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Combating 'Love Jihad' in India

  • Retired Life-Support Scientist and Physician


‘Jihad-al-da'wah’ along with ‘Jihad al-Nika’h could be considered a way to “Love Jihad” that the other communities have to fight today to preserve their existence and honour the world-over. Muslims indulge in Love-Jihad for nefarious motives. In India, there are growing apprehensions among the Hindu of their fast depleting percentage population. On the other hand, Muslims have doubled in their percentage population from approx 9% after partition, to nearly 18% today. After the 'Global Islamic Caliphate' call by ISIS leader in 2014, the proliferation of Muslims in non-Islamic states are viewed with high suspicion. In India, there are many other problems of increasing Muslim population too. This article elaborates on all such issues and justifies to enact a law that could protect the women against Love-Jihad.
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