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The present article aims to examine the state of mobile learning in Bulgaria, presenting the policy framework in which the education processes themselves take place, and also to show the various platforms and software products that form the basis of mobile learning. A specific case is analyzed - the situation with Covid-19 and how the Bulgarian education system is being restructured in the direction of mobile learning under the influence of the new pandemic conditions. Methodology is based on qualitative methods, under the national project “Digital Media Literacy in the context of "Knowledge Society": state and challenges”, № КП–06–Н25/4, 2018, funded by National Science Fund – Bulgaria. The main conclusion is that Covid-19 puts Bulgarian education in a situation that requires comprehensive and universal mobile learning, which is in line with the modern knowledge society. KEYWORDS Mobile Learning, Covid-19, Digital Literacy, Online Platforms, Distance Education
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This research aims at reviewing the existing literature regarding digital competence or literacy in Ecuador. Digital literacy is a new term, which in Ecuador, was converted into a subject taught in the schools of pedagogy in a mandatory way in colleges all over the country in the pursue of a sound educational program. For this reason, this research sought to analyze systematically articles and research papers that pertained to the field of digital competences in pedagogy by using databases such as EBSCO, Google Scholar, Scopus, and Hinari. The data obtained showed a lack of investigations in the field. Therefore, a search that included a broader use of keywords was applied. The results showed that the field of study and research for digital competences or digital literacy at any level is scarce in Ecuador and that the use of ICTs in general is linked to pre-service and in-service teachers, social inclusion, and EFL pedagogy.
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