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Raw experimental data for the Kern M. et al., Hybrid Spintronic Materials from Conducting Polymers with Molecular Quantum Bits, Adv. Funct. Mater. 2020, 20006882



Hybrid materials consisting of organic semiconductors and molecular quantum bits promise to provide a novel platform for quantum spintronic applications. However, investigations of such materials, elucidating both the electrical and quantum dynamical properties of the same material have never been reported. Here the preparation of hybrid materials consisting of con-ducting polymers and molecular quantum bits is reported. Organic field-effect transistor measurements demonstrate that the favorable electrical proper-ties are preserved in the presence of the qubits. Chemical doping introduces charge carriers into the material, and variable-temperature charge transport measurements reveal the existence of mobile charge carriers at temperatures as low as 15 K. Importantly, quantum coherence of the qubit is shown to be preserved up to temperatures of at least 30 K, that is, in the presence of mobile charge carriers. These results pave the way for employing such hybrid materials in novel molecular quantum spintronic architectures.

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