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Task 2.7.1 : Biomechanical simulation of Breaststroke

Work Plan 2. Biomechanical simulaon of human
Task 2.7 : Breast stroke « hps:// »
Biomechanical simulation of Breast Stroke data download
1. Download & Install Blender 2.8-9 from here.
2. Download the movement modeling data
1. Integrated movement
2. Spine
3. HindWings
4. Legs
5. ForeWings
6. Arms
1. Select a movement
2. Click the button "Run Script"
3. Hit the spacebar = Simulation
1. Hover your mouse cursor over the "Link" checkbox in the collecon.
2. Clicking the mouse clears the "Link" checkbox for the collecon.
3. Real-me simulaon is possible.
Using the talent of Kinesthetic Synesthesia, On the midway between philosophy, physics and
physiology, Yutaka Sawai (Varipon) offers mathematical equations or letter sequences called
the will of the universe which exercises the agent of the movement, the soul of the universe.
Breaststroke movement data download : 
Fundamental theorem : 
Formula : 
Infinite applications : , 
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