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The Islamic Society: The Sociological Perspective (4th Ed.)



Sociology studies many levels of human and social problems that if only the individual man and the society were taught how to think and act in the proper way much of these problems would vanish. Islamic society is such a society on correct thought and act based on Divine guidance that such problems ought to be almost non-existent in this society. This is also why Quran calls itself the guidance of humanity. (Mobile viewers kindly download the full PDF if no preview appears)
M. Alashari/Mohammad M Rahman
In this sixth edition Segregated Social System has been discussed
in the Work and Economy section
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Sociology and The Social Perspective .....................................5
Sociological Science and The Islamic Thinkers ....................5
The Human Animal and The Society ...................................6
Sociological Research ............................................................7
The Study of Sociology and The Islamic Society ..................7
The Sociological Variables ..................................................8
The Unrecognized Variable: The Human Soul .....................9
Summary ......................................................................... 12
Culture ................................................................................ 13
Defining Culture .............................................................. 13
Is Islam Separate from Culture? ....................................... 14
Postmodern Cultural Themes .......................................... 15
How to Participate in Islamic Culture? ............................. 17
The Entertainment Industry: An Effective Culturization Tool
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Socialization ........................................................................ 21
Social Structure and Social Interaction ................................. 23
Groups and Organizations................................................ 23
Social Deviance, Crime and Control ..................................... 24
The Sharia Law ................................................................ 24
The Secular Socio-Legal Landscape .................................. 27
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The Issue of Rape: Bias of Secular System ........................ 30
Stratification: Social and Global ........................................... 33
Race and Ethnicity ............................................................... 38
Gender and Gender Inequality............................................. 40
What is Gender? .............................................................. 41
The Inequality of Sexes and Gender ................................. 43
The Feminist Politics ........................................................ 51
The Islamic Woman ......................................................... 55
The Islamic Patriarchy ...................................................... 57
Proofs of Patriarchy in Islam ........................................ 61
Social Role Where Man is Preferred ............................. 63
Aging and The Elderly .......................................................... 63
Work and The Economy....................................................... 67
History at Capitalism and Communism ............................ 67
Beginnings of Modern Capitalism .................................... 68
Nature of Modern Capitalism .......................................... 70
Corporate Capitalism ....................................................... 71
Why Secular Economic Systems Failed? ........................... 74
Why Interest Based Scheme is Harmful? ...................... 75
The Islamic Solution ......................................................... 77
The Islamic Tax ............................................................ 79
Segregation in Employment ............................................. 83
Segregated Social System ................................................ 84
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Leisure and Entertainment .................................................. 86
Politics and Government ..................................................... 87
What is Politics and Governance? .................................... 87
Political Islam .................................................................. 88
Islam Rejects Nationalism ................................................ 89
The Concept of The Ummah ............................................ 93
The Dark Beginnings of Secularism .................................. 95
Why Democracy is Harmful? ............................................ 95
Islamic Meritocracy ......................................................... 96
The Family ........................................................................... 97
What is The Family?......................................................... 97
The Islamic Family ........................................................... 99
Divorce and The Islamic Family ...................................... 102
Islamic Polygamy ........................................................... 104
The Islamic Wife ............................................................ 105
Child Upbringing ............................................................ 106
Family Violence ............................................................. 107
The Gay and Lesbian Family? ......................................... 108
The Orphans .................................................................. 108
Child Marriage ............................................................... 109
The Dowry ..................................................................... 112
Education .......................................................................... 113
Education: An Indoctrination System ............................. 113
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The Islamic Education .................................................... 114
Gender Based Education ............................................ 116
Segregated Education System .................................... 117
Religion ............................................................................. 119
Health and Medicine ......................................................... 122
Population and Urbanization ............................................. 124
Is Population Increase Bad? ........................................... 124
The Malthusian Protocol and Global Population ............ 125
The Islamic Solution ....................................................... 127
Feminism, Neocolonialism and Muslim Demography ..... 127
Social Change and The Environment .................................. 128
Collective Behavior and Social Movements ........................ 132
The Achievement of Islamic Society ................................... 134
Reference .......................................................................... 136
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"...the word of Allah - that is the highest" (Quran 9:40)
Sociology and The Social Perspective
Sociological Science and The Islamic Thinkers
Sociology shares boundaries with other social sciences and is
the study of human thought, behavior, social interaction and
social change on scientific and evolutionary basis. It is the
study of human and his society in various perspectives and
levels of existence. Many consider Ibn Khaldun as the father
of sociology (Dhaouadi). He discussed some of the core
principles of sociology such as group identity, economic and
technological factors affecting social changes and evolution
of social sophistication from primitive to developed states. He
proposed causality in social changes.
Many factors decide group identity such as race, ethnicity,
nationality and religion. For Islam it is the religion itself
consisting of the divine values which is supposed to hold the
Muslims together transcending their race, tribe, ethnicity and
nationality. That is why the Muslims have been named as the
Ummah and their political representatives as the Khaleefa on
Modern sociology has become more sophisticated but
nonetheless based on past principles and philosophy.
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Statistical and modern natural sciences had a huge impact on
contemporary sociology as it abled identification of more
social variables at greater depth and accuracy. It will be fair
to say modern sociology has based its scientific approach on
the basis of the scientific principles proposed by Ibn Haytham
the Muslim scientist, which consisted of a repeating cycle of
observation, hypothesis, experimentation, and the need for
independent verification (Tbakhi and Amr). In a holistic view
sociology or for that matter any sciences depend on
identification of relevant variables and its dynamism in
relation to each other.
We can say sociology thus studies many levels of human and
social problems that if only the individual man and the
society were taught how to think and act in the proper way
much of these problems would vanish. Islamic society is such
a society on correct thought and act based on Divine
guidance that such problems ought to be almost non-existent
in this society. This is also why Quran calls itself the guidance
of humanity.
The Human Animal and The Society
The first question needs to be asked why do we form society?
This cannot be an animal urge because like beasts we do not
live by our instincts. For example, we, like a dog, do not chase
a cat when we see it or like a cat chase a mouse when we see
it. So, there must be other reason or reasons why we form a
society even at the expense of potential conflict and chaos so
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much so that we have believed in the rule of law. A simple
answer may be its human nature or more precisely the
nature of the soul itself to gather together. Then again many
things are human nature, things which are crucial to societal
survival and continuity. We unlike beasts of the jungle can
coexist across different yet contradictory societies, whereas
beasts of the same species are fiercely protective of its
territories while we can share ours. Having assumed mankind
is a social creature we can say society refers to a group of
people who live in a defined territory and who share a
culture. Social truths may be sourced from personal
experience, media, a priori, tradition, pressure group and
expert opinion such as researchers. Social truths are not
necessarily natural truths because there will be always
exceptions and outliers.
Sociological Research
The Study of Sociology and The Islamic Society
All of sociological research is statistical which means
dependent on data collection and data analysis based on
some clearly identified social variables that can be quantified.
These variables are essential triggers of social changes at
various and at times complicated levels of social existence.
Sociological studies are not only done for sake of science and
intellectual pursuit but also for making real life policies which
can affect millions of people. Secular approach to sociology is
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a-posteriori that is sociological understanding and policies are
based after statistical studies whereas Islamic approach to
sociology is a-priori that is sociological understanding and
policies are based on a-priori principles of Quran and Sunnah.
Statistical studies of sociology in Islam are thus corroborative
to truths of Islam and/or to devise new policies for social
change in line with Quran and Sunnah, that means such
statistical studies are done to most effectively implement
Quran and Sunnah. It is never about overturning the guidance
of Quran nor contradict it. For example, this paper which has
used sociological science is being written to best implement
the Quran and Sunnah to realize the Islamic society and
criticize the secular society.
The Sociological Variables
The social change and sociological study stand on some
essential universal variables common to all human societies.
These are trends and norms, stratification, social pressure
and social influence, the individual person,
upbringing, outsider influence, individual, collective (species)
and environmental biology, collective and individual
psychology and the human soul. These variables exist and
drive social change in varying levels of interactions and
complexities. Sociologists and other social sciences try to
understand these and how these drive social change and
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The Unrecognized Variable: The Human Soul
Even though modern psychology and sociology will not
mention the human soul directly, but it has signs and
indications of its existence. The human species is too a
complicated being to function wholly based on biology and
chemistry as biological and biochemical processes are amoral
it could not possibly create the human conscience, the
human will, morality and ingenuity, even though biology and
biochemical processes can influence our psychology as we
will see later in gender studies. There are also other
indications of the existence of human soul. In his research
using introspection, Titchener and his students claimed to
have identified more than 40,000 sensations, including those
relating to vision, hearing, and taste. What other sensations
The human soul according to Quran is the command of God. It is
an existential conscience, the awareness which realizes itself and
whose abode is the body. The soul kickstarts the body's biochemical
and electrochemical processes once the body becomes its abode
during pregnancy. Both inherent and dispositional biology and the
soul can affect each other depending on the sex of the species. The
human soul is the source of human will, emotions, intelligence,
feelings and also psychology while the body is just a tool, an
expressive channel. Both the agent and the tool need each other. The
self is a snapshot of soul's particular existence that's why human
selves sometimes differ from one another and sometimes they are in
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may we humans have and what is their source? This is
another indication of the mysterious human soul.
Perhaps many atheists will source everything to the human
brain that is our sensation, feeling, emotion, willpower,
intelligence, psychology etc. If brain is the ultimate source of
these why can’t we replicate these biochemical and
electrochemical processes in other animal brains? What’s so
special about human brain? Why we humans can be spiritual,
rational, literary and artist, just yet also tyrant, creative yet
also destructive while all other animals just respond to their
biological needs and survival instincts? What about artificial
intelligence? Will they be ever human by replication of our
brain activities? Humans have same sensory channels to
create perceptions, yet our perceptions can differ from each
other. If the brain and the greater body was the end and
ultimate destination, we would all perceive same. This
indicates we must have something beyond brain and body.
Also consider when we exercise free will, rationality and
creativity we are telling the brain what kinds of biochemical
and electrochemical processes should take place and not
brain doing these by its own decisions. So our awareness our
conscience the human soul is using the brain as a tool. The
answer to these gaps and confusions is the human soul. The
soul and body complement each other and when soul leaves
the body dies and its biochemical and electrochemical
processes cease.
Evolutionary scientists try to define humans and his
surroundings by historical analysis of the species. For
example, evolutionary psychologists say jealousy has survived
over time in men, but they fail to accurately say why such is
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so. Such human psychological features very likely be rooted
in the nature of human soul rather than primarily in biology,
culture or society even though these external aspects can
influence human psychology rather than create them a
new. Nevertheless, the evolutionary approach is important to
psychology because it provides logical explanations for how
we have many psychological characteristics.
Some psychologists believe that the human mind is a “black
box” into which stimuli are sent and from which responses
are received. That is the human mind is like a programmed
machine which gives output to input fed in it. These
psychologists rejected free will and attributed a system of
input and output to the whole human experience and society.
Islam rejects this as God gave us limited free will. Prediction
of human behavior to stimuli do not negate free will. Just
because some people may form a habit to something does
not mean they cannot exercise free will. After all, obedience
to God is a daily struggle against our base desires and
temptations, all those tempting stimuli that the godly reject
by will power. Our free will arises from our creational
disposition. Creational predisposition (Quran 17:84) is the
nature of human self on which you have been created and
allowed to evolve. You get the “human will” out of it. This
makes you will to act in mind and action. The choice is yours.
This disposition may be a collection of things such as our
DNA, our mind and aspects we have not yet
discovered. Humans do not know in totality what is their
creational predisposition. They only come to know through
passage of time, and even then, their knowledge of their own
disposition is short sighted. They do not know how they
would act in all possible existence. May be sometimes God
intervenes and rearranges this. Predisposition presents us
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with possibilities which we can choose. For example, a person
may see an opportunity and get ideas or desires which may
be different from another person in same opportunity.
The necessity of this discussion to support human soul arises
from the fact that the Quran, Sunnah and the Ahl Bayt has
addressed some specific nature of the human soul whether
universal or sex specific, on which actual functioning of the
Islamic policies, Islamic law and the Islamic society depend
on. So, Quran has implied some essential psychological
features of man (Rahman 2020) which been part of his
creation that is inherent in man. These emanate from the
laws of Quran and Sunnah because the Divine law is also a
response to how God created our soul, our biology and our
psychology so it is fair to ask about the psychological
perspective behind every law of Islam. The response of the
human soul to its inherent features will always be stronger
than response to culturally and socially engineered features.
Divine religion wants to preserve the inherent monotheistic
conscience, so the human soul is always a step closer to its
godly identity because servitude was the first feature of
human soul as in Quran 7:172.
So sociological research is statistical which is dependent on
data collection and data analysis based on some clearly
identified social variables of which human soul as an
influential variable plays a great role by defining the
individual human selves. The purpose of sociological research
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in an Islamic society is to know how best and effective to
implement the laws and goals of Quran and Sunnah.
Defining Culture
Culture refers to the symbols, language, beliefs, values, and
artifacts that are part of any society. These aspects tell us
that culture is something which is practiced everyday by the
people. It also clarifies that culture is the total non-biological
continuous or repeated aspect or praxis of an individual,
group or society. It thus includes all continuous or
repeated beliefs and actions and tools to attain such. The
source of a culture can be the individual himself, the specific
group of people, the society or it can be external such as
religion or an ideology.
One essential symbolic aspect of Islamic culture is the
clothing. While secular culture is very laxed about it Islamic
society must be very strict about it. The purpose of clothing is
mentioned in the verse 7:26 of Quran and that the
uniqueness of human species above other is evidenced here
by virtue of their sense of shame. Clothing can be both
physical and spiritual and both kinds cover your shame
whether physical shame of your actions. The spiritual clothing
is clothing of piety which covers your beliefs and actions from
sins. The objective of clothing is to suppress temptation and
lust which Satan wants to immerse us in, resulting in sexual
hedonism, which ultimately results in godlessness and human
self-destruction, as humanity indulges in self-satisfaction
through predatory hedonism at any cost. Islamic society thus
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must enforce the law of Hijab/veil/cover for women whether
Muslim or non-Muslim alike and descent clothing for men.
Is Islam Separate from Culture?
Some people say Islam and culture are separate. However,
Islam itself is a culture because culture as it has been defined
is culture irrespective of it’s source in the Divine or the
secular. So Islamic culture refers to the symbols such as
Islamic greetings, Sunnah dress, language such as Quranic
Arabic, beliefs and norms such as those validated,
encouraged, discouraged by Quran, values such as hukm
Shar’I or Islamic legal rulings, and artifacts such as design of
mosques, Muslim houses or other Muslim architecture etc.
that are rooted or sourced from the Quran, the Sunnah and
those pious ancestors who preferred Islam over their races
and ethnicities. The difference between Islamic culture and
secular is the former always return to Quran, Sunnah and the
Ahl Bayt while the later to race and ethnicity that is the
people create their world view and not God.
It is obvious that culture is a critical component of any
society. By the term share we can assume there is always a
dominant culture existing with other marginal cultures
surrounding it. Today’s dominant culture is western
liberalism, a result of colonialism, and more precisely
American imperial liberalism with a focus on individualism,
competition and financial greed. As post modernity evolved
on unchecked liberalism various cultural trends and praxis
have emerged today such as influencers, bandwagon, egoism,
worth, survival and sex.
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Postmodern Cultural Themes
The culture of influence has become a fashion by the advent
of the social media. Everyone wants more followers, more
likes and more publicity irrespective of how or to what he or
she influences and without the consequences. Islam rejects
this blind recruitment of followers for personal image and
impression as this is considered arrogance and self-praise. It
is blinding to one’s worthlessness, humility and repentance.
One’s influence in the Islamic society must be based on
acceptable means and acceptable purpose: how one
influences and to what end? By this Islam aims to preserve
ordered social evolution.
The modern man loves to be on the bandwagon because that
validates his existence and experience of societal and
individual existence irrespective of how rational and justified
the trend is. Muslims today are blindly following trends and
shockingly many trying to justify this by twisting the holy
Book and the Sunnah. This has become so entrenched in
Muslim societies that many deviant trends has been
absorbed whether such is affecting the society at large or
some segment of society. Feminism is one such trend which
many Muslim societies have accepted blindly. Another trend
is the culture of social media nudity by Muslim women
justifying this yet also by the feminist concept of “right over
my body” and misinterpretation of Islam by the slogan “Allah
is my judge”. This psychological submission to the
bandwagon is what confuses Muslims about Islamisation
because they are not used to the values of Islam but with the
trend and they think Islamisation is something unethical. The
Islamic society must remember Quran 5:100. The existence of
evil trends must be hated, resisted and fought in the name
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and presence of God
. This hurdle buried deep in our
conscience must be erased by faith and determination
assisted by philosophical and theological understanding of
Islamic values in Quran and sunnah and ongoing jihad to
achieve the changes. This is achieved by many social agents
as will be discussed in later sections.
The culture of egoism which prefers the “me” over the rest at
any cost is a hallmark of secular society and is designed to
create Darwinian personality, which is imposive,
assertive, violently aggressive, rebellious, self-preserving at
any cost, apathetic and materialistic. The moral design is
ethically egoistic and focusing primarily on material
productivity rather than spiritual and moral excellence, two
pillars of an effective and sympathetic Islamic society.
We now have a culture of free sex. It was not like this even in
the west not long ago. When the magazine Playboy came out
it was really controversial and debated but now it is
considered tame compared to what else is available online
and offline. All boundaries of sex are being broken and
marriage has become disgusting and resentful as it has
become the belief that it brings all that is troublesome and
bad. In this free for all sex existence the looks and style are
most preferred, and values are ignored and laughed at. The
modern society glamorizes female body and see no wrong in
taking pleasure from admiring and lusting the tempting body.
Even though this may seem bias or some medieval rhetoric, but we
will see in the section on religion that God and Islam plays a very
persuasive pragmatic role in the lives of the people of Islamic
society and Islamic community. God and Islam have been
inspiration and force of change against empires.
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Love whether emotional or sexual is no more bonded
through the sanctity of marriage. It’s open season in human
mating. Matrimonial bond which preserves and demands
loyalty devotion and fatherhood and motherhood are seen as
meek and the old way whereas feminist glamor and
celebritism, girlfriends and lack of chastity are seen as worth
of a male and female. So today we have a culture of
increasing perversion with an increasing carnality including
rape, thus it is fair to say culture of nudity has increased rape
and sexual violence. Many of these aspects will be further
discussed in the relevant sections.
Islamic society rejects these new cultural trends brought
about by unchecked liberalism. Islam proposes a life based on
rules and measured consequences resulting from disciplined
actions. In Islam there is no pleasure higher than seeking the
pleasure of God. An example of such a life is the life of the
Muslim woman, which is built on chastity, sympathy,
intelligence and wisdom, piety, loyalty and devotion to
husband and guidance to the children.
How to Participate in Islamic Culture?
Islamic culture must not echo nationalism, racism, tribalism
or ethnic zeal or fervor but remind us of our Islamic
brotherhood, equity towards mankind in general, resistance
against tyranny and tyrants and the practice and devotion to
knowledge because the whole religion of Islam is color from
God, of which a crucial aspect of this color is Islamic identity
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culture. However Islamic identity culture has been eroded by
western identity culture due to colonialism. This means
western identity culture and not technology or knowledge
because these are universal to human heritage. Modern
western civilization has been founded on Islamic golden age
and it’s contributions so we definitely must not take
knowledge as part of making a culture. The crucial thing to
consider is when are Muslims accepting an identity culture
based on Shariah law. When it comes to forbidden things of
another identity culture it is clear Muslims must abandon
them such as Halloween, Christmas celebration, Valentine
day, Feminism, sex out of wedlock, alcohol, gambling etc.
However, when something is permitted from another identity
culture then to what extent Muslims must accept them? Will
it be ok to replace a permissible aspect of another culture
with something of Islamic culture? For example, during
Ramadan it is a recommended Sunnah to eat dates but can
Muslims in west for example replace this Sunnah with a Irish
breakfast or English supper given everything in them are
permissible? Are we allowed to erode Islamic culture by
another foreign permissible identity culture? Here for
example once Muslims were proud to wear turban and robe
as a symbol of Prophetic Sunnah but now, we have replaced
them with suites, trousers and ties. Islamic republic of Iran
has officially tried to resist this identity culture by banning
the tie. Examples like these are many where Muslims have
been overwhelmed by foreign identity culture whether such
culture is forbidden such as governance by secular laws or
permissible such as the simple example of English breakfast.
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Irrespective of the demography Muslims must adhere to
Islamic culture and then their respective local culture filtered
through Islam. Islamic culture can be identified by normative
model where an identity culture has been prescribed by
Islamic texts such as governance by Shariah law or the simple
case of eating date during Ramadan or filter model where a
foreign identity culture is filtered through Islam. Either the
filter will render it forbidden or permissible. When it is
permissible, we must be sure that it does not erode an
established normative Islamic culture so occasional
adherence is ok without it being a pattern and norm.
Sometimes we may have a foreign identity culture which may
have no equivalence it replacement in Islam and in this
moment, we must look into it’s purpose, significance and
consequence before accepting it or rejecting it as a practice
for Muslims. The important thing is Muslims should prioritize
Islamic normative identity culture and create new based on
Islam and if a foreign identity culture is permissible by
Shariah then such needs to be practiced/participated
minimally that is the practice of this culture should not
overwhelm “Muslim following and admiration” of that
foreign identity culture as a whole and increasingly.
Observation of culture is different from admiration of it,
remember. Learning a culture to understand it and making
such understanding a tool to empower Islamic Ummah must
not violate Islamic laws. You do not have to behave and pray
like a Hindu to understand some aspects of Hindu culture.
You can observe them or read about them to know their
culture, so minimal participation is sought whenever possible.
So, Muslim must understand when he is learning a culture or
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when he is participating in it. This difference between
observation and admiration comes from the fact that not all
cultures emanate and manifest the glory and values of the
Divine True God. The Muslim mind must not debase itself by
admiration of other cultures which seldom emanate and
manifest the values of the True God and His religion Islam.
The Entertainment Industry: An Effective
Culturization Tool
People are affected by movies and the TV. Some may say it’s
just movies but unless and until the outsiders have really
experienced the culture and experiences of the place where
movies come from, they would not be able to know what
reality is and what is just acting. The western entertainment
industry which creates suspense, joy and other intense
emotions in the social man has created a global perception
due to successful glamorization and sensationalism. This
however fails to portray the real perspective about western
culture and society, for example the brutality and violent
ghetto culture which Hollywood so glamorizes is utterly dark
and savage and leaves no joy for a helpless weak social man
amidst them. The Islamic society failed to counter this
western entertainment and as such Muslims have been lost
in unIslamic world view and lifestyle. The Muslim
governments have failed to counter this because a) They are
ignorant and doesn't envision the significance of adopting
Islamic entertainment. B) They are afraid that empowering
and glamorizing Islamic society, culture, literature and history
through entertainment will awaken Islamic zeal when they
will lose their corrupt power and control. C) They are afraid
that Muslims by inclining to Islam will lose competitive edge
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with west. All these are refuted because success of Islamic
revolution of Iran proves them wrong and entertainment like
Ertugul from Turkey or children of heaven from Iran prove
that Muslim entertainment industry has huge potential to
challenge Hollywood but the Muslim governments failed to
promote and spread Islamic entertainment through social
change and culturization among Muslim counties.
Socialization is the term sociologists use to describe the
process by which people learn a culture. There are various
agents and instruments by how this is achieved. Some
essential agents are family, school, media, peer and friends,
religious organization. Some essential instruments are
various products and services with a cultural inclination,
models of cultural participation such as types of clothing,
tone and style of communication, language, various activities
personal and collective etc. Socialization helps discover one’s
self identity as an individual and as member of the collective
he or she belongs to. The agents and instruments in the
Islamic society is guided and encompassed by the far-
reaching hold of Shariah law and Islamic institutions of
indoctrination such as education, mosque etc. Social
interaction makes socialization possible and such interaction
is modelled after the active dominant culture of the society.
The most important period of socialization process is
childhood and the most important agent in this process is the
mother, and role is motherhood who is a female. Career
Page | 22
seeking women derail this socialization process for children
and hamper the growth and realization of their self-identity
and creating friction in the parental bonds. The children
become detached from an early stage of life and become
more vulnerable to take part in social deviance. Family as a
primary group if damaged in a social relational way has deep
and long-lasting impact on the members of the family and the
society at large. Individualist ideologies such as feminism can
weaken this primary group through erosion and destruction
of gender-based roles as Islam proposed in Quran 4:34 and
erosion of emotional attachments.
When the family becomes detached and distanced the
individual members create a different primary group. For
example a distanced husband may seek a new female partner
for emotional and biological support, the son or daughter
may seek primary groups in friends and hang with them most
of the time, the wife may also seek a new man, and children
may become isolated and find primary group in fantasy and
imaginations through books and digital world. Those who fail
to seek a primary group end up in suicide and many turns to
God and find a new meaning of life in God.
The Islamic society was first established during the Prophetic
era and it had its ups and downs until colonialism totally
ruined it. To revive the Islamic society we need to initiate the
resocialization process which involves far-reaching changes in
an individual’s and society’s values, beliefs, and behavior
through total institutions.
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Social Structure and Social Interaction
The major components of social structure are statuses, roles,
social networks, groups and organizations, social institutions,
and the society itself. Social reality is to a large extent socially
constructed. It is what we make of it, and individuals who
interact help construct the reality of the situation in which
they interact. Refer to this process as the social construction
of structural reality. Islamisation is a social construction
process of social reality too through the socialization process
based on Quran and Sunnah.
Remember that socialization happens through many agents
through social interaction and that the family and mother are
the most important socialization agents. The Islamic mother
thus must give years of focused attention to this socialization
process and interaction with her children to grow Islamic
god conscience children for Islamic ummah. It is thus of
utmost importance that the Islamic mother prioritizes future
of the Ummah and Islamic society over her career growth.
Groups and Organizations
Organizations can be normative such as laying down moral
guidelines, coercive such as military, utilitarian such as
universities or hybrid such the family unit. Islam establishes
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the family as the primary group with a patriarchal construct
with husband as the head. The Islamic primary group is
rooted in sakeena, piety and rules of Sharia which enhance
bond and emotional attachments. One of the important
feature of shariah based primary group is exercising balanced
emotion that is logic, reason and equity must be kept in sight
and emotion should not derail these. People who make
political, tribal or racial basis for primary group often
prioritize group emotion over equity and reason such as
Zionists or white supremacists or members of joint family
where honor killing and forced marriages are morally
Impartial social organizations are generally rooted in
governance and this is true for Islamic society more than any
other types of society. Islam considers the Islamic
government as the shepherd for it’s flock the society.
Therefore, based on Quran, Sunnah and historical evidence of
Islamic rule it’s bureaucracy has several defining
characteristics, including specialization, hierarchy, written
rules and regulations, impartiality and impersonality, and
record keeping.
Social Deviance, Crime and Control
The Sharia Law
Social control refers to ways in which a society tries to
prevent and sanction behaviors that violates established
norms. We fear risking the negative reactions of other people
if we violate formal or informal social norms. Social norms
Page | 25
can be also contextual such as soldier killing in war may be
considered hero unlike killing in peace time. Islamic society
achieves social control and social norms through the
governance of political Islam and Shariah law. Islamic law has
universal jurisdiction over the Islamic society which means
even non-Muslims are also obligated to follow it in the non-
faith-based aspects of the law. Non-Muslims can follow their
religious laws among themselves as long as it doesn't impede
Islamic administration of law and governance or contradicts
public interest determined by Islamic law. In west the legal
system is monolithic. Such an Islamic multi legal system will
have conflicts and all will be settled in Islamic court which
also will consider the non-Islamic religious laws for non-
Muslims. Think of it as Islamic law and minority law like
federal law and state law. A reference to administer this multi
legal system can be such: Muslim to Muslim is Islamic law,
Muslim to non-Muslim is Islamic law and non-Muslim to non-
Muslim their law agreed by them and allowed by Islamic
judiciary. These Islamic laws are to be monitored,
implemented and managed by Islamic government.
Understand that Islamic law, legal system and governance are
based on Quran and Sunnah and these works synergistically
as a collective whole. They provide the theoretical and
functional details. However, implementation details and it's
efficacy will depend on the human capital serving Islam and
the type of country the Islamic government inherits or attains
the authority of. Islam will work as much as people serving it
make it work. Ignorant people will make Islam work lesser
than intelligent pious people. In comparison ignorant people
will make Islam fail and make it impotent.
Islam will change the upbringing of people and their cultural
Page | 26
existence towards a divinely just, humane and ethical one.
Islamic laws are designed by God in response to human
psychology, and by design its activity in society will achieve
these changes. Islam aims to change the people in general by
changing their upbringing and cultural existence. This change
will be collaborative and productive for other changes that
Islam will make in political, economic and social levels.
With these changes for example some of the harsh Islamic
laws will act as great deterrence to crimes. Now deterrence
does not work if punishments are not publicized rather
implemented in isolation and secret. Today we can use digital
media to publicize thee punishments and instill fear and
sense into people. The model of legal system will not be to
send sane adult criminals to rehabilitation but to the gallows
that is punishment. We don't change the mindset of criminals
once they commit crimes but we change it in their upbringing
and cultural existence because performance of crimes beget
justice not mercy. Islamic punishments should be publicized,
or else deterrence will not work.
The Purpose and Message of Sharia Law
1. Proposes resistance against tyranny, persecution and
2. Proposes equity and fair play in economy and interest
free economic system
3. Establishes Morality and charity
4. Proposes defense of honor, property and lives
5. Proposes Humility and mercy
6. Proposes rational freedom
7. Proposes accountability and transparency
Page | 27
8. Proposes justice irrespective of class, race, gender or
9. Proposes defensive war
10. Proposes harsh deterring criminal legal system
The Secular Socio-Legal Landscape
Secular system has resulted gradually a very rotten form of
humanity with major features which are destructive for
human survival and societal coexistence. In west even though
some western countries are based on the rule of law have
failed morally because rule of law does not necessarily
preserve moral structure of the nation. In many developed
“rule of law” based western countries violent crimes, apathy,
xenophobia, racism, exploitative foreign policies, economic
injustice, falling population etc. are on the rise with also
harmful lifestyle, sexual perversions, disdain for marriage,
monogamy or polygamy, free sex trends, normalization of
extreme violence (gore) etc. are widespread (Rahman 2020).
For example there is a correlation between increasing nudity
since the 1950s and increasing rape culture and we see that
research indicates that up to one-third of U.S. women will
experience a rape or sexual assault, including attempts, at
least once in their lives (Barkan, 2012). The researchers,
Melanie Randall and Lori Haskell (1995, p. 22), concluded that
“it is more common than not for a woman to have an
experience of sexual assault during their lifetime. About 20%
30% of women students in anonymous surveys report being
raped or sexually assaulted (including attempts), usually by a
Page | 28
male student they knew beforehand (Fisher, Cullen, &
Turner, 2000; Gross, Winslett, Roberts, & Gohm, 2006).
The rape perception by victims in secular feminist and Islamic
society is different. In the former the victim realizes violation
of her prejudice and ego by the male gender and a feeling she
has been dominated while in Islamic society the victim
perceives violation of her chastity and dignity, her purity and
her feminine worth as a woman of God. The socialization of
Islamic society imbues this gender conscience because the
woman of Islamic society preserves her chastity because it is
the right thing to do while in a feminist society chastity is not
trendy rather the preservation of woman's position as a
prestigious dominating gender is the right thing to do. So a
feminist society is competitive with the male gender,
assertive and arrogant.
Many theories suggest crimes and social deviance arise from
biological, psychological and social reasons such as what kind
of ideologies and morals the society accepted, social
inequities and social injustice etc. For example, serial killers
may often commit crimes out of hobby and fantasy. Rapists
may commit rape as a response to the provocative nude
feminine physique as the stimuli. Well established businesses
and corporations may commit crimes, injustice and
exploitation in the name of competition, individualism and
success. Social economic, racial, ethnic inequities may lead to
strain or frustration which leads to crimes and violence
whether against the society or oneself. These are some of the
social reasons based on some ideological foundations
affecting individual and collective psychology. So it can be
agreed that definitely a person’s worldview, moral perception
Page | 29
and the social system affects how one approaches crime and
social deviance. For example, why the pious religious
companions and Prophets of the past didn't commit crime
even though they were in suffering, poverty and hardships?
Rather they took the path of resistance against tyranny to
change the social system and their personal selves?
In order to understand this, we must understand the basics
of the human mind. Human mind is like a memory with a
processing unit which runs program it installs. These
programs are ideological unit or worldviews which shape and
guide human thought and activities. Secularism is an idea of
human individualism where man is the center of his own
world. It is a license to human transgressions. Whatever right
and wrong that human already has left with him has been
due to human social evolution through the guidance of Islam
with its various versions over history. Even this is evaporating
in the Frankenstein morality being created by secularism. A
society which is not tied with God and does not know a
higher authority is destined to be doomed morally,
demographically and socially. We saw how atheistic
Darwinism during colonialism was used to commit the most
horrible atrocities against the natives and colonies. It is for
this ideological, psychological and social system that some
people take the path of crime and enhance It while some
take the path to change evil for collective good. So social
deviance has a hybrid multi-layered trigger. Islam proposes
both a preventive measure and punishment measure for
crimes and social deviance as discussed previously.
Page | 30
The Issue of Rape: Bias of Secular System
Today if a woman cries of rape the legal system believes her
and punishes the alleged rapist even by slightest hint of
circumstantial evidence. This is yet also another damage
done by feminism. Let’s give an example. In 1984 Jennifer
Thompson was a 22-year-old college student in North
Carolina. One night a man broke into her apartment, put a
knife to her throat, and raped her. According to her own
account, Ms. Thompson studied her rapist throughout the
incident with great determination to memorize his face. She
“I studied every single detail on the rapist’s face. I looked at
his hairline; I looked for scars, for tattoos, for anything that
would help me identify him. When and if I survived.
Ms. Thompson went to the police that same day to create a
sketch of her attacker, relying on what she believed was her
detailed memory. Several days later, the police constructed a
photographic lineup. Thompson identified Ronald Cotton as
the rapist, and she later testified against him at trial. She was
positive it was him, with no doubt in her mind.
I was sure. I knew it. I had picked the right guy, and he was
going to go to jail. If there was the possibility of a death
sentence, I wanted him to die. I wanted to flip the switch.
As positive as she was, it turned out that Jennifer Thompson
was wrong. But it was not until after Mr. Cotton had served
11 years in prison for a crime he did not commit that
conclusive DNA evidence indicated that Bobby Poole was the
actual rapist, and Cotton was released from jail. Jennifer
Page | 31
Thompson’s memory had failed her, resulting in a substantial
Jennifer Thompson is not the only person to have been
fooled by her memory of events. Over the past 10 years,
almost 400 people have been released from prison when
DNA evidence confirmed that they could not have committed
the crime for which they had been convicted. (Wells, Memon,
& Penrod, 2006)
Now let us discuss whether the rape victim be also held
responsible for incitement and sexual provocation. Then let’s
discuss the proper way of punishing issues related to alleged
rapes. Men and women are sexually different both in build
and responses. The law of God i.e. Hijab is a perfect measure
and a preventive reductive mean of sexually related crimes,
and men being able to control themselves better. Also from
the fact that men are different in their overtly direct sexual
approach to women, which sometimes, they can full fill even
by aggressive and violent means, it is fair to say that both
men and women have responsibility to God and society to
not harass each other mentally and physically. So, both must
be legally responsible as to the consequence of rape and
sexual incitement.
To minimize and even stop sexual harassment and rape we
must implement a system of segregation in the Islamic
society. However even if sexual harassment or rape happens
after this then we must investigate on the basis of Shariah
law and not some sentimental bias towards a woman. The
Page | 32
standard of establishing crime in Islam is high. Witness and
their credibility are scrutinized and then either accepted or
rejected. The whole legal process of Islam has a separate
study called ilm Al-Qada or the knowledge of judgement. In
other verses we will see in some contexts women’s witnesses
are lesser than men’s and this is, as discussed previously, due
to their psychology and biology. So, women need a greater
number of their gender witnesses in certain circumstances to
reduce probability of error.
What happens when a rape has no witness except the
woman herself as the example above? Quran 24:6-9
establishes a principle regarding this and leaves it largely as a
spiritual punishment. So, a rape cannot be established except
by witnesses whether digital or human. In fact, a digital video
may become a human witness by direct observation of the
event by four just male witnesses as women are vulnerable to
error and mistakes. What about forensics? Forensics cannot
prove rape but that an act of sexual intercourse has taken
place which might have been consensual. As punishment for
rape which is also adultery from one party can demand harsh
punishment it cannot be carried out except by high standard
of proof such as multiple witnesses. Understand also that
rape is a violent act and while this takes place other crimes
will take place such as violence, break-ins, robbery, beatings,
any other harms so these can be tried under the law of hiraba
and one may not always need to establish four witnesses.
Other forms of Islamic evidence will be then considered
resulting even in similar punishments in severity. If, however
forensics determine some sexual acts then the Islamic court
must investigate legality of these. For example, if a child is
Page | 33
found to be sexually violated and she has no husband then
the responsibility will fall on her guardians. So, establishing
rape is not always needed in sexual crimes rather
establishment of culpable responsibility.
Stratification: Social and Global
Historically, based on a dominant culture society existed as
an "identity for a group" and historically such a group has
been in any of the hunting-and-gathering, horticultural,
pastoral, agricultural, industrial, and postindustrial types and
slowly heading to an artificial intelligence type possibly
resulting in a technological singularity (Rahman 2020 ) which
may revert us back to the most primitive of types. Once
society was formed so did stratification of people. Social
stratification refers to a society's categorization of its people
into groups based on socioeconomic factors like wealth,
income, race, education, ethnicity, gender, occupation, social
status, or derived power. The major systems of stratification
have been slavery, estate systems, caste systems, and class
systems. Some Western European nations are not classless
but still have much less economic inequality than class
societies such as the United States. The common theme in
these systems have been the powerful owning the weak
without accountability, by iniquity and injustice. Today's most
common stratification system is the class system based on
prestige, power and wealth.
Islam supports the class system but based on equity, justice,
duty and responsibility in the class system. The class system is
Page | 34
a divine design to test humanity. So Islamic society doesn't
aim to eradicate social inequality but rather social iniquity.
There will always be social inequalities such as rich and poor,
knowledgeable and the ignorant, educated and the
uneducated etc. Islam has thus established general and social
role specific rights and duties to remove social inequities
which are extensive and many. Sometimes equality can be
equity, but equality can also be iniquity.
Some people will exploit the class system as is the historical
and current reality and which was the trigger for Marxism
and Marxist thought. Why did Marx called religion the
“opiate of the masses?” He based his understanding on
Christianity and by this he meant that religious beliefs
influence the poor to feel that their fate in life is God’s will or
a test of their belief in God. If they hold such beliefs, they will
neither blame their poverty on the rich nor rebel against
them. Religious beliefs help create false consciousness. But if
Marx knew the Jihad of Imam Hussein his perception of
religion would be totally different. Quran recognized the
possibility of class oppression and class exploitation in many
verses. So definitely Islam is not an opiate but an
emancipator from tyranny and exploitation.
Why does class exist? There are natural reasons such as brain
power, physical power etc. and there are man-made reasons
such as exploitation, discrimination based on race, class,
background, religion, gender, language etc. Also based on a
materialistic secular metrics social class system has created a
grading perception for job roles. Some average prestige
scores for various occupations in US: physician, 86; college
professor, 74; elementary school teacher, 64; letter carrier,
Page | 35
47; garbage collector, 28; and janitor, 22. Islamic social
stratification does not ascribe prestige based on job roles but
on piety and moral standards. The Islamic society aims to
eradicate envious and/or apathetic looking down on people
based on their lawful income. This perception creates a cycle
of reluctance and rejection against the poor due to which
they or their relatives and descendants are impeded to rise
up the social class. Equal opportunities or rather equitable
opportunities are not given to them. For example, in America
the capitalists blame the poor for being poor and in poverty.
This has led to socialism being rejected by the Americans thus
prolonging and increasing poverty as poor feel rejected and
neglected, they feel unmotivated and discouraged.
Then there is global stratification. Global stratification refers
to the unequal distribution of wealth, power, prestige,
resources, and influence among the world’s nations such as
that happens in developed capitalist nations where wealth is
hoarded and not distributed to the people and the less
developed nations who sell their resources yet not spend in
the people. If the world were one nation, its median annual
income (at which half of the world’s population is below this
income and half is above it) would be only $1,700 (data from
2000). The richest fifth of the world’s population would have
three-fourths of the world’s entire income, while the poorest
fifth of the world’s population would have only 1.5% of the
world’s income, and the poorest two-fifths would have only
5.0% of the world’s income (Dikhanov, 2005). Such gross
inequality also affects other human development factors such
as health, education and job. Islam has a perfect solution for
this through its multilayered taxation and welfare system
Page | 36
designed to minimize inequality and give everyone an
equitable opportunity to life and development backed by
over stretching oversight of shariah law. Under Islamic
system poverty or episodic poverty or even vulnerability to
poverty will cease to exist as Islamic taxation and welfare will
always quantify a ratio of wealth distribution from top to
bottom including obligation of government to provide for
free universal needs such as water, electricity, gas,
healthcare, the internet education etc. At the least they must
subsidize these universal needs or implement a quota based
free service. Such a rich Islamic welfare system will improve
health, education, hygiene etc. and all the other indicators of
poverty and also improve the mental aspects of the people
making them determined appreciating and dedicated to the
system which in the long term will enhance productivity and
economy. For far too long corporations and imperial foreign
policies have exploited poor nations and created
hopelessness and disability in the minds of its masses.
Historically slavery has also been a system of stratification.
Many people accuse Islam of slavery promotion. Understand
that Islam came to abolish slavery through reformation.
Instead of banning outright slavery which was a deep rooted
business and social model, Islam first proposed restructuring
slave-master relationship based on equity, justice and
sympathy which is the pathway to abolishment of this unjust
institution. The reformation was done in these ways: 1.
Prohibition of enslaving free people and limiting it in only
defensive war for only prisoners and combatants 2. Keeping a
lot of legal obligations to free slaves as compensation of legal
wrongs 3. Obligating treatment of slaves as human beings
Page | 37
and servants of God thereby minimizing the chances of
cruelty and humiliation. 4. Promising spiritual rewards for
freeing slaves voluntarily. It is interesting to note that Islam
only allowed enslavement in a lawful war, while in that time
people were enslaved through hijacking, force, etc. as
western colonial powers did for generations. So, Islam's
enslavement was only valid in one context which was
revolutionary in those times. Also, Islam came up with
numerous ways to free slaves. While in that time there
existed only one way to free slave, which is master's wish. So,
to say Islam promotes slavery is utterly wrong. Islam's
allowance of slavery in the time was only response to slavery
being a global custom, so Islam has set forth that time fair
and human reformatory laws for slaves something which was
like a renaissance. West even with its renaissance failed to
treat slaves like human beings.
But to really ask the question, is slavery in general terms non-
existent? If by slavery you mean unbearable suffering
restriction of freedom then instead of classic ownership of
individual humans, today powerful people and countries
enslave nations, its future and its resources. It enslaves all the
potential that your country and people can give you. In this
sense slavery is very much alive and Islam also prohibits and
resists (Jihad) this kind of slavery through it's fair laws of
economy, diplomacy, international relations and ultimately
Today we also have the digital society. The stratification that
exists in the digital society is influencer and the follower. In
this society even the ills of traditional society have crept in
Page | 38
such as the powerful influencers have greater say in how the
digital society is run while the followers have little space to
reject their assertive policies. Many followers are banned and
suspended for criticizing known influencers and their
philosophies about real world society. Digital society
influencers come in many categories: political, celebrity,
activist for social causes, fashion models and nudists. Nudity
has become dominant through sexual objectification of
females and this has an intense influence in shaping youth
sexuality and perception of the opposite gender.
Muslims have little control over the digital society, but Islamic
society can monitor the trends and developments in the
digital society and likewise educate, guide and dictate
accordingly through various Islamic social institutions. The
point is to change the mindset and persuade it towards
desired aims and objectives. Unfortunately, Muslims today in
their secular society have been engulfed by the bad practice
of the digital society so another yet effective solution is to
create and finance an Islamic digital society to persuade
Muslims towards it. Such as an Islamic social media will be a
very effective Islamic socialization and political organizational
tool because Muslims needs to counter the digital society
which is creating trends and values for all the societies of the
world as if a stronger species eating up the weaker ones.
Race and Ethnicity
Page | 39
Racism, nationalism, aristocracy, tribalism etc. these secular
constructs are based on a sense of belonging to a biological,
geographical or material group, whereas Islamism is a
construct based on adherence to (divine values, beliefs and
actions). Islam thus is the most universal and welcoming
system and ideology. Shia Sunni hostility is also a product of
historical racist and tribalistic politics. Imam Ali, Abu Bakr,
Umar, Uthman never fought each other irrespective of their
differences, to preserve Muslim unity, but when Arab
nationalism and tribalism took over Islam, lots of bloodshed
occurred and unity was broken. Today still Islam is plagued by
nationalism, racism and tribalism by Arabs and non-Arabs.
Also understand race is a myth, a social construct rather than
a biological reality. There is only one human race even
according to Quran 23:14. Let’s take an example of Barack
Obama. Former president Barack Obama had an African
father and a white mother. Although his ancestry is equally
black and white, Obama considers himself an African
American, as do most Americans. In several Latin American
nations, however, Obama would be considered white
because of his white ancestry. Starting with genetics, people
from different races are more than 99.9% the same in their
DNA (Begley, 2008). In terms of DNA, then, people with
different racial backgrounds are much, much more similar
than dissimilar. As Quran said we are one human species
composed of people who look different.
But still why people call themselves as Malay race or Persian
race or Turkish race etc.? The same reason why Nazis thought
they were also Aryans. Simply put psychology of group ego
and group identity is at work here. It is a social construct by
Page | 40
human will. They see themselves as looking similar, talking
similar and perhaps culturally similar so they assume they are
a biological race. Today blacks, whites, browns, greys etc.
may talk similar, may have same religion, same culture, same
geography. Are they a race? Definitely not! Quran 23:14
rejects biological race. World has paid and paying the price of
racism, nationalism, tribalism etc. All these secular “isms” are
ideologies of hate and destruction.
The Islamic society does not make policies based on race or
nationality. The lawful foreigner will get same treatment as
local, the black will get same treatment like white and vice-
versa. The Islamic society will see your belief and actions,
your role and abilities, not your color, ethnicity or nationality
which Islam has not identified in any role, duty or
responsibility. In the Islamic society whether citizens or
migrants, documented or undocumented, Muslim or non-
Muslim all deserve equal equitable protections under the
law, the right to due process, freedom from unlawful search
and seizure, and the right to fair criminal proceedings, among
many other things. There is no place for racism, nationalism,
tribalism and inhumanity because some people happen to be
different than you. While racism, nationalism, tribalism etc.
believe in collective judgement Islam rejects it in Quran 5:2.
Gender and Gender Inequality
Page | 41
What is Gender?
There is no doubt that there is a significant difference
between sex and gender, but such difference does not
necessarily validate gender redefinition. While biology is
what determines our sex, gender determines our sexuality,
behavior and attitude. The disagreement however arises if
sex is the causality of gender because if that is true then
definitely gender studies will be based on essential
differences rather that equality. Gender can be formed by
social engineering that is how people are affected by their
society, social surroundings and social interactions.
Historically sex has defined the gender roles and perception
and that formed femininity which refers to the cultural
expectations we have of girls and women, while masculinity
which refers to the expectations we have of boys and men.
Why history has devised and formed such an attitude? It
returns to the psychology and biology of the sexes as we will
Lower levels of psychological explanation are more closely
tied to biological influences, such as genes, neurons,
neurotransmitters, and hormones, whereas the middle levels
of explanation refer to the abilities and characteristics of
individual people, and the highest levels of explanation relate
to social groups, organizations, and cultures (Cacioppo,
Berntson, Sheridan, & McClintock, 2000). In early human
evolutionary phases pure unadulterated biology played a
large role in defining gender because bioengineering was
non-existent and social engineering like today was minimal or
almost non-existent. So, to say patriarchy and gender roles
were defined by culture and sociology will be wrong as also
the human soul in its early phase was in complete harmony
with the patriarch construct.
Page | 42
Thus, when we say that a girl or woman is very feminine, we
have some combination of these traits, usually the positive
ones, in mind: gentle, sensitive, nurturing, delicate, graceful,
cooperative, decorative, dependent, emotional, passive, and
weak. What we traditionally mean by masculinity is captured
in the adjectives, again both positive and negative, our
society traditionally ascribes to men: strong, assertive, brave,
active, independent, intelligent, competitive, insensitive,
unemotional like woman, and aggressive
. When we say that
a boy or man is very masculine, we have some combination
of these traits in mind: he is tough, strong, and assertive. This
difference in psychology and biology is meant to create,
maintain and perfect bonding and synergism of gender
mating, cooperation and roles, each complementing the
other in human and social evolution. Given the essential
differences between the sexes historical gender roles have
been also different and equitable rather than equal.
However, our contemporary society has created various
gender identities. This is sociological and cultural engineering
rather that biology or nature itself. We have today
heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual and trans. After all these
differences still two main biological sexes remain with two
Aggression doesn't necessarily mean violence and harm.
Aggression can be defined as intense frequent prolonged use of
strength to achieve dominance. We see male aggression during
mating that is sexual intercourse. While men want rough and
dominating sex over her female partner the female wants a more
gentle and romantic sex but as her libido and arousal intensifies, she
submits to male aggression and dominance as she supposed to by
design of her evolutionary reproductive conscience.
Page | 43
separate psychological and biological identities. These
identities have defined gender roles for millennia until
recently feminism has started to redefine what it means to be
a man or a woman.
The Inequality of Sexes and Gender
Biology and psychology can be inherent and acquired. Human
species has inherent dispositional biology, a result of God's initial
creation and according to evolutionists evolutionary design, and an
inherent dispositional psychology which is a result of human soul
and according to evolutionists another evolutionary design. Biology
can affect our psychology by biochemical and electrochemical
processes, but society and social institutions can also change both
biology and psychology for example by effect of drugs or
bioengineering, socialization and social interactions, but
bioengineering or social engineering cannot change the totality of
our biology or psychology rooted in our soul. We must remain
human, man and woman, nonetheless and this can be explained by
evolutionary constants which are those that do not undergo change
in the species but continue to exist throughout micro evolution. An
analogy would be an actor during acting his more consistent
permanent nature is masked by the nature of role in acting. Also, to
what extent can we bioengineer, or social engineer is an ethical and
religious issue and if we do such a thing the consequences may be
devastating as discussed in various sections of this writing. So,
understand one of the purposes of Divine guidance is to preserve our
creational disposition biological and psychological, by dictating
socialization, social interaction, social institutions and overall
Page | 44
What is sex? Sex refers to the anatomical and other biological
differences between females and males that are determined
at the moment of conception and develop in the womb and
throughout childhood and adolescence. Females, of course,
have two X chromosomes, while males have one X
chromosome and one Y chromosome. From this basic genetic
difference spring other biological differences. The first to
appear are the different genitals that boys and girls develop
in the womb and that the doctor (or midwife) and parents
look for when a baby is born. The genitalia are called primary
sex characteristics, while the other differences that develop
during puberty are called secondary sex characteristics and
stem from hormonal differences between the two sexes. In
this difficult period of adolescents’ lives, boys generally
acquire deeper voices, more body hair, and more muscles
from their flowing testosterone. Girls develop breasts and
wider hips and begin menstruating as nature prepares them
for possible pregnancy and childbirth. These basic biological
differences between the sexes have affected the historical
perceptions of what it means to be female or male, and
continue to shape gender studies, laws and rights. The basic
biological differences as well as from the very nature of
human soul depending on the sexes, we have two sets of
unique biological and psychological identities. These traits
corroborate both evolutionary and Islamic gender roles,
patriarchy and the nuclear family discussed in later section.
Page | 45
Women Biological Features
Brain activation differs in response to negative
emotions. (Stevens & Hamann, 2012)
Data suggest that the greater strength of the men
due primarily to larger fibers. (Eur J Appl Physiol
Occup Physiol. 1993;66(3):254-62)
Females grow to a certain extent and then switch to
reproductive mode, investing in fat production rather
than making muscle and bone (Nuwer 2017)
Health effects of alcohol abuse and alcoholism (when
someone shows signs of addiction to alcohol) are
more serious in women. (,
2019; Buddy T)
Women are more likely to die following a heart
attack than men are (,
2019; “New Study: Women More Likely to Die after a
Heart Attack Due to Unequal Treatment”)
Page | 46
o Note that this says unequal treatment as if
women are discriminated. This is a false
perception. First it suggests vast number of
doctors are being negligent and medically
unethical against women. Second women
might have been getting different treatment
or absence thereof due to being female as
they may be vulnerable to such treatments
due to pregnancy or other factors.
Women are more likely to show signs of depression
and anxiety than men
are. (, 2019)
The effect of STDs/STIs on women can be more
serious than on men. (CDC, How STDs Impact Women
Differently From Men)
Women are more likely than men are to experience
urinary tract problems (O Platte, 2019)
Biologically women are prone to more diseases than men and
such diseases express more severe in women than men.
Being only pregnant exposes them to lots of health risks and
drug effects. Women are physically impaired also by
menstruation and pregnancy. Both of which affects their
emotion and becomes a burden to deal with, impairing
Page | 47
judgement, response and interaction. Even though women
are more vulnerable to health issues than men, women in the
US live longer than men. Why is this case? The reasons are
men in a secular society live a reckless life and do not care
about their health whereas women tend to live more
responsibly and self-care. This arises from the inherent
biological and psychological differences of the two genders as
men are more aggressive and pursue independence while
women gentle and pursue dependence. The recklessness is
not an inherent biological or psychological feature of the
male but rather engineered by social inequities and economic
injustice as men lose their independence, leadership and
mating opportunities in such a setting. This explains why men
are always involved in organized crimes and violence in an
unjust and morally broken society. The Islamic society
believes in an upbringing where both genders will realize
their true identity and purpose in God and achieve a
responsible character and balance of their inherent nature.
Women Psychological Features
Experience more guilt (Else-Quest et al., 2012)
Experience more shame (Else-Quest et al., 2012)
Experience more sadness (Else-Quest et al., 2012)
Understand psychology whether natural inherent or acquired and
engineered exists and reveals in situations and contexts of various
social interactions and personal expressions and from these a
statistical and theoretical conclusion is made.
Page | 48
Experience more social anxiety (Caballo et al., 2014)
Seeks more emotional support (Tamres et al., 2002)
More fearful (Kring and Gordon 1998)
More sympathetic (Babchuck et al., 1985; Hampson
et al., 2006; McClure, 2000)
Emotionally more negative (Bradley et al., 2001;
Chentsova-Dutton & Tsai, 2007; Grossman & Wood,
Higher on neuroticism: Experience more anxiety,
worry, fear, anger, frustration, envy, jealousy, guilt,
depressed mood, and loneliness. (Feingold, 1994;
Schmitt et al., 2008)
Women cry more often than men do. (Tannen, 2001)
Women take care of children more than men do.
(Tannen, 2001)
Women smile more often than men. (Tannen, 2001)
Women sexuality is dependent on context,
environment and layered on emotions unlike male
sexuality, which is direct, vivid and aggressive. (Sine,
2009, WebMD)
These feminine traits will cloud reason and cause the wrong
consequences emanating from a feminine mentality placed in
Page | 49
a certain but critical situation. Men are also emotional yet in
different ways than women however women feel certain
aspects of emotions more than men which are detrimental to
leadership and decision making. Mans emotion on the other
hand is towards independence while womans towards
dependence. Men due to their direct sexuality is the one who
rapes and has strong sexual response to feminine physique
and beauty. Social engineering can mask some of the biology
defined emotions or some of those rooted in the soul
however, because social engineering can create gender
actors and prevent one from realizing his or her essential
inherent natural identity. Does this mean we can recreate the
totality of man and woman by social engineering or make
them equal in their biological and psychological construct?
See footnote number 4.
Most of human existence have seen patriarchy dominance.
Since the third wave feminism matriarchy is the agenda.
Pursuit of irrational equality does not make man and woman
equal. Yes, woman can be better in some things than man but
in general they are weaker than men most of the times. For
example, men are weaker in controlling sexual desire unlike
women hence women are required to cover themselves in
Islam. Women are suited to more gentle roles where the use
of mind and body is less intense, less demanding and more
static. While men are suited to leadership and decision
making where pressure and stress are high. Men are also
suited for physically intensive roles such as military or hard
labor. Even according to evolutionists, it would be nothing
short of a Darwinian miracle for men and women to have
evolved precisely identical emotional and physical designs.
Page | 50
Some studies suggest women are better leaders while some
say men are. However, these studies try to measure skills
rather than biological and psychological features which are
most crucial to understanding the inequalities in the sexes.
However based on such inequalities it is fair to say under the
same environmental variables, context and circumstance
men will most of the times excel women in mental and
physical capacity. For example, US military having same
variables and context for its recruits has women in
approximately 14 percent of the active duty Army, 23 percent
of the Army Reserve, and 16 percent of the Army National
Guard. Examples like this extend to many other domains of
men and women inclusion, even though women are getting
the favors and benefits. For example, most of the greatest
scientists and intellectuals in history have been men but
feminists will say men got more chances and women were
prevented from studying. Ok, so let just look at the Nobel
prize winners in the 21st century when women were having
more favors and bias towards yet still in this slight unfair
balance against men most Nobel prize winners have been
men. This arises from women’s genetic disposition as
research has shown that genetics have been found to be very
important in many domains, compared with environmental
factors. Although society may not want to hear it, differences
between men and women may be in part genetically
determined, perhaps by differences in brain lateralization or
by hormones (Kimura & Hampson, 1994; Voyer, Voyer, &
Bryden, 1995). This inequality in intelligence/brain power has
been corroborated by Quran and Hadiths as well. So
inconclusion we can say man and woman differ biologically,
Page | 51
psychologically and cognitively. Islam thus assigned equitable
different roles based on such.
For more discussion of gender and sex differences see
(Rahman 2020, Why Society Needs Patriarchy).
The Feminist Politics
Modern feminism has threatened historical gender identity
and role. It wants to separate biology and psychology from
gender identity and wants to have total freedom in redefining
gender. This is dangerous and contradictory to nature,
natural selection (if you believe in this) and the Divine order
of things (if you are religious Muslim). Feminism, to
restructure historical gender identity and roles has adopted
policy of discrimination called Affirmative action. Affirmative
action refers to the preferential treatment of minorities and
women in employment and education. This is reverse
discrimination and, as such, is both illegal and immoral. The
people benefiting from affirmative action can be less
qualified than many of the men with whom they compete for
employment and college admissions.
Since third wave feminism is all about matriarchy and
reconstruction of a new social order (Dale, Jennifer, & Peggy
Foster, 1986). Feminism is about pushing women to positions
of power and less about genuinely helping oppressed women
such as those in war zones, forced prostitution or in occupied
territories. So it is about feminine individualism in the social
level and matriarchy in the political level.
Page | 52
In this feminist agenda male species is portrayed as weak,
indecisive and predatory while women as the victim, full of
potential deserving preferential treatment. In this agenda
male species need to behave while women have full freedom
to exercise her choices and desires without consequences. In
this agenda female sex is divinely lustful, the opium to control
men. We are looking at a broken system of family, society
and outright anarchy, high rates of divorce, cheating family,
children detached from parents and an unfair job industry
and legal system.
The feminist mind is the very definition of pride. It sees only
control and ego. It does not understand care or wings of
mercy as it does not believe in humility in a relationship. It
sees man as the arch enemy. It wants absolute self-control
from man without self-control of herself. Feminism is
sexual/gender Nazism. Feminism is the reaction of white
woman to white man's tyranny. These feminists will find it
humiliating and insulted to serve their husbands or wash
their cloths or present themselves with beauty in room to
please their husbands. They will feel these as slavery and
subjugation but not relation building and empowerment of
bond. In their hearts romance and sympathy are weaknesses.
We cannot build a loving society with this ideology.
Feminism is also anti-family, egoistic. Feminist women
prioritize pursuing career over family because a family will
slow them down by childbirth and duties towards children as
a mother, while a career is the ticket to be a matriarch
somewhere. By this practice feminists hate their biology and
innate nature of motherhood. They want female emotional
weakness regarded as good leadership habits. They want
wife’s care for husband regarded as servitude and slavery.
Page | 53
They want listening to husband’s advice (let alone command)
as defeat. They want living on husband's income regarded as
humiliation. They want to see their failure as effort while
failure of men as disaster. They want their nude provocative
dress to be seen a form of art. They want everyone to be
feminist instead of humanist. Feminism is like a stubborn
The question is why feminism is spreading without men really
putting up a fight against this? This is because modern man is
free to feel strong sexual emotions towards the feminine
body which was not possible in the patriarchal past due to
moral constraints. As society became more sexualized and
pornified men has also become more lustful in a greater
breadth of their social interaction, and feminism has
enhanced this interaction even more by intensifying free
mixing and more sexual freedom. However, the spread of
feminist ideology doesn't necessarily correlate with
realization of total matriarchy.
Sentiment, politics, bias and social engineering is defining the
female journey towards matriarchy with devastating social,
economic and moral consequences. Families are being torn
apart, legal system is being redefined with bias against men,
men are being less motivated to start a family, education or
occupation because of bias towards women as men are seen
less valuable, unstable, reckless and more predatory.
Feminists often give examples of Jacindra and Merkel yet
forgetting most of their cabinet members are men who guide
them, yet also forgetting that the other women leaders of
Burma, Bangladesh etc. have blood and corruption on their
hands and that women have been involved in genocides,
crimes against humanity and organized crimes (Brown 2013;
Page | 54
Wolford 2016; Asmann 2020; Burbank 2019; ). The only
excuse feminists will give is women do evil because they are
treated unequally so you see feminists justify women evil
which is a form of bias.
Or consider how academic bias prefers women rather than
listening to reason. Here for example in 2005 the president of
Harvard University, Lawrence H. Summers, sparked an uproar
during a presentation at an economic conference on women
and minorities in the science and engineering workforce.
Summers also argued that women might be less genetically
capable of performing science and mathematicsthat they
may have less “intrinsic aptitude” than do men.
Summers’s comments on genetics set off a flurry of
responses. One of the conference participants, a biologist at
the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, walked out on the
talk, and other participants said that they were deeply
offended. Summers replied that he was only putting forward
hypotheses based on the scholarly work assembled for the
conference, and that research has shown that genetics have
been found to be very important in many domains, compared
with environmental factors.
The controversy did not stop with the conference. Many
Harvard faculty members were appalled that a prominent
person could even consider the possibility that mathematical
skills were determined by genetics, and the controversy and
protests that followed the speech led to first ever faculty vote
for a motion expressing a “lack of confidence” in a Harvard
president. Summers resigned his position, in large part as a
result of the controversy, in 2006 (Goldin, Goldin, & Foulkes,
Page | 55
Or consider intellectually dishonest studies carried out in
favor of the female sex such as the one here (Sanchez 2018)
which suggests, by a giant leap of faith, that women are
stronger than men. What is their evidence? Fallacious
induction and false claim. It says women are more likely to
survive famine and epidemics and they based this
generalization on basis of data from times of slavery. They fail
to mention the real historical reasons, which were, men were
doing the most hard and dangerous works in those times
while women mostly were in home waiting to be married or
caring for children. But the article claims the survival ratio of
women were due to the hormone estrogen and the higher
death of men were due to the hormone testosterone. They
clearly forgot to mention that estrogen is implicated in the
development or progression of numerous diseases, which
include but are not limited to various types of cancer (breast,
ovarian, colorectal, prostate, endometrial), osteoporosis,
neurodegenerative diseases, cardiovascular disease, insulin
resistance, lupus erythematosus, endometriosis, and obesity
(Deroo 2006) whereas Testosterone regulate sex drive
(libido), bone mass, fat distribution, muscle mass and
strength, and the production of red blood cells and sperm,
that is, it makes men stronger and more powerful than
women (Wein 2016).
The Islamic Woman
The Islamic woman is the ideal feminine identity that nature
wanted, that God designed. The most unique earthly
feminine which is a pure result of female biology. Such a
Page | 56
woman is a result of Islamic upbringing and Islamic education
which helps her realize her real nature as a woman of God, as
nature intended. According to Quranic verses and Sunnah of
Prophet (pbuh) we find some of the qualities of an Islamic
woman as following:
Chaste in thoughts and actions
Sympathetic and merciful
Intelligent and understanding
Economic yet content
Loyal and obedient to husband
Loving and a guide of children
Greatness of God and Ummah in mind
Humanitarian, not egoistic, not racist, not nationalist,
not tribalist
Pious and sacrificing
Wise in maintaining relationship
Not a victim of populism
These divinely infused Muslim women are a mercy and
blessing to not only their husbands and families but the
entire Ummah. Chastity of which virginity is an essential part,
is a core feature of the Muslimah. Virginity is a dignity,
newness and purity of an individual. However modern secular
society thinks virginity is stupidity and lack of your maturity,
but then again modern secular society thinks alcohol,
tobacco, prostitution and mistresses are good. A Muslim
woman’s innocent character, simplicity, virginity and chastity
are the results of her religious values which are: shame, self-
respect with Islamic character (as mentioned above) and true
Islamic hijab, conservative in her public communication as
not to be a cause of sexual distraction for others and for
herself from other men.
Page | 57
God wishes us to purify our romantic and sexual thoughts
and desires, for a loyal and lasting bond through matrimony,
through safe-guarding us from free-sex communication
unless necessary for marriage planning and decision. Each of
the Muslimah is a fertile and blooming garden future of the
Ummah, a peace to her family and children. In the name of
liberalism such precious and cherished creatures of God
cannot be polluted, and the hope of the Islamic successful
family cannot be destroyed, and as a consequence Muslim
demography having destructive divorces, familial chaos,
detachment from children, distanced husband and wife and a
society unwilling to marry be realized. The result is we are
today living in a sexualized world and not a family-oriented
world. It is trendier and easier to have a temporary sex
partner than a devout and loyal husband or wife.
Islam prescribed chastity of both your sexual organ and
feelings so that bonds can last, deepen and empowered
through matrimony. All that free sex and flirting are deceiving
you from realizing the greatest gift of God called love. Love
and chastity go hand in hand. A woman who is ready to lie
with any man for sexual pleasure, career growth or favors
cannot be trusted of having loyalty and devotion. Today’s
secularized girls seek a beautiful boyfriend for sex and a rich
man for marriage. No wonder divorce is the twin of marriage
today. Such is the nature and value of a Muslimah that
prophet emphasized and commanded them to marry
righteous and pious husbands.
The Islamic Patriarchy
Page | 58
Why patriarchy was accepted and embraced even by women
for millennia until recently? Historical reality of gender roles
based on biological and psychological differences have been
validated and defended by many evolutionary scientists. In
prehistoric societies, few social roles existed. A major role
centered on relieving hunger by hunting or gathering food.
The other major role centered on bearing and nursing
children. Because only women could perform this role, they
were also the primary caretakers for children for several
years after birth. And because women were frequently
pregnant, their roles as mothers confined them to the home
for most of their adulthood. Meanwhile, men were better
suited than women for hunting because they were stronger
and quicker than women. In prehistoric societies, then,
biology was indeed destiny: for biological reasons, men in
effect worked outside the home (hunted), while women
stayed at home with their children. This shows nature and
many people will say God has defined the inherent roles of
the genders because of their biology and psychology. This in
turn implies that existing gender inequality must continue
because it is rooted in biology.
Historical gender identity has been based on biological
realities of human species. This resulted in patriarchy. Can it
be said that all those past people were wrong in their social
construct? Why cannot we accept rather that they knew the
nature of human existence and how it ought to be? Even
though men have exploited patriarchy but that does not
reject the inherent natural patriarchy construct of humanity.
Islamic patriarchy remedies iniquity of historic patriarchy and
lays down rules and protocols for a just and equitable
patriarchy beneficial for both sexes and gender.
Page | 59
The most crucial aspect of Islamic patriarchy, a patriarchy
based on piety, is its potential ability to create intense love
and sympathy through imbalance of duties. When the
husband sees the wife is dependent on him his determination
and devotion increase not only towards the wife or wives but
also towards his job and work. In turn when the wife sees the
husband is so devoted her devotion and support for the
husband too increases. This creates a synergism and bond
enhancement. In some social ideologies however it’s about
pursuit of selfish goals and ambitions of the couples. There is
always an invisible line, a barrier dividing their complete
Modern society has enabled anti-Patriarchy agenda through
feminism. Modern technology, liberal attitude and bias
towards women have made it possible. It is irrational and
socially destructive. Patriarchy has always sought to preserve
social and familial stability, order and harmony. Patriarch
construct thus demands correct thought, correct belief and
correct emotion of the two distinct human sexes that result
in two distinct genders. Patriarch establishes a hierarchy
which establishes an authority and as authority has the
power to enforce and prescribe action and behavior so it
results patriarchy is a normative social construct. Even
though historically godless patriarchy has exploited the
weakness of female sex and as a result gave birth to another
evil force called feminism, but this does not negate the need
and rationality of patriarch construct. Islam maintains and
guides the patriarch construct and rejects feminism.
What is the meaning of patriarchy? Islamic patriarchy means
men will be preferred in various social roles and men will get
more opportunities in society and social institutions and that
Page | 60
men will be in more positions of authority. The social
schedule of the citizens’ upbringing will take this into
consideration. This is due to the fact that men have greater
duties and responsibilities including protection and
maintenance of women. The society must create an
economic and financial model so that men get enough
income and incentives to take care of their wife or wives so
society can sustain patriarchy and maintain the balance. Islam
already proposes a great welfare model towards this end.
The patriarch can be the father, husband and the Islamic
ruler. In absence of these the duty of Muslim men is to care
and protect their sisters in faith. Patriarchy rejects any form
of organizational feminine leadership. However, a woman can
lead other women. This is on the basis of the rule of
leadership in prayer. Islamic patriarchy also implies
segregated social system and institutions. Prolonged,
continuous and often intimate free mixing along with
provocative feminine dresses have amplified all forms of
moral evils related to sex whether voluntary such as free sex,
cheating couples etc. or forced such as rape, organized
crimes etc.
Islamic patriarchy also has emphasized the importance of
husband in relation to his wife or wives. The husband is more
entitled of wife’s obedience and attention than her parents.
This arises due to the facts that the husband is obligated to
protect and care for the wife’s mental, physical, spiritual and
financial wellbeing and as husband has the duty to do same
for his children because the husband has the responsibility to
maintain and guide the Islamic family which is the atomic
building block of the Islamic ummah.
Page | 61
However today contradicting Islamic patriarchy is feminism. If
you observe the feminists, their social media posts, groups,
activities and their attitude, tone and emotion in the real
world then you will notice feminist rivalry is dangerous and
destructive. Why women want to be like men in the name of
equality, but men do not pursue being women? Feminists
want to always dictate the terms and to be irrationally
imposive for the sake of delusional achievement of woman's
equal rights. Whenever it’s a relationship with a man the
feminist gears herself to be confrontational with a winning
mentality as if it is a rivalry and competition against the
opposite sex. Feminists want to achieve things hastily and by
hook or crook which shows they are not rational and
considerate. Feminists just keep demanding things like a
stubborn bully child.
Proofs of Patriarchy in Islam
O Mankind! Be mindful of your Lord Who created you from a
single soul, and from it He created its mate. (Quran 4:1)
That means the first woman Eve was created from the first
man Adam so man is the cause of woman.
It is Allah’s Will to make things clear to you, guide you to the
˹noble˺ ways of those before you. (Quran 4:26)
Patriarchy was the way of the monotheistic ancestors.
Men are in charge/protectors of women, because Allah
hath made the one of them to excel the other, and
Page | 62
because they spend of their property (for the support of
women) (Quran 4:34)
"The Prophet (S) of Islam stated: ' Any woman who dies while
her husband is pleased with her, enters Paradise'." (Mahajjat
“If the woman performs the five daily prayers, fasts the
month of Ramadan, maintains her chastity and obeys her
husband, she will enter the Paradise of her Lord.” (Hadith)
If I were to command anyone to prostrate to anyone other
than Allaah, I would have commanded women to prostrate to
their husbands. (Hadith)
The Holy Prophet also stated: "If a woman does not perform
her duty as a spouse, she has not done her duty to Allah'." (Al-
"The Holy Prophet (S) stated: 'A wife is duty-bound to arrange
for a basin and towel to wash her husband's hands'." (Al-
"Imam as-Sadiq (a.s.) stated: 'Any woman who bothers her
husband and distresses him is distant from the blessings of
Allah and any woman who respects her husband, is obedient
and does not cause him sorrow, is blessed and prosperous'."
(Bihar al-Anwar)
'The Jihad of a woman is to take care of her husband well'."
(Bihar al-Anwar)
Page | 63
Social Role Where Man is Preferred
Jihad (Military)
Religious Sermon/Khutba
Legal guardianship
Polygamy & divorce
This is the model of patriarchy in Quran 4:34. Patriarchy
by guardianship of father, husband and Islamic ruler as
the highest decider is based due to essential differences
between man and woman in both mind and body. The
Islamic social construct of patriarchy gives us the
alternative system to remedy and heal this broken social
Aging and The Elderly
Page | 64
There are three types of aging: chronological biological and
psychological. Often these three coexist as we grow older.
Gerontologists think that few people reached the age of 35 in
the prehistoric societies that existed thousands of years ago.
Those who did were considered “old” and treated as such. It
is obviously difficult to know much about aging back then,
and much of what we think we know is based on our
knowledge about the preindustrial societies that
anthropologists have been studying for many decades
(Sokolovsky, 2009). According to Quran our existence on this
earth is temporary and God has discouraged this worldly life
for the hereafter. It seems that God gave us short time
previously so we could unite with Him in paradise. The short
life our ancestors had was also a blessing due to less stress
and fast departure from this world. God might have given this
short lifeline so that we do not become too attached to this
world by prolonged existence and experience. However,
mans greed, ego and arrogance triumphed and he chose this
world over hereafter as global life expectancy only increasing.
God did not force on to humanity the stress, suffering and
complexities of modern world but we chose by our pride and
unjustified belief in human ability. In the past God also
prolonged lives of selected people such as prophets to make
the short-lived human depart with guidance and ease
generations after generations.
Old age is a mark from God that we become nothing after our
youthful power and energy and that God giveth and taketh.
The incapacity and feebleness of old age is a test of our
society's humanity and empathy. Islamic society must care
for the old as they decay biologically, cognitively and
Page | 65
psychologically. However old age is a great period to increase
spiritually and has increased dignity to God due to this
spiritual potential. So as God reduces in some aspects He
increases in other. One must understand aging is a divine
design to test us through various phases of our life as we
undergo various biological, psychological, social, financial and
other changes. Aging is thus an ongoing test from God and
due to this in an Islamic society the people has a duty to the
old and vice versa.
Primary caretakers are supposed to be the sons and then the
Islamic governance, especially if the old persons they are
helping need extensive help with daily activities, which would
otherwise derail sons livelihood as Islamic society is a
patriarchy. So laws, corporations and the job industry must
accommodate care time for the elderly by allowing their
employees opportunity and time towards their old, specially
disabled or sick parents or isolated relatives. This must get
same importance as maternity leave. The stronger a society’s
economy, the more resources people can acquire by the time
they reach old age and the greater their power and status in
that time of life. Conversely, the weaker a society’s economy,
the fewer resources people can acquire by old age and the
lower their power and status as they age, however Islamic
society guarantees welfare for also the old from the Islamic
treasury. Caring for the old need not derail development by
blind adherence to tradition. Islam believes in betterment of
the lives of the ummah and thus reason should prevail over
racial and ethnic traditions for collective empowerment of
the Islamic society and Islamic values.
Page | 66
In an Islamic society respect of the elder starts with your
parents, Islamic clerics and teachers however this must not
translate to Elderism. What is Elderism? For example, God
has commanded His servants to be respectful and caring for
old parents. Respect and care however do not translate to
blind obedience of parents which is called Elderism or
veneration of the elderly to the point of sainthood and sinless
entities. This Elderism is a reason for so called honor killings
in some Asian countries. Quran commands us to be respectful
and caring specially to old parents because of their
helplessness and fragility of existence and not obedience as
given to a dictator. Rationality and justice must not be
blinded by veneration of people.
Does putting parents in care homes translate to care for
them? It depends on the context of how sons and daughters
have defined their lives to be under the Islamic society. Most
husbands supposed to be working and earning for family so
they cannot give full time to parents, rather perhaps their
income may go to the parents’ care. The wives of your sons
are not obligated to look after you like nurse, neither the
husbands can burden the wives more than they can bear. The
wives main responsibility is to their husbands and children
and not to their father and mother in laws. So, given these
considerations a five- star care home in the Islamic society
can be better care for parents than living with their sons or
daughters. Parents must also understand the privacy of their
married children. Given how society and job industry has
evolved the Islamic society must ensure proper management
and guidance for care homes for the elderly. Another option
of care is home nurse. Depending on who to care for whether
old father or old mother the nurse’s gender need to be
decided. If a young female nurse is to care for the old mother,
Page | 67
then the nurse’s husband’s permission needs to be sought
first by the employer. For old father a male nurse or old
female nurse is best suitable. Islamic society must shun the
pathways to sexual harassment as discussed in the section
Work and Economy.
Work and The Economy
History at Capitalism and Communism
We have come to a point in history where our needs and
wants to have amplified the quantity of goods and services
and vice versa as technology and human organization at
various levels of activity improved and became more
interconnected, interdependent and complicated. With this
world became more interconnected and our personal and
societal dependency increased. Imagine a man living in the
wilderness who is self-sufficient vs a man living in an
industrialized computerized society who is dependent on
many entities to maneuver. Today global economy has three
segments. The primary sector for raw materials and natural
resources of God. The secondary sector are the
manufacturers using the primary sector. The tertiary sector is
the service-based sector. Today corporatism and
neocolonialism has divided global population and earth on
the three segments. For example, some nations which are
subjugated and dominated by western imperial and old
colonists provide these sectors. Arabia whose tyrannical
Page | 68
rulers are supported by west, Africa which is under perpetual
wars and exploitation for raw materials and Chinese slavery
and Asia which provides cheap labor services for
multinational corporations. This global economic exploitation
is supported by both western corporate capitalism and
Chinese communism.
Beginnings of Modern Capitalism
Western economic and financial exploitation started during
the colonialism. Western fascist colonialism has passed
through the hands of Catholic church, the European royalty
and now passing through the hands of western nationalist
governments and financial institutions. It would be wrong to
say that those former players are not involved anymore,
rather involved in limited but complicated ways. Western
governments have supported despots in Muslim countries
and other non-Muslim third world countries as far back as
colonialism, continuing to this day. They never honored the
hope and aspirations of self-rule for Muslims and welfare of
global third world population. This has created mass suffering
for, specially Muslims and global population in their existence
resulting in poverty, increasing wealth gap, intellectual
backwardness, political and social instability and corruption
and social moral disaster.
The major driving force for Colonialism was finance. Financial
capabilities and capacity of western civilization have been
boosted through colonialism (loot, genocide and subjugation)
when they came over large deposits of minerals in Australia,
Americas and Africa. A huge boost in terms of economic
capability, financial opportunities and research opportunities.
Page | 69
So, they built administration, roads, bridges, security
apparatus, legal system and other necessary tools to manage
these newly found financial treasures.
Western legal, philosophical, scientific and economical
thought thrived during this time of colonialism as European
colonial tyranny gained more factors of productions,
knowledge and experimental opportunities from their
colonies. The rise of Adolf Hitler devastated the traditional
colonialism of Western countries as war finance almost
bankrupted them. Many colonies found independence, but
this independence did not give them intellectual, political and
economic independence and equality in the fullest sense as
the human capital was devastated and dependence on
western support and market was inescapable while dictators
and despots were placed over the population by colonial
fathers through newly created maps and identities.
Almost every Muslim country on the planet was conquered,
colonized and exploited by Europeans or Russians. Most of
those countries became free of the colonizer only since the
end of World War II, with many gaining independences in the
1960s. Although most Muslims living today were born after
World War II (and even after 1980), colonization has cast a
long, dark shadow. Just as abolishing de jure discrimination
has not eliminated de facto racial discrimination in the United
States, the simple act of becoming independent does not
immediately eliminate the attitudes, customs, and
institutions of either the colonizer or the colonized.
We are in the age of neocolonialism. Instead of traditional
Page | 70
colonialism where genocides, crimes against humanity,
torture and engineered famine were a common occurrence
now the new occurrences are coup, espionage, sabotage,
sedition, civil war, monetary policies, debt trap and even war
among the other techniques of this neocolonialism. Thanks to
Adolf Hitler for the end of traditional colonialism. The
Neocolonialism started soon after. Following second world
war, the United States and United Kingdom used their
political power, specially over their former and existing
colonies to create systems of economic management and
protection to mitigate the worst effects of free trade and
neutralize the competing appeals of communism.
Nature of Modern Capitalism
Capitalism produces greater economic growth and
productivity but at the expense of human rights, environment
and spiritual welfare. Also, although capitalism produces
economic growth, not all segments of capitalism share this
growth equally, and there is a much greater difference
between the rich and poor which has been drastically
increasing locally and globally either between people or
between nations. The modern face of capitalism is
corporatism which is a cruel form of exploitation and
monopoly. Corporations have numerous unethical practices
some of which are bribery, kickbacks, and complex financial
schemes of dubious ethics, price fixing, dangerous and harsh
working conditions etc. Corporatism has reduced large scale
competition with only remaining intense competition among
themselves. It can be said US corporations are the leading in
the world and providing the modern world with the needed
goods and services such as IT technology, aviation,
engineering, diet, medicine, militarily equipment etc. These
Page | 71
corporations centered in the United States and their foreign
affiliates have more than $18 trillion in assets and employ
more than 32 million people (U.S. Census Bureau, 2010).
Corporate crimes are often looked over even in the
developed nations and even more so in poor nations. In US
history such injustice by industrial capitalists were resisted by
labor unions as they fought companies over issues such as
low wages and substandard working conditions. However,
over the years laws have been framed in such a way that
labor union activities have become more difficult to pursue
and implement.
One of the key pillars of US and western economy is the
military industrial complex. For the US it is too powerful and
gained “unwarranted influence” over American life as it acted
for its own interests and not necessarily for those of the
nation as a whole. According the former five-star general and
President Eisenhower American militarism is like the clouds
of war, where humanity is hanging on a cross of iron. In 2009
US military spending was $767 billion (including $92 billion
for veterans’ benefits) and accounted for almost 22% of all
federal spending (U.S. Census Bureau, 2010). According to
Oscar Arias Nobel peace prize winner "when the defense
budget squanders money that could be used to repair schools
or to guarantee universal health care” (Arias, 1999). Western
and in specific American standard of living, domination and
prestige depends on this militarism. Its nothing about global
justice and equity.
Corporate Capitalism
Corporatism is the face of capitalism today that has been
adopted aggressively by China. Corporatism thrives on
Page | 72
modern day slavery. China, India and other south east Asian
nations provide these cheap slave labors. China has a land to
recruit slaves called East Turkistan and Tibet. What is
corporatocracy? It is the alliance between the political
establishments and the first-tier corporations of which banks
are top. The first-tier corporations control and own land,
labor and resources of earth and air through debt slavery and
technological patenting. They are the lords of all
corporations, the elites. The economy is driven by them. They
are the economy. In some nations such as US corporations
have huge influence on the government while in some such
as Russia and China the authoritarian governments have huge
influence on the corporations but in all these they work
together to extend and enhance their influence, prestige and
wealth. Corporatocracy seeking maximum productivity in
rivalry by competing in speed, quality, quantity and cost of
labor. This productivity inversely depends on population
welfare and standard of living as the labor strives hard to
improve standard of living and earn welfare which he
deserves free. For this they abolished welfare model of
human care and need fulfillment implementing a Darwinian
"strongest survives" model. In this socioeconomic context it is
the mad and irrational pursuit of labor class to perfect their
skills to achieve fulfilment of their needs resulting in mental,
moral and other demographic consequences. The predatory
economic system wishes to recruit the cheapest labor
but welfare model, according to them will not make the labor
force ready because welfare will cause many to stay home
such as women and who are with children.
Page | 73
Global corporatocracy is thus managing preventable global
population suffering to suit their business activities, market
and labor supply. They will always maintain preventable
suffering and hardship of the working class. No other country
than China has provided such a luxury for global
corporatocracy. China is the perfect field of Malthusian trap.
People are kept like slaves and all that is needed from them is
maximum productivity. A welfare model to address improving
the labor class's socioeconomic status will backfire and cause
China to lose the productivity it is giving today to the western
Remember corporatocracy is about monopoly on resources,
labor and production. This is why corporatocracy is like a
mafia organization or a cartel. It’s about maximizing profit,
power and pleasure for the corporates and maintaining
market for business growth. China and Western businesses
have made Africa, Latin America and Asian countries the field
for exploitation and monopoly. Africa has been hit the
hardest then the middle east.
So global financial institutions are based on a system of
exploitation and interest-based debt enslavement of
developing countries infiltrating these nations through the
elite individuals and powerful businesses. The elites of the
neocolonized nations benefit while the nations are deprived.
If they cannot control and impose by finance or politics, then
military is the last option. Through the cooperation and
coordination of corporate financial institutions, political
establishments and military industries they control and
influence the world’s GDP, create market for their products,
create shareholder wealth largely based in developed nations
Page | 74
such as powerful corporations, businesses and even private
banks, reduce national debt and trade deficits of their
countries, increase geopolitical power, export culture,
increase currency value and manage liquidity of finance and
market. Examples of these achievements are seen in cold
war, countless sanctions, coups, sabotage, espionage, civil
war by intelligence services and wars against Muslim
countries in Middle East, Africa and Latin America.
Why Secular Economic Systems Failed?
Secular economic theories haven't worked whether laissez
fair, Keynesian, Marxian or Malthusian due to prioritizing
Marxian materialism, profit and debt slavery. Keynesian
economics facilitates corporatocracy by giving western
governments and central western banks too much power on
wealth management with too little transparency and
accountability. Keynes had no idea of corporate supremacy in
future resulted by the democratic context and process of
election funding. Keynesian economics just proves the
Marxian theory of class exploitation even more
pronounced. Keynesian economics is totally designed to
support and address western industrialist capitalist
economies and the central governments and central banks
Keynes talk of are not plans of independent nation states and
sovereign national central banks but rather a plan
implementing a global hierarchy of banks and governments.
Laissez faire have failed too and no economy exists in the
world which is independent of government intervention.
Page | 75
None of these works because they have not addressed the
fundamental problem of western capitalism and that is:
interest based economic and finance system enabling debt
slavery. It is essentially for this reason that western capitalism
never been successful and have a history of instability
through 20th and current century. Multiple global financial
crisis, increasing inequality, exploitation and subjugation of
humans and environment are the ever-evident features of
western corporate capitalism.
Why Interest Based Scheme is Harmful?
Modern financial system is based on interest on loans. The
growth of banks basically depends on the return of interest
with principal. More number of loans mean more money
created in this current monetary system and lesser number of
loans mean lesser amount of money created. To understand
this, we need to understand how money is created in modern
banking system. There are three customary ways money is
created in the economy. Note that we said customary
because of this method of money creation is not recognized
in university textbooks. This shows banking industry has
power to change monetary policies dynamically at whim.
More loans are given to create more money by charging
interest rates, what this has done is made the overall
economic situation more miserable, because by creating
money in this way, banks have increased the amount of
money in the economy by an average of 11.5% in UK a year
over the last 40 years, which has pushed up the prices of
houses and priced out an entire generation. The common
Page | 76
people has been hit hard by this interest-bearing money-
making banking scheme.
The interest-bearing banking system is also responsible for
increasing national debt. The government is at the mercy of
the wealthy capitalists and rich bankers. It is the case, for
example with both US and UK that they are under deficit, in
other words their governments spend more than they earn
from taxes and creation of money. Due to this deficit they are
bound to take loans from insurance companies and pension
funds instead of banks for the UK and bonds, stocks and
federal reserve for the US, many of which are foreign
investors from China and Gulf. Most of these investors are
wealthy people who have large portion of share in stocks,
funds, bonds and banks. It is basically the government taking
loan from the rich.
To deal with the result of this interest-bearing scheme
government may take some drastic measures such as raising
taxes significantly, aggressively promoting trade to foreign
nations, spending cuts on welfare services for public, bailout
or outright default. Many of the western imperialist nations
have pursued one or more of these methods aggressively
among which are wars, coup and sanctions to protect their
financial interests. These aggressions may not have been
done to only reduce nominal debt but also to increase the
earning ability of the imperialist economy (GDP) in long term
as temporarily wars will increase debt. An improved economy
means more available interest-bearing debts to government
which also increases the debts as well. It is like a cycle and
devastating cycle it is which can lead to global warfare as
Page | 77
debt ridden nations vie each other for control. Long terms
effects of national debt can be crippling as happened with
Greece and other Eurozone countries.
So, in current financial system money is created out of
nothing which is interlinked with interest scheme. Interest
based financial system is burdensome on individual, society
and nations. It is responsible for wealth gap, inflation, piling
national debt and global wars. Islamic financial system offers
a simple solution. It offers wealth creation through collective
effort and not like the one where one becomes powerful at
the expense of other.
The Islamic Solution
First understand growth without welfare is slavery. The global
society must not then emphasize these Darwinian existences
where strength whether mental, physical or financial
determines success rather equitable system must be
implemented to reward honest work yet care for the weak
and the vulnerable. Islamic society is based on Islam and as
such doesn't succumb to these exploitative systems. That is
why Islam is not flexible with postmodern socio-economic
changes as its regulations and rules are all encompassing
including the economy. Islamic economic system is based on
welfare, private ownership and accountability. This model is
inherent in Islam and not a development of juristic need. Its
neither godless and selfish like capitalism nor totalitarian like
socialism nor predatory like corporatism. Islamic system is a
system of politics, economic and finance which prioritizes
welfare over profit, equity over exploitation, divine
Page | 78
supremacy over Marxian materialism. Islamic economic
system cannot work in vacuum but implemented as a whole
package called Shariah Law. While profit is essential but is
secondary and shared through the wide-ranging taxation
system of Islam. God knows that not everyone will be rich,
but every rich can make sure the needy and unfortunate ones
are taken care of thereby eradicating class conflict which
driven historical materialism. Islam proposes this model of
care. Secular economic theories haven't worked whether
laissez fair, Keynesian, Marxian or Malthusian due to
prioritizing Marxian materialism, profit and debt slavery.
The key features of Islamic economic system are interest free
scheme, welfare model from diverse taxation schemes,
Islamic financial security schemes and gold back system.
Islamic system safeguards us from the harm of inflation
because Islamic system is based on interest free scheme and
natural currency such as gold and by these standard banks
are limited to create money as much as the speed of gold
mining. Islamic system is just and fair for corporate
governance as it holds the accountable responsible for their
duties. In current financial system the owners of companies
can walk away in case of default. This is called limited liability.
Often this helps the rich shareholders and harms the
suppliers. Islamic tax is levied on human agents whether
Muslim or non-Muslim and not on abstract entities such as
firms as is the case with current financial system. By this
legalized identity of abstract entities such as firms, rich
corporations escape paying tax by deception and legal
loopholes. Islamic laws on business and finance are meant to
prevent corporate tricks and deceptions and many of these
Page | 79
laws have been mentioned in classical books such as in
Qawaid Al-Ahkam by Allamah Hill, a book on Shia
jurisprudence. This book establishes many rules and
prohibitions relating to trade, finance and business.
Current financial system is based on the philosophies of
McNamara and Friedman which are aggressive leadership,
deregulation, profit at any cost without any accountability or
transparency. Islamic system when performing financial
investment appraisals, financing from sources, financial
control and dealing with capital markets foreign or local,
obligates human and environmental welfare through Shariah
law’s wide-ranging rules on Haram and Halal. This welfare
can be its ability to empower human demography, human
health, empower the human capital, effect on the job
industry, effect on society and morality, effect on human
rights and effect on environment for example. Islamic
investment should not only consider an achievement on
economic benefits but also avoidance of social, human and
environmental harm as an obligation and reaping social,
human and environmental benefits as charitable. In current
economic and financial system minimum wage is set on the
basis of the lowest paid labor. This does not do justice to
those who are more skillful. Islamic system proposes a
minimum wage which should be defined based on job
category. A highly skilled person should have a different
minimum wage than a hard labor who works as a street
cleaner. This is because according to Quran 39:9 those who
know are not equal to those who do not know.
The Islamic Tax
Page | 80
Tax is defined as a compulsory contribution to state revenue,
levied by the government on workers' income and business
profits, or added to the cost of some goods, services, and
transactions. Muslims and non-Muslims in the Islamic society
must pay varied types of tax except non-Muslims must only
pay one kind called Jizya. Paying of Jizya is for their security
and not because letting them practice their religion, because
that would mean if no Jizya was paid Islamic rule would
forcefully convert them. No, not this, but if no Jizya is paid by
non-Muslim subjects of Islamic rule then they will not enjoy
the protection and benefits of Islamic rule, in fact they will be
evicted or punished. Zakat and Khumus are demanded from
people of faith even though people who are not of faith are
eligible to be its recipients. Jizya is thus applied for non-
Muslims who are not people of faith. Islamic tax is not
personal, but Quran mentions state appointed collectors of
Zakat as was the practice of also the first caliphs of Islam. So
Islamic tax is political. Islamic taxation targets monetary items
and natural resources divided in these categories: a) Zakat b)
Khumus c) Jizya d) Rkaz e) Ushr. Islamic society must
gradually replace western secular taxation model with Islamic
The recipients of Islamic taxes are the following:
1. God, His messenger and Imams of Ahl Bayt: These
constitute the Islamic government. The twelfth imam
of Ahl Bayt is in occultation now. Whether we should
store his rightful share or spend on his behalf need
Page | 81
2. Orphans, poor and the travelers of Banu Hasim: This
is the tribe of Prophet Muhammad (s)
3. The destitute: This can be the lower and lower middle
4. The needy or poor: This can be the homeless, those in
poverty etc.
5. The tax collectors: Those who are in the
administration of taxation system.
6. In the path of God: All charitable work. Some
examples include public services, social welfare and
7. People burdened with debt: Those who are unable to
pay debt.
8. The wayfarers'/travelers: Those who are stranded on
their journeys when the Islamic society is their transit
9. People in bondage or slavery: In modern world these
can include prostitutes, child labors, child soldiers
10. Those who have inclined towards Islam: This is
basically for those who are inclined to Islam but have
not yet accepted Islam. These can be non-Muslims in
the Islamic society or those new Muslims who have
Page | 82
financial problems and are weak to fully commit
themselves to Islam.
Islamic tax must be paid before the taxable people decide to
spend on the luxuries of life. The Islamic governance must
decide for Islamic society what is the necessary monetary
amount to be deducted before tax according to nisab. This
necessary amount is the basic standard of living that
someone must spend to survive as per economic class and
social custom, and Islam has set a limit of this nisab on
various trade goods and monetary amounts. Sometimes
special considerations should be given to special need people
for whom the necessary amount may be increased. So for
example if a rich person reaches nisab amount on his total
monetary amount then he has to pay tax on all of this total
amount after a year has passed since he accumulated this
amount. Now imagine someone has accumulated hundred
times the amount of nisab then after a year he has to pay
Islamic tax so is he allowed to squander this money until the
minimum amount is left at next year? Then everyone would
be paying the minimum tax which would never increase
welfare of the Islamic society. So once he has nisab then he is
not allowed to spend in any activity except in necessary
spending such as saving of life, medical, jihad, or business
investments. The nisab wealth cannot be spent in waste.
What if a shrewd businessman gives excuse of investment
every year to avoid paying Islamic tax? If such a pattern is
found the businessman must be charged all the tax he didn't
pay since the first nisab he accumulated. We do not want an
American system which cheats the people in billions by
excuse of business expenses due to legal loopholes. Herein
Page | 83
lies the accountability part which also demands transparency
in all the financial activities of the Islamic society.
Now this policy may be well suited for people who earn
yearly mostly manufacturing businesses. However people
who earn monthly also should pay tax and they must have an
income which is consistently amounting to nisab value every
month and when they earn this every month yearly then they
must pay tax on the last income which fulfills the year for
hawl. Again the income must take account of the basic needs
as calculated by the Islamic government and deducted then
tax paid on the remaining.
Segregation in Employment
I have discussed before about rape culture in America. It is
worth repeating here. Research indicates that up to one-third
of U.S. women will experience a rape or sexual assault,
including attempts, at least once in their lives (Barkan,
2012). The researchers, Melanie Randall and Lori Haskell
(1995, p. 22), concluded that “it is more common than not for
a woman to have an experience of sexual assault during their
lifetime. About 20%30% of women students in anonymous
surveys report being raped or sexually assaulted (including
attempts), usually by a male student they knew beforehand”
(Fisher, Cullen, & Turner, 2000; Gross, Winslett, Roberts, &
Gohm, 2006). There is no doubt that free mixing along with a
pornified nude society is responsible for this.
Page | 84
This is why the employment industry in the Islamic society
must be segregated with men only and women only business.
This segregation does not necessarily means total separation
of the sexes. What this means is controlled free mixing needs
to be adopted. There are contexts when free mixing will lead
to sin such as workplace and prolonged close company of
men and women. There are free mixings when it is a
necessity such as markets, superstores, hospitals etc. So, any
free mixing setting which prolongs company and closes the
physical and emotional gap between the two sexes is to be
banned by Islamic governance as part of blocking the means.
Apart from free mixing there is also the concept of Khulwa
where man and woman become alone with prolonged
companionship. This is mostly true on digital world and this
has led to webcam sex as evidenced many times in news and
media outlets. No blame in khulwa to see a wife to be or
husband to be as long the intention is to seek marriage. Some
jurists even permit to see whole naked body of the female for
purpose of marriage. This is rational as sometimes some
hidden physical feature may distance both wife and husband
to be.
Segregated Social System
Controlled free mixing to minimize the probability of flirting
and free sex is to be implemented. Education and jobs must
be segregated because here the probability of flirting and
free sex is highest. There needs to be women only education
institutions and men only. Job places such as offices where
Page | 85
employees sit and work must be segregated such as men only
offices and women only offices. Women and men only
businesses can serve clients of opposite sex provided
interaction doesn't go beyond professionalism and remains in
the workplace place of service discharge. Places where
people go for necessities of life such as hospitals,
supermarkets etc. should have segregated places for men
and women unless medically required. Transport systems
must have segregated places. Any public or private
institutions providing services to the public should have
segregated places for men and women waiting. Man and
woman related by marriage or blood need not be segregated
and thus relevant places should have family spaces such as
restaurants. Islamic film industry mixing of actors and
actresses must not be free but supervised by morality police
and allowed as minimally as possible for the requirements of
permissible films, that is allowed only when actual shooting is
required provided such shooting doesn't violate Islamic
norms such as touching between unrelated man and woman.
Directors must teach script to the actors actresses in a
segregated manner. It is thus encouraged for actors and
Page | 86
actresses to be related by marriage or blood when touching
or prolonged togetherness is required.
Leisure and Entertainment
Modern secular life has become stressful. Leisure and
entertainment is sought by the members of society to attain
a sense of self-calm and balance and to relax their selves.
Today’s leisure and entertainment have diversified and
multiplied from few options of ancient past. However, such
post modern leisure and entertainment have evolved without
Divine guidance and purely on basis of society’s hedonistic
impulses. Islam is not against relaxation of the mind and body
but it has guidelines and protocols that need to be adopted.
The principle of Islamic filtering of any entertainment must
be thematic and message oriented. When an entertainment
is to be permitted by Islamic law the morality police of Islamic
governance backed by Islamic psychologists, jurists and
cultural anthropologists must analyze the theme and
message such entertainment propagates. So, every
entertainment has the evident and apparent and then it has
the hidden and the underlying message. Both must be
understood and filtered until it is allowed under Islamic
jurisdiction. We must apply the concept of “blocking the
means” very carefully and judiciously when it comes to
leisure and entertainment.
Page | 87
Politics and Government
What is Politics and Governance?
Power refers to the ability to have one’s will carried out
despite the resistance of others. In Islam ultimate power is
for God and not the people. Politics refers to the distribution
and exercise of power within a society. It is not the practice
of politicians however which consist of lies, deception, false
promises etc. Polity refers to the political institution through
which power is distributed and exercised. Government means
the person, group of persons or institutions which direct the
political affairs of a state, society, group etc. but it can also
mean the type of rule (political system) by which a state is
run. In this sense any organization social or otherwise is also
a governance with a certain amount of politics in it and that
means, family, schools, businesses, the state or nation etc.
Historically power has been legitimized by force, by society's
support (popular vote or revolutionary charisma), by
inheritance or by religion (rule of religion). The Prophetic rule
of Medina which established the first Islamic state was a
result of religio-political revolution made possible by the
charisma of Prophet and his Divine message. This same
theme we also see during the 1979 Islamic revolution of Iran
through the charisma of Islamic cleric and philosopher Imam
Page | 88
Political Islam
Is Islam Political? Man, by nature is political and hence he
does not like anarchy. History has been the collective
activities of politics. This is due to the fact that man as Khalifa
of God on earth needed to be political to represent His
authority and dominion against the authority and dominion
of the devil Djinns (Quran 2:30). Politics can also be stated as
organization, management and dispensation of justice. In
another perspective politics is control over men and
exercising policies. God has sent laws through prophets
throughout history just so that a) man can connect with God
b) man can live with justice and peace through God. Prophet
Muhammad (PBUH) mission was no different as some articles
here show. Islam as being the message and legislation of God
is also thus political. Due to this reason all scholars of Islam
are unanimous of the necessity of Imamate (political
leadership) for Muslims. Muslims thus are required
collectively to pursue a religio-political construct for their
existence through Sharia Law irrespective of what others
think or feel about this mission. The minority or non-Muslims
are obliged to obey non-faith-based Islamic laws as well. An
Islamic existence is beneficial for all aspects of human
Political and legal philosophy of Islam is not centered around
nationalism or racism. It is centered around the concept of
Ummah: The community of the faithful. This transcends
Rahman, Mohammad M. “(PDF) Political Islam: Theory and
Function.” ResearchGate, 2021,
ory_and_Function Accessed 19 Feb. 2021.
Page | 89
culture, race and ethnicity. A powerful uniting factor which
the enemies fear. In this multi cultured, multi-racial and
multiethnic political and legal existence the rule of just law
reigns where tribes are not preferred, races are not
preferred, or even family attachments are not preferred. This
political entity is based on meritocracy and piety. Piety and
merits are the two standards by which offices are
determined. It is because by design preferring merit and
righteousness the world will maintain its peace and heal
itself. Also know that administration and implementation
of Islamic law including the declaration of Jihad needs
generally needs political authority (Sulta) and judgmental
power (Qada) because prophet didn't act as a military leader
or judge until He was the Head of state of Medina. So the
Islamic society will not see race, ethnicity, tribe or nationality
to determine political and public offices, rather only piety and
merit. So a foreigner can also be eligible if he meets the two
conditions. However, such a foreigner needs to be
naturalized. What I mean by naturalization is prolonged living
in the Islamic society, so he has come to know the culture,
society and the system and people also come to know him.
So some kind of proof needs to be established for his piety
and merit.
Islam Rejects Nationalism
Today nationalism is eating up the Muslims. While west has
grown and become matured it saw the evils of its nationalism
and has abhorred it. Muslims are still blinded by nationalism.
Nationalism is forbidden by belief, sentiment, tone, attitude
and policy. These tribalism, nationalism and racism, are
ethical philosophies which state moral actions as right and
Page | 90
wrong, good and bad based on what empowers and supports
the racial or national or tribal cohesion and survival
irrespective of the consequences and rationality of such
actions. Since nationalists see national strength as the only
thing that makes a nation "good," nationalists will use any
means necessary to achieve that goal.
A Muslim's primary that is existential identity is by his
religion, not by his race or ethnicity or tribe and neither by
the culture resulted from such. When Muslim makes the
latter primary, it creates division and divisiveness in the mind
which is an erosion and disuniting factor of the Ummah. We
see this in the hadith where Prophet forbade such secular
We were in the company of the Prophet (
) in a expedition. A
large number of emigrants joined him and among the
emigrants there was a person who used to play jokes (or play
with spears); so he (jokingly) stroked an Ansari man on the
hip. The Ans-ari got so angry that both of them called their
people. The Ansari said, "Help, O Ansar!" And the emigrant
said "Help, O emigrants!" The Prophet (
) came out and said,
"What is wrong with the people (as they are calling) this call
of the period of Ignorance? "Then he said, "What is the
matter with them?" So he was told about the stroke of the
emigrant to the Ansari. The Prophet (
) said, "Stop this (i.e.
appeal for help) for it is an evil call”...(Bukhari)
We see the Sahabas from Muhajir and Ansar group turned to
nationalism and tribalism in the presence of the Prophet. The
prophet came to Medina and made a brotherhood among
Page | 91
them but these Sahabas from both groups forgot it. So, to say
I am Iranian, or Turkish is nationalist tone because it portrays
ideological racial/ethnic inclination but to say I am from Iran
or Turkey is acceptable because it portrays a geographical
root. These self-identifications by “I am Iranian, Turkish,
Malaysian” etc. represent a secular value-based identity
which Muslims and non-Muslims have created while Islamic
identity is unique and faith-based sourced from the Divine
and not from the lifeless land of your ancestors. The Islamic
society does not need these secular self-identifications to be
inclusive of non-Muslims. The Islamic society is also the
Ummah and Ummah can also include the minority non-
Muslims as Prophet named the Jews of Medina part of the
Ummah as long as they submitted to the Islamic rule and the
Islamic society.
Unfortunately we have people today such as some Iranians
want to boast about their pagan ancestors of Zoroastrians,
some Egyptians about their pagan Pharaohs, some Tunisians
about the pagan Carthage, some Turks about their Ottomans
even though not all Ottomans were loyal to Islam, and so on
with the other Muslim ethnicities. Several verses of Quran
such as Quran 4:139, Quran 2:170, Quran 2:156, Quran 7:172
prohibits pagan ancestor veneration which is a core feature
of nationalism. Muslim Jahiliyya into ancestor veneration is
divisive, against monotheistic identity and against the
requirement of “uniting on rope of God” in Quran 3:103. This
jahiliyya must cease.
The Muslim needs to return to the verse 59:10 which shows
believers are one community with a conscience of solidarity
and empathy among themselves. This unity and monolithic
Page | 92
empathy on faith rejects nationalism, racism, tribalism and
aristocracy. This rejects veneration of pagan ancestors be
they Cyrus, Carthage, Pharaohs or any others. The veneration
and admiration of Islamic ancestors is because of their faith
and devotion to God and because they helped the evolution
of Islamic lineage and Islam i.e. God’s rightful dominion and
rule. These people are the true citizens of heaven while those
who die for nationalism, racism etc. are the citizens of a
Contradicting the concept of Ummah is concept of
nationalism racism and tribalism. For example, this has
resulted in disunity. Some examples are: Muslim
countries lack bite when it comes to implementing pro-
Islamic foreign policies. It is because they are not biting
with all the teeth! Muslim countries' interests are not
only divided but also conflicting because their aims and
plans are not coordinated and collaborated in Islamic
unity, such as when one Muslim country makes a policy
in relation to another foreign non-Muslim country it
doesn't consider how it will affect other Muslim
countries, or for example trade, skills, technology and
research are not being shared and collaborated in and
as a result their security services and armed forces do
not collaborate and share intelligence to protect Islam's
and Muslim security and interests. Note that I am only
calling those countries Muslim whose governments have
shown even minimal loyalty to Islam and Muslim
diaspora and not those who are sold to America and
Page | 93
Zionists. So for example Turkey, Iran, Qatar and Pakistan
must be the first to initiate Islamic unity. Iran has hinted
towards when they called for an united Islamic military
to protect the Rohingya
The Concept of The Ummah
We Muslims are defined by the Divine values and not by
our races, ethnicities, nationalities or ancestors so we
have been named the Ummah, and our united lands to
be under Hukm Allah and thus we have been named
Khaleefa. The divine morality is collection of the values
which Allah has cherished for humanity and His
believing servants. Our shared values among all Muslim
races, nationalities, classes and tribes is the divine
morality. This is what define us and has defined us as
Quran and Prophet have stated in many verses, the
farewell pilgrimage and in many numerous Hadiths.
Verses and hadiths which talk of one community of
believers, one body of the believer, disregard for skin
color and wealth distinction, Muslim marriages among
different races, tribes, nationalities and classes are all
based on and proofs of oneness of our values and faith.
These values and faith are what is divine morality: Allah
assigned good and bad, right and wrong i.e. the criterion
of judgement and salvation.
Page | 94
A Muslim of one race/nationality/tribe/class must not
fear the culture of Muslim of another
race/nationality/tribe/class due to differences among
their cultural perception and practices as long as such
practices and perceptions are Shariah compliant. We
must not be afraid of our foreigner Muslim brethren just
because their Shariah compliant culture is different from
us. This fear is being secular and xenophobic, racist.
So in order to usher the era of divine morality among
Muslims we need to have one universal common
jurisdiction to practice and enforce Shariah law even
though this jurisdiction is divided among multiple
Muslim demography, localities and rule. When we have
established a universal jurisdiction among Muslim
geographies, we can forget the preferences of locality,
nationalism, tribalism, aristocracy and racism. We will
have a universal domain for the pious and merited to
rule over us and have no fear and lack of trust of the
foreigner vis-à-vis local. This is the true spirit of Quran
As being the just Ummah (ummatan wasatan) in Quran
2:143 we are also not isolationists and exclusionists of
non-Muslims. We are the representatives (Khaleefa) of
Allah and not representatives of our races, nationalities,
tribes or classes and this means we must be just and fair
towards all servants of Allah whether humans, animals
and even the nature we exist in.
Page | 95
The Dark Beginnings of Secularism
During the French Revolution, one of the first acts of the new
National Assembly on November 2, 1789, was to confiscate
all Church property to pay off the national debt, so that
secularization began with dispossession, humiliation and
marginalization. This segued into outright violence during the
September Massacres of 1792, when the mob fell upon the
goals of Paris and slaughtered between two and three
thousand prisoners, many of them Christian priests. The glory
of secularism comes not from its benevolence but from its
empowerment of human ego. Free from the divine the
human made himself his god defining his own path and
purpose of life. Fundamentalism has always existed in a
symbiotic relationship with a secularization that is
experienced as cruel, violent and invasive as the history of
secularism shows. History of secularization is thus brutal. It
continues to be in atheistic communist China, North Korea
and nationalist racist Russia.
Why Democracy is Harmful?
Quran 6:116 rejects mob rule and democracy is a kind of mob
rule. Mob rule is irrational and depends on quantity rather
than quality. Efficacy of secular models of political systems is
not guaranteed by diversified field expertise of individuals.
That is why you will see modern democratic and election
systems are broken and impotent: Voters are unqualified,
gullible, sentimental, ignorant, political parties are paid by
the corporatocracy, electoral doesn't mean majority will,
Page | 96
citizens submit themselves to few elite people who are
themselves chosen by their inter party dirty politics, the party
system which is divisive at the religious, national and social
levels and most importantly democracy is baseless of
morality and divine guidance. Democracy lacks any purpose
except to divide people, win votes and empower capitalist-
politician marriage. God thus rejects this mob rule which is
rooted in number and not faith and merit.
Islamic Meritocracy
Quran has repeatedly favored the knowledgeable and thus
they are the best people to form and decide on governance
and model of collective guidance. For the Muslim Ummah
God has chosen twelve wise Imams from Prophet’s family to
be leaders and successors and those who represent them
politically must be champions in piety and merit as well.
Quran 22:41 establishes the rule of theocratic meritocracy
that binds piety with knowledge. Both of these features need
each other. In an Islamic model of governance, the people of
merit will be only allowed to choose the leader of the state
and other relevant offices. These potential voters will be
required to pass tests on primary concerns of the state:
Islamic faith and law, Islamic history both classic and
contemporary, morality and ethics, economy, local and
international security and leadership. These tests/exams
must be modelled by Islamic law, Islamic history, famous
Islamic biographies and contemporary developments in these
fields. Imam al-Sadiq (AS) said, 'He who knows [the workings
of] his time is never overwhelmed by its obscurities.’[Tuhaf al-
`Uqoul, no. 356]
Page | 97
Essential feature of Islamic political system
Right to life
Right to justice
Right to sustenance and livelihood
Right to knowledge
Right to welfare and charity
Right to marriage and family
Right to self-defense against injustice
Right to property
Freedom from liability
Right to religious freedom
The Family
What is The Family?
Many aspects of the family have been discussed in previous
sections. Here I will primarily discuss patriarch role of the
husband which constitutes the traditional nuclear family and
the nature of Islamic family. The family performs several
essential functions for society. It socializes children, it
provides emotional and practical support for its members, it
helps regulate sexual activity and sexual reproduction, and it
provides its members with a social identity. Love doesn't
grow in a vacuum but needs preparatory groundwork of
which marriage is the major psychological force to initiate
long term commitment. In the real-world love needs
marriage unlike in the movies. Contemporary research
generally finds that marriage does benefit both sexes:
Page | 98
married people, women and men alike, are generally happier
than unmarried people (whether never married, divorced, or
widowed), score better on other measures of psychological
well-being, are physically healthier, have better sex lives, and
have lower death rates (Williams, 2003; Waite, Luo, & Lewin,
Most sociology and marriage-and-family textbooks in the
United States during the 1950s maintained that the male
breadwinnerfemale homemaker nuclear family was the best
arrangement for children, as it provided for a family’s
economic and child-rearing needs. Any shift in this
arrangement, they warned, would harm children and by
extension the family as a social institution and even society
itself. This shift from traditional norm has occurred and
today's family is detached and distanced even if they are
living together. In the real world, we hear that parents are
too busy working at their jobs to raise their kids properly. We
hear of domestic violence. We hear of kids living without
fathers, because their parents either are divorced or never
were married in the first place. We hear of young people
having babies, using drugs, and committing violence.
The United States and many other societies primarily
practice endogamy, in which marriage or coupling occurs
within one’s own social category or social group.
In egalitarian families, fathers and mothers share authority
equally. Although this type of family has become more
common in the United States and other Western societies,
patriarchal families are still more common.
Page | 99
The Islamic Family
The Islamic family is the smallest representative unit of God's
will and in this unit the housewife is the most important
social role (Rahman, 2020). This unit is the most important
cog in the wheel to create the future of Islamic ummah, the
Islamic human capital. Feminist individualism and personal
ambition cannot be the dominant trend in this patriarch unit.
The Islamic family is thus a platform, an organization based
on patriarchy, piety, lineage building on God conscience and
empowerment of ummah. The Islamic family is founded on
marriage. Marriage is defined as sakeena in the Quran that is
the platform of love. This divinely infused tranquility
flourishes on the ideological standpoint of patriarchy where
both the man and woman will know well their respective
positions, duties and responsibilities due to Islam creating
values and traits which both can agree on under God and His
Prophet. When positions are defined properly, and features
and traits shared by the couple and agreed on then
interaction and communication become smooth in a
The adult Muslim man and woman has right to choose their
marriage partner while their guardian only working in an
advisory role specially for the woman. There is no place for
forced marriage and marriages done for financial reasons,
neither elitism nor social class has any weight in Islamic
marriage. The most important thing in an Islamic marriage is
piety of the couples and their mutual admiration of each
other in starting an Islamic family in hardship or ease. The
Islamic court will ensure the marriage is taking place with the
intention of marriage and prolonged companionship
Page | 100
committed on the basis of piety and righteousness. Towards
this end the court can inquire and investigate the position
and backgrounds of the potential couples and their
Can a Muslim woman marry non-Muslim man? The patriarchy
is one of the reasons why a Muslim woman is prohibited to
marry non-Muslim man. A non-Muslim man’s leadership and
dominance will influence the worldview and upbringing of
the children and as this is very harmful for the Ummah it has
been prohibited. Also, a husband and wife form a family unit
and there is often inclination and sympathy. A husband may
incline to wife and vice-versa. That is why Quran and Sunnah
commands to marry pious and chaste men and women. For
Muslim men the chaste practicing Jews and Christians are
allowed as wives but not idol worshipping/polytheistic
women. Due to a dominant position of men both by their
finance, biology and psychology he may persuade the
Christian or Jewish wife to adopt Islam due to similarities in
the religions and the prophets. Also, Islam unlike Judaism and
Christianity clarifies and exposes the proper and greater
contexts of Christian and Jewish prophets by names and
missions which may become a persuading factor for the
Jewish and Christian wives. However, Quran rejects
polytheism and nothing in polytheism is revealed or
prophetic so there is no fundamental common ground. Due
to this fundamental difference a Muslim is prohibited to
marry polytheist women.
Another issue that critics always mention is Islamic marriage
can be incest because Islam allows marriage of close
relatives. However, this practice is scientific and rational. This
Page | 101
practice psychologists and evolutionary scientists call kin
selection. It is that favor the reproductive success of one’s
relatives, sometimes even at a cost to the individual’s own
survival. It can help explain a range of social interactions and
not just altruistic cooperation. The simplest cases are that
when interacting individuals are more closely related, they
should be more likely to cooperate, show more restraint, and
show less aggression. Kin selection theory predicts when
individuals should behave altruistically and also when they
should curtail their selfishness.
In a happy and devoted matrimony, the standard of
relationship is not by material gratification or material
fulfilment but by exchange of continuous intense empathy
and feelings. The question is never asked by any as to how
much my husband or wife doing, rather they just do it. Unlike
in feminism it's all about questions such as, did my husband
do his part or how much is he doing, that I should for him.
This dead tasteless relationship better not exist! Recipe for
fast divorce. The feminists don't understand that the meaning
of matrimony is devotion, feelings and spiritual ecstasy as
Quran stated. Even though you can hire maid to clean your
house, or nanny to look after children or prostitute to fulfill
sexual desires having wife achieves them in a totally different
meaning of human existence, a relational existence of
feelings and not of commodity.
The Islamic family is a hierarchy and is a cohesive unit. It is an
organization and in a cohesive organization equality of its
members creates rivalry and friction. That means their
positions are unequal with husband being the authority and
providing leadership role with wife obeying the husband and
providing advisory role. This means husband’s will and
Page | 102
decision can be enforced as long as it does not violate the
commands of God or His prophet. Consider the polygamous
family. The more people there are the greater and efficient
needs the control, organization and leadership as multiple
wives with children, without a strong leadership chaos will
reign. This leadership Islam prescribed on man. In monogamy
feminists often claim marriage is a partnership (which also
does not work) but this breaks apart in polygamy, that is why
you will see they hate polygamy as they just abhor male
leadership. Now some feminists may say make polygamous
family a democracy. So, who will decide on the voters? Will
adult sons and daughters be able to vote? What if husband is
the main earner or the main brain behind the family so why
will others have equal vote like him? In fact, political
democracy is also a sham which ends up empowering corrupt
politicians and rich corporatists.
Divorce and The Islamic Family
Divorce can lead to instability that can have negative impacts
on any children that may be involved and also on the adults
involved. That is why divorce is the most hated lawful act in
sight of God in Islam unless couples prove that one or both
had committed unislamic actions such as mental cruelty,
adultery, iniquity or other such unislamic behaviors. In the
United States 42% of American marriages end in divorce after
15 years while in Islamic society this figure should be close to
less than 1 percent. The American emphasis on feminism,
independence and individualism makes divorce and/or
cohabiting couple separating more likely than in other
Page | 103
Also married adults are happier and otherwise have greater
psychological well-being than cohabiting adults living outside
wedlock. This is because the very nature of marriage creates
strong psychological commitment. That is why the children of
cohabiting that is unmarried parents tend to exhibit lower
well-being of various types than those of married parents:
they are more likely to engage in delinquency and other
antisocial behavior, and they have lower academic
performance and worse emotional adjustment.
In Islam both husband and wife can seek separation through
different rules for who initiated the separation. However, as
we saw divorce is most hated lawful act to God because it
breaks family apart so reconciliation and continuity is highly
encouraged. For example we see in Quran 33:28-29 the
righteous wife is patient and never burdening his husband
beyond his mental, physical and financial abilities but rather
live with him in patience, love and sympathy while hoping
great reward from God for her perseverance and loyalty to
her husband. God is thus guiding the women who may be
demanding and thinking selfishly without consideration and
understanding. So this verse is prescribing or rather
proposing and encouraging a principle of loyalty, devotion
and perseverance in love and sympathy. This noble principle
was also lived by the great wife of prophet Ayyub during his
severe disease. However, if the wife/wives unable to bear
such with the husband then she may seek divorce through
the law of khul. This verse also indicates that the husband be
generous and helping in providing for the wife/wives who
wish to leave him due to their perceived lacking in him. So,
the verse encourages the husband to be generous in
Page | 104
providing for his departing wife/wives instead of making use
of the khul.
Quran also prescribed a period for realization of the divorce.
So the wives’ waiting period is to give her time to prepare
emotionally, financially and biologically. Quran has given this
period of divorce also because there is a hope that the
divorce will not take place. The father's responsibility towards
the children continues however until the children become
matured and able or until the divorced woman marries a new
man and gets custody of children.
Islamic Polygamy
Polygamy has been prescribed and it has many benefits:
safeguarding from married and unmarried infidelity, wealth
distribution, relationship building and cohesion, growth of
family values, improved demography, enhanced sexual
experience through virginity and chastity some of the
benefits. Some say why a woman cannot marry multiple
husbands. Well such an arrangement existed among the
Nayar people of India where woman would have several
sexual partners during her lifetime, but any man with whom
she had children had no responsibilities toward them. Also, in
such a setting the patriarchy construct is defeated as multiple
men cannot be equal leaders at same time and it would be a
challenge to make one male leader over the rest even though
they have equal access to the woman! Then there are issues
of inheritance and child lineage which can turn out wrong
even using genetic science of today. Also, evolutionary sexual
selection theory states that because of their lower minimum
parental investment, men can achieve greater reproductive
Page | 105
success by mating with multiple women than women can
achieve by mating with multiple men. Evidence also indicates
that, across cultures, men report a greater openness to sex, a
larger desired number of sexual partners, and a greater
desire to have sex sooner in a relationship. Willingness of
modern-day men to have sex with attractive strangers, and
the prevalence of extramarital affairs in similar frequencies
cross-culturally, are evidence of an ancestral past in which
polygamous mating strategies were adopted (Schmitt, D.P.
(2003)). This is also corroborated by another research which
when asked about their regrets in life, men are more likely to
wish they had had sex with more partners, whereas women
wish they had tried harder to avoid getting involved with men
who did not stay with them (Roese et al., 2006). That means
women prefer a stable one to one relationship whereas men
prefer one to many relationships. These differences may be
due to differential evolutionary-based predispositions of men
and women. Evolutionary arguments suggest that women
should be more selective than men in their choices of sex
partners because they must invest more time in bearing and
nurturing their children than do men (most men do help out,
of course, but women simply do more; (Buss & Kenrick,
1998). Islamic polygamy is just natural and divinely ordained.
The Islamic Wife
Wife's main social role should be caring for the house,
children and husband and then as a secondary role she may
Page | 106
engage in jobs where stress
and demands are minimum.
Why is it ok for a nanny to be caretaker of house and children
but when wife does that, she is considered oppressed? The
social feminist perception thinks being a housewife is against
female dignity and independence. In reality in a social
existence every human soul is dependent on someone and
something. In recent history women have been increasingly
involved in work force not only as a demand of feminism but
also to want to sustain their families due to not enough
income of the husband. However, an Islamic family in the
Islamic society should receive Islamic welfare if the husband
is of low-income category so that wife does not need to be
under the stress of outside work and in homework. When
both spouses work outside the home, moreover, it is more
difficult to juggle the many demands of family life, especially
childcare, and family life can be more stressful. Such stress
can reduce marital happiness and make divorce more likely.
Spouses may also have less time for each other when both
are working outside the home, making it more difficult to
deal with problems they may be having.
Child Upbringing
When it comes to child discipline and upbringing almost
three-quarters of Americans think that it’s sometimes
Stress affects higher in women than men and it can have
disastrous effects on women and children she is caring for. Stress
can cause physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual harms in
women. The cumulative effect of these shatters the woman, her
family and marriage. Islam has thus divided social roles for man and
Page | 107
necessary to discipline a child with a good, hard spanking.
Islam believes in both authoritative and empathy-based
discipline. While its necessary sometimes to be harsh its also
beneficial to approach children indiscipline in an empathetic
and engaging way making them think and feel sorry for their
wrong and indiscipline. It stems from the belief that innocent
creatures of God are most ripe ground to accept and
embrace monotheism and too much harshness may trigger a
sway towards the inner evil of every soul.
Family Violence
When it comes to family violence observers claim that
husbands are just as likely as wives to be beaten by a spouse,
and there is evidence that husbands experience an act of
violence from their wives about as often as wives do from
their husbands however men due to their greater physical
and mental prowess can do more harm in violence than
women. Western family violence is also a result of alcohol
and drugs consumption. However, Islam has only allowed the
husband as the leader of the family to discipline the wife.
Family as like any governance needs guidance and rules.
Islam establishes these and chose husband as the primary
enforcer. A hierarchy demands a system of accountability and
rule. In a family the man is the head and the ruler, guide and
financier. He has the right to discipline the family in case they
err and act evil. So, Islam has allowed the husband to
discipline a disobedient/arrogant wife in varying stages
depending on the severity of the disobedience. This is an
Islamic social construct applied to also non-Muslim family.
The beating must not be injurious but only disciplinary. A wife
being a mother, one who also responsible of the household,
and closer to children through socialization and social
Page | 108
interaction as discussed in previous sections, her wrongdoing
and disobedience will be extremely detrimental to the family.
One of the grievous ways a wife can be disobedient is by
adultery and being wasteful of wealth. Note that given the
high qualities that is demanded in personal characteristics
and morals of a Muslim husband or wife it is highly unlikely
the relationship will go to this point of conflict and
The Gay and Lesbian Family?
Islamic society rejects gay and lesbian family. How can gay
couple emulate the love, care and emotion of a mother and
lesbian couple emulate the dominance and guidance of a
father? This is not possible and psychologically destructive to
children upbringing and self-identity realization.
The Orphans
About 19% of U.S. children live in poverty, a figure that rises
to 44% for children living just with their mothers and to 53%
for children under the age of 6 living just with their mothers.
These orphans are neglected and are ripe for committing
social deviance. Quran and Sunnah placed special emphasis
on the orphans and Islamic society must ensure orphan care
as per dictates of the Quran and Sunnah. In Islam the orphan
is one whose father died while he or she has not reached
maturity of mind and sexuality. As most of the times maturity
of sexuality follows maturity of mind then most Islamic jurists
have said maturity of sexuality relieves orphanhood.
However, if maturity of sexuality did not also result in
maturity of mind then such a person still remains orphan and
this is also the view of Imams of Ahl Bayt in Fiqh Ar-Rida. The
Page | 109
Islamic state must protect the wealth of the orphans
according to the general inclusion by verse 2:188. It is the
duty of Islamic state to make sure piety, morality, reason and
mental capacity thrive in its subjects including the orphans.
We see in Quran 4:5 that orphans for example who are
immature in age and mind must be educated and trained to
flourish their God given intellect and only then their wealth
will be handed over to them. Until they are mature the
Islamic governance will implement a mechanism of oversight
of the immature in mind such as the orphans or those whose
minds have not developed or the mentally disabled, their
shelter, education, training and healthcare among other
things. Understand that Islamic state is a welfare state and
Islamic treasury is a humanistic treasury. Darwinian existence
has no place in Islamic rule. In Quran 4:2 God commands the
believers to give the orphans their wealth. The oversight of
this transfer is the duty of Islamic governance who will
witness the transfer and document it. It is not merely a claim
by the responsible of the orphans because they may steal the
orphans money and perform a forgery. The orphans wealth
must be protected and not exploited to achieve personal
gains as well. God’s special attention to orphans just shows
God’s attention to the most vulnerable and weak.
Child Marriage
Child here means anyone below the civil law age of marriage
whereas in Islam the age is a differentiating factor for sexual
intercourse only and not actual contract of marriage. So for
example if a child bride is unable to have sexual intercourse
Page | 110
then marriage contract will stipulate such condition of
intercourse avoidance till mature.
Quran 4:3 allows child marriage (orphans) if you can care for
the child. Islam did not set a minimum marriage age because
it does not want to prevent a good match. Marriage in Islam
is well defined with rights of girls and women protected. A
socio-cultural barbarism in no way defines the negativity of
Islamic marriage but enforces the fact that Islam is needed
more than ever to these barbaric societies from east to west.
A child may have sexual urges and desires specially in this day
and age. To not help her achieve her sexual desire through
lawful means would be a human right violation. In west child
pregnancy is rampant. This shows children in west are too
eager to have either or both companionship of opposite sex
and sexual activities with their boyfriends and in the later
case numerous girls become pregnant given that about 25%
of young adults report “thinking a lot about sex” as 11–12
year olds (both boys and girls) (Larsson & Svedin, 2002).
Based on reports of fourth- and fifth grade (ages 911 years)
American boys and girls, 16% reported self-relevant sexual
thoughts (Butler, Miller, Holtgrave, Forehand, & Long, 2006).
In a sample of Spanish boys and girls, about 6% of 910-year-
old boys reported sexual fantasies, increasing to 66% among
1314-year olds. Among girls, 15% of 1314-year olds
reported fantasies, with none reported by 910 and 1112
year olds (Arnal & Llario, 2006). Among 511 American 6th,
7th, and 8th graders, 56% reported at least one current
crush, with larger proportions of girls (61%) than boys (48%)
(Bowker et al., 2012).
Page | 111
If we consider negative aspects of child marriage then we
must consider negative aspects of marriage in general.
Islamic society must remedy these negative aspects to make
marriage successful. It is often the case that the guardian of
the girl is sympathetic to the girl’s wellbeing and have her
interests in mind. The uprightness and justness of the
guardian is a consideration for the Islamic judiciary because
the Islamic government ultimately is responsible for the
wellbeing of its subjects including the well being of a
marriage. Islam has thus advised the guardian to consider
carefully the wellbeing of the girl:
The Prophet (SAWA) said, 'When someone comes to you with
a proposal and you are well-pleased with his faith and his
integrity then accept him in marriage, for if you do not,
discord and corruption will prevail in the land.’[Bihar al-
Anwar, v. 103, p. 372, no. 3]
Imam al-Hasan (AS) said to man who came to ask his advice
about getting his daughter married, 'Marry her to a pious
man, for if he loves her he will honour her, and if he comes to
dislike her, at least he will not be unjust towards
her.’[Makarim al-Akhlaq, v. 1, p. 446, no. 1534]
Hence marriage whether child or adult will be initiated after
consideration first, of the match, whether the adult husband
is suitable and just, whether he is of noble upbringing and
whether he will guarantee the care and safety of the wife to
be. This process should be followed for both adult and child
and people often follow this process of thought when it
comes to marrying their daughter or even son.
Page | 112
One can say the young girl has no consent, but the young girl
has no consent too when starting a school for example. Her
parents act as guardian on her behalf and her consent. Just as
most of the times a girl comes to like school so too, she will
come to like her husband in early marriage. It is just natural
and relationship building. Children are the most innocent and
their feelings are free from the suspicion and doubt of evil
minds. Child marriage thus has the greatest potential to
create a strong loving bond as the child’s feelings are
revealed gradually by prolonged companionship of the
husband. Childhood relationship lasts and is much strong
than relationship built in adulthood.
Child marriage do not cause illiteracy and poverty in itself. It
is how the guardian chooses to act for his daughter. A girl
may stop studying due to sudden death of her father or due
to any other socio-cultural constructs. In fact, Islam has
encouraged knowledge and pursuit of knowledge in countless
number of verses in Quran and Hadith. Also, domestic
violence is not confined to only child marriage but any adult
marriage. Islamic society must address the causes of violence
and rectify them which being various social inequities and
economic injustice.
The Dowry
In India and Pakistan, thousands of women are killed every
year in dowry deaths, in which a new wife is murdered by her
husband and/or his relatives if she does not pay the groom
money or goods (Kethineni & Srinivasan, 2009). Islamic
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society rejects this barbaric practice. Islam obligates the
husband to pay dowry to the woman. The point of dowry is to
legalize the sexual bond between the man and woman and as
man is the financier and leader he is obligated to pay this.
However, all these rights and rules are administered and
overseen not by the family but by the Islamic governance and
Islamic courts. All legal disputes arising from marriage and
divorce are the matter of Islamic jurisdiction and Islamic
Education: An Indoctrination System
Education is the social institution through which a society
teaches its members the skills, knowledge, norms, and values
they need to learn to become good, productive members of
their society. Education thus teaches also the cultural identity
of a nation to preserve the dominant shared system of values
in a nation. Modern education system may discriminate such
as when it sets a medium of language of instruction even
when students are not native to it, it may set different fees
depending on local or foreigner, it may provide different
opportunities depending on whether a student is local or
foreigner etc. The education system has two purpose: teach
members of society the values and belief system that is
considered good and ethical and implement a testing system
to distinguish skills and talents needed for nation building.
Today's secular education put more emphasis on talent and
skill building than morals and spirituality building. Today's
schooling system can be also unequal and discriminatory
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even with in its own members. For example, schools in the
United States differ mightily in their resources, learning
conditions, and other aspects, all of which affect how much
students can learn in them. Simply put, schools are unequal,
and their very inequality helps perpetuate inequality in the
larger society.
The Islamic Education
Islamic education is achieved through many channels. The
family and the systematic education are the two most
important models of creating a healthy and godly society. The
success of a nation spiritually morally and materially depends
on how good and effective these two models are. Another
important area of education is the society and public place
which reveals the social activities and interactions through
various means human or otherwise. When children and adult
go out in the public places what they should see, what they
should listen and what they should experience all form part
of the education. In today's world digital world is another
space of education and in fact it has become influential. It is
extremely instrumental in creating the individual member of
the society. The commitment to free or low-cost, high-quality
early childhood education must be the philosophy of the
Islamic society. The Islamic society's policies must reflect its
recognition of the importance of child’s spiritual, moral,
cognitive and gender based emotional development during
the first few years of life, as well as its recognition to take
special steps to help children of families living in poverty.
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Islamic education has a philosophy which is beneficial and
productive for the very soul of the Muslim human and his
overall society. The modern Islamic education, like the times
of Islamic golden age, will be a morality based analytical
education to build a strong and moral human capital to serve
the Islamic society. The contents of Islamic education should
include creed, spirituality, morality and cultural heritage of
Islamic ummah throughout history as well as exposure to
natural and social sciences, logic, mathematical and
computational sciences and humanities designed for various
levels of education until specialization choice. In the setting
of schooling and university knowledge can be taught in the
following ways: illustration through diagrams, movies,
animations etc., experience through site visit, museum,
archeology, and awareness and learning through case
studies, archives, records and reports. Before initiating such
knowledge imparting the Islamic education must decide if
such knowledge is allowed or prohibited. The purpose and it’s
significance should be looked into and the relevance age and
gender category it needs to be taught or withheld from.
The purpose of Islamic education is to make your ego (kibriya
nafs) submit to a higher power while secular education only
makes you believe in yourself your ego restrained to no one
but yourself. When you are your God you do what you want
and the consequences you fear are as much as you fear loss
of your material possession. Atheism that's why, have
created greatest criminals of human history. These criminals
when they reached the level of absolute power fearing no
consequences, they unleashed their ego. The power and
purpose of Islam is to change our base humanity to that of
the godly one. Islam reveals to us our true purpose and
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journey of this life. Through learning and following Islam both
in heart and body as individuals we change ourselves and the
society overall. Islam not only changes our individual but also
our social and over all human existence. Without this the
Islamic identity, culture and values will be lost, and Muslims
will be just there for the census only.
Islamic education will also benefit the non-Muslims as they
become aware of Islamic heritage and history and the religion
itself, they will abandon Islamophobia or even minimize it.
Islamic education will safeguard them from propaganda of
Islamophobic media of the west and the east. As protection
of mind is one of the six fundamental aims of Islam; thus,
education and knowledge seeking must bring about the
fulfillment of intellectual, social and moral personality as well.
Also, an aim of Islamised/Islamic education is to embed into
hearts of its subjects the need to serve justice, morality and
equity, protect Islamic political and legal system and to
empower the Islamic Ummah and to shun racism, tribalism,
aristocracy and xenophobia.
One of the essential aims of Islamic education is to teach the
doctrine of Islamic family and Islamic social construct which is
rooted in patriarchy. While feminist propaganda and
education are creating and evolving a destructive society
Islamic family education must create and evolve a
constructive society by clarifying the importance of
matrimony and positions of both husband and wife in
relation to each other as an equitable hierarchy.
Gender Based Education
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All females have right to education on religion and religion
guided sciences and math. If there is quota in any institution
the males will be preferred. If there is a quota in a specific job
industry then males will be preferred unless such specialized
jobs are more suited for women such as women specific
doctors, nurses and primary school teachers etc. Education
must branch out based on gender, after a certain age. After a
certain age girl will be required to study specific subjects
suited to her biology and psychology while males to their
biology and psychology. Some subjects will overlap while
some will be gender specific. As women need to be mothers
and responsible wives their tertiary education and jobs can
be delayed until a certain age as children become adult and
responsible. Old age should not be an impeding factor for
female studies and profession. Rather it will be more suitable
sexually and socially.
Segregated Education System
The Islamic society must segregate education system.
Students must focus on study rather than opposite sex and
this is mostly true for boys who get easily distracted towards
the other sex through fantasy and lust. In western countries
they have accepted free sex as part of their lives and scoring
girls is seen as an achievement among high school students.
Islamic society rejects this as destructive to moral norms of a
healthy family and society. Segregated school also prevent
rivalry and violence centered around dating, girls and male
assertiveness rooted in essential human male psychology.
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Psychology of free mixing is different from segregated model.
There are issues that realizes in free mixing set up. For
example, in adult free mixing set up human mating strategies
are triggered. Free sex society has no problem with this as is
evidenced. These strategies are a set of behaviors used by
individuals in that setting to select, attract, and retain mates
what modern society calls dates and act of dating. The human
desire for emotional companionship is one of the strongest
human drives which is only amplified in a free mixing set up.
In this set up to bond or express sexual interest, people flirt.
To initiate flirting they first prepare impression or image. This
is achieved by nice and tempting looking dresses, certain
types of behaviors and attitudes, enhancing makeups and
looks. This can have wider familial and personal implications
such as financial loss, distractions from studies and
spirituality. Flirting between married strangers can even
weaken marital bonds. The person flirting sends out signals of
sexual availability to another and hopes to see the interest
returned to encourage continued flirting. Flirting can involve
non-verbal signs, such as an exchange of glances, hand-
touching, hair-touching, or verbal signs, such as chatting up,
flattering comments, and exchange of telephone numbers to
enable further contact. These can contribute to members of
society becoming less devoted to matrimonial relationships
as it enhances their sexual freedom and destroy their
conservatism and long-term commitment to marriage. The
spiritual gift of sakeena as Quran mentions is lost, buried in
our psychology.
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Religion is not only personal, but it can be also social and
collective. Religion as a social institution involves patterns of
beliefs and behavior that help a society meet its basic needs
collectively. Modern world's standard of religious adherence
is very liberal, and they include into the census any who
minimally participates in their religion. However, Islam
considers and treats who is a Muslim by strict standards. The
Islamic society achieves social institution through political
Islam. Religion provides us with hope, collective
empowerment and platform of solidarity. Quran provides the
best organizational psychology through the concept of the
ummah and rule of the caliphate. While secular outlook is
about emphasizing the self and individual enhancement
Islamic brotherhood is about the weakest being empowered
by the strong many.
The Islamic society has authoritative and advisory religious
organizations. Historically the institution of hisbah was
authoritative which guided people towards good and away
from evil. In Islamic republic of Iran and Saudi Arabia today
we have religious or morality police doing the same historical
practice. When it comes to advisory institutions, we have
today the Tablighi jamaat who encourages people to become
basic and simple preachers. Religiosity in the Islamic society is
about adherence to commands and prohibitions of God and
His prophet. One becomes a sinner when he or she
contradicts such commands or prohibitions by belief and/or
act. Sometimes such contradiction can result in apostasy.
Religiosity in Islamic society is achieved by family upbringing,
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education and socialization which is guided and backed by
the overall state apparatus of Islamic governance and law.
Islam has resisted changes unlike other religions of the world
that is why Islam is seen as a stranger to the global liberal
norms. This is especially true when it comes to the pursuit of
political Islam by many Muslims. No other religion today is as
political as Islam. Political Islam is driving middle eastern
politics since the fall of the ottomans which renewed pace
since the Islamic revolution of Iran and the creation of Hamas
as a resistance movement against the apartheid state of
According to Quran in the beginning mankind was one
community united and following one religion Islam. Racial,
nationalist, tribal rivalry and pride did not exist, but their
hatred, jealousy, greed had created new religions away from
God. There is thus only one God and one religion, but
throughout human history men have deviated from Him and
His religion and reduced His identity and the form of His
religion by their own reducing qualifications. You will notice
all these qualifications are lesser and inferior than what
Quran has qualified God and His religion as. This moral and
ethical disagreements have caused and continue to cause
suffering and injustice. Therefore, God must exist to reveal a
set of guidance to them, emanating from outside them- a
third party, by which their collective existence can maintain
peace, balance and justice in the best norm. Muslims believe
this guidance had been given since the start of humanity on
earth as verse 2:213 establishes.
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Opposite to organized religion stands political atheism such
as communism. Atheism is an indoctrination through secular
education. Atheists have the tendency of ascribing divinity to
scientific processes. Here for example the events in heavens
that have regularities atheists ascribe to these regularities a
power so high and innate that they see no need of God. Also
atheists give us a pessimistic dark reality where death is end
of everything and escape for all sinners and tyrants. No final
judgement. The atheist life is meaningless as stated by some
atheists themselves such as Blackmore. That is to say atheism
is meaningless, and we are just driven by our biological
needs. Such an existence is cruel. Such an existence is what
the beasts in the jungles exist by evidently. Such an existence
essentially sees no need of law and order, morality or
aesthetics. Such an existence is the existence of prime evil
where we see no limits or constraints of our biological actions
as pursuit of these actions are the only meaningful thing?
Where we see no obligation because there is no meaning. I
mean to what end? Some other atheists such as Gervais will
say that these are beauties of life and part of being human.
But so is being a tyrant part of being human. Is that ok? They
are thus implying their own morality. Atheists such as
Dawkins will say we are still trying to find why we are here.
Atheists have acquired the conscience of good and bad right
and wrong mostly from thousands of years of social evolution
through religious sentiments and constructs. We do not know
where morality will end up if divine religion completely dies.
That reminds me of Stalin who stated from his atheistic moral
outlook that death of one man is tragedy, the death of
millions a statistic. State atheism has created the most
horrible human tragedy.
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Health and Medicine
Health refers to the extent of a person’s physical, mental, and
social well-being. Medicine is the social institution that seeks
both to prevent, diagnose, and treat illness and to promote
health. Scientific medicine is a relatively recent development
in the history of the world. Prehistoric societies attributed
illness to angry gods or to evil spirits that took over
someone’s body. Islamic golden age can be said to kickstart
modern medical science and objective outlook on health,
sickness and cure was already in practice during Prophetic
era. Islamic society thus must be free from superstitious
attribution as health and medicine sometimes depend on
cultural perception and belief. For example, in Japan organ
transplant is discouraged to honor the dignity of the dead
body. Islamic society undertakes the life is a trust and saving
it through transplant is an act of righteousness. Islamic
society thus must know to prefer reason and Islamic culture
over unfounded traditions because Islam has a glorious
history of science and medicine, and Prophet of Islam
encouraged treatment.
If Islamic diet and hygiene were strictly followed and
implemented Social epidemiological study would show
improved sociodemographic characteristics. Islamic society
thus must implement effectively efficiently Islamic dietary
laws including but not limited to banning smoking alcohol and
pork. In this way, an improvement in health and reduction
in illnesses will both reflect and reinforce society’s social
equities. Stress in turn damages health because it impairs the
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immune system and other bodily processes (Lantz, House,
Mero, & Williams, 2005). The Islamic welfare scheme and the
Islamic government acting as the guardian of people will
minimize this stress specially for women, social class
disparities in health and improve health as this will give
them sense of control over what happens to them. Islamic
education is essential in educating people about health-
related issues and yearly checkup.
Islamic insurance and health insurance to be precise is built
on welfare of God's trust: the human body. Islamic society
establishes insurance based primarily on welfare motive
rather than profit motive to reduce inequality and
discrimination so society can interact better and evolve
healthy. As discussed in the education there must be woman
specific curriculum and professions that include also the
health care industry which needs women gynecology and
nursing. Also due to same reasons women must not be put in
critical roles such as ICU, surgery, emergency etc.
Medical mistakes are thought to kill almost 200,000 patients
per year, or almost 2 million every decade (Crowley & Nalder,
Women due to their fragility of mind and body need
focused recommendations for various procedures,
medications, and diagnostic tests, including cardiac
catheterization, lipid-lowering medication, kidney dialysis or
transplant, knee replacement for osteoarthritis, mental
health and gynecology.
Many types of health-care providers, including physicians,
dentists, medical equipment companies, and nursing homes,
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engage in many types of health-care fraud. All types of
health-care fraud combined are estimated to cost about $100
billion per year (Kavilanz, 2010). Islamic society must ensure
the medical professionals do not escape responsibility and
accountability by prestige of their professions. Justice in
Quran doesn't respite even one's own parents and relatives.
Population and Urbanization
Is Population Increase Bad?
Why world hunger still exists? Quran explained this in verse
36:47: A good deal of thinking and research in sociology
suggests that world hunger has less to do with the shortage
of food than with a shortage of affordable or accessible food.
Sociologists have found that social inequalities, distribution
systems, and other economic and political factors create
barriers to food access. On a per capita basis, food is more
plentiful today than any other time in human history.…[E]ven
in times of localized production shortfalls or regional famines
there has long been a global food surplus (J. Scanlan, J. Craig
Jenkins, and Lindsey Peterson (2010)). As Ghandi stated the
world has enough for human need but not enough for human
greed. Increasing population is not the real issue here.
Overpopulation is a blessing provided this population is moral
and educated. While west and east are facing an existential
threat due to lack of population Muslims have a large
population and they can utilize it to their advantage.
Population is a great resource economic, financial,
demographic and military but what this massive Muslim
population needs is Islamisation and the push towards right
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direction. Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Google could never
become global giants if it were not for a large market
consisting of a large population. A country doesn't thrive
without trade and business activities. A big population but
moral and educated is thus a blessing to start such activities if
also backed by law, security and accountability. Islamic
society is based on such morality, law, security and
mechanism of accountability.
The Malthusian Protocol and Global Population
Extending on the discussion on world hunger we need to
understand global corporate politics and how it wants to
keep global population exploited by various divisions. This is
an extension of the Malthusian protocol. People like Malthus
and his writings enabled colonial genocides and apartheid.
Even though Malthus’s predictions turned out to be wrong
but his philosophical and economic implication that
population and demography needs to be controlled has been
adopted by global corporate tier. Malthus's (who inspired
Darwin’s survival of the fittest theory) fear mongering of
population growth and suggesting population control by low
standard of living, high mortality rate and chronic food
shortages have become the corporatocratic model to sustain
its mode of production and consumption, and human
existence. So we have here is impeding welfare of people to
prevent population growth and maintain control through
servitude by manufacturing and managing biological and
social needs, needs which are not fulfilled by welfare, a
welfare which is not only paying social monetary benefits to
the masses but also providing efficient free public services,
environmental preservation, moral and ethical protocols
for businesses and trade activities as well, but whose
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fulfillment is imposed upon cruelly by socio-
economic protocols and structure.
The corporatocracy will impede whole scale
educational development of global population through
political, social and economic engineering to always create a
class of labor for hard work. These can be seen in Asian, Latin
America and Africa where refugees and immigrants providing
low level labor services to America and Europe, or China
where the Chinese government maintains a certain standard
of living even for the educated ones. Global corporatocracy is
thus managing preventable global population suffering to suit
their business activities, market and labor supply. They will
always maintain preventable suffering and hardship of the
working class. No other country than China has provided such
a luxury for global corporatocracy. China is the perfect field of
Malthusian trap. People are kept like slaves and all that is
needed from them is maximum productivity. A welfare model
to address improving the labor class's socioeconomic status
will backfire and cause China to lose the productivity it is
giving today to the western businesses.
Remember corporatocracy is about monopoly on resources,
labor and production. This is why corporatocracy is like a
mafia organization or a cartel. It’s about maximizing profit,
power and pleasure for the corporates and maintaining
market for business growth. China and Western businesses
have made Africa, Latin America and Asian countries the field
for exploitation and monopoly. Africa has been hit the
hardest then the middle east. Corporatocracy is controlling
the population growth and demography by dividing global
population into segments: those that supply labors, those
that supply markets, those that supply resources. Controlling
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global population means maintenance of these segments and
minimizing or impeding the global welfare model by paying
no taxes, lack of environmental concerns and forcing the
existence of a certain political landscape suitable for
corporatocracy. African continent and post-colonial middle
east are perfect examples.
The Islamic Solution
Islamic system is a system of politics, economic and finance
which prioritizes welfare over profit, equity over exploitation,
divine supremacy over Marxian materialism. Islamic
economic system cannot work in vacuum but implemented as
a whole package called Shariah Law. While profit is essential
but is secondary and shared through the wide-ranging
taxation system of Islam. God knows that not everyone will
be rich but every rich can make sure the needy and
unfortunate ones are taken care of thereby eradicating class
conflict which driven historical materialism. Islam proposes
this model of care.
Feminism, Neocolonialism and Muslim Demography
I have discussed that feminism discourages motherhood and
marriage for sake of career growth and female
independence, but this also is detrimental against increasing
fertility rate in a demography. In the long run this causes
demographic catastrophe by population decline. The Prophet
of Islam encouraged childbirth through marriage because
increased population based on Divine guidance will benefit
the Ummah in several factors. It will continue the Muslim
lineage and Islamic ummah, it will enhance Islamic military
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capabilities, it will create a big economic market and a pool of
financial resources, it will create a pool of national human
capital to serve the Islamic ummah and the Islamic society, it
will make the Muslim population dominant enough to dictate
global policies and politics, it will create a pool from which
Muslims can migrate to all over the world and guide foreign
societies towards Islam. Imperialism and colonial politics of
which feminism is a part has tried relentlessly to destroy this
potential Islamic demography. In some respects, they have
been successful. Many Muslim countries today rely heavily on
foreign human capital whose loyalty are not to Islam. Take for
example Emirates which has allowed prostitution and alcohol
in the heart of Prophetic Arabia most likely to attract western
investments and human capital by accommodating their
lifestyle. When imperialism and colonialism have failed
ideologically, they intervened militarily and through
economic terrorism to keep the Muslim population lame and
Social Change and The Environment
Social change refers to the transformation of culture,
behavior, social institutions, and social structure over
time. Major sources of social change include population
growth and composition, culture and technology, the natural
environment, and social conflict. Secular Muslim societies
should initiate change towards Islamic society. Quran 16:125
is a trigger of social change and Muslims should follow it. This
preaching is not only done towards non-Muslims but also
towards Muslims who have deviated. This is not only spiritual
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preaching but can also be political and social activism to
empower Islam and human rights through Islamic
governance. The highest purpose of Dawah is to bring an
existential collective change and that is through political
change. Islam had revolutionized the pagan political
landscape of Mecca and Arabia by multilayered approach of
Prophet: preaching, diplomacy, war. It was not merely a
Dawah like the Tablighi Jamaat but more like the Dawah of
Imam Khomeini and Hasan Al-Banna. Prophet's participation
in Hilful Fudhul is a clear proof of the political mindset of
Prophet pbuh and that he not only wanted personal changes
of the Arabs but also their political changes. In fact, the two
are interlinked.
Simply put because the highly effective and efficient call to
Islam which Prophet presented was not only merely a call to
change our personal selves but also a call to change our
political, economic, social, military and cultural existence.
Prophet welcomed everyone who accepted this change but
accommodated everyone according to their faith. This new
system ruled by Islam was meant to establish divine
humanity, justice, equity and framework of human
government. Prophet had achieved this Islamic rule, in other
words hukm Allah by being a father, a preacher, a political
leader, a general, a spy master, a financer and a judge. Hence
when God commands us to preach Islam by wisdom and
argument it merely asks us to achieve the end-product of this
Prophetic mission i.e. Islamic rule through Sharia law, over
our personal selves and our collective existence. The
Prophetic mission is a framework and roadmap towards that
end. Any non-Muslim are welcome to join this Islamic rule
and he or she will be respected, protected and his or her
religion tolerated. From the prophetic mission we see the
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Muslims achieved Islamic society by awareness, organization,
change (political and social institutions), transformation (for
generations to come) and then ongoing development. A
general guideline
macro model:
micro model:
In the Islamic society the social change is minimal compared
to secular societies. This is because Islamic laws and culture
are deterministic and pre-established as a model to filter and
guide changes. However, today’s secular Muslim societies
have been a result of decades of colonialism and many of
these societies faced forced changes and at times with
violence and tyranny. For example, Muslims of Ottoman
Turkey and Iran were forcefully westernized to abandon
Islamic self-determination and independence. Today we have
neocolonial pressure groups in Muslim demography imposing
western ideas which are detached from Islam, such as
feminists, supporters of LGBTQ, secularization of education,
rejecting child marriage etc. Added to these problems are
today’s scholars of royals, rulers and corrupt politics in
Muslim demography as they are trying to convert and change
Islam towards the social trends rather than trying society and
its trends to convert and change to Islam. This arises from
their lack of realization of Islam’s greatness and wisdom of
Divine law. The Muslim society is sensitive to what the others
will think of Islamization. Muslims want to be looked as
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culturally modern, so their identity have become a cocktail
based on many conflicting ideas. In such a neocolonial post-
colonial setting Islamic society is achieved through
Cohesion and closeness in the Islamic society is achieved
maintained and evolved through religious organizations such
as the Friday prayers, Eid prayers, daily congregational
prayers etc. The sense of community and brotherhood is
maintained by charity, welfare initiatives and proactive help.
Urbanization and technological modernization thus don’t
make the Islamic society distant, detached and internally
divided. Islamic society is not against individual freedom.
Islam balances between the individual and the collective. In a
modern urban society we can have strong local social bonds
such as people among themselves in a locality, condo or area.
One does not need to be intrusive to realize this bond and
sense of community. Routine interaction and occasional acts
of kindness and mutual help can sustain and evolve the bond
in the Islamic society. Such can frequent at a higher rate
during special Islamic days and occasions. Such initiatives
must come from a social authority be the mosque, the Islamic
local government or influential intellectuals or institutions. It
starts by mutual acquaintance and evolves with time and
habitual interaction on such occasions or social occasions.
The Islamic society rejects mob violence and any changes
achieved through this is unethical and need to be reversed.
The psychological acceptance of mob violence sends the
society to an irreversible path. We see today how mob
violence has made the lives of minorities in India unlivable
and possibly defining Indian society for generations to come.
Mob violence is one kind of mob rule and as we saw Islam
Page | 132
rejects it. Mob violence is often rooted on rumors and
hearsay. Islamic society through Islamic education must train
critical minds to not succumb to rumors and hearsay. Quran
49:6 and 4:83 obligates Muslims to be inquisitive both in their
collective and personal existences.
Environmental problems are largely the result of human
behavior and human decision making. Changes in human
activity and decision making are thus necessary to improve
the environment. Islam is a rational religion and as such
established principle of avoiding harm and generating benefit
and in case of conflict avoidance of harm is prioritized. If this
Islamic principle was followed by nations and corporations
from decades back, we could have avoided environmental
catastrophe and the need for drastic changes as being
proposed today. Islamic society was not the norm and thus
the need of environmental revolution to protect the
environment. This will undoubtedly and drastically affect
human society.
Collective Behavior and Social Movements
A social movement is an organized effort by a large number
of people to bring about or impede social, political, economic,
or cultural change. One of the earliest and historic
revolutionary social movement was that of prophet of Islam
which influenced one of the greatest revolutions of 21st
century the Islamic revolution of Iran. Some social
movements can be destructive such as riots and rebellion but
depending on the purpose and acts of self-defense against
the persecution of the establishment these can turn into
moral revolution. Riots have been common in American and
Page | 133
world history since the colonial era. A major type of riot is
protest riots, which are political in nature. In Islamic society
armed rebellion or riots are serious crimes as these are
detrimental to peace, security, morals, welfare and order.
Quran 5:33-34 establishes the principle that any ideological
hostility against Islam deserves a punishment under Islamic
jurisdiction. Under an Islamic system when an apostate
following his apostasy tries to convert Muslims to Islam then
it is a declaration of hostility against Islamic system much like
how western democracies perceived communist recruitment
and activities a hostility against democracy and vice-versa.
You cannot exist in a political system then start promoting a
system against the de facto and de jure political system and
that is why Islam being a political Islam also apostasy
demands death penalty.
Quran 5:33-34 discusses, among other things, collective
armed rebellion or wanton death and destruction through
riots and rebellions against peace and against Islamic rule.
This has many forms: armed insurrection against the Islamic
jurisdiction, the government, armed rebellion and robbery,
and organized crimes. This is basically a collective model of
criminal activities against Islamic state and the people. Mafia
or drug cartels for example may not always go on rebelling
through arms but they create fasad (great corruption) on
earth by drug trade and activities, enemy of collective peace
and welfare. The levels of punishments in this verse vary on
the basis of the severity of criminal activities and
criminals. Note that protesting or rebelling against the
tyranny and injustice of a tyrant and corrupt ruler just like
what Imam Hussein did is not included under this verse. That
is Jihad. That is why it is essential in Islamic society there exist
Page | 134
accountability groups based on Shariah law which will
provide advisory guidance both the people and the authority.
Quran 3:104 proposes that believers should form such
activist groups not only to uphold religion and religious
morals but also to uphold and fight for all just causes from
human rights, animal rights to environmental rights and so
One of the pillars of the Islamic society is the religious
movement of preachers who preach Islam to both Muslims
and non-Muslims alike. Islamic republic of Iran has strong
Islamic social movement such as the Basij who has
safeguarded the revolution well. Other known Islamic social
movements have been the Muslim brotherhood, Hamas,
Hezbollah etc. These Islamic social movements have political,
cultural, and biographical consequences in the wider
demographic and geopolitical settings.
The Achievement of Islamic Society
After all what is the ultimate goal of Islamic society? The
ultimate is to connect with God and live in Him so that we
achieve the best gifts possible for human body and
psychology. So, the achievement of Islamic society will:
1. Result in the most satisfying mental and
emotional states in all models of personal and
societal relationships.
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2. Protect us from chaos and conflicts in all models
of our personal and societal relationships as
designed such by Islam.
3. Protect our physical, mental and
various collective organizational wellbeing from
harms and diseases perceived or unknown.
4. Result in success in after life.
5. Maintain the evolution of humanity and his
existence by keeping them safe from self-
6. Will stimulate our spiritual and moral conscience
towards greatness of God triggering self-
discovery as children of Adam which also in turn
will be a welfare attainment factor for our mind,
body and human collective existence.
Islam develops Islamic society through its guidance which
improves humanity
As an individual
As a society
As a family
As a government
As a student of knowledge
As an employee
As a citizen
As an international player
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As a person of wealth
It is only the will to make the change that remains.
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