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pArm – sistema informático empotrado para gobernar un brazo robótico de diseño abierto



Full project available at: The pArm development, an integral engineering project which models, designs and builds a robotic arm using 3D printing technology as a basis is going. The main objective is to offer an affordable and easy way for everyone to replicate this project so they can introduce themselves within robotics community. Firstly, the requirements will be elicited which, will allow the modeling and the design of the system in further steps of the development. Concurrently, the hardware characteristics will be studied in order to allow the development and construction of the board that will handle the movements of the robotic arm. In addition, the mentioned design steps simplify the software development process alongside the mathematical model, which is defined by both the physical structure itself and the proposed system. On the other hand, new pieces will be designed in order to make the robotic manipulator compatible with new external componentes, compared to the original ones used in the μArm, and the new designed board. Finally, new improvements that the team considers interesting to complete will be proposed. The annexes are included with the source code developed for the applications, as they are directly referenced in the present document.
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