The Food of Athene noctua in nocturnal conditions as located in University of Agriculture, Faislabad

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This study was primarily focused on determining the availability of feeding niche of the little owl in University Campus. For this purpose, observations were made consecutively on the location of important sites in University Student’s Farm. This Farm is characterized by different types of tree species. Some of the important ones comprise Salmalia malabarica, Dalbergia sissoo, Cedrella toona, Terminalia arjuna and few others. The little owl mainly feeds on small insects and occasionally on very small mammals and perhaps on the small chicks. Small insects made the major portion of the diet of Athene noctua.

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... In addition to films, social media has also become a medium that influences the process of choosing food to be eaten by foodies [20]. Diyan (34 years old) often uses Instagram as the first 'storefront' he sees when he wants to order a food. ...
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Aims: This study aims to describe the foodie phenomenon in Makassar City regarding the process of selecting various types of popular-commercial food and/or drinks. Methodology: The informant determination technique used is purposive (deliberate). The data collection used is by observation, in-depth interviews with informants, and confirmed by various literature studies that are relevant to the research topic. In this study, the method used is a qualitative method. Results: The results showed that in eating activities, foodies were influenced by several things, including; the concept of eating, the concept of deliciousness and various factors that influence the activity of eating popular-commercial food.
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