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Precious stones-wealth hidden behind the glitter



Diamonds are forever as heroes. The precious stones market is one of the important components of the financial market. Before we talk about the importance of precious stones in the world market, which are an indispensable piece of jewelry for women and have historically been a source of conflict in some countries, let's define what they are. Precious stones are ore minerals that come from the earth's crust and have a beautiful appearance given to people by nature. The main types are alexandrite, ruby, turquoise, emerald, diamonds and others. It is most common in geographically older areas.For example,Russia, Bostvana, South Africa Republic etc. These stones are used not only in jewelry, but also in other fields: optics, electronics, radio engineering. At the same time, these stones have healing properties. The most traded precious stone in the world is the diamond, which is characterized as a symbol of endurance and courage. In 2018, the size of the global diamond market was $ 87.81 billion. The largest share here belongs to the international company DeBeers. The growing demand for diamonds is causing this market to grow even more. Because diamonds are produced, processed and sold in different countries, it is considered that a diamond travels to more countries than the average person. Precious stones are also considered a safe investment tool. For example, the prices of diamonds, rubies and emeralds do not change as much as gold, and the size of investments in them increases because they are a rare find. As the Chinese proverb says: A diamond with a flaw is worth more than a pebble without imperfections. Keywords: precious stones, market, diamonds
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