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Leaflets for Law Enforcement Agencies - How to act in the COVID-19 environment during a police duty

  • International Security and Emergency Management Institute
  • Ministry of Defence of Slovak Republic


These guidelines also include information leaflets in a separate ZIP attachment. Full text guidelines provide basic facts about COVID-19 and suggests adequate procedures related to protection of police officers from SARS-Cov2 virus infection and contamination while performing their regular duty, intervention and police operation. Low enforcement officers within different units may get familiar with various risky COVID-19 zones, preparedness for a risky duty and the selection of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). The guidelines recommend the propre dressing and use of PPE during police duty, decontamination and disinfection procedures, undressing as well as bio-waste management. This Guidance can be freely distributed only to law enforcement agencies upon the request sent to Each police agency can use this framework of guidelines and adapt it to its national or regional situation and legislation.

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