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Afterword - Designing for Laughter, Seven Concepts for Inventing the Future of Academic Communities

  • Sorensen Partners | Architects + Planners, Inc.


Afterword: For me, to design buildings for colleges and universities, I want to be immersed in the culture. I talk to a lot of researchers, scholars, and librarians about how they’re doing their jobs and what they’re trying to discover. I want the world to be a cooler, more humane, more enriched place, and I think libraries have a really important role in doing that. In the notes that follow, I’ve named seven categories that structure my thinking about what matters when designing academic communities: tribe, power, crossroads, subject, detail, den, and skunkworks. These are not purely architectural, technological, or pedagogical themes. They are cognitive, anthropological, social, style-based, and formative: the DNA of this realm. This new book updates this review of current practice in the Information Commons and other new kinds of facilities inspired by the same needs and intents. This book is an attempt to answer the question: "What might be the next emerging concept for a technology-enabled, user-responsive, mission-driven form of the academic library?"
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