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Fehse, D. (2021): Zur systematischen Stellung der Eocypraeidae F.A. Schilder 1924 - Teil 2 (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Cypraeoidea)/ The systematic position of the Eocypraeidae F.A. Schilder 1924 - part 2 (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Cypraeoidea). – Berlin (priv. published): 46 pp., 12 pls., 13 text figs.


Abstract and Figures

The shell morphology of the almost extinct family Eocypraeidae is compared with that of the Ovulidae and Cypraeidae. Up to now the DNA as well as RNA of the Eocypraeidae was never examined. The validity of the subfamily Prionovolvinae FEHSE, 2007 within the Ovulidae is confirmed. The Eocypraeidae represents an independent family within the Cypraeoidea. Further note: It is also freely accessible so that everyone can easily check the facts for themselves and draw the appropriate conclusions for their publications. The present study is not intended to be an identification book, because Eocypraeidae as well as the fossil Cypraeidae urgently need a complete revision based exclusively on the type shells.
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  • C N Testudovolva
  • Cate
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Gattungen / genera: Ovula BRUGUIÈRE, 1789; Volva RÖDING, 1798; Phenacovolva IREDALE
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