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Understanding Female Offenders: Psychopathy, Criminal Behavior, Assessment, and Treatment
Jason M. Smith, PsyD, ABPP, Carl B. Gacono, PhD, ABAP, & Ted B. Cunliffe, PhD
Table of Contents
1. Chapter 1: Introduction
2. Chapter 2: Understanding Bias in Diagnosing, Assessing, and Treating Female
3. Chapter 3: Understanding Antisocial and Psychopathic Women
4. Chapter 4: The Psychological Assessment of Female Offenders
5. Chapter 5: Female Sex Offenders: Where Angels Continue to Fear to Tread
6. Chapter 6: Treatment and Management of Female Offenders
7. Epilogue
Appendix A: Female Adaptation of the Clinical and Forensic Interview Schedule for the PCL-R
Appendix B: Descriptions of Eight Select Psychopathic Traits Evident in Women

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