A4
(E8FF  
 %HEC;L %  (8EFBA4? B@@HA<64G<BA 
 * &8?FBA ( 4A68? S86GF B9 @4FF 6BAF6<BHFA8FF 6;4A:8F <A E4A7B@ 74G4
7HE<A: :?B54? 8I8AGF KC?BE8 &1 
 , (468 $, &8:<  74@8 8G 4? S86G B9 6B@C4FF<BA @87<G4G<BA BA
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 ( (BFG  /E<F58E: + %H??<AF  Q8?7 G8FG B9 G;8 <ARH8A68 B9 CE8:4@8 <@4:8EL
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 +J4<@   ;GGCF@87<4?<5E4ELB;<B87H7<:<G4?6B??86G<BA7BAFJ4<@
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(FL6;B? BAF6<BHF ,;8BEL *8F (E46G 
 +6;J4EGM +  (8EFBA4? 6B@@HA<64G<BA 
 + +6;J4EGM ,;8 5?<A7 CEBGB6B? 4A7 <GF C?468 <A 6BAF6<BHFA8FF E8F84E6; KC?BE8
 7B<=8KC?BE8
 + +6;J4EGM &BA?B64?<GL 4A7 8K68CG<BA4? 8KC8E<8A68F 4 FGH7L B9 :8A<HF
E8?<:<BHF 8C<C;4AL 4A7 G;8 CFL6;<6 KC?BE8  (%!
 +;<>< 1 B??86G<I8 I<8JF B9 G;8 JBE><A:F 4A7 F<:A<9<64A68 B9 8KC8E<8A68F <A G;8
2BA89EB@ G;8 FG4A7CB<AG B9 kanseiAssociation for the Advancement of Arti;-
cial Intelligence, ,86;A<64? *8CBEG   ;GGCFJJJ444<BE:B6F
 % -8F;<54 ,;8 EG B9 (8468 BH?78E ' +;4@54?4 (H5?<64G<BAF 
 /4;58;  *47<A " %BFF5E<7:8 8G 4? K68CG<BA4? 8KC8E<8A68F E8CBEG87 5L
F6<8AG<FGF 4A7 8A:<A88EF KC?BE8 &1  7B<
 /4;58;  4AA4E7 8G 4? C;LF<B?B:<64? 8K4@<A4G<BA B9 C8E68<I87
<A6BECBE4G<BA 7HE<A: GE4A68 *8F  7B<
 & /4EG<> 8 /EBG8 %4AL &BI8?F HG <F #ABJA 9BE <?@F ,;8 &8J 1BE> ,<@8F
  
 % /8E@4A #4FC4EBI BA BJ G;8 )H88AF 4@5<G E<??<4AG?L %BI8F ;8FF
+><??F 8AG8E +G4:8 ,;8 /BE?7   ;GGCFJJJCE<BE:FGBE<8F
68AG8EFG4:8 ?4FG 4668FF87 
... In contrast, works on nonduality or transcendence of duality are scarce within sport psychology. Very brief mentions can be found in works discussing Chinese martial arts ( Kee, 2019a ) and altered states of consciousness in chess ( Leskowitz, 2021 ). The work most relevant to the present discussion is from Loy (1985) , which associates wu-wei with nondual action, or "action in which there is no bifurcation between subject and object: no awareness of an agent that is believed to do the action as being distinct from an objective action that is done " (p. ...
Wu-wei is an important construct but is rarely discussed in the sport psychology literature. The present discussion fills the gap in literature and provides a conceptual overview of the wu-wei alternative. After explaining wu-wei briefly, the current state of mindfulness research is discussed to highlight the lack of research in understanding wu-wei and non-striving in sport psychology. In addition, the links between wu-wei and relevant constructs including mindfulness, non-striving, flow, nonduality, Zen, Mushin, motivation, goals, and implicit learning were clarified. Furthermore, suggestions on incorporating wu-wei as part of mindfulness training for athletes and possible future research directions are provided. In this difficult time of the global pandemic, wu-wei or non-striving mindset can help supporting athletes’ well-being and pursuit of goals beyond winning and striving.
Full-text available
Background: Numerous world cultures believe channeling provides genuine information, and channeling rituals in various forms are regularly conducted in both religious and non-religious contexts. Little is known about the physiological correlates of the subjective experience of channeling. Methods: We conducted a prospective within-subject design study with 13 healthy adult trance channels. Participants alternated between 5-minute blocks of channeling and no-channeling three times while electroencephalography (EEG), electrocardiography (ECG), galvanic skin response (GSR), and respiration were collected on two separate days. Voice recordings of the same story read in channeling and no-channeling states were also analyzed. Results: The pre-laboratory survey data about demographics, perception of the source, purpose and utility of channeled information reflected previous reports. Most participants were aware of their experience (rather than in a full trance) and had varying levels of perceived incorporation (i.e. control of their body). Voice analysis showed an increase in voice arousal and power (dB/Hz) differences in the 125 Hz bins between 0 and 625 Hz, and 3625 and 3875 Hz when reading during the channeling state versus control. Despite subjective perceptions of distinctly different states, no substantive differences were seen in EEG frequency power, ECG measures, GSR and respiration. Conclusions: Voice parameters were different between channeling and no-channeling states using rigorous controlled methods, but other physiology measure collected were not. Considering the subjective and phenomenological differences observed, future studies should include other measures such as EEG connectivity analyses, fMRI and biomarkers.
Full-text available
Prospection, the act of attempting to foresee one’s future, is generally assumed to be based on conscious and nonconscious inferences from past experiences and anticipation of future possibilities. Most scientists consider the idea that prospection may also involve influences from the future to be flatly impossible due to violation of common sense or constraints based on one or more physical laws. We present several classes of empirical evidence challenging this common assumption. If this line of evidence can be successfully and independently replicated using preregistered designs and analyses, then the consequences for the interpretation of experimental results from any empirical domain would be profound.
Full-text available
This paper is outdated. Its conclusions are superseded by my 2016 paper: Searching for Global Consciousness: A 17-year Exploration.
Full-text available
The ability to alter one's emotional responses is central to overall well-being and to effectively meeting the demands of life. One of the chief symptoms of events such as trauma, that overwhelm our capacities to successfully handle and adapt to them, is a shift in our internal baseline reference such that there ensues a repetitive activation of the traumatic event. This can result in high vigilance and over-sensitivity to environmental signals which are reflected in inappropriate emotional responses and autonomic nervous system dynamics. In this article we discuss the perspective that one's ability to self-regulate the quality of feeling and emotion of one's moment-to-moment experience is intimately tied to our physiology, and the reciprocal interactions among physiological, cognitive, and emotional systems. These interactions form the basis of information processing networks in which communication between systems occurs through the generation and transmission of rhythms and patterns of activity. Our discussion emphasizes the communication pathways between the heart and brain, as well as how these are related to cognitive and emotional function and self-regulatory capacity. We discuss the hypothesis that self-induced positive emotions increase the coherence in bodily processes, which is reflected in the pattern of the heart's rhythm. This shift in the heart rhythm in turn plays an important role in facilitating higher cognitive functions, creating emotional stability and facilitating states of calm. Over time, this establishes a new inner-baseline reference, a type of implicit memory that organizes perception, feelings, and behavior. Without establishing a new baseline reference, people are at risk of getting "stuck" in familiar, yet unhealthy emotional and behavioral patterns and living their lives through the automatic filters of past familiar or traumatic experience.
In this study, a classification task asked participants to look at 180 facial photographs of deceased individuals (photographs were taken years prior to their deaths) and guess the cause of death from three equiprobable categories: heart attack; death by firearm; or car accident. Electroencephalogram (EEG) and electrocardiogram (ECG) data were simultaneously collected during the task. The participants included individuals who claimed “mediumistic” (psychic) abilities and controls who claimed no mediumistic ability. Pooled data showed accurate guesses for the cause of death (partial η² = 0.12; p = 0.004), and control subjects were primarily responsible for this effect (partial η² = 0.11; p = 0.005). EEG and ECG differences were found between the mediums and controls. Control participants had larger amplitude event-related potentials (ERP) following the presentation of the images than the mediums, between 80 and 110 ms, and between 200 and 350 ms. This could be interpreted as reflecting greater attention and less response inhibition by controls as compared to the mediums. Participants in the control group also had lower average heart rates than the mediums, possibly indicating less stress during the task. Speculations and limits regarding why controls performed better than mediums are discussed.
Context: Throughout history people have reported exceptional experiences that appear to transcend the everyday boundaries of space and time, such as perceiving someone's thoughts from a distance. Because such experiences are associated with superstition, and some violate currently accepted materialist conventions, one might assume that scientists and engineers would be much less likely to report instances of these experiences than the general population. Objectives: To evaluate 1) the prevalence of exceptional human experiences (EHEs), 2) the level of paranormal belief, 3) the relationship between them, and 4) potential predictors of EHEs in three groups. Participants: Potential volunteers were randomly selected to receive invitations for an anonymous survey. Main Measures: Data were collected on 25 different types of EHEs, demographics, religious or spiritual affiliations, paranormal beliefs, mental health, and personality traits. Group differences were analyzed with chi-square tests and analysis of variance, and predictors were evaluated with a general linear model. Results: 94.0% of the general population (n = 283), 93.2% of scientists and engineers (n = 175), and 99.3% of enthusiasts (n = 441) endorsed at least one EHE (X² (2) = 21.1, p < 0.0005). Paranormal belief was highest in EHE enthusiasts, followed by scientists and the general population (F(2,769) = 116.2, p < 0.0005). Belief was positively correlated with experience (r = 0.61, p < 0.0005). An exploratory general linear model showed that variables such as mental health, personality, impact and family history predict the endorsement and frequency of EHEs. This study indicates that EHEs occur frequently in both the general population and in scientists and engineers.