The Future of Teaching English for Academic Purposes: Standards, Provision and Practices



As a result of current global and international forces, teaching English for academic purposes (EAP) is going through the most dynamic period in its rather short history. The internationalization of higher education, English further solidifying its role as the lingua franca every single day, and the increasing number of higher education institutions around the globe opting for instruction in the medium of English (EMI) are all contributing forces behind this book. The text disentangles the conflicting views and beliefs regarding the standards, provision and practices of EAP. Across its chapters, it closely looks at the world of EAP through the lenses of academic practice, learners, curriculum development, program implementation, and teaching and assessment practices. This book will guide all stakeholders of EAP settings to better understand ways in which research and teaching interact, and inform each other from a number of vital and relevant perspectives.
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