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Autism & UD Training for Faculty/Teachers and other University Staff

  • Autism Training Academy


Autistic and non-autistic scholars collaborated to develop this training to help university staff understand and appreciate autism and Universal Design. This training is available open access, so feel free to use it at your institution. If you use our training in your work, please cite it using this conference presentation citation: Waisman, T.C., Cage, E., Santhanam, S.P., Magiati, I., Dwyer, P., Stockwell, K., Herrell, J., Brown, H., Davidson, D., Kofner, B., Shore, S., Caudell, D., Gurbuz, E., Williams, Z. & Gillespie-Lynch, K. Learning from the Experts: Evaluating a Participatory Autism and Universal Design Training for University Teaching Staff. Poster accepted for the 2021 INSAR Annual Meeting, Virtual. We evaluated the training using a quasi-experimental design (pre-test, post-test, and maintenance- ~ a month after post-test). We observed improvements in autism knowledge, autism appreciation, and attitudes toward UD.
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