Psychosomatic Diseases and Alexithymia

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Currently, there's a medical-psychological trend that suggests that physical and psychic illnesses are closely related, and that one can't happen without the other. For people with high levels of alexithymia, the inability to express themselves through words makes it easier to do so through their somatizing body. Emotions are part of everyone's beings, and they serve to experiment, but also to express our needs, desires, and even fears. When a person is unable to express them in another way, they use their own body to do so. Personality traits define how we are and how we behave towards others, alexithymia is a personality trait that can be observed in people, at the same time, these people are more likely to suffer certain psychosomatic illnesses. The main trait of somatoform disorders, psychosomatic diseases are also referred to as this, is the repeated presentation of physical symptoms, along with persistent requests for medical examinations, although the findings are repeatedly negative and doctors are repeatedly reaffirming that the symptoms have no physical basis. If there are any physical disorders, these fail to explain the nature and extent of the symptoms, distress, and preoccupation of the patient. One of the most difficult aspects when treating psychosomatic illnesses is the establishment of a clear diagnosis. First, we must set a distinction between these type of diseases and others that have a medical or psychological origin, afterwards, the necessary keys to reach a differential diagnosis of other "similar" symptoms are provided. The interest to study the psychosomatic started when, in the clinical area, a question to certain symptoms that didn't have a medical origin was raised, raising the notion that the body (soma) could be influenced by the mind (psyche) of person; but of course, it should be a "sick psyche." With this, something that until then had been discarded, was accepted, and it's the close link between the mind and body, and their interdependence, such that, if one got sick then so would the

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