China’s e-Science Blue Book 2020



“China’s e-Science Blue Book 2020” has been jointly compiled by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Cyberspace Administration of China, Ministry of Education of the PRC, Ministry of Science and Technology of the PRC, China Association for Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. It was focusing on the new situation, new progress and new achievements of China's e-Scientific in the past two years. During the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, Chinese scholars make full use of advanced information technology to carry out scientific research work, and have achieved a series of major scientific and technological achievements. This book has collected 28 research reports about China’s e-Science application in the past two years to introduce the application in the frontier research of science and technology, the progress of e-Science in major projects and the achievements of informatization in interdisciplinary. As such it provides a valuable reference resource for researchers and students in this area and promotes further e-Science research.
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