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Nandhaur Landscape (NL), in eastern Uttarakhand, is extremely rich in avifauna. Scientific studies on the bird communities in this landscape are very few. We assessed the diversity and status Of birds in this area during 2018- 2019. Data on birds were collected along the trails covering various habitats. A total Of 218 species representing 18 orders and 59 families, including two Critically Endangered, one Endangered, five Near Threatened, and four Vulnerable species were encountered. In terms of number, Passeriformes was dominant (n=104) followed by Piciformes (n:16), Accipitriformes (n=14), and Ciconiiformes (n=12). Of these 74.77% (n=163) were resident, 20.64% (n=45) winter visitors, 4.13% (n=9) summer visitors, and 0.46% (n=1) passage visitors. Based on the frequency of sightings, 39.91% (n=87) birds were common, 33.03%(n=72) were uncommon, 16.51 % (n=36) were occasional, and 10.55% (n=23) were rare.
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