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Ethereum User-Based Research Findings using Google Analytics, Data Studio, and R Programming language. The Research Contains, Ethereum User Base Geo, Age group, and More.
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Ethereum is the second most valuable cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. Created in
2015 by Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum is actually much more than just a digital
currency. Ethereum is a blockchain-based platform for developing decentralized
apps and smart contracts. Ether is the native cryptocurrency used for all the
transactions on Ethereum’s blockchain. The cryptocurrency backing the
namesake blockchain platform has risen 1187.3%% over the span of One Year,
giving it a market valuation of $313.9 billion. This market capitalization puts
Ethereum ahead of companies like The Walt Disney Company, and PayPal
Technologies Inc.
Recently the Ethereum bull run attracted a lot of new users into buying Ethereum
even though it has always been one of the sought-after cryptocurrencies in the
market. In India Tamil Nadu came as a winner for the most interest in Ethereum
with a share of 20.16%, followed by Maharashtra with 15.83%, Karnataka is at
9.27%, Delhi at 8.99% and Uttar Pradesh at 7.90% showing the spread is not as
big as bitcoin but still a lot of states have shown spike in the numbers during the
recent bull run.
Among the Indian traders Ethereum is also a big hit with India being one of the
biggest IT hubs in the world, a lot of developers work on Ethereum Blockchain in
India also contributing to its popularity among the traders in India. For age group
trends 25-34 leads the way with accounting 36.04%, next we have 18-24 with
29.36%, 35-44 age group trends at 17.36%, 45-54 has 8.89%, 55-64 having
4.86% and 65+ showing a mere 2.95% these >gures shows that even though
among the younger generation it is a big hit, the older age group still are not
sure about it too much unlike bitcoin. For gender trends the gap is still huge and
female representation is just 14.01% whereas a male representation is at
85.98%. All the data shows that Ethereum is not too behind bitcoin in its
popularity and its usability and features of smart contract are certainly an added
feature which amount its popularity among the developer community, Ethereum
is bene>ting from the popularity of decentralized >nance (DeFi) and non-fungible
tokens (NFTs), which heavily utilize its blockchain ecosystem.s
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