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Inspiration from Nature's body armours – A review of biological and bioinspired composites


Abstract and Figures

Designing and manufacturing multi-functional, lightweight and high-performance body armour materials and assemblies have attracted intense attention recently due to fast-growing military applications. There is an urgent need to reduce the weight and increase the flexibility of body armours without compromising their ballistic protection capability. Natural/biological armour materials and assemblies offer remarkable properties that can inspire the design of lightweight, flexible and tough body armours. In this paper, a systematic review is conducted to identify the structural-mechanical characteristics of selected biological armour systems such as nacre from mollusc shells, conch shells and fish scaled skin. Other biological structures with the potential for ballistic protection have also been investigated, including crustacean exoskeletons and compact bone, which possess structures with important features and properties that may inspire the development of future soldier armours. The techniques and methodologies available for the analysis, fabrication and experimental investigations of bio-inspired armour composites and systems are also reviewed in detail. The investigations that have been found to be most relevant to the development of bio-inspired armour systems for dynamic impact resistance have also been discussed. This discussion can inspire the design of lighter and flexible bio-inspired armour systems that are more efficient in resisting ballistic attacks.
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4University of Melbourne, Australia
5Defense Science and Technology Group, Australia
6Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia
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1. Introduction
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∗∗ BEE8FCBA7<A: 4HG;BE
E-mail addresses: :;4M?4A4HA<@8?587H4H  ;4M?4A 7GA:BHA<@8?587H4H + %:B
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Q 
A. Ghazlan et al. Composites Part B xxx (xxxx) xxx-xxx
Fig. 1. 4 )87 454?BA8 F84F;8?? 5 +;8 CEBG86G<I8 4E@BHE FLFG8@ 6 +;8 5E<6>F 4A7 @BE
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4A7 A4ABF<M87 4FC8E<G<8F <A7<64G87 8 *G4::8E87 BI8E?4CC<A: @H?G<?4L8E 4EE4A:8@8AG
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<F E898EE87 GB G;8 .85 I8EF<BA B9 G;<F 4EG<6?8
BA6; EBFF?4@8??4E 68E4@<6 4E@BHE FLFG8@ F88 <: 
G;4G 7<FF<C4G8F 8A8E:L 5L 78T86G<BA 6E46>F G;EBH:; G;8 <AG8E
?B6><A: 68E4@<6 C?4A>F
E4@<6 G45?8GF GB CEBG86G G;8 FB9G 5B7L B9 G;8 4A<@4? 9EB@ CE874GBE 4G
G46>F +;8F8 G45?8GF 4E8 :?H87 GB:8G;8E 5L 7H6G<?8 47;8F<I8 4A7 E8<A
9BE687 5L 68E4@<6 6B@CBA8AGF <: 6 4A7 7 23 8A68 HA?<>8 GE4
7<G<BA4? 5B7L 4E@BHEF G;8 68E4@<6 @4G8E<4? 8K<FGF <A 5BG; G;8 FGE<>8 9468
4A7 546><A: 6B@CBA8AGF B9 5<B?B:<64? @4G8E<4?F 4?BA: J<G; BG;8E FH5G?8
984GHE8F G;4G 8A;4A68 74@4:8 @<G<:4G<BA G;EBH:; @86;4A<F@F FH6; 4F
6E46> 78T86G<BA 4A7 5E<7:<A: +;8F8 @86;4A<F@F ;4I8 B5F8EI87 <A GE47<
G<BA4? S5E8 E8<A9BE687 6B@CBF<G8F 23 &G;8E 8K4@C?8 4E@BHEF <A6?H78
6BA6; J;<6; ;4F 4 68E4@<6 FGE<>8 9468 GB E8F<FG ?B64?<F87 <A78AG4G<BA
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J<G; S5E8 E8<A9BE687 6B@CBF<G8F J;<6; 4E8 6BEE8?4G87 GB G;8 4E6;<G86
GHE8F B9 4E@BHE 546><A: @4G8E<4?F 23 $BE8 78G4<?F 4E8 CEBI<787
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G8@F +;8F8 5<B?B:<64? 4E@BHEF 4E8 JBEG; 8KC?BE<A: 5864HF8 G;8L 4E8
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%H@8EBHF 94<?HE8 @B78F <A 5B7L 4E@BHE @4G8E<4?F 4A7 G;8<E 4FFB
6<4G87 8A8E:L 7<FF<C4G<A: @86;4A<F@F ;4I8 588A E8CBEG87 5L )89 23
<A6?H7<A: 7H6G<?8 ;B?8 9BE@4G<BA F;84E C?H::<A: 78?4@<A4G<BA 7<F6
<A: 6BAB<74? 9E46GHE8 6B@@HA<64G<BA 4A7 E47<4? 4A7 6<E6H@98E8AG<4?
6E46><A: H6G<?8 ;B?8 9BE@4G<BA <F GLC<64? <A @8G4?F FH5=86G87 GB <@
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4E@BHE C4A8? 4A7 @BFG B9 G;8 8A8E:L 7<FF<C4G<BA @86;4A<F@ <F 46G<
I4G87 5L G;8 C?4FG<6 JBE> B9 789BE@4G<BA B9 G;8 @4G8E<4? *;84E C?H:
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G<?8 +;<F 5E<GG?8 @86;4A<F@ 64A 58 B5F8EI87 <A 7H6G<?8 @4G8E<4?F 5864HF8
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6B@CBF<G8 546><A: @4G8E<4? J;8E8 ?4@<A4G8F 4E8 C88?87 5L GE4AF?4@
<A4E G8AF<?8 9BE68F 7H8 GB G;8 E8T86G87 G8AF<?8 J4I8 <A<G<4G<A: A84E
G;8 546> B9 4A 4E@BHE C4A8? <F6<A: <F 4 5LCEB7H6G B9 78?4@<A4G<BA
J;8E85L 4 7<F6 B9 @4G8E<4? <F 8=86G87 9EB@ G;8 78?4@<A4G87 6B@CBF<G8
?4L8EF BAB<74? 9E46GHE8 <F 4 GLC<64? 94<?HE8 @86;4A<F@ <A 5E<GG?8 @4G8
E<4?F FH6; 4F 68E4@<6F 4A7 ;<:; ;4E7A8FF FG88?F FH5=86G87 GB <@C46G 5L
5?HAG CEB=86G<?8F J;8E85L 6BA<64? 6E46>F <A<G<4G8 9EB@ G;8 CEB=86G<?8 6BA
G46G FHE9468 4A7 EHA G;EBH:; G;8 G;<6>A8FF B9 G;8 C4A8? J;<?8 8KC4A7<A:
E47<4??L B@@HA<G<BA <F G;8 ?B64? 6EHF;<A: B9 4 5E<GG?8 @4G8E<4? J;8E85L
G;8 9E4:@8AGF 4E8 6BASA87 GB G;8 <@C46G MBA8 )47<4? 6E46><A: B66HEF
<A 5BG; 5E<GG?8 4A7 7H6G<?8 @4G8E<4?F 4A7 8@4A4G8F 9EB@ G;8 6BAB<74?
9E46GHE8 MBA8 A 7H6G<?8 @4G8E<4?F G;8F8 6E46>F 4E8 4EE8FG87 7H8 GB C?4F
G<6 789BE@4G<BAF <E6H@98E8AG<4? 6E46><A: B66HEF GE4AFI8EF8?L 9B??BJ<A:
G;8 78I8?BC@8AG B9 E47<4? 6E46>F 4M8?? 23 @BE8 5EB47?L :EBHC87
94<?HE8 @B78F <AGB 5E<GG?8 94<?HE8 :EBFF 6E46><A: F;84E C?H: 94<?HE8 ?4@
<A4G<BA 94<?HE8 I<F6BHF TBJ 4A7 ;L7EB7LA4@<6 TBJ 8 6?4FF<S87 5E<G
G?8 94<?HE8 4F G;8 ><A8G<6 8A8E:L E8DH<E87 GB 6E84G8 GJB A8J 9E46GHE8 FHE
9468F J;8E85L @BFG B9 G;8 8A8E:L <F GE4AF98EE87 GB 9E4:@8AGF EBFF
6E46><A: <F J;8E8 6E46>F CEBC4:4G8 4G G;8 FC887 B9 FBHA7 <A 4 ;4E7
FGEBA: @4G8E<4? -<F6BHF TBJ B66HEF 7H8 GB ?B64?<F87 @8?G<A: 4FFB6<4G87
J<G; ;4E7CB<AG CEB=86G<?8 <@C46G A ;L7EB7LA4@<6 TBJ G;8 @4G8E<4?
58;4I8F ?<>8 4 TH<7 4A7 64EE<8F AB F;84E FGE8FF8F +;<F 58;4I<BHE B66HEF
HA78E I8EL ;<:; I8?B6<GL <@C46GF )8:4E7?8FF B9 G;8<E ;<:;?L 5E<GG?8 6B@
CBF<G<BA 5<B?B:<64? FGEH6GHE8F ;4I8 F;BJA 47I4AG4:8F BI8E 8A:<A88E87
5B7L 4E@BHEF HA78E 7LA4@<6 <@C46G <A6?H7<A: ;<:; E8F<FG4A68 GB <A78A
G4G<BA 74@4:8 GB?8E4A68 4A7 89986G<I8 8A8E:L 7<FF<C4G<A: @86;4A<F@F
7H8 GB 6E46> 78T86G<BA 4A7 5E<7:<A: 23 A C4EG<6H?4E G;8F8 6B@
CBF<G8 FGEH6GHE8F 4A7 @86;4A<F@F ;4I8 588A @<@<6>87 4A7 B5F8EI87
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G4:8F HA78E 54??<FG<6 <@C46G BI8E G;8<E 58A6;@4E> @BAB?<G;<6 6BHAG8E
C4EGF 23 J;<6; 4E8 78G4<?87 <A *86G<BA
+;8 GE8A7F <A 4E@BHE @4G8E<4?F 4E8 7<F6HFF87 ;8E8<A GB <78AG<9L G;8
4@BA: G;8 <AABI4G<BAF <A FG88?F 4F G;8L CEBI<78 F4I<A:F BA J8<:;G #<:;G
4??BLF FH6; 4F G<G4A<H@ 4E@BHE F;BJ ;<:; E8F<FG4A68 GB ' CEB=86G<?8F
5HG @4AH946GHE<A: <F 6BFG?L BJ8I8E 47I4A68@8AGF <A @4AH946GHE<A:
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58 E4C<7?L @4AH946GHE87 &G;8E G86;A<DH8F 9BE GBH:;8A<A: 5E<GG?8 @4
G8E<4?F 4E8 J<GA8FF<A: 4 :EBJ<A: GE8A7 <A6?H7<A: ?4@<A4G<A: G<G4A<H@
J<G; 4?H@<A<H@ 4??BLF ,$.' ;4F 588A 6?4FF<S87 4F G;8 @BFG <@
CBEG4AG 47I4A68@8AG <A 5B7L 4E@BHE FLFG8@F 4F <G 946<?<G4G87 G;8 78I8?
BC@8AG B9 4 FG46>45?8 FLFG8@ B9 ;4E7 4E@BHE C?4G8F 23 A G8E@F B9
G;8 FG4G8 B9 A8J 4E@BHE FLFG8@F @BF4<6 GLC8F 4A7 C4G8AG87 GLC8F ;4I8
588A E8I<8J87 EBH6; 23 FG4G8F G;4G 4 ABAHA<9BE@ G;EBH:;G;<6>A8FF
FGEH6GHE8 64A E8FH?G <A I4E<45?8 54??<FG<6 C8E9BE@4A68 J;<6; ;4F 588A
BI8E?BB>87 <A G;8 A8J CEBCBF87 C4G8AG87 G86;AB?B:<8F BJ8I8E J8
9BHA7 G;4G C4G8AGF J<G; HA<9BE@ FGEH6GHE8F ;4I8 588A CEBCBF87 <A6?H7
<A:  J;<6; B998EF C8E9BE4G87 68E4@<6 G<?8F GB 4??BJ 9BE 4A
<A6E84F8 <A G;8 G;<6>A8FF B9 4A 4E@BHE C4A8? 4A7 G;8E85L <A6E84F8 <GF
FG<VA8FF J<G;BHG 477<A: @4FF ,* <F 4ABG;8E 8K4@C?8 B9
4A 4E@BHE C4A8? J;8E8 4 FB?<7 FGE<>8 9468 <F CE898EE87 GB CEBI<78 ?<:;G
J8<:;G 984GHE8F FH6; 4F 5?<A7 ;B?8F BA G;8 546> 9468 GB 4??BJ G;8 G<?8
G;<6>A8FF GB 58 <A6E84F87 J<G;BHG 477<A: J8<:;G +;8F8 :8B@8GE<8F 4E8
I8EL F<@<?4E GB G;BF8 B5F8EI87 <A A4GHE4? @4E<A8 4E@BHE FLFG8@F 23
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$B78EA E8I<8JF BA F8I8E4? 5<B?B:<64? FGEH6GHE8F 9EB@ I4E<BHF C8E
FC86G<I8F ;4I8 588A 6BA7H6G87 @BFG B9 J;<6; 7B ABG 9B6HF BA G;8<E
CBG8AG<4? 4CC?<64G<BAF GB 5B7L 4E@BHE 5HG ;<:;?<:;G @86;4A<F@F G;4G
@4L 58 58A8S6<4? GB 4E@BHE FLFG8@F K4@C?8 E8I<8JF <A6?H78 >8E4G<
ABHF 5<B@4G8E<4?F 23 S5EBHF ;8?<64? :E47<8AG ?4L8E87 GH5H?4E 68?
?H?4E FHGHE8 4A7 BI8E?4CC<A: FGEH6GHE8F 23 5<BCB?L@8E <AG8E946<4?
F;8?? 4A7 9B4@ @4G8E<4?F 23 FGEH6GHE4? 4A7 9HA6G<BA4? 5<B?B:<64? @4G8
E<4?F 23 4A7 68E4@<6F68E4@<6 6B@CBF<G8 CB?L@8E 4A7 CB?L@8E 6B@
CBF<G8 8?4FGB@8EF 4A7 68??H?4E @4G8E<4?F 23 &G;8E E8F84E6;8EF ;4I8
E8I<8J87 ;<:;C8E9BE@4A68 5<B?B:<64? FGEH6GHE8F 4A7 @4G8E<4?F K4@
C?8F B9 G;8F8 E8I<8JF <A6?H78 A46E8 5BA8 4A7 JBB7 23 5BA8 A46E8
A. Ghazlan et al. Composites Part B xxx (xxxx) xxx-xxx
F;E<@C 746GL? 6?H5 G88G; 4A7 54@5BB 23 F;8?? 6E45 8KBF>8?8GBA
4I<4A 984G;8E 4A7 584> 4A7 4AG?8E 4A7 5BA8 23 454?BA8 F;8?? E<I8E
6?4@ 4EG;EBCB7 8KBF>8?8GBAF GHF>F 4A7 G88G; GBH64A 4A7 ;BEA5<??
584>F 23 FCEH68 JBB7 5BA8 4A7 :?4FF FCBA:8 23 FCBA:8 FC<6H?8F
A46E8BHF F;8??F 6BA6; *GEB@5HF F;8??F GBH64A 4A7 ;BEA5<?? 584>F 4A7
6E45 8KBF>8?8GBA 23 A4GHE4? 78E@4? 4E@BHEF FH6; 4F SF; F64?8F 4?
?<:4GBE :4E 4A7 4E@47<??B 23 A46E8 4A7 6BA6; F;8??F 23 5BA8 4A7
A46E8 23 @CBEG4AG?L 5<B?B:<64? FGEH6GHE8F CBFF8FF HA<DH8 6BAS:H
E4G<BAF BI8E F8I8E4? ?8A:G; F64?8F A C4EG<6H?4E ?4@8??4E FGEH6GHE8F 4E8
G;8 9B6HF B9 G;<F E8I<8J 5864HF8 G;8L 4E8 ;<:;?L E8?8I4AG GB 4E@BHE 4C
C?<64G<BAF )8:4E7?8FF B9 G;8<E 5E<GG?8 6B@CBF<G<BA F;8?? FGEH6GHE8F FH6;
4F A46E8 4A7 6BA6; ;4I8 78@BAFGE4G87 8K68??8AG 74@4:8 GB?8E4A68 7H8
GB G;8<E J8??BE:4A<M87 ;<8E4E6;<64? FGEH6GHE8 +;8F8 <@CE8FF<I8 984GHE8F
@4>8 ?4@8??4E FGEH6GHE8F <784? 9BE :H<7<A: G;8 78F<:A B9 ?<:;GJ8<:;G
@H?G<9HA6G<BA4? 4E@BHE FLFG8@F
@B??HF6 F;8??F <:  6BA6; *GEB@5HF :<:4F F;8??F <:  4A7
SF; F64?8F <:  ;4I8 588A E8I<8J87 4F G;8 @BFG CE8I4?8AG CEBG86
G<I8 5<B?B:<64? FGEH6GHE8F +;8F8 5<B?B:<64? FGEH6GHE8F B998E 89986G<I8 4E
@BHE FLFG8@F <A 4::E8FF<I8 8AI<EBA@8AGF EHFG4684A 8KBF>8?8GBA 4A7
6BEG<64? 5BA8 4E8 BG;8E 5<B?B:<64? FGEH6GHE8F G;4G CBFF8FF <AGE<64G8 984
GHE8F G;4G @4L 58 58A8S6<4? 9BE 54??<FG<6 CEBG86G<BA ?G;BH:; 6EHF
G4684A 8KBF>8?8GBA 4A7 5BA8 4E8 5H<?G 9BE 4GG46><A: CE8L 4A7 CEBI<7<A:
E<:<7<GL GB G;8 ;H@4A 5B7L E8FC86G<I8?L G;8<E HA<DH8 S5E8E8<A9BE687
4E6;<G86GHE8F 64A CEBI<78 FHC8E<BE 74@4:8 @<G<:4G<A: @86;4A<F@F A
Fig. 2. 4 BA6; F;8?? 23 5 *6;8@4G<6 B9 G;8 G;E88BE78E 6EBFF87?4@8??4E @<6EBFGEH6
GHE8 J;<6; 6BAF<FGF B9 C?4G8F FG BE78E 5EB>8A HC <AGB 584@FC?4A>F A7 BE78E
J;<6; 4E8 5EB>8A HC <AGB J87:8F E7 BE78E 4A7 6BAA86G87 5L 4 7H6G<?8 @4GE<K 4A7 6
%4ABF<M87 6BA9BE@87<AG8E?B6><A: 4E4:BA<G8 C?4A>F 23
<F; F64?8F ?8K<5?8 @H?G<?4L8E 4E@BHE FLFG8@ F88 <: 
BAF<FGF B9 4 ;4E7 5BAL ;L7EBKL4C4G<G8 @<A8E4? ?4L8E GB
E8F<FG C8E9BE4G<BA J<G; BEG;B:BA4? C?LJBB7?<>8 S5E8 E8<A
9BE687 546><A: ?4L8EF GB 7<FF<C4G8 8A8E:L
G;<F C4C8E 4 FLFG8@4G<6 E8I<8J <F 6BA7H6G87 BA G;8 FGEH6GHE4?@86;4A
<64? 6;4E46G8E<FG<6F B9 @4E<A8 4A7 BG;8E 5<B?B:<64? FLFG8@F <A6?H7<A:
A46E8 9EB@ @B??HF6 F;8??F 6BA6; F;8??F SF; F64?87 F><A 6E45 8KBF>8?8
GBA 4A7 6B@C46G 5BA8 +;8F8 CBFF8FF FGEH6GHE8F J<G; <@CBEG4AG 984
GHE8F 4A7 CEBC8EG<8F 4G 4 I4E<8GL B9 ?8A:G; F64?8F 9EB@ G;8 I4E<BHF 6BA
FG<GH8AG 5H<?7<A: 5?B6>F GB G;8 BI8E4?? <AG8:E4G87 4A7 FLA8E:<FG<6 @8
6;4A<64? 58;4I<BHE B9 G;8<E 6B@C?8K 4FF8@5?<8F %8KG 4 E8I<8J B9 G;8
6HEE8AG FG4G8 B9 E8F84E6; CE<BE<G<8F 4A7 >ABJ?87:8 BA 5<B<AFC<E87 @4
G8E<4?F 4A7 FLFG8@F <F 6BA7H6G87 J<G; 4 9B6HF BA 5<B<AFC<E87 4E@BHE
6B@CBF<G8F 4A7 FLFG8@F +;8 G86;A<DH8F 4A7 @8G;B7B?B:<8F 6HEE8AG?L BE
CBG8AG<4??L 4I4<?45?8 9BE 945E<64G<A: 5<B<AFC<E87 4E@BHE 6B@CBF<G8F 4A7
FLFG8@F 4E8 BHG?<A87 9BE G;8<E CBG8AG<4? 4A7 ?BA:G8E@ @<?<G4EL 58A8SGF
 5E<89 FH@@4EL B9 CE8I<BHF6HEE8AG E8I<8J C4C8EF BA 5<B?B:<64? FGEH6
GHE8F <F :<I8A 58?BJ
*8I8E4? 5<B?B:<64? 6B@CBF<G8 FGEH6GHE8F ;4I8 588A <AFC<E87 9BE G;8
78F<:A B9 CBG8AG<4? @<?<G4EL 4E@BHE FLFG8@F +;8F8 FGEH6GHE8F J;<6; 4E8
J8??BE:4A<M87 BI8E F8I8E4? ?8A:G; F64?8F 4A7 E8I<8J87 <A @BE8 78G4<? <A
*86G<BA  4E8 FH@@4E<F87 4F 9B??BJF
%46E8 *G4::8E87 @H?G<?4L8E CB?L:BA4? G45?8GF FGEH6GHE8 F88 <: 
J;<6; <F C4EG B9 4 GJB?4L8E 68E4@<6 4E@BHE FLFG8@ 9EBAG ?4L8E GB E8
F<FG C8E9BE4G<BA 4A7 A46E8BHF 546><A: ?4L8E GB 7<FF<C4G8 8A8E:L +;8E8
4E8 ABI8? 6BAA86G<BAF 58GJ88A G;8 G45?8GF G;4G E8FH?G <A 4 FHC8E<BE 54?
4A68 B9 FG<VA8FF 4A7 8A8E:L 7<FF<C4G<BA
$BFG B9 G;8 49BE8@8AG<BA87 5<B?B:<64? FGEH6GHE8F 4E8 7B@<A4AG <A G;8
?<G8E4GHE8 <A G8E@F B9 G;8 E8F84E6; 4<@87 4G 78I8?BC<A: ABI8? 4E@BHE
FLFG8@F <AFC<E87 5L A4GHE8 *8I8E4? 4GG8@CGF 4G @<@<6><A: G;8F8 5<B?B:<
64? FLFG8@F 9BE 4E@BHE<@C46G 4CC?<64G<BAF 4A7 G;8<E B5F8EI87 CBG8AG<4?
58A8SGF 4E8 FH@@4E<F87 <A +45?8  4A7 E8I<8J87 <A @BE8 78G4<? <A *86
2. Structural characterisations and experimental/modelling
investigations for determining the mechanical properties/failure
mechanisms of selected biological armour systems
A G;<F F86G<BA G;8 8KC8E<@8AG4? 4A7 @B78??<A: G86;A<DH8F@8G;B7F
8@C?BL87 9BE B5G4<A<A: 6BEE8?4G<BAF 58GJ88A G;8 FGEH6GHE8F 4A7 @86;4A
<64? CEBC8EG<8F94<?HE8 @86;4A<F@F B9 F8?86G87 5<B?B:<64? 4E@BHE FLF
G8@F 4E8 E8I<8J87 4A7 4A4?LF87 <A @BE8 78G4<? +;8F8 5<B?B:<64? FGEH6
GHE8F <A6?H78 A46E8 9EB@ @B??HF6 F;8??F 6BA6; *GEB@5HF :<:4F F;8??
SF; F64?8F @4<A?L Arapaima gigas 6EHFG4684A @4<A?L 6E45 8KBF>8?8
GBA 4A7 6BEG<64? 6B@C46G 5BA8 +;8<E FGEH6GHE8F CBFF8FF <@CBEG4AG 984
GHE8F 4A7 CEBC8EG<8F G;4G @4L <AFC<E8 G;8 78I8?BC@8AG B9 9HGHE8 6B@CBF
<G8 4E@BHEF
Fig. 3. 4 <F; F64?8 5 +JB?4L8E T8K<5?8 4E@BHE FLFG8@ 6BAF<FG<A: B9 4 ;4E7 5BAL BHG8E ?4L8E 4A7 FB9G 8?4FG<6 <AG8E<BE ?4L8E 6 *6;8@4G<6 G;8 BEG;B:BA4? C?LJBB7?<>8 ?4@8??4E @<6EBFGEH6
GHE8 B9 G;8 F64?8 7 B??4:8A S5E8 5HA7?8F J;<6; 4E8 4FF8@5?87 GB 9BE@ G;8 @<6EBFGEH6GHE8 4A7 8 B??4:8A A4ABS5E<? 23
EHFG4684A 6E45 8KBF>8?8GBA 8?<6B<74? S5E8 E8<A9BE687 FGEH6GHE4? 6BAS:HE4G<BA <:  BAF<FGF B9 4 78AF8 9EBAG4? ?4L8E 8KB6HG<6?8
J<G; ;<:; FG<VA8FF 4A7 4 @BE8 CBEBHF E84E ?4L8E 8A7B6HG<6?8 9BE 45FBE5<A: 8A8E:L 9EB@ <@C46GF
A. Ghazlan et al. Composites Part B xxx (xxxx) xxx-xxx
Fig. 4. 4 EHFG4684A 6E45 J<G; 8KBF>8?8GBA 5 HA6G<BA4??L:E4787 4EE4A:8@8AG B9 G;8
8KBF>8?8GBA J;<6; 6BAF<FGF B9 4 ;4E7 78AF8 8KB6HG<6?8 4A7 4 FB9G8E 8A8E:L 45FBE5<A: 8A
7B6HG<?8 6 *6;8@4G<6 B9 G;8 GJ<FG87 C?LJBB7?<>8 ;8?<6B<74? BH:<?4A7 FGEH6GHE8 B9 G;8
8KBF>8?8GBA 4A7 7 BA8L6B@5?<>8 FGEH6GHE8 B9 G;8 6;<G<A CEBG8<A C?4A8 23
BEG<64? 6B@C46G 5BA8 $H?G<?4L8E 6B?H@A?<>8 FGEH6GHE8
J<G; 6B??4:8A S5E8F E8<A9BE687 J<G; ;L7EBKL4C4G<G8 6ELFG4?F
4G G;8 A4AB F64?8 JE4CC87 <A 4 6L?<A7E<64? @4AA8E 4G 7<998E
8AG BE<8AG4G<BAF F88 <:  +;<F E8FH?GF <A 4 FGEBA: 4A7 E<:<7
FGEH6GHE8 G;4G 64A F<@H?G4A8BHF?L E8F<FG 7<998E8AG ?B47<A:F <A
6?H7<A: 58A7<A: F;84E GBEF<BA 4A7 6B@CE8FF<BA
2.1. Structural characterisations and experimental investigations for
determining the mechanical properties/failure mechanisms of biological
2.1.1. Marine protective structures
<B?B:<64? FGEH6GHE8F 9EB@ @4E<A8 8AI<EBA@8AGF 4E8 4G G;8 9BE89EBAG
B9 E8F84E6; <A G;8 6BAG8KG B9 54??<FG<6 CEBG86G<BA %46E8 9EB@ @B??HF6
F;8??F <:  6BA6; *GEB@5HF :<:4F F;8??F <:  4A7 SF; F64?8F
<:  4E8 G;8 @BFG CE8I4?8AG CEBG86G<I8 5<B?B:<64? FGEH6GHE8F 7H8 GB
G;8<E 89986G<I8 4E@BHE FLFG8@F <A 4::E8FF<I8 8AI<EBA@8AGF J;<6; B9
98E C8E9BE4G<BA E8F<FG4A68 T8K<5<?<GL 9BE @B5<?<GL 4A7 74@4:8 @<G<:4G
<A: @86;4A<F@F GB CE8I8AG 64G4FGEBC;<6 94<?HE8 +;8 >8L FGEH6GHE4? 984
GHE8F 4A7 9HA6G<BAF <A G;8 6BAG8KG B9 54??<FG<6 CEBG86G<BA 4E8 E8I<8J87
4A7 FH@@4E<F87 ;8E849G8E 4A7 G45H?4G87 <A +45?8 
Nacre from mollusc shells. $B??HF6F ;4I8 4 CEBG86G<I8 F;8?? <:
4 G;4G <F ;<:;?L E8F<FG4AG GB C8E9BE4G<BA 4A7 @<G<:4G8F 64G4FGEBC;<6 94<?
HE8 G;EBH:; 4 GBH:; A46E8BHF 546><A: ?4L8E 23 +;<F 4E@BHE FLF
G8@ G;8E85L ;4F F<:A<9<64AG CBG8AG<4? GB E8F<FG C8A8GE4G<BA 4A7 CEBI<78
54??<FG<6 CEBG86G<BA $4AL E8I<8JF ;4I8 588A 6BA7H6G87 BA A46E8 J;<6;
<78AG<S87 <G 4F 4 6EHF;<A: E8F<FG4AG FGEH6GHE8 23 4 @H?G<?4L8E87 FGEH6
GHE8 23 4 5<BCB?L@8E <AG8E946<4? 4A7 F;8?? @4G8E<4? 23 4 FGEH6GHE4?
4A7 9HA6G<BA4? 5<B?B:<64? @4G8E<4? 23 4A7 4 68E4@<6 4A7 CB?L@8E<6
@4G8E<4? 23 GB A4@8 4 98J +;8 >8L FGEH6GHE4? 984GHE8F B9 G;8 ;<8E4E
6;<64? FGEH6GHE8 B9 @B??HF6 F;8?? ;4I8 588A <78AG<S87 BI8E F8I8E4? ?8A:G;
F64?8F 23 9EB@ AH@8EBHF 6;4E46G8E<F4G<BA G86;A<DH8F <A6?H7<A:
F64AA<A: 8?86GEBA @<6EBF6BCL *$ GE4AF@<FF<BA 8?86GEBA @<6EBF6BCL
+$ 4GB@<6 9BE68 @<6EBF6BCL $ 4A7 BHE<8E GE4AF9BE@ <A9E4E87
FC86GEBF6BCL + ) +;8 FGEH6GHE4? 984GHE8F G;4G 4E8 @BFG E8?8I4AG <A G;8
6BAG8KG B9 54??<FG<6 CEBG86G<BA 4CC?<64G<BAF 4A7 G;8<E 9HA6G<BAF 4E8 FH@
@4E<F87 ;8E849G8E
G G;8 @46EB F64?8 G;8 CEBG86G<I8 F;8?? B9 @B??HF6F 6BAF<FGF B9 GJB
6B@CBA8AGF G;4G 9BE@ 4A 4E@BHE FLFG8@ J;<6; <F 6B@CBF87 B9 4 ;4E7
5E<GG?8 FGE<>8 9468 9BE E8F<FG<A: ?B64?<F87 C8E9BE4G<BA 7H8 GB CE874GBE
5<G8F 4A7 4 GBH:; 546><A: ?4L8E A46E8 9BE @<G<:4G<A: 74@4:8 <:
5 23 G G;8 @8FB F64?8  G;<6> :EBJG; 54A7F F8C4E4G8
G;<6> ?4L8EF B9 A46E8 4A7 G;8F8 4E8 58?<8I87 GB 4EE8FG 74@4:8
5L 78T86G<A: 6E46>F 23 G G;8 @<6EB F64?8 G;8 ;84EG B9 A46E8F CEB
G86G<I8 FGEH6GHE8 ;4F 588A B5F8EI87 J;8E85L G;<6> CB?L:BA4?
Table 1
*H@@4EL B9 'E8I<BHFHEE8AG JBE> BA G;8 F<@H?4G<BA 945E<64G<BA 4A7 G8FG<A: B9 5<B<A
F<@H?4G<BA @
C?4G8 -F
 @F
F<@H?4G<BA @F
4A7;8<:;GB9 @@
F45BI8 *HC8E<BE
C4A8? -F
 @F
F<@H?4G<BA @F
A. Ghazlan et al. Composites Part B xxx (xxxx) xxx-xxx
F<@H?4G<BA @F
<@C46G9EB@4 @@
4E8 @F
4A7 @F
 @F
I8?B6<GL<@C46G @F
 @F4?<58E
 @F4A7
 !7EBCGBJ8E
F45BI8 8?<6B<74?
A. Ghazlan et al. Composites Part B xxx (xxxx) xxx-xxx
<@C46G9EB@4 @@
Table 2
<8E4E6;<64? FGEH6GHE4? 984GHE8F B9 A46E8 6BA6; 4A7 SF; F64?8F
*64?8 %46E8 BA6; <F;F64?8
$46EB 'EBG86G<I8FLFG8@
*64?8 @@G;<6>
8@587787F86G<BA @@
 6@<A?8A:G; 6@<A
F86G<BA @@G;<6><A
FB@8FC86<8F G;<6>
@587787?4L8E @@
$8FB &I8E4??G;<6>A8FF
54A7F G;<6>
$<6EB +45?8GFIB?B9
F;4C8 G;<6>
#4@8??48 μ@G;<6>
I4EL<A:4G 58GJ88A
%4AB $<A8E4?5E<7:8F
 FGE8G6;87
B??4:8AS5E<?F A@
 A@G;<6>A8FF4A7
 A@7<4@8G8E
4E4:BA<G8 G45?8GF  <A ?8A:G; 4E8 FG46>87 4A7 FG4::8E87 <AGB 4
@H?G<?4L8E 5E<6> 4A7 @BEG4E FGEH6GHE8 <: 6 J<G; 4A BI8E?4C ?8A:G;
B9  BE 4CCEBK<@4G8?L BA8G;<E7 B9 G;8 G45?8G FHE9468 4E84
23 +;8F8 G45?8GF 6BAFG<GHG8  B9 A46E8F IB?H@8 23
+;8 FG4::8E87 FGEH6GHE8 @<G<:4G8F 74@4:8 G;EBH:; 6E46> 5E<7:<A: 89
G G;8 A4AB F64?8 F8I8E4? 984GHE8F ;4I8 588A B5F8EI87 HF<A: <@4:<A:
G86;A<DH8F <A6?H7<A: GE4AF@<FF<BA 8?86GEBA @<6EBF6BCL +$ 4GB@<6
9BE68 @<6EBF6BCL $ 4A7 BHE<8E GE4AF9BE@ <A9E4E87 FC86GEBF6BCL
+ ) 23 +;8 G45?8GF 4E8 -BEBAB<?<>8 CB?L:BAF <: 7 J<G;
J4IL FHE9468F  A@ 4@C?<GH78 4A7 J4I8?8A:G; 23
+;8 B5?<DH8 87:8F B9 G;8 G45?8GF 78T86G <AC?4A8 6E46>F 4A7 G;8 BI8E
?4C ?8A:G;4E84 58GJ88A 47=468AG ?4L8EF 946<?<G4G8F 6E46> 5E<7:<A:
BHGB9C?4A8 +;8 J4IL <AG8E9468 CEBI<78F CEB:E8FF<I8 <AG8E?B6><A: 58
GJ88A G45?8G FHE9468F J;<6; G;8E85L CEB@BG8F FGE4<A ;4E78A<A: A BE
:4A<6 7H6G<?8 @4GE<K  A@ G;<6> 466BHAGF 9BE  IB? B9 A46E8
4A7 5BA7F G;8 G45?8GF GB:8G;8E J;<6; <F 6B@CBF87 B9 CEBG8<AF 6;<G<A
4 F<?>?<>8 CEBG8<A 4A7 CB?LF466;4E<78F 6B@C?8K 64E5B;L7E4G8 CB?L
@8EF 23 +;8 BE:4A<6 @4GE<K <F ;<:;?L 7H6G<?8 4A7 @4<AG4<AF
G;8 <AG8:E<GL B9 A46E8 HA78E ?4E:8 FGE4<AF %4AB4FC8E<G<8F BE EBH:;
5H@CF ;4I8 588A B5F8EI87 BA G;8 G45?8G FHE9468 <: 7 J<G; 4A
4I8E4:8 ;8<:;G B9  A@ 4A7 4A 4I8E4:8 FC46<A: B9  A@
23 +;8 A4AB 4FC8E<G<8F CEBI<78 FHE9468 EBH:;A8FF 4A7 T4G
G8A HA78E ?B64?<F87 <A78AG4G<BA GB 45FBE5 8A8E:L L?<A7E<64? @<A8E4?
5E<7:8F 6BAA86G 47=468AG G45?8G FHE9468F J<G; 4 7<4@8G8E B9  A@ 4A7
;8<:;G B9  A@ <: 8 23 +;8F8 5E<7:8F 46G 4F E8<A9BE68
@8AGF 4A7 G;8E85L <A6E84F8 G;8 FGE8A:G; 4A7 FG<VA8FF B9 A46E8 H6G<?8
?<:4@8AGF 58GJ88A 47=468AG G45?8GF ;4I8 588A B5F8EI87 J;<6; ;4I8 4
?8A:G; 58GJ88A  A@ HAFGE8G6;87 GB  A@ FGE8G6;87 23 +;8
?<:4@8AGF 6BAA86G<A: G;8 G45?8GF 7<FF<C4G8 8A8E:L 6L6?<64??L I<4 G;8 E8
C84G87 9E46GHE8 B9 <AG8E@87<4G8 F46E<S6<4? 5BA7F
+;8 @86;4A<64? 58;4I<BHE B9 A46E8 ;4F 588A <AI8FG<:4G87 5L @4AL
E8F84E6;8EF HA78E ?<@<G87 ?B47<A: 6BA7<G<BAF G8AF<BA
23 6B@CE8FF<BA 23 58A7<A: 23 F;84E
23 4A7 <A78AG4G<BA 23 +;8 @86;4A<64? CEBC8EG<8F B9
A46E8 HA78E G;8F8 ?B47<A: 6BA7<G<BAF 4E8 FH@@4E<F87 <A *86G<BA 
4A7 G;8 >8L GBH:;8A<A: @86;4A<F@F 4E8 7<F6HFF87 ;8E849G8E +8AF<BA
;4F 588A E8CBEG87 GB 58 G;8 CE898EE87 @B78 B9 ?B47<A: 5L A46E8 4F <G
CEB@BG8F F8I8E4? >8L GBH:;8A<A: @86;4A<F@F +;8 FGE8FFFGE4<A 58;4I
<BHE F;BJF 4 ?<A84E 8?4FG<6 E8:<BA 4A7 C?4FG<6 789BE@4G<BA J<G; FGE4<A
;4E78A<A: 23  F<:A<9<64AG I4E<45<?<GL <A G;8 G8AF<?8 FGE8A:G; B9 A46E8
;4F 588A 4GGE<5HG87 GB 9E46GHE8 <A G;8 T4JF8AF<G<I8 G45?8GF 23 
F6;8@4G<6 B9 G;8 G8AF<?8 58;4I<BHE B9 G;8 G45?8GF <F <??HFGE4G87 <A <:
4 <A G;8 HA789BE@87 FG4G8 J;8E85L G;8 ?B47 <F GE4AF98EE87 I<4 F;84E
G;EBH:; G;8 <AG8E9468 +;8 >8L @86;4A<F@ E8FCBAF<5?8 9BE A46E8F FGE4<A
;4E78A<A: 58;4I<BHE <F CEB:E8FF<I8 @<6EBF64?8 F?<7<A: 4A7 <AG8E?B6>
<A: 58GJ88A G;8 J4IL G45?8G <AG8E9468F J;<6; @4<AG4<A 6BAG46G HC GB
F?<7<A: 7<FG4A68F B9  A@ <: 5 23 %4AB4FC8E<G<8F 7B ABG
6BAGE<5HG8 @H6; GB G;8 GBH:;A8FF HA78E G8AF<BA :<I8A G;4G G;8L 4E8
F@4?? 984GHE8F G;4G ?BF8 6BAG46G 58LBA7 F?<7<A: 7<FG4A68F B9  A@
 9HEG;8E GBH:;8A<A: @86;4A<F@ <F CEB:E8FF<I8 9E46GHE8 B9 F46E<S6<4?
Fig. 6. 4 *6;8@4G<6 B9 CB?L:BA4? J4IL A46E8BHF G45?8GF HA78E G8AF<BA <A G;8 HA789BE@87
FG4G8 J<G; >8L <AG8E946<4? 984GHE8F ;<:;?<:;G87 5 89BE@87 FG4G8 F;BJ<A: F;84E GE4AF98E
G;EBH:; G;8 <AG8E9468 J;8E8 <AG8E?B6><A: 7H8 GB 6BAG46G 58GJ88A G45?8GF 4A7 FGE8G6;<A: B9
?<:4@8AGF 4E8 G;8 >8L GBH:;8A<A: @86;4A<F@F 4A7 6 *GE8G6;87 ?<:4@8AGF J;8E85L 9E46
GHE8 B9 F46E<S6<4? <AG8E@87<4G8 5BA7F 8KCBF8 4 FGE8G6;87 ;<778A ?8A:G; J;<6; <F 4ABG;8E
GBH:;8A<A: @86;4A<F@ 474CG87 9EB@ )89F 23
A. Ghazlan et al. Composites Part B xxx (xxxx) xxx-xxx
5BA7F <A G;8 ?<:4@8AGF 6BAA86G87 58GJ88A G;8 G45?8GF <: 6 23
J;<6; 8KCBF8 HAFGE8G6;87 ;<778A ?8A:G;F +;8 <AG8E@87<4G8 9E46GHE8 B9
G;8F8 ?<:4@8AGF <A G;8 J84>8E ?BBCF BE @B7H?8F CEB@BG8F 8A8E:L 7<F
F<C4G<BA J;<?FG @4<AG4<A<A: G;8 <AG8:E<GL B9 G;8 6BAA86G<BA 58GJ88A G;8
G45?8GF +;<F CEB68FF B9 6L6?<6 9E46GHE8 B9 G;8F8 <AG8E@87<4G8 5BA7F E8
C84GF HA78E G;8 FGEBA: 5BA7F 58GJ88A G;8 G45?8GF 9E46GHE8
,A78E 6B@CE8FF<BA A46E8 8K;<5<GF 4A<FBGEBC<6 58;4I<BHE J;8A
?B4787 C4E4??8? BE C8EC8A7<6H?4E GB G;8 G45?8G 9468GF 23 G <F J84>8E
4A7 @BE8 5E<GG?8 J;8A ?B4787 C4E4??8? GB G;8 G45?8G 9468GF 7H8 GB @<
6EB5H6>?<A: 4G G;8 <AG8E9468 4A7 8K;<5<GF F8I8E4? 6L6?8F B9 ?B47<A: 4A7
HA?B47<A: J;8A ?B4787 C8EC8A7<6H?4E GB G;8 G45?8G 9468GF +;8 6B@CE8F
F<I8 58;4I<BHE B9 A46E8 <F ;<:;?L E4G8 78C8A78AG J;8A ?B4787 C8EC8A
7<6H?4E GB G;8 G45?8G 9468GF <A7<64G<A: G;4G <GF 4E6;<G86GHE8 @4L 58 <784?
9BE 78984G<A: 54??<FG<6 4GG46>F 23 +;8 CEBC4:4G<BA B9 C4EG<4? 7<F?B64
G<BAF 4A7 789BE@4G<BA GJ<AA<A: 4E8 BG;8E @86;4A<F@F E8CBEG87 HA78E
;<:; FGE4<AE4G8 HA<4K<4? 6B@CE8FF<BA 23 ,A78E ABG6;87 58A7<A: A46E8
8K;<5<GF F8I8E4? GBH:;8A<A: 89986GF B5F8EI87 <A S5E8E8<A9BE687 6B@CBF
<G8F <A6?H7<A: 6E46> 78T86G<BA 4A7 5E<7:<A: 23 +;<F 946<?<G4G8F ?4E:8
<A8?4FG<6 789BE@4G<BAF 4;847 B9 G;8 6E46> G<C J;<6; 5?HAG G;8 6E46>
%46E8 <F CEB@<A8AG?L GBH:;8E <A <GF ;L7E4G87 FG4G8 4F J4G8E C?4FG<6<F8F
G;8 @4GE<K A <GF 7EL FG4G8 <G 8K;<5<GF 5E<GG?8 9E46GHE8 F<@<?4E GB <GF >8L
6BAFG<GH8AG 5H?> 4E4:BA<G8 A 6BAGE4FG A46E8 8K;<5<GF 7H6G<?8 58;4I<BHE
J;8A 7<E86G?L F;84E87 8I8A <A <GF 7EL FG4G8 23 +;<F <F 4GGE<5HG87 GB
@BE8 F?<7<A: F<G8F 58<A: 46G<I4G87 58GJ88A G;8 G45?8G <AG8E9468F HEG;8E
@BE8 G;8 G45?8GF 8KC4A7 F<:A<9<64AG?L <A G;8 G;EBH:;G;<6>A8FF 7<E86G<BA
FH6; G;4G G45?8G F?<7<A: <F @BE8 7<9S6H?G GB <A<G<4G8 G;8E85L 78?4L<A: G;8
BAF8G B9 C?4FG<6 789BE@4G<BA
,A78E <A78AG4G<BA G;8 IB<7F 7H8 GB A4AB4FC8E<G<8F F8C4E4G<A: G;8
G45?8GF ;4I8 4 @BE8 CEB@<A8AG 6BAGE<5HG<BA GB G;8 8A8E:L 45FBECG<BA 64
C46<GL B9 A46E8 4F G;8L T4GG8A BE FB9G8A G;8 6B@CBF<G8 HAG<? 6BAG46G
58GJ88A G;8 G45?8GF G4>8F BI8E <A E8F<FG<A: G;8 ?B47 23 <5E8 CH??BHG
6E46> 78T86G<BA 4A7 BE:4A<6 @4GE<K 5E<7:<A: J8E8 4?FB E8CBEG87 4F >8L
GBH:;8A<A: @86;4A<F@F ?G;BH:; 9E46GHE8 B66HEF <A 4 F@4?? AH@58E B9
G45?8GF HA78E G;<F <784?<F87 ?B47<A: 6BA7<G<BA G45?8G 9E46GHE8 64A 6B@
CEB@<F8 G;8 <AG8:E<GL B9 G;8 FGEH6GHE8 C4EG<6H?4E?L HA78E 54??<FG<6 <@C46G
4A7 7H6G<?8 G45?8GF @4L G;8E85L 58 CE898E45?8 A78AG4G<BA J4F 4?FB HF87
GB 78G8E@<A8 G;8 ;4E7A8FF 4A7 8?4FG<6 @B7H?HF B9 A46E8 J;<6; F;BJ87
G;4G G;8F8 CEBC8EG<8F 4E8 <AF8AF<G<I8 A4ABF64?8 BE:4A<6 <A6?HF<BAF <A G;8
G45?8GF 23
Conch (Strombus gigas) shell. BA6; *GEB@5HF :<:4F F;8?? <:
4 ;4F 588A 8KG8AF<I8?L <AI8FG<:4G87 9BE <GF HA<DH8 74@4:8 @<G<:4G
<A: @86;4A<F@F <A 4::E8FF<I8 8AI<EBA@8AGF A 6B@C4E<FBA J<G; A46E8
6BA6; ;4F G8A G<@8F G;8 JBE> B9 9E46GHE8 5HG 4 G8AF<?8 FGE8A:G; G;4G <F
 ?BJ8E 23 +;8 FGEH6GHE8 B9 G;8 F;8?? <F 4A4?B:BHF GB C?LJBB7
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 JG 68E4@<6 G;8 ;<8E4E6;<64? 4EE4A:8@8AG B9 G;8 @46EBF6BC<6 <A
A8E @<77?8 4A7 BHG8E ?4L8EF E8FH?G <A 8K68??8AG GBH:;A8FF 23
+;8 ;<8E4E6;<64? FGEH6GHE4? 984GHE8F B9 6BA6; 4A7 G;8<E 9HA6G<BAF ;4I8
588A B5F8EI87 BI8E F8I8E4? ?8A:G; F64?8F 23 G;EBH:;
AH@8EBHF 6;4E46G8E<F4G<BA G86;A<DH8F
G G;8 @46EB F64?8 G;E88 @46EB ?4L8EF ;4I8 588A B5F8EI87 <AG8E<BE
@<77?8 4A7 8KG8E<BE <: 4 23 J;<6; 4E8 4FF8@5?87 9EB@ C?L
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G;8 FGEH6GHE8 4A7 CE8I8AG 64G4FGEBC;<6 74@4:8 +;8 9HA6G<BA B9 G;8 BHG8E
@46EB ?4L8E <F GB 8A45?8 6;4AA8? 6E46>F GB 9BE@ J;<6; 4E8 78T86G87
4G 4A7 4EE8FG87 <A G;8 @<77?8 @46EB ?4L8E +;8 @46EB ?4L8EF
4E8 4FF8@5?87 9EB@ SEFG BE78E ?4@8??48 BE C?4G8F <: 5 G;4G ;4I8
4 G;<6>A8FF B9 4CCEBK<@4G8?L  4A7 4E8 F8I8E4? @<6EB@8G8EF <A
J<7G; 23 J;<6; 6E84G8 4 J84> CE<A6<C4? 7<E86G<BA 9BE 6E46>F
GB CEBC4:4G8 +;8F8 C?4G8F 4E8 <A GHEA 4FF8@5?87 9EB@ ?4L8EF B9 HA<
7<E86G<BA4? F86BA7 BE78E ?4@8??48 J;<6; 4E8 584@F BE C?4A>F G;4G 4E8
FG46>87 4A7 BE<8AG87 <A GJB BEG;B:BA4? BE<8AG4G<BAF E8?4G<I8 GB 846;
BG;8E @4<A?L  23 +;8F8 584@F ;4I8 4 G;<6>A8FF
<A G;8 E4A:8 B9   4 J<7G; 58GJ88A  4A7   4A7 4 ?8A:G; B9
4 98J ;HA7E87 @<6EB@8G8EF 23 +;8 F86BA7BE78E ?4@8??48 5E<7:8
6E46>F J;<6; GE4I8? 4?BA: G;8 J84> 7<E86G<BA <8 58GJ88A 47=468AG
SEFG BE78E ?4@8??48 +;8F8 584@F 4E8 6B@CBF87 B9 G8AF B9 G;BHF4A7F B9
G;<E7 BE78E ?4@8??48 A4@8?L G;8 5H<?7<A: 5?B6> B9 G;8 F;8?? 23
+;8F8 E86G4A:H?4E C?4A>F BE J87:8F 4E8 G;8 5H<?7<A: 5?B6>F B9 G;8
6EBFF87?4@8??4E FGEH6GHE8 +;8L 4E8 FGEBA:?L 5BA787 5L BE:4A<6 @4G8
E<4? +;<F 5H<?7<A: 5?B6> <F 6B@CBF87 B9 A4ABGJ<AA87 4E4:BA<G8 <:
6 4A7 ;4F 4 FGEH6GHE8 F<@<?4E GB C?LJBB7 46; G;<E7 BE78E ?4@8??4
;4F 4 J<7G; B9 4CCEBK<@4G8?L A@ 4 G;<6>A8FF <A G;8 E4A:8 B9
4A7 4 ?8A:G; B9 F8I8E4? @<6EB@8G8EF 4EBHA7  A@
E46> 78T86G<BA 4G G;8 A4ABF64?8 ;4F 588A B5F8EI87 4G G;8 9BHEG;BE
78E GB 8A;4A68 9E46GHE8 GBH:;A8FF  G;<A BE:4A<6 @4GE<K 466BHAGF 9BE
4CCEBK<@4G8?L  JG 4A7 F8C4E4G8F G;8 G;<E7 BE78E ?4@8??48 +;8 6BA
9BE@<A: FHE9468F B9 G;8F8 ?4@8??48 E8FH?G <A 89986G<I8 <AG8E?B6><A: :8B@8
GE<8F 23 G ;4F 588A E8CBEG87 G;4G G;8 @4GE<K ;4F 4 FGEBA:
<ATH8A68 BA G;8 @86;4A<64? E8FCBAF8 B9 G;8 F;8?? 23
+;8 @86;4A<64? CEBC8EG<8F 4A7 94<?HE8 @86;4A<F@F B9 6BA6; ;4I8
588A 8FG45?<F;87 HA78E <784?<F87 ?B47<A: 6BA7<G<BAF <A6?H7<A: <A78A
G4G<BA 23 6B@CE8FF<BA 23 4A7 58A7<A:
23 +;8 @BFG E8?8I4AG @86;4A<F@F <A G;8 6BAG8KG B9
54??<FG<6 CEBG86G<BA 4CC?<64G<BAF 4E8 FH@@4E<F87 ;8E849G8E 4A7 G;8 @8
6;4A<64? CEBC8EG<8F 4E8 FH@@4E<F87 <A *86G<BA  F6;8@4G<6 B9 G;8
6EBFF?4@8??4E FGEH6GHE8 B9 6BA6; <F F;BJA <A <: 4 %4AB<A78AG4
G<BA G8FGF ;4I8 588A 6BA7H6G87 GB F<@H?4G<BA G;8 F;4EC G88G; B9 4 CE874
GBE 4F F6;8@4G<64??L F;BJA <A <: 5 J;<6; E8I84?87 G;8 @86;4A<
64? 58;4I<BHE B9 6BA6; <F FGEBA:?L 4A<FBGEBC<6 23 $B78 9E46GHE8
7H8 GB 78?4@<A4G<BA 58GJ88A G;8 G;<E7BE78E ?4@8??48 ;4F 588A E8CBEG87
4F 4 >8L GBH:;8A<A: @86;4A<F@ 23 4F J8?? 4F @B78 9E46GHE8 58
GJ88A G;8 G;<E7BE78E ?4@8??48 J;8E85L G;8 C?4A>F 5H6>?8 4?BA: G;8
T4G C4E4??8? 9468 B9 G;8 <A78AG8E E46> GBEGHBF<GL <A G;8 9BE@ B9 4E6;
<A: 9E46GHE8F BE<:<A4G<A: 9EB@ G;8 F<78F B9 G;8 <A78AG8E ;47 G;8 89986GF
B9 78?B64?<F<A: 9E46GHE8 +;8 4E4:BA<G8 ?4@8??48 J8E8 9BHA7 GB 58 7H6
G<?8 G;8E85L 6BAGE47<6G<A: G;8 4FFH@87 5E<GG?8 A4GHE8 B9 G;8 4E4:BA<G8
C;4F8 +;<F 7H6G<?8 58;4I<BHE J4F 4GGE<5HG87 GB G;8 I<F6B8?4FG<6C?4F
G<6 5<BCB?L@8E 58GJ88A G;8 A4ABC4EG<6?8F J;<6; 46GF 4F EH558E54A7F
AF<GH GE4AF@<FF<BA 8?86GEBA @<6EBF6BCL +$ A4AB<A78AG4G<BA 8KC8E
<@8AGF BA A4ABGJ<AA87 4E4:BA<G8 8KGE46G87 9EB@ G;8 6BA6; F;8?? 4A7
<GF F<A:?86ELFG4??<A8 GJ<A9E88 6BHAG8EC4EG E8I84?87 6E46> 78T86G<BA 4G
G;8 GJ<A 5BHA74E<8F B9 G;8 4E4:BA<G8 ?4@8??48 J;<6; J4F 4GGE<5HG87 GB
G;8 8A;4A687 9E46GHE8 GBH:;A8FF B9 G;8 F;8?? 23
B@CE8FF<I8 G8FGF F;BJ87 G;4G G;8 @86;4A<64? 58;4I<BHE B9 6BA6; <F
;<:;?L 4A<FBGEBC<6 4A7 E4G8 78C8A78AG 4A7 G;8 ;<:; I4E<45<?<GL <A G;8
@86;4A<64? CEBC8EG<8F J4F 4GGE<5HG87 GB F8I8E4? HA68EG4<AG<8F A4@8?L
G;8 I4EL<A: G;<6>A8FF B9 G;8 @46EB ?4L8EF T4JF 8K<FG<A: 6E46>F 4A7 FB
BA 23 K<4? FC?<GG<A: 58GJ88A G;8 ?4@8??48 J4F B5F8EI87 GB 58
G;8 5E<GG?8 94<?HE8 @B78 B9 G;8 6BA6; F;8?? HA78E 6B@CE8FF<BA J;<6;
B66HEF C4E4??8? GB G;8 ?B47<A: 7<E86G<BA E46> 78T86G<BA 4A7 5?HAG<A:
Fig. 7. 4 *6;8@4G<6 B9 G;8 6EBFF?4@8??4E FGEH6GHE8 B9 6BA6; J<G; G;8 CEB@<A8AG @46EB
?4L8EF ;<:;?<:;G87 5 E46> CEBC4:4G<BA G;EBH:; G;8 @46EB ?4L8EF HA78E ?B64?<F87 <A78A
G4G<BA +;8 ;4E7 68E4@<6 C;4F8 E8F<FGF C8E9BE4G<BA J;<?8 6E46> 78T86G<BA 4A7 <AG8E?B6><A:
58GJ88A C?4A>F <A G;8 @<77?8 @46EB ?4L8E 7<FF<C4G8 8A8E:L 474CG87 9EB@ )89F 23
A. Ghazlan et al. Composites Part B xxx (xxxx) xxx-xxx
4?BA: G;8 BE:4A<6<ABE:4A<6 <AG8E9468 <A G;8 @<77?8 @46EB ?4L8E J8E8 E8
CBEG87 4F 4 >8L GBH:;8A<A: @86;4A<F@F <: 5 +;8 FHC8E<BE GBH:;
A8FF B9 6BA6; J4F @4<A?L 4GGE<5HG87 GB 6E46> 5<9HE64G<BA 4A7 78?B64?<F4
8A7<A: G8FGF BA 6BA6; FC86<@8AF F;BJ87 G;4G <G <F @H6; GBH:;8E
<A <GF ;L7E4G87 FG4G8 4A7 @BE8 5E<GG?8 <A <GF 7EL FG4G8 23 &G;8E E8
F84E6;8EF E8CBEG87 F<@<?4E B5F8EI4G<BAF J;8E85L 6;4AA8? 6E46>F J8E8
B5F8EI87 4?BA: G;8 SEFGBE78E <AG8E9468F 58GJ88A G;8 BHG8E 4A7 @<77?8
@46EB ?4L8EF J;<6; J8E8 78T86G87 4A7 4EE8FG87 <A G;8 GBH:; @<77?8
@46EB ?4L8E <: 5 GB CE8I8AG 64G4FGEBC;<6 94<?HE8 23 A FH@
@4EL G;8 ;<:; 9E46GHE8 GBH:;A8FF B9 G;8 F;8?? <F 4GGE<5HG87 GB G;8 BAF8G B9
6;4AA8? 6E46><A: <AG8E?4L8E 78?4@<A4G<BA 4A7 6E46> GBEGHBF<GL J;8E85L
G;8 6E46>F <A G;8 @<77?8 ?4L8E CEBC4:4G8 7<E86G?L 4?BA: G;8 F86BA7 BE78E
<AG8E9468F 4G GB G;8 4CC?<87 FGE8FF
Fish scales (mainly Arapaima gigas). <F; F64?8F <: 4 ;4I8 4
GJB?4L8E T8K<5?8 4E@BHE 6BAS:HE4G<BA G;4G <F E8@<A<F68AG B9 S5E8E8<A
9BE687 6B@CBF<G8F +;<F FLFG8@ CEBI<78F C8E9BE4G<BA E8F<FG4A68 4A7 T8K<
5<?<GL GB CEBG86G G;8 SF; J;<?FG @4<AG4<A<A: <GF @B5<?<GL <A 4::E8FF<I8 @4
E<A8 8AI<EBA@8AGF 8: G;8 @4MBA )<I8E 4F<A <A *BHG; @8E<64 J;<6;
<F <A;45<G87 5L C<E4A;4F +;8 FGEH6GHE8 B9 G;8 F;8?? <F 4A4?B:BHF GB C?L
JBB7 BE S5E8E8<A9BE687 ?4@<A4G8F 6B@CBF<G8F +;8 ;<8E4E6;<64? FGEH6
GHE4? 984GHE8F B9 SF; F64?8 4A7 G;8<E 9HA6G<BAF ;4I8 588A B5F8EI87 BI8E
F8I8E4? ?8A:G; F64?8F 23 G;EBH:; AH@8EBHF 6;4E46G8E<F4G<BA
G G;8 @46EB F64?8 G;8 E4C4<@4 F64?8 ;4F 4 GJB?4L8E T8K<5?8
4E@BHE 6BAS:HE4G<BA J<G; GJB @4<A F86G<BAF 4A 8@587787 8?4FG<6
?4L8E GB 45FBE5 8A8E:L 4A7 8KCBF87 5BAL ?4L8E J<G; 4 G;<6>A8FF B9
45BHG  @@ 4A7  @@ GB CE8I8AG C8E9BE4G<BA E8FC86G<I8?L <: 5
+;8 8KCBF87 ?4L8E <F ;<:;?L E8F<FG4AG GB <A78AG4G<BA 7H8 GB <GF @<A
8E4?<F87 6B@CBF<G<BA 4A7 G;8E85L CE8I8AGF CHA6GHE8 9EB@ 4 CE874GBE
5<G8 +;8 C?LJBB7?<>8 4E6;<G86GHE8 B9 G;8 8@587787 ?4L8E 946<?<G4G8F
8A8E:L 7<FF<C4G<BA I<4 @86;4A<F@F B5F8EI87 <A S5E8 E8<A9BE687 6B@
CBF<G8F &G;8E SF; F64?8F 8: Pagrus major ;4I8 4 G;<6>A8FF 4F ?BJ 4F
μ@ 23 +;8 F64?8F ;4I8 4 ?8A:G; B9  6@ 4A7 4 J<7G;
B9 45BHG  6@ +;8 F64?8F 4E8 FG4::8E87 GB 9BE@ 4A 4E@BHE FLFG8@ FH6;
G;4G G;8L BI8E?4C J<G; 4A 4E84? 9E46G<BA B9  23 G G;8 @<
6EB F64?8 G;8 5BAL BE 8KCBF87 ?4L8E B9 G;8 F64?8 <F ;<:;?L @<A8E4?<F87
4A7 ;4F E<7:8F <: 5 J;8E84F G;8 8@587787 ?4L8E ;4F 4 ?4@<A4G87
FGEH6GHE8 5H<?G 9EB@ ?4L8EF B9 6B??4:8A S5E8F <: 6 23 +;8 5BAL
?4L8E ;4F 588A 6;4E46G8E<F87 9BE FB@8 FC86<8F B9 SF; FH6; 4F 4??<:4GBE
:4E Atractosteus spatula J;<6; 6B@CE<F8F F8I8E4? ?4L8EF B9 ;L7EBKL4C
4G<G8 4A7 4A 8KG8E<BE 8A4@8? :4AB<A8 ?4L8E J<G; 4 G;<6>A8FF B9 
G;<6> +;8 5BAL ?4L8E 6BAF<FGF B9 FH5?4L8EF G;4G 4E8   4A7 6BI8EF
 B9 G;8 F64?8 23 +;8 8@587787 ?4L8E <F 5H<?G 9EB@ 6B??4:8A
S5E8F G;4G 4E8 4FF8@5?87 <AGB ?4@8??48 J<G; 4 G;<6>A8FF B9 4EBHA7  μ@
23 G;8 E8?4G<I8 4A:?8F B9 G;8 S5E8F 58GJ88A ?4@8??48 ;4I8 588A B5
F8EI87 GB 58 4EBHA7  +;8 5HA7?8F B9 6B??4:8A S5E8F  μ@ 7<4@8
G8E J;<6; 4E8 4FF8@5?87 9EB@ 6B??4:8A A4ABS5E<?F <: 7 4A7 8 G;4G
4E8 4?<:A87 <A G;8 F4@8 7<E86G<BA CEBI<78 G8AF<?8 FGE8A:G; 4?BA: G;8<E
?BA:<GH7<A4? 4K<F G G;8 A4AB F64?8 G;8 6B??4:8A S5E<?F ;4I8 4 7<4@8G8E
B9 4CCEBK<@4G8?L  A@ +;8 C?LJBB7?<>8 BE<8AG4G<BAF B9 G;8 6B??4:8A
S5E8F E8FH?G <A FGE8A:G; 4F J8?? 4F 74@4:8 GB?8E4A68 I<4 6E46> 78T86G<BA
4A7 5E<7:<A: <A @H?G<C?8 7<E86G<BAF <5E8 5E<7:<A: B9 6E46>F <A6E84F8F
G;8 GBH:;A8FF B9 G;8 F64?8 +;8 @<A8E4? ;L7EBKL4C4G<G8 6B@CBA8AG B9
G;8 F64?8 CEBI<78F 6B@CE8FF<I8 FGE8A:G; +;8 @<A8E4?<F87 5BAL ?4L8E CEB
I<78F ;<:; E8F<FG4A68 GB CHA6GHE8 +;8 6B??4:8A C;4F8 ;4F 588A E8@BI87
9EB@ G;8 F64?8 78CEBG8<A<F4G<BA GB 78G8E@<A8 G;8 @BEC;B?B:L B9 G;8
C?4G8?8GF J;<6; ;4I8 4 E4A7B@ BE<8AG4G<BA +;8 C?4G8?8GF 4E8 4FF8@5?87
GB 9BE@ G;E88 F8@<6<E6?8F 4?BA: 4 6B@@BA 4K<F 4A7 ;4I8 4 G;<6>A8FF 4A7
7<4@8G8E B9  A@ 4A7  A@ E8FC86G<I8?L +;<F GLC8 B9 4EE4A:8@8AG
7B8F ABG 7<FEHCG G;8 C4E4??8? 4?<:A@8AG B9 G;8 6B??4:8A S5E<?F FH6; G;4G
4 F8@<6BAG<AHBHF BE 8I8A 6BAG<AHBHF A8GJBE> <A G;8 4?<:A87 6B??4:8A
S5E8 A8GJBE> 64A 58 9BE@87 23
+;8 @86;4A<64? CEBC8EG<8F 4A7 94<?HE8 @86;4A<F@F B9 SF; F64?8 ;4I8
588A 8FG45?<F;87 HA78E <784?<F87 ?B47<A: 6BA7<G<BAF <A6?H7<A: G8AF<BA
23 C8E9BE4G<BACHA6GHE8 23 <A78AG4G<BA
23 4A7 58A7<A: 23 +;8 @BFG E8?8I4AG <A G;8
6BAG8KG B9 54??<FG<6 CEBG86G<BA 4CC?<64G<BAF 4E8 FH@@4E<F87 ;8E849G8E
4A7 G;8 @86;4A<64? CEBC8EG<8F 4E8 FH@@4E<F87 <A *86G<BA  ,A
78E G8AF<BA SF; F64?8 ;4F 4 ?BJ FG<VA8FF 7H8 GB <GF ?BJ @<A8E4? 6BA
G8AG  23 GF FGE8FFFGE4<A 6HEI8 F;BJF 4F FH5F8DH8AG C?4FG<6 E8
:<BA HC GB 4 9E46GHE8 FGE4<A B9  *?<7<A: 4A7 CH??BHG B9 G;8 6B??4:8A
S5E8F J8E8 G;8 >8L @86;4A<F@F :BI8EA<A: C?4FG<6 789BE@4G<BA J<G;<A
G;8 ?4@8??4E FGEH6GHE8 ,F<A: BCG<64? @8G;B7F FH778A 6E46><A: B9 G;8
5BAL ?4L8E 9B??BJ87 5L CEB:E8FF<I8 78?4@<A4G<BA 58GJ88A G;8 6B??4:8A
?4L8E 4A7 G;8 FG<V 5BAL ?4L8E ;4I8 588A B5F8EI87 23 +;<F 58;4I<BHE
J4F E8T86G87 4F FG4<E?<>8 C4GG8EAF BA G;8 FGE8FFFGE4<A 6HEI8 +;8 SF;
F64?8 4?FB 8K;<5<GF @BE8 7H6G<?8 58;4I<BHE HA78E ;L7E4G87 6BA7<G<BAF
4A7 E4G878C8A78A68 <A G;8 0BHA:F @B7H?HF HA78E G8AF<BA 23 +;8
J4G8E 6BAG8AG B9 G;8 FB4>87 F4@C?8F 4EBHA7  B9 G;8<E 7EL J8<:;G
E87H68F G;8 IB?H@8 9E46G<BA B9 ;L7EBKL4C4G<G8 6ELFG4?F A 89986G G;<F E8
7H68F G;8 FGE8A:G; B9 G;8 F64?8 23 '8E9BE4G<BACHA6GHE8 G8FGF ;4I8
588A 6BA7H6G87 HF<A: 4 F;4EC A887?8 GB F<@H?4G8 4 CE874GBE 5<G8 BA 4
SF; F64?8 23 +;8L B5F8EI87 G;4G G;8 SF; F64?8 ;4F F<:A<9<64AG?L
;<:;8E CHA6GHE8 E8F<FG4A68 G;4A ;<:; C8E9BE@4A68 8A:<A88E<A: CB?L@8EF
CB?LFGLE8A8 4A7 CB?L64E5BA4G8 +;8L E8CBEG87 G;4G G;8 5BAL ?4L8E <F 4A
<@CBEG4AG 54EE<8E GB CHA6GHE8 HCBA <FB?4G<A: <G G;8 6B??4:8A ?4L8E J;<6;
J4F 84F<?L C8A8GE4G87 F 4 FLFG8@ G;8 J8??78SA87 BI8E?4CC<A: F64?8
FGEH6GHE8 E8FH?GF <A G;E88 ?4L8EF B9 F64?8F J;<6; 4E8 94E @BE8 89986G<I8
<A 8A;4A6<A: CHA6GHE8 E8F<FG4A68 +;8 FG<VA8FF B9 G;8 546><A: FH5FGE4G8
J4F ABG 9BHA7 GB 49986G G;8 CHA6GHE8 9BE68
$8L8EF 8G 4? 23 4?FB 6BA7H6G87 C8A8GE4G<BA 8KC8E<@8AGF BA SF;
F64?8F 5HG HF87 46GH4? C<E4A;4 G88G; +;8L E8CBEG87 G;4G G;8 E8F<FG4A68
GB C8A8GE4G<BA <F @H6; ;<:;8E G;4A G;8 5<G8 9BE68 B9 G;8 C<E4A;4 4EBHA7
 % 7H8 GB G;8 ;<:;?L @<A8E4?<F87 8KG8E<BE ?4L8E B9 G;8 F64?8 *<@<?4E
B5F8EI4G<BAF J8E8 @478 5L *;8E@4A 8G 4? 23 J;B C8E9BE@87 C8A8
GE4G<BA G8FGF BA Atractosteus spatula F64?8F 4A7 B5F8EI87 G;8 ;<:; C8E9BE4
G<BA E8F<FG4A68 B9 G;8 5BAL ?4L8E ,A78E <A78AG4G<BA BE<8AG87 A4ABEB7F
8@587787 <A 4 @4GE<K <A G;8 BHG8E ?4L8E B9 4 SF; F64?8 J8E8 B5F8EI87
4A7 BE:4A<M87 S5E8?<>8 FGEH6GHE8F <A G;8 <AA8E ?4L8E 23 +;8 >8L 74@
4:8 @<G<:4G<A: @86;4A<F@F B5F8EI87 J8E8 6E46> 78T86G<BA 4?BA: G;8 <A
G8E9468 58GJ88A G;8 BHG8E 4A7 8@587787 ?4L8EF J;<6; J8E8 4EE8FG87
<A G;8 8@587787 6B??4:8A ?4L8E <:  +;8 >8L GBH:;8A<A: @86;4
A<F@F J8E8 G;8E85L E8CBEG87 4F IB<7?<A><A: 4A7 S5E8 5E<7:<A:  F<:A<9
<64AG @<F@4G6; <A G;8 ;4E7A8FF 4A7 @B7H?HF B9 G;8 BHG8E 4A7 8@587787
?4L8E B9 SF; F64?8 ;4F 588A E8CBEG87 J;<6; J4F 4GGE<5HG87 GB G;8 7<998E
8A68 <A @<A8E4? 6BAG8AG 23
,A78E 58A7<A: G;8 SF; F64?8 J4F E8CBEG87 ;4I8 4A4?B:BHF GBH:;8A
<A: 4A7 ?B47 GE4AF98E @86;4A<F@F GB 4E@BHEF J;8E8 G;8 8KG8E<BE ;4E7
Fig. 8. 4 *6;8@4G<6 B9 G;8 6EBFFC?LJBB7 FGEH6GHE8 B9 SF; F64?8 J<G; G;8 CEB@<A8AG @46EB
?4L8EF ;<:;?<:;G87 +;8 5BAL ?4L8E <F FGEBA: GB E8F<FG ?B64?<F87 C8E9BE4G<BA J;<?FG G;8 8@
587787 6B??4:8A ?4L8E 5 CEB@BG8F 8?4FG<6<GL 4A7 GBH:;A8FF G;EBH:; F<@<?4E 6E46> @<G<:4G
<A: @86;4A<F@F B5F8EI87 <A S5E8E8<A9BE687 6B@CBF<G8F <A6?H7<A: S5E8 5E<7:<A: 474CG87
9EB@ )89 23
A. Ghazlan et al. Composites Part B xxx (xxxx) xxx-xxx
?4L8E CE8I8AGF C8A8GE4G<BA 4A7 4 @BE8 6B@C?<4AG 8@587787 ?4L8E FHC
CBEGF G8AF<?8 ?B47F 4A7 @<G<:4G8F 94<?HE8 23
2.1.2. Other relevant biological structures
EHFG4684A 8KBF>8?8GBA 4A7 6BEG<64? 5BA8 4E8 BG;8E 5<B?B:<64? FGEH6
GHE8F G;4G CBFF8FF <AGE<64G8 984GHE8F G;4G @4L 58 58A8S6<4? 9BE 54??<FG<6
CEBG86G<BA ?G;BH:; 6EHFG4684A 8KBF>8?8GBA 4A7 5BA8 4E8 5H<?G 9BE 4G
G46><A: CE8L 4A7 CEBI<7<A: E<:<7<GL GB G;8 ;H@4A 5B7L E8FC86G<I8?L
G;8<E HA<DH8 S5E8E8<A9BE687 4E6;<G86GHE8F 64A CEBI<78 FHC8E<BE 74@4:8
@<G<:4G<A: @86;4A<F@F +;<F 64A ?847 GB G;8 78I8?BC@8AG B9 4 546><A:
?4L8E <A 4 54??<FG<6 CEBG86G<BA FLFG8@ GB CE8I8AG 64G4FGEBC;<6 94<?HE8 <A
G;8 8I8AG G;4G G;8 FGE<>8 9468 <F 5E846;87 +;8 >8L FGEH6GHE4? 984GHE8F
4A7 9HA6G<BAF G;4G 4E8 CE8I4?8AG GB 54??<FG<6 CEBG86G<BA 4E8 E8I<8J87 4A7
FH@@4E<F87 ;8E849G8E 4A7 G45H?4G87 <A +45?8 
Crustacean (mainly crab) exoskeleton. EHFG4684AF 4E8 C4EG B9
4 94@<?L B9 4AG;EBCB7F +;8<E 5B7L 64A 58 7<I<787 <AGB G;8 ;847
68C;4?BA G;BE4K 4A7 G;8 G4<? 457B@8A 23 ?? 4AG;EBCB7F <A
6?H7<A: GE<5B?<G8F 6;8?<68E4G8F @LE<4CB7F ;8K4CB7F 4A7 6EHFG4684AF 4E8
6BI8E87 J<G; 4A 8KBF>8?8GBA <: 4 J;<6; <F @4<A?L 6B@CBF87 B9
6;<G<A 4 CB?LF4664;4E<78 BE 64E5B;L7E4G8 23 EHFG4684
FH6; 4F 6E45 ?B5FG8E 6E4LSF; BE F;E<@C 4E8 4?E847L CE8F8AG <A G;8
9BFF<? E86BE7 B9 G;8 4E?L 4@5E<4A C8E<B7 <8 G;8 8K<FG87 4CCEBK<
@4G8?L  @<??<BA L84EF 4:B 4A7 4E8 G;8E85L 4@BA: G;8 @BFG FH6
68FF9H? 4A<@4?F ?<I<A: BA 84EG; 23 .8 9B6HF @4<A?L BA G;8 6E45
8KBF>8?8GBA 4F <G CBFF8FF8F F8I8E4? 984GHE8F G;4G 4E8 ;<:;?L 4GGE46G<I8
9BE CEBG86G<I8 FGEH6GHE8F +;8 8KBF>8?8GBA <F 64C45?8 B9 78FGEBL<A: G;8
;4E7 F;8??F B9 @B??H6F I<4 4 ;4@@8E?<>8 FGE<>8 23 *C86<9<64??L G;8
6E45 8KBF>8?8GBA <F 6B@CBF87 B9 ;<:;?L @<A8E4?<F87 6;<G<ACEBG8<A S
5E8F G;4G 4E8 4EE4A:87 <A 4 GJ<FG87 C?LJBB7 C4GG8EA <: 6 64?6<H@
64E5BA4G8 58<A: G;8 GLC<64? @<A8E4? G;4G CEBI<78F @86;4A<64? E<:<7<GL
23 +;8 8KBF>8?8GBA <F E8DH<E87 GB 58 @H?G<9HA6G<BA4? GB
FHCCBEG G;8 5B7L B9 G;8 4A<@4? 4A7 CEBG86G <G 9EB@ @86;4A<64? ?B47F
Table 3
<8E4E6;<64? FGEH6GHE4? 984GHE8F B9 6EHFG4684A 8KBF>8?8GBA 4A7 6BEG<64? 5BA8
*64?8 EHFG4684A8KBF>8?8GBA BEG<64?6B@C46G5BA8
$46EB KBF>8?8GBA G;<6>F;8??
A7B6HG<6?8 IB?B9
8KBF>8?8GBA G;<6>
$8FB KB6HG<6?8@BE878AF8
$<6EB 8?<6B<74?FG46><A:B9C?4A8F
;8?<64?:8B@8GEL J<78
F;4C87?4@8??48 <A
7<4@8G8E J<78
%4AB BA8L6B@55HA7?8FB96;<G<A
7<4@8G8E ?8A:G;
G;<6> ?BA:
C8E<B7<6<GL 7<44A7
GB@<6 #BA:6;4<ACB?LF466;4E<78
6;<G<A@B?86H?8F N FC46<A:
4A7 G;8 ;4EF; 89986GF B9 <GF 8AI<EBA@8AG 23 G 6BAF<FGF B9 F8I8E4?
CEB@<A8AG E8:<BAF 4 G;8 8C<6HG<6?8 J;<6; <F G;8 BHG8E G;<A J4KL ?4L8E
BE @4<A J4G8ECEBB9<A: 54EE<8E 5 G;8 CEB6HG<6?8 J;<6; 9BE@F G;8 FGEH6
GHE4? 6B@CBA8AG 4A7 9HA6G<BAF GB E8F<FG @86;4A<64? ?B47F 23 +;8
CEB6HG<6?8 64A 58 7<FF86G87 <AGB GJB C4EGF <: 5 G;4G ;4I8 4 F<@<?4E
6B@CBF<G<BA 4A7 FGEH6GHE8 G;8 8KB6HG<6?8 BHG8E G;<6> ?4L8E 4A7
8A7B6HG<6?8 <AA8E G;<6> ?4L8E 23 +;8 8A7B6HG<6?8 46
6BHAGF 9BE  IB? B9 G;8 8KBF>8?8GBA J;<?FG G;8 8KB6HG<6?8 <F FG46>87
@BE8 78AF8?L @CBEG4AG?L G;8 J8??78SA87 ;<8E4E6;<64? BE:4A<M4G<BA B9
G;8F8 6B@CBA8AGF BI8E @H?G<C?8 ?8A:G; F64?8F :<I8F G;8 8KBF>8?8GBA <GF
FHC8E<BE C8E9BE@4A68 23
G G;8 @B?86H?4E ?8I8? G;8E8 4E8 ?BA:6;4<A CB?LF466;4E<78 6;<G<AF
4EBHA7  G;4G 9BE@ A4ABS5E<?F  A@ <A 7<4@8G8E 4A7  A@
<A ?8A:G; J;<6; 6BAG4<A I4E<BHF 4@BHAGF B9 64?6<G8 4A7 4@BEC;BHF 64?
6<H@ 64E5BA4G8 C4EG<6?8F 23 +;8 S5E<?F 4E8 JE4CC87 J<G;
CEBG8<AF 4A7 4FF8@5?8 <AGB S5E8F B9 45BHG  A@ <A 7<4@8G8E
23 +;8F8 S5E8F 9HEG;8E 4FF8@5?8 <AGB 5HA7?8F BE ;BA8L
6B@5F;4C87 4EE4LF <: 7 23 +;8 5HA7?8F G;8A 4EE4A:8 G;8@
F8?I8F C4E4??8? GB 846; BG;8E 4A7 9BE@ ;BE<MBAG4? C?4A8F 23
+;8F8 C?4A8F 4E8 FG46>87 <A 4 ;8?<6B<74? @4AA8E 6E84G<A: 4 GJ<FG87 C?L
JBB7 FGEH6GHE8 <: 6 23  FG46> B9 ?4L8EF G;4G
;4I8 6B@C?8G87 4 EBG4G<BA <F E898EE87 GB 4F 4 BH?<:4A7 FGEH6
GHE8 4A7 <F E898EE87 GB 4F G;8 FG46><A: ;8<:;G B9 G;8 GJ<FG87 C?LJBB7
23 +;8F8 FGEH6GHE8F E8C84G GB 9BE@ G;8 8KB6HG<6?8 4A7 8A
7B6HG<6?8 A 6E45 8KBF>8?8GBAF G;8 @<A8E4?F 4E8 <A G;8 9BE@ B9 64?6<G8
BE 4@BEC;BHF 64?6<H@ 64E5BA4G8 J;<6; 4E8 78CBF<G87 J<G;<A G;8 @4GE<K
G;4G G;8 6;<G<ACEBG8<A S5E8F 4E8 8@587787 <AGB 23
+;8 @86;4A<64? 58;4I<BHE B9 6EHFG4684A 8KBF>8?8GBA ;4F 588A <A
I8FG<:4G87 HA78E ?<@<G87 ?B47<A: 6BA7<G<BAF <A78AG4G<BA @<6EB A4AB
C<6B 23 6B@CE8FF<BA 23 G8AF<BA 23 4A7
F;84E 23 +;8 @86;4A<64? CEBC8EG<8F 4E8 FH@@4E<F87 <A *86G<BA
 4A7 G;8 >8L GBH:;8A<A: @86;4A<F@F 4E8 7<F6HFF87 ;8E849G8E A
78AG4G<BA 4A7 6B@CE8FF<BA 4E8 G;8 @BFG CE8I4?8AG <AI8FG<:4G<BAF 4F G;8
8KBF>8?8GBA <F 78F<:A87 9BE 4GG46><A: CE8L FH6; 4F @B??HF6F HF<A: 4
;<:; I8?B6<GL ?B64?<F87 FGE<>8 ,A78E @<6EB<A78AG4G<BA F;88C 6E45 4A7
Homarus americanus 8KBF>8?8GBAF F;BJ ;<:; ;4E7A8FF 4A7 FG<VA8FF <A
G;8 8KB6HG<6?8 4A7 4A 45EHCG 7EBC <A G;8F8 CEBC8EG<8F <A G;8 8A7B6HG<
6?8 23 +;8 ;4E7A8FF <F F<:A<9<64AG?L ;<:;8E <A G;8 6?4JF G;4A <A
G;8 ?8:F B9 G;8 8KBF>8?8GBA A8E:L 7<FC8EF<I8 /E4L / @4CC<A: E8
I84?87 G;4G G;8 8KB6HG<6?8 <F ;<:;?L @<A8E4?<F87 GB <A6E84F8 ;4E7A8FF 4A7
J84E E8F<FG4A68 4G G;8 FHE9468 J;<?FG G;8 8A7B6HG<6?8 9HA6G<BAF GB 45
FBE5 8A8E:L 4A7 CE8I8AG 6E46> CEBC4:4G<BA &E<8AG87 CBE8 64A4? GH5H?8F
<A G;8 GJ<FG87 ;8?<6B<74? FGEH6GHE8 B9 G;8 8KBF>8?8GBA <@C4EG 4A<FBGEBCL
4A7 GBH:;A8FF G;EBH:; G;8 FGEH6GHE8 5L 46G<I4G<A: @86;4A<F@F B9 6E46>
78T86G<BA 4A7 E8F<FG4A68 GB @<6EB5H6>?<A: 23 HEG;8E@BE8 G;8 C8
E<B7<6 A4GHE8 B9 ;4E7 4A7 FB9G <AG8E9468F 58GJ88A 4?C;46;<G<A S5E<?F
4A7 ;L7EBKL4C4G<G8 6ELFG4?F E8FH?GF <A 4 6E46>G<C F;<8?7<A: 89986G G;4G
6;4A:8F G;8 6E46> 7E<I<A: 9BE68 4A7 G;8E85L 4EE8FGF 6E46> CEBC4:4G<BA
G8E@F B9 E8F<FG<A: 5BG; <AC?4A8 4A7 BHGB9C?4A8 46G<BAF 4 +;8 ;<:;
;4E7A8FF B9 G;8 8KB6HG<6?8 BHG8E ?4L8E 4A7 ;<:; 789BE@45<?<GL B9 G;8
8A7B6HG<6?8 <AA8E ?4L8E E8FH?GF <A 8K68??8AG C8A8GE4G<BA E8F<FG4A68 4A7
8A8E:L 45FBECG<BA E8FC86G<I8?L 4A7 5 +;8 GJ<FG87 4EE4A:8@8AG B9 G;8
S5E8F E8FH?GF <A ;<:; 74@4:8 GB?8E4A68 7H8 GB G;8 78T86G<BA 4A7 4EE8FG
B9 6E46>F
,A78E 6B@CE8FF<BA ABE@4? GB G;8 8KBF>8?8GBA B9 G;8 @8E<64A ?B5
FG8E Homarus americanus G;8 8A7B6HG<6?8 F;BJF 4 ?<A84E 8?4FG<6 E8
FCBAF8 9B??BJ87 5L C?4FG<6 789BE@4G<BA 589BE8 9E46GHE8 23 .;8A
6B@CE8FF87 <A G;8 GE4AFI8EF8 7<E86G<BA <G F;BJF 4 FGEBA: 78:E88 B9
4A<FBGEBCL J;8E85L 4 ?<A84E 8?4FG<6 E8:<@8 <F B5F8EI87 9B??BJ87 5L
4A 8KG8A787 C?4G84H E8:<BA 4A7 78AF<S64G<BA 589BE8 94<?HE8 23
+;<F 58;4I<BHE <F 4A4?B:BHF GB G;4G B9 4 68??H?4E FGEH6GHE8 B@CE8FF<BA
B9 G;8 CBE8 64A4?F <F 4 >8L GBH:;8A<A: @86;4A<F@ <A G;8 8KBF>8?8GBA
G;4G ?847F GB 78AF<S64G<BA J;<6; G;8E85L ;<A78EF 6E46> BC8A<A: 4A7
A. Ghazlan et al. Composites Part B xxx (xxxx) xxx-xxx
CEBC4:4G<BA G;EBH:; G;8 6HG<6?8 ,A78E G8AF<BA G;8 8KBF>8?8GBA F;BJF
F<:A<9<64AG GBH:;A8FF 4@C?<S64G<BAF <A <GF ;L7E4G87 FG4G8 4A7 5E<GG?8 58
;4I<BHE <A G;8 7EL FG4G8 23 +;8 >8L 74@4:8 @<G<:4G<A: @86;4A<F@F
B5F8EI87 4E8 CEBGEHF<BA B9 G;8 6;<G<ACEBG8<A 5HA7?8F BHG B9 G;8 GJ<FG87
C?LJBB7 FGEH6GHE8 <A6?H7<A: 9E46GHE8 4A7 A86><A: B9 G;8 7H6G<?8 CBE8
64A4? GH5H?8F J;<6; <F 9B??BJ87 5L F8C4E4G<BA B9 G;8 6;<G<A 5HA7?8F
23 BAGE4EL GB <GF 58;4I<BHE HA78E G8AF<BA G;8 9E46GHE8 GBH:;A8FF B9
G;8 8KBF>8?8GBA <F F<:A<9<64AG?L ;<:;8E <A G;8 7EL FG4G8 HA78E 7<E86G F;84E
?B47<A: J;8E85L G;8 C?4A8F B9 @<A8E4?<F87 S5E8F 4E8 7<FC?4687 4:4<AFG
846; BG;8E ?BA:<GH7<A4??L J<G; E8FC86G GB 6HG<6?8 :8B@8GEL J;<6; L<8?7F
4 ;<:; JBE> 9E46GHE8 GB 5E84> G;8F8 S5E8F 23 +;<F ;<:;?<:;GF
G;8 <@CBEG4A68 B9 G;8 CBE8 64A4? GH5H?8F <A G8E@F B9 FG<G6;<A: G;8 @<A8E
4?<F87 S5E8 C?4A8F GB:8G;8E 4A7 G;8E85L <@CEBI<A: G;8 E8F<FG4A68 B9 G;8
8KBF>8?8GBA GB 78?4@<A4G<BA
Cortical (compact) bone. BA8F ;4I8 <AFC<E87 E8F84E6; BA G;8 5<B
@<@<6EL B9 4E@BHE FLFG8@F 9BE 54??<FG<6 CEBG86G<BA F88 <:  4A7 4E8
A4GHE4??L J8??FH<G87 GB E8F<FG<A: 5?HAG GE4H@4 4F G;8L 4E8 ABG 4 F<A:?8
FB?<7 @4G8E<4? +;8E8 4E8 GJB >8L 6B@CBA8AGF GB 5BA8 6BEG<64? 6B@
C46G 4A7 64A68??BHF CBEBHF 23 .8 9B6HF BA G;8 ?4@8??4E
FGEH6GHE8 B9 6B@C46G 5BA8 <: 4 J;<6; E898EF GB G;8 BE:4A<M4G<BA B9
G;8 BFG8BAF 4G G;8 @<6EB F64?8 <: 5 A BE78E GB HA78EFG4A7 G;8 @8
6;4A<64? CEBC8EG<8F B9 5BA8 <G <F <@CBEG4AG GB HA78EFG4A7 G;8 @86;4A
<64? CEBC8EG<8F B9 <GF 6B@CBA8AG C;4F8F 4A7 G;8 FGEH6GHE4? E8?4G<BAF;<C
58GJ88A G;8@ 4G G;8 I4E<BHF ?8I8?F B9 <GF ;<8E4E6;<64? FGEH6GHE4? BE:4
A<M4G<BA BEG<64? 5BA8 64EE<8F 4 6BAF<78E45?8 F;4E8 B9 G;8 GBG4? ?B47 B9
G;8 F>8?8GBA <B@86;4A<64? FGH7<8F ;4I8 6?84E?L 78@BAFGE4G87 G;4G G;8
FGEH6GHE4? 58;4I<BHE B9 J;B?8 5BA8 FC86<@8AF <F ;<:;?L 78G8E@<A87 5L
G;8 6BAGE<5HG<BA B9 6BEG<64? 5BA8 23
BA8 <F 4 6B@CBF<G8 @4G8E<4? 6BAG4<A<A: 45BHG  @<A8E4? ;L
7EBKL4C4G<G8  CEBG8<AF GLC8 6B??4:8A 4A7  J4G8E 5L J8<:;G
23 HE<A: 8I8EL74L 46G<I<G<8F 5BA8 @HFG J<G;
FG4A7 5BG; 6B@CE8FF<I8 4A7 G8AF<?8 FGE8FF8F 4F J8?? 4F 58A7<A: 4A7 GBE
F<BA4? @B@8AGF ?G;BH:; G;8 @<A8E4? 6BAFG<GH8AG E8F<FGF 6B@CE8FF<BA
9BE68F I8EL 89986G<I8?L <G ;4F 4 E8?4G<I8?L CBBE 45<?<GL GB J<G;FG4A7 G8A
F<?8 ?B47F A 6BAGE4FG G;8 G8AF<?8 FGE8A:G; B9 5BA8 E8FH?GF 9EB@ G;8 6B?
?4:8A S5E<?F 4EE4A:87 <A G;8 ?4@8??48 F 9BE68F 4A7 @B@8AGF ABG BA?L
46G <A 4 F<A:?8 7<E86G<BA G;8 BE<8AG4G<BA B9 G;8 6B??4:8A S5E<?F I4E<8F
58GJ88A 47=468AG ?4@8??48 BEG<64? 5BA8 <F ?B4787 @BFG?L 5L 58A7<A:
@B@8AGF E8FH?G<A: <A 4 ;<:; C8E68AG4:8 B9 G8AF<?8 FGE4<A +;8E89BE8 <GF
FGEH6GHE4? DH4?<GL 78C8A7F ;<:;?L BA G;8 DH4?<GL 4A7 BE<8AG4G<BA B9 <GF
6B??4:8A S5E<?F HEG;8E@BE8 G;8 FG<VA8FF B9 6BEG<64? 5BA8 <F CE87B@
<A4AG?L 4FFB6<4G87 J<G; <GF @<A8E4? 6BAG8AG 4A7 5BA8 78AF<GL J;8E84F
<GF GBH:;A8FF <F FGEBA:?L 4FFB6<4G87 J<G; G;8 DH4?<GL B9 G;8 6B??4:8A @4
GE<K <: 6 23 +;8 ;<8E4E6;<64? FGEH6GHE8 B9 5BA8
<F BE:4A<M87 4F 9B??BJF  G;8 @46EBFGEH6GHE8 <8 64A68??BHF 4A7 6BE
G<64? 5BA8  G;8 @8FBFGEH6GHE8 F8I8E4? ;HA7E87 @<6EBAF GB F8I8E4?
@@ J;<6; 6BAF<FGF B9 G;8 6BEG<64? 5BA8 ?8I8? J<G; E4A7B@?L 4EE4A:87
BFG8BAF 8@587787 <A ?4@8??48  G;8 @<6EBFGEH6GHE8 9EB@  GB 
μ@ J;<6; 6BAF<FGF B9 4I8EF<4A FLFG8@F BFG8BAF 4A7 F<A:?8 GE4586H
Fig. 5. 4 B@C46G 5BA8 5 *6;8@4G<6 B9 G;8 BFG8BAF <A G;8 6B@C46G BHG8E ?4L8E B9 5BA8
J;<6; 4E8 6B@CBFG87 B9 6BA68AGE<6 6B??4:8A S5E8F E8IB?I<A: 4EBHA7 G;8 68AGE4? 4K<F 4A7
6 B@CBF<G8 A4ABFGEH6GHE8 B9 5BA8 6B@CBF87 B9 FG4::8E87 5BA8 6ELFG4?F ;L7EBKL4C4G<G8
8@587787 <A 4 6B??4:8A @4GE<K 23
?48  G;8 FH5@<6EBFGEH6GHE8  μ@ J;<6; 6BAF<FGF B9 BFG8BAF J<G;
?4@8??48  G;8 A4ABFGEH6GHE8 9EB@ 4 98J ;HA7E87 A4AB@8G8EF GB 
μ@ J;<6; 6BAG4<AF 6B??4:8A S5E<?F 4A7 8@587787 @<A8E4?F 4A7  G;8
FH5A4ABFGEH6GHE8 58?BJ 4 98J ;HA7E87 A4AB@8G8EF <8 G;8 @B?86H
?4E FGEH6GHE8 B9 G;8 6BAFG<GH8AG 8?8@8AGF FH6; 4F G;8 @<A8E4?F 6B??4:8A
4A7 ABA6B??4:8ABHF BE:4A<6 CEBG8<AF 23 +;8
@<A8E4? 9E46G<BA CEBG8<A I<F6BF<GL 4A7 FG4::8E87 FGEH6GHE8F <A 5<B?B:<64?
@4G8E<4?F ;4I8 588A F;BJA GB 4GG8AH4G8 FGE8FF J4I8F 89S6<8AG?L 23
+;8 FGEH6GHE8 B9 5BA8 ;4F 4A <EE8:H?4E L8G BCG<@<M87 4EE4A:8@8AG
4A7 BE<8AG4G<BA B9 <GF 6B@CBA8AGF @4><A: G;8 @4G8E<4? ;8G8EB:8A8BHF
4A7 4A<FBGEBC<6 23 G G;8 @46EBFGEH6GHE4? ?8I8? 5BA8 <F 7<FG<A
:H<F;87 <AGB 6BEG<64? BE 6B@C46G 4A7 64A68??BHF BE GE4586H?4ECBEBHF
GLC8F +;8 8A7 B9 4 ?BA: 5BA8 FH6; 4F G;8 98@HE ;4F 4 78AF8 BHG8E 6B@
C46G F;8?? J<G; 4 CBEBHF <AG8E<BE 23 +;8 @<6EBFGEH6GHE8 B9 6BEG<
64? 5BA8 <F 6B@CBF87 B9 E8:H?4E 6L?<A7E<64??L F;4C87 ?4@8??48 μ@
J<78 J;<6; ;4I8 C?4A4E 4EE4A:8@8AGF 9BE@87 5L @<A8E4?<F87 6B??4
:8A S5E8F 23 A FB@8 64F8F G;8F8 F;88GF ?4@8??48 B9 @<A
8E4?<F87 6B??4:8A S5E8F 4E8 4EE4A:87 <AGB 6BA68AGE<6 6<E6?8F  ?4@8?
?48 4EBHA7 4 68AGE4? 64A4? GB 9BE@ J;4G <F >ABJA 4F 4A BFG8BA BE
4 4I8EF<4A FLFG8@ 23 +;8 BFG8BA ?BB>F ?<>8 4 6L?<A78E J;<6;
<F 45BHG  μ@ <A 7<4@8G8E J<G; <GF ?BA:<GH7<A4? 4K<F EHAA<A:
EBH:;?L C4E4??8? GB G;8 ?BA: 4K<F B9 G;8 5BA8 23 A FB@8 9BE@F B9
5BA8 G;8 ?4@8??48 4E8 G4A:8AG GB G;8 BHG8E FHE9468 B9 G;8 5BA8 J<G;
BHG 9BE@<A: BFG8BAF +B:8G;8E J<G; JBI8A 5BA8 G<FFH8 G;8F8 9BE@ 4
?4E:8E C?LJBB7?<>8 FG46> B9 G;<6>8E ?4L8EF  μ@ 4EBHA7 G;8
6B@C?8G8 6<E6H@98E8A68 B9 G;8 5BA8 J;<6; <F E898EE87 GB 4F ?4@8??4E
5BA8 23 G G;8 FH5@<6EBFGEH6GHE8 B9 6BEG<64? 5BA8
G;8 @BFG 6B@@BA C8E68CG<BA B9 G;8 4EE4A:8@8AG B9 G;8 6B??4:8A S5E8F
<A 4 ?4@8??4 B9 4A BFG8BA <F G;4G G;8L ?<8 <A C4E4??8? <A 846; ?4@8??4
J<G; 4 6;4A:8 <A G;8 BE<8AG4G<BA B9 G;8 S5E<?F 9EB@ BA8 ?4@8??4 GB G;8
A8KG 23 +;<F <F 78F6E<587 S:HE4G<I8?L 4F 4 GJ<FG87 C?LJBB7 BE
;8?<6B<74? FGEH6GHE8 66BE7<A: GB G;<F E8CE8F8AG4G<BA 47=468AG ?4@8??48
;4I8 7<998E8AG BE<8AG4G<BAF 8<G;8E ?BA:<GH7<A4? BE GE4AFI8EF8 <8 J<G; G;8
6B??4:8A S5E8F A84E?L C4E4??8? BE C8EC8A7<6H?4E GB G;8 ?BA: 4K<F B9 G;8
?4@8??4E F;88G
+;8 BFG8BA4? ?4@8??48 4E8 JE4CC87 4EBHA7 4 68AGE4? 64A4? 4A7 G;8
F8DH8AG<4? 6BA68AGE<6 ?4@8??48 ;4I8 4?G8EA4G<A: S5E8 BE<8AG4G<BAF FC<
E4??<A: 4EBHA7 G;<F 64A4? 23 G G;8 A4AB 4A7 FH5A4ABF
GEH6GHE8F G;8 I4E<BHF 6B??4:8A 9BE@F 4E8 BA?L 4 98J A4AB@8G8EF J<78
4A7 4FF8@5?87 9EB@ S5E<?F  A@ <AGB S5E8F  A@ 4A7 S
A4??L <AGB 5HA7?8F B9 S5E8F  A@ 23
+;8 FH5A4ABFGEH6GHE8F B9 G;8 G;E88 @4<A @4G8E<4?F B9 6BEG<64? 5BA8 4E8
6ELFG4?F 6B??4:8A 4A7 ABA6B??4:8ABHF BE:4A<6 CEBG8<AF '?4G8?<>8 4C
4G<G8 6ELFG4?F B9 5BA8 ;4I8 588A B5F8EI87 <A G;8 7<F6E8G8 FC468F J<G;<A
G;8 6B??4:8A S5E<?F +;<F 4EE4A:8@8AG ?<@<GF G;8 CBFF<5?8 CE<@4EL :EBJG;
B9 G;8 @<A8E4? 6ELFG4?F 4A7 9BE68F G;8 6ELFG4?F GB 58 7<F6E8G8 4A7 7<F6BA
G<AHBHF +;8 @<A8E4? 6ELFG4?F :EBJ J<G; 4 FC86<S6 6ELFG4??<A8 BE<8AG4
G<BA <8 G;8 6ELFG4??B:E4C;<6 4K8F B9 G;8 6ELFG4?F 4E8 EBH:;?L C4E4??8? GB
G;8 ?BA: 4K8F B9 G;8 6B??4:8A S5E<?F +;8 4C4G<G8 C?4G8F ;4I8 4A 4I8E4:8
?8A:G; 4A7 J<7G; B9  A@ 4A7  A@ E8FC86G<I8?L  ?4E:8 I4E<4G<BA
<A G;8F8 :8B@8GE<8F ;4F 588A E8CBEG87 <A G;8 ?<G8E4GHE8 +;8 G;<6>A8FF
B9 G;8 6ELFG4? ;4F 588A E8CBEG87 <A G;8 E4A:8 B9  A@ 4A7 G;8 @4GHE8
6ELFG4?F 4E8 ABG A887?8F;4C87 5HG C?4G8F;4C87 23
+;8 CE<@4EL BE:4A<6 6B@CBA8AG B9 G;8 @4GE<K <F +LC8 6B??4:8A
23 B??4:8A @B?86H?8F 4E8 F86E8G87 5L BFG8B5?4FGF 4A7 F8?94F
F8@5?8 <AGB S5E<?F J<G; 4 FC86<S6 G8EG<4EL FGEH6GHE8 ;4I<A: 4 C8E<B7<6
<GL B9  A@ 4A7  A@ :4CF BE ;B?8F 58GJ88A G;8 8A7F B9 G;8 @B?
86H?8F +;8F8 @B?86H?8F ;4I8 4 ?8A:G; B9  A@ 4A7 4E8 FGEBA:?L
5BA787 5L 6EBFF?<A><A: G ;4F 588A E8CBEG87 G;4G G;8 9BE@4G<BA B9 <A
G8E@B?86H?4E 6BI4?8AG 6EBFF?<A>F ;4F 4 F<:A<9<64AG 89986G BA G;8 @8
6;4A<64? 58;4I<BHE B9 5BA8 @4<A?L <A G8E@F B9 FGE8A:G; 4A7 GBH:;A8FF
A. Ghazlan et al. Composites Part B xxx (xxxx) xxx-xxx
+;8 @86;4A<64? 58;4I<BHE B9 6BEG<64? 5BA8 ;4F 588A <AI8FG<:4G87
HA78E ?<@<G87 ?B47<A: 6BA7<G<BAF G8AF<BA 23 58A7<A:
23 <A78AG4G<BA 23 4A7 6B@CE8FF<BA
23 +;8F8 <A6?H78 ABG6;87 9E46GHE8 G8FGF <A G;8 G8AF<?8 4A7
58A7<A: 6BAS:HE4G<BAF +;8 @86;4A<64? CEBC8EG<8F 4E8 FH@@4E<F87 <A
*86G<BA  4A7 G;8 >8L GBH:;8A<A: @86;4A<F@F 4E8 7<F6HFF87 ;8E8
49G8E ,A78E ABG6;87 G8AF<BA G;8 9E46GHE8 GBH:;A8FF B9 ;H@4A 6BEG<64?
5BA8 F;BJF 4 ?<A84E <A6E84F8 4F G;8 6E46> 7E<I<A: 9BE68 <A6E84F8F J<G;
6E46> 8KG8AF<BA 23 +;8 7E<I<A: 9BE68 9BE 6E46> CEBC4:4G<BA <A
G;8 GE4AFI8EF8 7<E86G<BA <F @BE8 G;4A SI8 G<@8F ;<:;8E G;4A G;4G <A G;8
?BA:<GH7<A4? 7<E86G<BA BA8 CE8I8AGF 64G4FGEBC;<6 94<?HE8 5L 78I8?BC<A:
FH56E<G<64? 6E46>F J;<6; 4CC84E 4G F@4??8E FGE8FF8F G;4A G;BF8 E8DH<E87
9BE BI8E?B47 9E46GHE8 4A7 :EBJ F?BJ?L HAG<? G;8L 4E8 4EE8FG87 E46>
5E<7:<A: ;4F 588A B5F8EI87 4F 4 >8L GBH:;8A<A: @86;4A<F@ HA78E 6L6?<6
G8AF<?8 ?B47<A: 4A7 HA?B47<A: J;<6; <F <A;8E8AG <A S5E8 E8<A9BE687 6B@
CBF<G8F 23 @CBEG4AG?L G;8 4A4GB@<64? ?B64G<BAF B9 5BA8 4E8 ?<A>87
GB <GF @86;4A<64? 58;4I<BHE 4F <G E8FCBA7F GB G;8 ?B47<A: 78@4A7F B9
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G<6C?4FG<6 58;4I<BHE 589BE8 94<?HE8 J;<6; 4E8 6?4FF<S87 4F 9E4:<?8 J<G; 4
S5EBHF FHE9468 4A7 7H6G<?8 J<G; 4 E4::87 FHE9468 E8FC86G<I8?L 23
,A78E ABG6;87 58A7<A: F<:A<9<64AG C?4FG<6 789BE@4G<BA ;4F 588A B5
F8EI87 4;847 B9 G;8 6E46> G<C 7H8 GB 6E46> 5E<7:<A: 89986GF J;<6; ;4F
4?FB 588A B5F8EI87 HA78E G8AF<BA 23 *C86<9<64??L ;<:; <A;B@B:8A8
<GL 4G G;8 BFG8BA4? ?8I8? ;4F 588A 6BEE8?4G87 J<G; ;<:;8E 6E46> :EBJG;
E8F<FG4A68 4G G;8 G<FFH8 ?8I8? A 6BAGE4FG G;8 ?BJ8E @84A 8A8E:L 7<FF<
C4G<BA 4G G;8 @<6EB ?8I8? ;4F 588A 6BEE8?4G87 J<G; G;8 ;<:;8E 9E46GHE8
GBH:;A8FF B9 5BA8 23 +;8 8?4FG<6 ABA?<A84E<GL <F 6BEE8?4G87 J<G; G;8
78AF<GL B9 G;8 F;BEG8FG @<ABE 6E46>F <A G;8 5BA8 @4GE<K *C86<9<64??L 4A
<A6E84F8 <A G;8 F;BEG8FG @<ABE 6E46> 78AF<GL E8FH?GF <A 4A <A6E84F8 <A 8?4F
G<6 ABA?<A84E<GL J;<6; ;4F 588A B5F8EI87 HF<A: ABA?<A84E E8FBA4AG H?
GE4FBHA7 FC86GEBF6BCL %),* 23 ,?GE4FBA<6 G8FGF 4?FB E8I84?87 G;4G
G;8 G;8E8 <F 4 @<ABE 7<998E8A68 58GJ88A G;8 FG<VA8FF 4A7 'B<FFBAF E4G<B
B9 6;<?7  L84EF 4A7 47H?G  L84EF 5BA8 <A7<64G<A: G;4G <G <F E8F<F
G4AG GB ?BA:G8E@ 6L6?<6 ?B47<A: 89986GF 23
,A78E DH4F<FG4G<6 HA<4K<4? 6B@CE8FF<BA 5BI<A8 98@BE4? 5BA8 F;BJF
4 J<78 I4E<4G<BA <A G;8 FGE8FFFGE4<A 58;4I<BHE J;<6; 78C8A7F BA <GF
4A4GB@<64? ?B64G<BA G 94<?HE8 G;8 9E46GHE8 FHE9468 <F EBH:; 4A7 <F GLC<
64??L BE<8AG87 4G GB G;8 ?B47<A: 7<E86G<BA 23 HEG;8E@BE8 6BE
G<64? 5BA8 F;BJF 4 78:E88 B9 4A<FBGEBCL HA78E 7<998E8AG ?B47<A: 6BA7<
G<BAF 4A7 7<E86G<BAF J;8E85L G;8 FG<VA8FF <F ?BJ8E HA78E 6B@CE8FF<BA
G;4A <A G8AF<BA 5HG G;8 L<8?7 4A7 H?G<@4G8 FGE8A:G;F 4E8 F?<:;G?L ;<:;8E
+;8 4I8E4:8 6B@CE8FF<I8 FGE8A:G; <F F?<:;G?L ?BJ8E <A G;8 ?B47<A: 7<E86
G<BA C4E4??8? GB G;8 6B??4:8A S5E8F 6B@C4E87 GB G;4G <A G;8 GE4AFI8EF8
7<E86G<BA 23
2.2. Modelling investigations for characterising the mechanical behaviours of
selected biological armour systems
-4E<BHF 4A4?LG<64? 4A7 SA<G8 8?8@8AG @B78?F J8E8 78I8?BC87 GB <A
I8FG<:4G8 G;8 @86;4A<64? 58;4I<BHEF B9 F8?86G87 5<B?B:<64? FGEH6GHE8F HA
78E 7<998E8AG ?B47<A: 6BA7<G<BAF 4A7 4G 7<998E8AG ?8A:G; F64?8F +;8 @B7
8??<A: G86;A<DH8F 9BE 64CGHE<A: G;8 FGE8A:G;8A<A: 4A7 GBH:;8A<A: @86;
4A<F@F 946<?<G4G87 5L G;8<E <AGE<64G8 FGEH6GHE8F 4E8 78F6E<587 58?BJ
2.2.1. Marine protective structures
Nacre: *<@C?<S87 HA<G 68?? @<6EB@86;4A<64? 4A4?LG<64? @B78?F J8E8
78I8?BC87 GB 8FG45?<F; 4 ?<A> 58GJ88A G;8 FGEH6GHE8 B9 A46E8 4A7 <GF @8
6;4A<64? CEBC8EG<8F +;8F8 HA<G 68?? @B78?F 4E8 54F87 BA F;84E ?4: G;8
BEL J;8E8 G;8 E8@BG8 G8AF<?8 FGE8FF8F 4CC?<87 GB A46E8F 5E<6> 4A7 @BE
G4E FGEH6GHE8 <F GE4AF98EE87 58GJ88A G;8 G45?8GF I<4 F;84E 4G G;8 <AG8E
9468 +;8 F;84E ?4: @B78? <F 4A4?B:BHF GB 4A 47;8F<I8?L 5BA787 ?4C
=B<AG 6BAA86G<BA 23 4A7 GLC<64??L HF87 GB 4CCEBK<@4G8 G;8 @86;4A<
64? CEBC8EG<8F B9 A46E8 4F 4 6B@CBF<G8 <A6?H7<A: G;8 89986G<I8 FG<VA8FF
8?4FG<6 8A8E:L 45FBECG<BA 4A7 <AG8E?4L8E F;84E 7<FGE<5HG<BA G <F 4?FB
JBEG; ABG<A: G;4G FG4::8E87 FGEH6GHE8F 4E8 4?FB 9BHA7 <A BG;8E 5<B?B:<64?
FGEH6GHE8F 4A7 G;<F 4CCEB46; ;4F G;8E85L 588A 4CC?<87 4F 4 F<@C?<S87
4CCEB46; GB 4FF8FF G;8 @86;4A<64? 58;4I<BHE B9 BG;8E 5<B?B:<64? FGEH6
GHE8F <A6?H7<A: 5BA8 4A7 G8A7BA 23
.8< 8G 4? 23 78I8?BC87 4 HA<G 68?? @B78? GB FGH7L G;8 58;4I
<BHE B9 A46E8F 5E<6> 4A7 @BEG4E?<>8 FGEH6GHE8 HA78E DH4F<FG4G<6 G8AF<?8
?B47<A: +;8L 4FFH@87 ?<A84E8?4FG<6 @4G8E<4? @B78?F 9BE G;8 G45?8GF 4A7
@4GE<K +;8L E8CBEG87 4A BCG<@4? BI8E?4C ?8A:G; B9 58GJ88A G;8
G45?8GF 5L @4K<@<F<A: G;8 FGE4<A 8A8E:L 78AF<GL B9 G;8 HA<G 68?? J;<6;
J4F F<@<?4E GB G;4G B9 A46E8 ,F<A: G;8 F4@8 4CCEB46; 5HG 4A 8?4F
G<6C?4FG<6 @4G8E<4? @B78? GB E8CE8F8AG G;8 @4GE<K G;8L B5F8EI87 G;E88
MBA8F B9 ?B47 GE4AF98E A4@8?L 4A 8?4FG<6 MBA8 C?4FG<6 MBA8 4A7 94<?HE8
MBA8 +;8 @4K<@H@ F;84E FGE8FF <A G;8 @4GE<K J4F 9BHA7 GB B66HE 4G
G;8 87:8F B9 G;8 HA<G 68?? A G;<F 64F8 G;8L E8CBEG87 4A BI8E?4C ?8A:G;
B9 HF<A: G;8 6BA7<G<BA G;4G 94<?HE8 B66HEF <A G;8 G45?8GF 4A7 @4
GE<K F<@H?G4A8BHF?L +;8L 6BA6?H787 G;4G G;8 BI8E?4C ?8A:G; 9HA6G<BAF GB
@4K<@<M8 G;8 F;84E GE4AF98E 89S6<8A6L <A G;8 @4GE<K B9 A46E8 +;8 J4IL
:8B@8GE<8F B9 G;8 G45?8G FHE9468F J8E8 ABG 6BAF<78E87 <A G;<F FGH7L ;4
M?4A 8G 4? 23 <AI8FG<:4G87 G;8 89986GF B9 G;8 G45?8G J4I<A8FF <A A46E8
HF<A: 4 GJB7<@8AF<BA4? HA<G 68?? @B78? +;8L B5F8EI87 4 CEB@<A8AG <@
CEBI8@8AG <A G;8 F;84E FGE8FF 7<FGE<5HG<BA 4?BA: G;8 <AG8E9468 5L @B7<
9L<A: G;8 C4E4@8G8EF B9 G;8 FHE9468 CEBS?8 <A6?H7<A: G;8 4@C?<GH78 4A7
J4I8?8A:G; F 4 E8FH?G G;8 8A8E:L 45FBECG<BA B9 G;8 HA<G 68?? <A6E84F87
4A7 <@CBEG4AG?L G;8 G8AF<?8 FGE8FF8F <A G;8 G45?8GF 7<7 ABG F;BJ <A6E84F8
CEB@<A8AG?L +;8L E8CBEG87 4A BCG<@4? J4I8?8A:G; B9  5L HF<A:
G;8 6E<G8E<BA J;8E8 G;8 FGE4<A 8A8E:L 78AF<GL J4F 7<FGE<5HG87 HA<9BE@?L
58GJ88A G;8 G45?8GF 4A7 @4GE<K J;<6; <F F<@<?4E GB 4 J4I8?8A:G; B9 
B5F8EI87 <A A46E8
"BG;4 8G 4? 23 4?FB 8@C?BL87 4 HA<G 68?? 4CCEB46; 5HG GB CE8
7<6G G;8 0BHA:F @B7H?HF B9 '<A6G474 A46E8 HA78E DH4F<FG4G<6 G8AF<BA
+;8L E8CBEG87 4 0BHA:F @B7H?HF B9  '4 9BE ;L7E4G87 A46E8 J;<6;
<F 6?BF8 GB G;4G 9BE A46E8  '4 HGG4 8G 4? 23 4?FB HF87 4 HA<G
68?? @B78? GB <AI8FG<:4G8 G;8 58;4I<BHE B9 A46E8 G8A7BA5BA8 4A7 FC<78E
F<?> HA78E 4 7LA4@<6 G8AF<?8 ?B47<A: CH?F8F GE<4A:H?4E 4A7 F<AHFB<74?
J;<6; 4E8 F<@<?4E GB 4 *C?<G BC><AFBA 'E8FFHE8 4E *' +;8L @<A
<@<F87 G;8 C84> F;84E FGE8FF <A G;8 <AG8E9468 GB B5G4<A BCG<@4? BI8E?4C
?8A:G;F B9  9BE A46E8 9BE FC<78E F<?> 4A7 9BE 6B??4
:8A S5E<?F <A G8A7BA5BA8 J;<6; 4E8 <A 6?BF8 4:E88@8AG J<G; G;BF8 B5
G4<A87 9EB@ @<6EBF6BC<6 B5F8EI4G<BAF HGG4 8G 4? 23 4?FB 8@C?BL87
4 HA<G 68?? @B78??<A: 4CCEB46; GB <AI8FG<:4G8 G;8 9E46GHE8 58;4I<BHE B9
A46E8 4G G;8 <AGE<AF<6 E8:<BA 4;847 B9 G;8 6E46> G<C +;8L E8CBEG87 G;4G
4A BI8E?4C ?8A:G; B9  58GJ88A 47=468AG G45?8GF <F J;8E8 G;8 6E46>
7E<I<A: 9BE68 <F 4G 4 @<A<@H@ +;8F8 F<@C?<S87 @B78??<A: 4CCEB46;8F
8@C?BL87 7<998E8AG 6E<G8E<4 GB B5G4<A G;8 6E<G<64? BI8E?4C ?8A:G; 4A7 A8
:?86G87 G;8 G;E887<@8AF<BA4? FGEH6GHE4? 984GHE8F B9 A46E8 F FH6; 9HE
G;8E <AI8FG<:4G<BAF ;4I8 588A 6BA7H6G87 HF<A: @BE8 FBC;<FG<64G87 AH
@8E<64? 4CCEB46;8F
4EG;8?4G 8G 4? 23 @B78??87 G;8 9E46GHE8 CEB68FF MBA8 <A G;8
I<6<A<GL B9 4 6E46> <A A46E8 HF<A: 4 !<AG8:E4? 4CCEB46; 4G G;8 @<6EB
F64?8 J;<6; <F 4CC?<645?8 <A 9E46GHE8 @86;4A<6F GB @4G8E<4?F G;4G HA
78E:B C?4FG<6 789BE@4G<BA +;8L <78AG<S87 F8I8E4? 6B@CBA8AGF G;4G 6BA
GE<5HG8 GB G;8 GBH:;A8FF B9 A46E8 <AGE<AF<6 GBH:;A8FF <A G;8 45F8A68
B9 BG;8E GBH:;8A<A: @86;4A<F@F 6E46> 5E<7:<A: 4A7 G;8 J4>8 B9 G;8
6E46> CEB68FF MBA8 +;8L E8CBEG87 G;8 GBH:;A8FF 7H8 GB 6E46> 5E<7:<A:
4A7 G;4G 7H8 GB G;8 J4>8   ,F<A: E8FH?GF 9EB@
4 ABG6;87 G;E88CB<AG 58A7<A: 8KC8E<@8AG G;8L E8CBEG87 G;4G G;8 9E46
GHE8 GBH:;A8FF B9 A46E8 <F B9 G;8 BE78E  J;<6; G;8E85L
<A7<64G87 G;4G 6E46> 5E<7:<A: <F ABG 4 CEB@<A8AG GBH:;8A<A: @86;4
A<F@ +;8L B5F8EI87 G;4G G;8 9E46GHE8 GBH:;A8FF B9 A46E8 <A6E84F8F 4F
G;8 6E46> CEBC4:4G8F J;<6; G;8L 4GGE<5HG87 GB G;8 78I8?BC@8AG B9 CEB
:E8FF<I8 <A8?4FG<6 E8:<BAF +;8L <78AG<S87 G;8 7<FF<C4G<I8 @86;4A<F@F <A
G;8 5<BCB?L@8E <AG8E9468 4F J8?? 4F CEB:E8FF<I8 F?<7<A: 4A7 ?B6><A: 7H8
A. Ghazlan et al. Composites Part B xxx (xxxx) xxx-xxx
GB G;8 7BI8G4<? F;4C8 B9 G;8 G45?8GF 4F G;8 >8L GBH:;8A<A: @86;4A<F@F
*;4B 8G 4? 23 78I8?BC87 4 F<@C?<S87 7<F6BAG<AHBHF 6E46> 5E<7:<A:
@B78? GB <78AG<9L G;8 >8L GBH:;8A<A: @86;4A<F@ B9 A46E8 J;8E85L G;8
G45?8GF 6BAGE<5HG<A: GB 6E46> 6?BFHE8 J8E8 @B78??87 4F 4 F8E<8F B9 6BA
68AGE4G87 9BE68F +;8F8 9BE68F J8E8 78G8E@<A87 5L HF<A: G;8 G45?8G F?<7
<A: 7<FC?468@8AG 4A7 F;84E FGE8FF 4G G;8 <AG8E9468 9EB@ +4A: 8G 4? 23
J;B @B78??87 G;8 58;4I<BHE B9 A46E8F @4GE<K HF<A: 4 GE4C8MB<74? 6B;8
F<I8 ?4J +;8L E8CBEG87 G;4G G;8 GBH:;A8FF 786E84F8F J<G; 4A <A6E84F8
<A G;8 G;<6>A8FF B9 G;8 G45?8GF +45?8GF J<G; 4 G;<6>A8FF B9 ?8FF G;4A
5HG ABG G;<AA8E G;4A G8AF B9 A4AB@8G8EF E8FH?G87 <A ;<:;8E GBH:;A8FF A
6BAGE4FG 4EG;8?4G 8G 4? 23 E8CBEG87 G;4G G;8 GBH:;A8FF 7H8 GB 6E46>
5E<7:<A: <F @<A<F6H?8 <I8A G;4G G;8E8 <F HA<I8EF4? 4:E88@8AG 58GJ88A
E8F84E6;8EF G;4G G45?8G F?<7<A: <F 4 >8L GBH:;8A<A: @86;4A<F@ B9 A46E8
J;<6; <F 7<9S6H?G GB 46G<I4G8 HA78E GE4AFI8EF8 ?B47<A: BG;8E GBH:;8A<A:
984GHE8F B9 A46E8 F;BH?7 58 8KC?BE87 9BE 54??<FG<6 CEBG86G<BA 4CC?<64G<BAF
+4A: 8G 4? 23 6BAFGEH6G87 4 6B@CE8;8AF<I8 @<6EB@86;4A<64? SA<G8
8?8@8AG @B78? 5L 7<E86G?L HF<A: G;8 6BAGBHEF B9 G;8 G45?8GF B9 A46E8 9EB@
BCG<64? <@4:8F B9 4 E87 454?BA8 FC86<@8A B;8F<I8 8?8@8AGF J8E8 HF87
GB @B78? G;8 <AG8EG45?8G 4A7 <AG8E?4L8E 5BA7F ,F<A: G;8 8K46G 74G4 B5
G4<A87 9EB@ ?4F8E CEBS?B@8GEL G;8L E8C?<64G87 G;8 J4IL <AG8E9468F B9
G;8 G45?8GF  GE4C8MB<74? 6B;8F<I8 ?4J J4F HF87 GB @B78? G;8 @4G8E<4?
58;4I<BHE B9 G;8 5BA7<A: +;8 6B;8F<I8 C4E4@8G8EF J8E8 78G8E@<A87 HF
<A: B5F8EI4G<BAF 9EB@ 4 G8AF<?8 8KC8E<@8AG BA E87 454?BA8 A46E8 G45?8G
F?<7<A: <A<G<4G8F 4G  4 C?4G84H E8:<BA HAG<? 4 @4K<@H@ BC8A<A:
7<FC?468@8AG 58GJ88A 47=468AG G45?8GF   J4F E846;87 4A7 4 ?<A
84E 786E84F8 <A FGE8A:G; HC GB 4A BC8A<A: 7<FC?468@8AG B9  +;8L
HF87 4 6B;8F<I8 FGE8A:G; B9  J;<6; J4F B5G4<A87 9EB@ 4 F;84E
8KC8E<@8AG BA 4 A46E8 FC86<@8A +;8L E8CBEG87 G;4G G;8 >8L GBH:;8A<A:
@86;4A<F@ J4F CEB:E8FF<I8 F?<7<A: 4A7 <AG8E?B6><A: 58GJ88A G;8 G45?8GF
J;<6; E8FH?G87 <A 4 FGE4<A ;4E78A<A: 89986G +;<F FGH7L 4?FB 9BHA7 G;4G
F?<7<A: 4A7 <AG8E?B6><A: 58GJ88A G45?8GF :BI8EAF G;8 GBH:;8A<A: 58;4I
<BHE B9 A46E8 J;<6; <F ABG CE46G<64? HA78E GE4AFI8EF8 ?B47<A:
,F<A: E<9SG;F 9E46GHE8 6E<G8E<BA 4B 8G 4? 23 <AI8FG<:4G87 G;8
A4ABF64?8 9E46GHE8 @86;4A<6F B9 G;8 A46E8BHF G45?8GF HA78E G8AF<BA +;8
A4ABF64?8 <A6?HF<BAF J;<6; 4E8 <A;8E8AG <A G;8 G45?8GF 7H8 GB G;8 5<B
@<A8E4?<F4G<BA CEB68FF J8E8 @B78??87 4F 6E46>?<>8 T4JF 23 +;8 <A
G8E?B6>F J8E8 946<?<G4G87 5L =4::87 87:8F 4G G;8 <AG8E9468 58GJ88A 47
=468AG G45?8GF +;8L E8CBEG87 4 6E<G<64? ?8A:G; F64?8   J;8E8
G;8 G45?8GF 4E8 <AF8AF<G<I8 GB T4JF 5864HF8 G;8 G;<6>A8FF B9 G;8 G45?8GF
4E8 @H6; ?8FF G;4A G;8 6E<G<64? T4J F<M8 9BE 9E46GHE8 GB B66HE +;8L E8
CBEG87 G;4G 9E46GHE8 <A G;8 G45?8GF B66HEF HA78E G8AF<BA 5864HF8 G;8L 4E8
G;<6>8E G;4A G;8 6E<G<64? T4J F<M8  "4GG< 8G 4? 23 78I8?
BC87 4 SA<G8 8?8@8AG  @B78? HF<A: <@4:8F 9EB@ 4 F64AA<A: 8?86GEBA
@<6EB:E4C; B9 G;8 9E46GHE8 FHE9468 B9 G;8 G45?8GF 4A7 F<@H?4G87 <G HA
78E G8AF<BA +;8 @B78? 7<7 ABG 64CGHE8 G;8 FGE8A:G; B9 A46E8 HA78E G8A
F<BA  $'4 ABE G;8 94<?HE8 FGE4<A  J;<6; J8E8 B5F8EI87 8KC8E<
@8AG4??L +;8L FH::8FG87 G;4G G;8 <AG8E?B6>F 64HF8 CE8@4GHE8 94<?HE8 7H8
GB FGE8FF 6BA68AGE4G<BAF 4G G;8 =4::87 87:8F J;8E84F A46E8 ;4F F@BBG;
J4IL FHE9468F 4G G;8 <AG8E9468 A 6BAGE4FG G;8 45BI8 FGH7<8F E8CBEG87
G;4G CEB:E8FF<I8 <AG8E?B6><A: ?847F GB GBH:;8A<A: HA78E ?4E:8E FGE4<AF
Conch: "4@4G 8G 4? 23 78I8?BC87 4 C?4A8 FGE4<A @<6EB@86;4A
<64? 4A4?LG<64? @B78? GB <AI8FG<:4G8 G;8 89986GF B9 @H?G<C?8 6E46>F 4A7
6E46> 5E<7:<A: <A G;8 @46EB ?4L8EF B9 4 6BA6; F;8?? +;8L @B78??87 GJB
8?4FG<6 <FBGEBC<6 ?4L8EF B9 8DH4? G;<6>A8FF J<G; G;8 F4@8 8?4FG<6 CEBC8E
G<8F 5HG 4 7<998E8AG 9E46GHE8 GBH:;A8FF GB @<@<6 G;8 BHG8E 4A7 @<77?8
@46EB ?4L8EF B9 G;8 F;8?? +;8<E >8L 4FFH@CG<BA J4F G;4G 6E46>F 4?BA:
G;8 J84> ?4L8EF 58GJ88A SEFGBE78E ?4@8??48 BE 6;4AA8? 6E46>F J8E8
8DH4??L FC4687 BA G;8 87:8 B9 G;8 FC86<@8A E46> 5E<7:<A: J4F @B7
8??87 HF<A: ABA?<A84E FCE<A:F 46EBFF G;8 6E46> 9BE J;<6; G;8 58;4I
<BHE J4F 64CGHE87 HF<A: 4 6B;8F<I8 ?4J +;8 CE87<6G87 9E46GHE8 GBH:;
A8FF J4F <A 6?BF8 4:E88@8AG J<G; 4 9BHECB<AG 58A7<A: 8KC8E<@8AG BA 4
6BA6; FC86<@8A +;8L 6BA6?H787 G;4G G;8 FGEH6GHE4? 6BAS:HE4G<BA B9 G;8
F;8?? 8A45?8F 6E46>F GB CEBC4:4G8 <A 4 ABA64G4FGEBC;<6 @4AA8E 7H8 GB
GJB >8L @86;4A<F@F @H?G<C?8 6E46><A: B9 G;8 BHG8E ?4L8EF 4A7 6E46>
5E<7:<A: <A G;8 @<77?8 ?4L8E +;8 4CCEBK<@4G<BA B9 6E46> 5E<7:<A: J<G;
ABA?<A84E FCE<A:F 7B8F ABG 64CGHE8 G;8 6BAG46G FGE8FF8F 4G G;8 <AG8E9468F
58GJ88A G;8 ?4@8??48 466HE4G8?L
Fish scale: -8EA8E8L 8G 4? 23 <AI8FG<:4G87 G;8 T8KHE4? 58;4I
<BHE B9 4 SF; F64?8 4G G;8 @8FB F64?8 HF<A: 4 GJB7<@8AF<BA4? 4A4?LG<
64? @B78? J;8E8 G;8 F64?8F J8E8 <784?<F87 4F FGE4<:;G 584@F 4GG46;87
GB 4 FGE4<:;G FHCCBEG +;8L @B78??87 BA8 F64?8 5L 4FFH@<A: 4 C8E<B7<6
4EE4A:8@8AG 4A7 4A <78AG<64? 58A7<A: 789BE@4G<BA 58GJ88A 4?? F64?8F
A G;<F 6BAS:HE4G<BA G;8 F64?8F J8E8 E8FGE4<A87 9EB@ 7<FC?46<A: 4G BA8
8A7 5L G;8 FHCCBEG J;<6; J4F @B78??87 4F 4 ;B@B:8A8BHF @4G8E<4?
4A7 4A 477<G<BA4? EBG4G<BA4? FCE<A: BA68AGE4G87 9BE68F J8E8 4CC?<87 BA
6BAG46G CB<AGF GB F<@H?4G8 G;8 <AG8E46G<BA 58GJ88A 47=468AG F64?8F +;8L
B5F8EI87 4A <A6E84F8 <A G;8 4I8E4:8 58A7<A: FG<VA8FF 4A7 @4FF 78AF<GL
J;<6; G;8L 4GGE<5HG87 GB 4A <A6E84F8 <A F64?8 78AF<GL *GE4<AFG<V8A<A:
J4F E8CBEG87 GB 786E84F8 J;8A G;8 E4G<B 58GJ88A G;8 FG<VA8FF B9 G;8 FHC
CBEG 6BAA86G<BA 4A7 58A7<A: FG<VA8FF B9 G;8 F64?8 J4F <A6E84F87 +;8
4FFH@CG<BA B9 <78AG<64? 58A7<A: 789BE@4G<BAF 58GJ88A G;8 F64?8F @4L
?847 GB 6BAF8EI4G<I8 4CCEBK<@4G<BAF B9 G;8 58A7<A: FG<VA8FF
)H7L>; 8G 4? 23 78I8?BC87 4 @<6EB@86;4A<64? 4A4?LG<64? @B78? GB
4A4?LF8 G;8 C8E9BE@4A68 B9 @H?G<?4L8E87 FGEH6GHE8F <AFC<E87 5L <@5E<
64G87 F64?8G<FFH8 FLFG8@F B9 8?4F@B<7 SF; F64?8F +;8L @B78??87 GJB
?4L8EF BA8 J<G; G;8 F64?8F 4F EB7F 8@587787 <A 4 FB9G @4GE<K 4A7 G;8
BG;8E 4 @BAB?<G;<6 FB9G FH5FGE4G8 +;8L 78E<I87 6?BF87 9BE@ 4A4?LG<64?
FB?HG<BAF 9BE SA<G8 6B@CE8FF<BA 4A7 58A7<A: +;8L E8CBEG87 G;8 8K<F
G8A68 B9 G;8 FHC8ET8K<5?8 6BAS:HE4G<BAF B9 G;8 6B@CBF<G8F J;<6; 4E8
:BI8EA87 5L G;8 ?4@<A4G<BA 4A:?8 J;<?8 FG<?? 499BE7<A: CEBG86G<BA +;8F8
FHC8ET8K<5?8 6B@CBF<G8F 64A 58 @4AH946GHE87 J<G; ?4E:8 IB?H@8 9E46
4?@BFG J<G;BHG 6B@CEB@<F<A: T8K<5<?<GL BJ8I8E G;8 ?4@<A4G<BA 4A:?8
@4L ABG 58 <784? 9BE 945E<64G<A: G;<A 4E@BHE C4A8?F
-8EA8E8L 8G 4? 23 78I8?BC87 4 @<6EB@86;4A<64? SA<G8 8?8
@8AG @B78? 8FG45?<F; G;8 E8?4G<BAF;<C 58GJ88A G;8 T8K<5?8 6B@CBF<G8
FGEH6GHE8 B9 SF; F64?8F 4A7 G;8<E BI8E4?? @86;4A<64? E8FCBAF8 HA78E ?4G
8E4? 58A7<A: 4A7 GBEF<BA +;8<E E8FH?GF F;BJ87 G;4G SF; F><A CBFF8FF8F 4
;<:;?L 4A<FBGEBC<6 E8FCBAF8 J<G; 4 FB9G8E 58A7<A: FG<VA8FF <A G;8 ?BA:<
GH7<A4? 7<E86G<BA B9 G;8 SF; +;8L 4GGE<5HG87 G;<F FB9G8E E8FCBAF8 GB F<:
A<9<64AG F64?8 EBG4G<BAF 7HE<A: 58A7<A: J;<6; <A7H68 4 FG<V8A<A: B9 G;8
E8FCBAF8 HA78E ?4E:8 58A7<A: 6HEI4GHE8 +;8L 4?FB 9BHA7 G;4G G;<F @86;
4A<F@ 64A 58 FHCCE8FF87 BE @4:A<S87 5L GHA<A: G;8 EBG4G<BA4? FG<VA8FF
B9 G;8 F64?878E@<F 4GG46;@8AG 5HG <F ABG 46G<I4G87 <A G;8 ?4G8E4? 7<E86
G<BA +;8E89BE8 G;8L 6BA6?H787 G;4G G;8 F64?87 FGEH6GHE8 B9 SF; F><A <F
;<:;?L 474CG45?8 GB 8A:<A88E<A: 4CC?<64G<BAF FH6; 4F 4E@BHE CEBG86G<BA
BJ8I8E <G @4L 58 7<9S6H?G GB 46;<8I8 F64?8 EBG4G<BA HA78E 4 ?B64?<F87
54??<FG<6 <@C46G
2.2.2. Other relevant biological structures
Bone:  SA<G8 8?8@8AG @B78? B9 ;H@4A 6BEG<64? 5BA8 J4F 78I8?
BC87 5L 8@<EG4F 8G 4? 23 GB FGH7L G;8 6BEE8?4G<BA 58GJ88A G;8 9E46
GHE8 E8F<FG4A68 B9 5BA8 4A7 <GF 8?4FG<6 6BAFG<GH8AGF 4F J8?? 4F 9E46GHE8
CEBC8EG<8F 4G G;8 @<6EB F64?8 B@C46G G8AF<BA G8FGF BA BA8 ;B@B:8
A8BHF 4A7 G;E88 7<998E8AG ;8G8EB:8A8BHF @B78?F J8E8 6BA7H6G87 )8
FH?GF 9EB@ G;8 SA<G8 8?8@8AG @B78? E8I84?87 G;4G ;B@B:8A8BHF @4G8E
<4? CEBC8EG<8F 466BHAG87 9BE G;8 ;<:;8FG 6E46> IB?H@8 +;8 <A6E84F8 B9
;8G8EB:8A8<GL E87H687 G;8 6E46> IB?H@8 <A 6BEG<64? 5BA8 <8 8A;4A687
<GF 9E46GHE8 E8F<FG4A68 &A G;8 BG;8E ;4A7 G;8 74@4:8 IB?H@8 <A G;8
;B@B:8A8BHF @B78? J4F ?BJ8E G;4A G;4G <A G;8 ;8G8EB:8A8BHF @B78?
A G8E@F B9 6E46> CEBC4:4G<BA @BFG B9 G;8 6E46> 9BE@4G<BA J4F 9BHA7
<A G;8 <AG8EFG<G<4? 5BA8 BJ8I8E G;8 @B78? 78I8?BC87 5L 8@<EG4F 8G
4? 23 BA?L FGH7<87 G;8 89986G B9 G;8 <A;B@B:8A8BHF ?8I8? BA G;8
A. Ghazlan et al. Composites Part B xxx (xxxx) xxx-xxx
9E46GHE8 E8F<FG4A68 B9 6BEG<64? 5BA8 E4G;8E G;4A G;8 I4E<4G<BA <A G;8 CEBC
8EG<8F B9 G;8 5BA8 6BAFG<GH8AGF
04A: 8G 4? 23 6BA7H6G87 @<6EB+54F87 @<6EB@86;4A<64? SA<G8
8?8@8AG 4A4?LF<F GB:8G;8E J<G; FGE4<A :4H:8 @84FHE8@8AGF GB @84FHE8
G;8 FGE4<A S8?7 HA78E <A I<IB 7LA4@<6 6B@CE8FF<BA B9 G<5<48 5BG; <A G;8
6BEG<64? 4A7 CBEBHF 4E84F  G;E887<@8AF<BA4? SA<G8 8?8@8AG @B78? J4F
:8A8E4G87 54F87 BA G;8 @<6EB+ <@4:8F +;8 E8?4G<I8 FGE4<A :4H:8 ?B
64G<BA J4F C?4687 <A G;8 @B78? <A G;8 8K46G ?B64G<BA 6B@C4E87 GB G;8
8KC8E<@8AG #<A84E 8?4FG<6 SA<G8 8?8@8AG 4A4?LF<F HF<A: G8GE4;87E4? 8?8
@8AGF J4F 64EE<87 BHG GB 8I4?H4G8 G;8 <@C46G B9 7<998E8AG @B78? C4E4@8
G8EF FH6; 4F F64A E8FB?HG<BA 64A68??BHF G;E8F;B?7 8?8@8AG GLC8 @8F; E8
SA8@8AG G<FFH8 ;8G8EB:8A8<GL S5H?4 <A6?HF<BA 4A7 CEBK<@4? 6BAFGE4<AG
BA G;8 6B@CE8FF<I8 FGE8A:G; 66BE7<A: GB G;8 F<@H?4G<BA E8FH?GF 4 I4E<
4G<BA B9 G;8 ?4FG G;E88 C4E4@8G8EF F<:A<9<64AG?L 6BAGE<5HG87 GB G;8 BHG
6B@8 B9 G;8 E8FH?GF +;<F @8G;B7 FH668FF9H??L CEBI<787 4 ;<:;?L 466HE4G8
FGE4<A S8?7 4G G;8 G<FFH8 ?8I8? B9 @BHF8 G<5<48 HA78E 4A <A I<IB 6B@CE8F
F<I8 ?B47 BJ8I8E G;8 @B78? 4?FB ;47 FB@8 ?<@<G4G<BAF FH6; 4F A8:?86G
<A: G<@8I4EL<A: 946GBEF 8: ?B47 9E8DH8A6L 4A7 FGE4<A E4G8 ?46> B9 4
@4G;8@4G<64? E8?4G<BAF;<C 58GJ88A G;8 8?4FG<6 @B7H?HF 4A7 5BA8 G<FFH8
@<A8E4? 78AF<GL 4A7 8K6?HF<BA B9 G;8 89986G B9 FB9G G<FFH8F <A FB@8 C4EGF
B9 G;8 5BA8 F4@C?8F
  SA<G8 8?8@8AG  @B78? J4F 78I8?BC87 5L 4E>4BH< 8G 4?
23 GB 64CGHE8 G;8 @86;4A<64? CEBC8EG<8F B9 G;8 @<A8E4?<F87 6B??4
:8A @<6EBS5E<?F <A 6BEG<64? 5BA8 4G G;8 A4ABF64?8 +;8 @<A8E4?<F87 6B?
?4:8A @<6EBS5E<?F 6BAF<FG B9 G;E88 C;4F8F A4@8?L GEBCB6B??4:8A @B?8
6H?8F CHE8 @<A8E4? 4A7 <@CHE8 @<A8E4?  @<6EBS5E<? J4F @B78??87 4F
4 6L?<A78E J<G; 4 6EBFFF86G<BA4? E47<HF B9  A@ G G;8 A4ABF64?8 4 @<
6EBS5E<? <F 6B@CBF87 B9 SI8 GEBCB6B??4:8A @B?86H?8F +;8F8 @B?86H?8F
4E8 ?<A>87 GB:8G;8E 5L 6EBFF?<A>F +;8 AH@8E<64? @B78? FGH7<87 G;8 8?4F
G<6 58;4I<BHE B9 G;8 @<A8E4?<F87 6B??4:8A @<6EBS5E<? <A G;8 F@4?? FGE4<A
E8:<@8 8A68 C?4FG<6<GL EHCGHE8 4A7 E8?4G<I8 F?<7<A: J8E8 A8:?86G87
+;8 E8FH?GF 9EB@ G;8  SA<G8 8?8@8AG @B78? E8<A9BE687 G;8 946G G;4G
J;8A G;8 0BHA:F @B7H?HF B9 G;8 @<A8E4? @4GE<K <A6E84F87 G;8 7H6G<?<GL
B9 G;8 6B??4:8A @<6EBS5E<?F 786E84F87 +;<F FGH7L 4?FB F;BJ87 G;4G G;8
8DH<I4?8AG 0BHA:F @B7H?HF B9 4 6B??4:8A @<6EBS5E<? J4F F<:A<9<64AG?L
<@C46G87 5L G;8 AH@58E B9 6EBFF?<A>F <A G;8 @B78? BJ8I8E G;8 @B78?
J4F ?<@<G87 GB 6B@CE8FF<I8 4A7 G8AF<?8 G8FGF
$H?G<F64?8 @B78??<A: J4F 64EE<87 BHG 5L 4@87 8G 4? 23 GB FGH7L
G;8 8?4FG<6 CEBC8EG<8F B9 6BEG<64? 5BA8 9EB@ G;8 A4ABGB @8FBF64?8 +;8L
8@C?BL87 @<6EB@86;4A<6F @8G;B7F 4A7 6B@CBF<G8 @4G8E<4?F ?4@<A4G8
G;8BE<8F GB 4A4?LG<64??L CE87<6G G;8 89986G<I8 8?4FG<6 6BAFG4AGF B9 6BEG<64?
5BA8 G G;8 A4ABFGEH6GHE4? ?8I8? G;8L F<@H?4G87 G;8 FGEH6GHE8 B9 6B??4
:8A S5E<?F <A GJB FG8CF +;8 89986G<I8 8?4FG<6 6BAFG4AGF <A 5BG; G;8 A4AB
4A7 FH5@<6EBF64?8 @B78?F J8E8 9BHA7 5L 8@C?BL<A: G;8 $BE<+4A4>4
F6;8@8 ,C GB G;8 @<6EBFGEH6GHE4? ?8I8? G;8 4HG;BEF ;B@B:8A<M87 G;8
FGEH6GHE8 B9 4A BFG8BA 4A7 4A <AG8EFG<G<4? ?4@8??4 FGEH6GHE8 F8C4E4G8?L
<A4??L G;8 8?4FG<6 6BAFG4AGF B9 6BEG<64? 5BA8 4G G;8 @8FB F64?8 J8E8
9BHA7 5L 4CC?L<A: 4 ;B@B:8A<M4G<BA F6;8@8 BA G;8 @<KGHE8 B9 <AG8E
FG<G<4? ?4@8??48 <8 G;8 @4GE<K BFG8BAF 4A7 64I<G<8F +;8 E8FH?GF B9 G;<F
FGH7L J8E8 <A G;8 E4A:8 B9 G;8 8KC8E<@8AG4? E8FH?GF B5G4<A87 9EB@ BG;8E
FGH7<8F E8CBEG87 <A G;8 ?<G8E4GHE8 BJ8I8E G;8E8 J8E8 FB@8 <FFH8F G;4G
F;BH?7 58 477E8FF87 FH6; 4F G;8 ?46> B9 4I4<?45?8 CEBC8EG<8F B9 G;8 6BA
FG<GH8AGF B9 5BA8 G;8 HF8 B9 G;8 6BAG<AHH@ @86;4A<6F <AFG847 B9 7<F6E8G8
4GB@<FG<6 F<@H?4G<BAF BI8EF<@C?<S64G<BAF <A G;8 :8B@8GE<8F 4A7 FGEH6
GHE8 B9 5BA8 7<998E8AG C4GG8EAF B9 S5E<? BE<8AG4G<BAF 4A7 FB BA
3. Modelling, fabrication and experimental investigations of bio-
inspired armour systems
EB@ G;8 CE8I<BHF F86G<BAF F8I8E4? FGEH6GHE4? 984GHE8F J8E8 <78AG<
S87 <A 5<B?B:<64? 4E@BHEF G;4G 946<?<G4G8 E8@4E>45?8 CEBC8EG<8F +;8F8
B5F8EI4G<BAF @4L <AFC<E8 ABI8? <784F <A G8E@F B9 G;8 78F<:A 4A7 @4AH
946GHE<A: B9 G;8 A8KG :8A8E4G<BA B9 @<?<G4EL 5B7L 4E@BHEF A G;<F F86
G<BA G;8 G86;A<DH8F 4A7 @8G;B7B?B:<8F 9BE @B78??<A: 945E<64G<A: 4A7
6BA7H6G<A: 8KC8E<@8AG4? <AI8FG<:4G<BAF B9 5<B<AFC<E87 4E@BHE FLFG8@F
HA78E 7<998E8AG 7LA4@<6 ?B47<A: 6BA7<G<BAF 4E8 7<F6HFF87 4A7 G;8 6BE
E8FCBA7<A: BHG6B@8F 4E8 5E<8TL BHG?<A87
3.1. Modelling/analytical methods and results
@CBEG4AG?L 4GG8@CGF 4G 5<B@<@<6EL 9BE G;8 78I8?BC@8AG B9 4E@BHE
FLFG8@F GB E8F<FG 7LA4@<6 <@C46GF FH6; 4F 5?4FG BE 54??<FG<6 <@C46G 4E8
7B@<A4AG 4G G;8 @46EB 4A7 @<6EB F64?8F J;8E8 G;8 E8F<FG<I8 9BE68F 7HE
<A: 4 7LA4@<6 <@C46G 4E8 B5F8EI87 BJ8I8E G;8 @<6EBF64?8 984GHE8F
8: G;8 AH@58E B9 ?4L8EF G;EBH:; G;8 G;<6>A8FF B9 A46E8 A4@8?L 
?4L8EF <A   J;<6; 8A;4A68 6E46> 5E<7:<A: 89986GF 64AABG 58 64C
GHE87 478DH4G8?L +;<F <F 4GGE<5HG87 GB 6;4??8A:8F <A 46;<8I8 G;8 78F<E87
DH4?<GL F<M8 6BAFGE4<AGF 4A7 ;<:; 6BFGF 4FFB6<4G87 J<G; @4AH946GHE<A: 4G
F@4??8E ?8A:G; F64?8F
Nacre: ;4M?4A 8G 4? 23 <AI8FG<:4G87 G;8 58;4I<BHE B9 4
A46E8@<@8G<6 AH@8E<64? @B78? HA78E GE4AFI8EF8 <@CH?F<I8 ?B47<A:
-BEBAB< 7<4:E4@F <: 4 J;<6; 4E8 4A4?B:BHF GB G;8 CB?L:BA4?
G45?8G ?4L8EF B9 A46E8 J8E8 HF87 GB 6BAFGEH6G G;8 @B78? A 4?:BE<G;@
J4F JE<GG8A GB <AF8EG 6B;8F<I8 5BA7F I<AL? 8FG8E E8F<A 58GJ88A G;8
G45?8GF 4E@BHE :E478 4?H@<A<H@ 4A7 G;8 ?4L8EF J8E8 FG4::8E87 GB :8A
8E4G8 4 5E<6> 4A7 @BEG4E FGEH6GHE8 4A4?B:BHF GB A46E8F 4E6;<G86GHE8
<: 5 +;8L 6B@C4E87 G;8 A46E8?<>8 C4A8? GB 4 @BAB?<G;<6 C4A8?
B9 8DH4? @4FF 4A7 IB?H@8 <: 6 4A7 78@BAFGE4G87 <GF CBG8AG<4? 9BE
<@CEBI<A: G;8 C8E9BE@4A68 B9 6B@CBF<G8 4E@BHE FLFG8@F E46> 5E<7:
<A: J4F <78AG<S87 4F BA8 B9 G;8 >8L 8A8E:L 7<FF<C4G<BA @86;4A<F@F
J;<6; J4F 4GGE<5HG87 GB G;8 FG4::8E87 ?4L8EF G;EBH:; G;8 G;<6>A8FF B9
G;8 C4A8? AC?4A8 6E46> 78T86G<BA G;EBH:; G;8 6B;8F<I8 5BA7F 58GJ88A
Fig. 9. 4 -BEBAB< 7<4:E4@ 5 %46E8F G45?8G 4E6;<G86GHE8 J;<6; <F F<@<?4E GB 4 -BEBAB<
7<4:E4@ 4A7 6 A8E:L 7<FF<C4G87 <A A46E8?<>8 6B@CBF<G8 HA78E 5?4FG ?B47<A: 6B@C4E87
GB 4A 8DH<I4?8AG 5H?> C4A8? 23
Fig. 10. %46E8?<>8 C4A8? FH5=86G87 GB HA78EJ4G8E 5?4FG ?B47<A: 23
A. Ghazlan et al. Composites Part B xxx (xxxx) xxx-xxx
G;8 G45?8GF J4F 4?FB B5F8EI87 ;4M?4A 8G 4? 23 4?FB 6BA7H6G87 4A
BG;8E E868AG FGH7L BA G;8 5?4FG C8E9BE@4A68 B9 4 A46E8?<>8 68E4@<6
C4A8? J<G; 4 E8:H?4E HA<G 68?? FGEH6GHE8 +;8L 9BHA7 G;4G 6E46> 4EE8FG
<A: :EBJG; 54A7F 4A7 AH@58E B9 G45?8GF G;EBH:; G;8 G;<6>A8FF B9 G;8
A46E8?<>8 C4A8? CEBI<787 F<:A<9<64AG GBH:;A8FF 4@C?<S64G<BAF BI8E 4A
8DH<I4?8AG @BAB?<G;<6 68E4@<6 C4A8? AG8EG45?8G 4A7 <AG8E?4L8E 5E<7:8F
6BAGE<5HG87 GB G;8 FG<VA8FF B9 G;8 A46E8?<>8 C4A8? F88 <: 
?BE8F!B;AFBA 8G 4? 23 @<@<6>87 G;8 @H?G<?4L8E 4E6;<G86GHE8 B9
A46E8 47;8F<I8 5BA7F 58GJ88A G;8 G45?8G ?4L8EF 4A7 G;8 F<AHFB<74? G45?8G
<AG8E9468F GB F<@H?4G8 G;8 58;4I<BHE B9 4A 4E@BHE :E478 4?H@<A<H@
C4A8? HA78E 5?4FG ?B47<A: +;8L 4CC?<87 C84> 5?4FG CE8FFHE8F <A G;8 E4A:8
B9  $'4 +;8L 64CGHE87 G;8 E4G878C8A78AG 6BAFG<GHG<I8 58
;4I<BHE B9 G;8 4E@BHE :E4787 4?H@<A<H@ 4??BL + HF<A: G;8
!B;AFBABB> C?4FG<6<GL 4A7 74@4:8 @B78?F E46GHE8 <A G;8 8CBKL E8F<A
<AG8E9468F 58GJ88A G;8 4?H@<A<H@ ?4L8EF J4F @B78??87 HF<A: 6B;8F<I8
MBA8 8?8@8AGF +;8 A46E8?<>8 C4A8? J4F 6B@C4E87 GB 4 @BAB?<G;<6 C4A8?
B9 8DH4? @4FF <A G8E@F B9 74@4:8 4A7 546> 9468 I8?B6<GL +;8E8 J4F AB
6E46><A: B5F8EI87 4G G;8 546> 9468 B9 G;8 A46E8?<>8 C4A8? 4A7 <GF 546>
9468 I8?B6<GL J4F ABG<6845?L ?BJ8E 6B@C4E87 GB G;8 @BAB?<G;<6 C4A8?
 @F 4F BCCBF87 GB  @F +;8F8 <@CEBI8@8AGF <A C8E9BE@4A68
J8E8 4GGE<5HG87 GB F8I8E4? 8A8E:L 7<FF<C4G<A: @86;4A<F@F A4@8?L <A
G8E?4L8E <AG8E?B6><A: 78?4@<A4G<BA 4A7 9E<6G<BA ?BE8F!B;AFBA 8G 4?
23 4?FB 78I8?BC87 4 SA<G8 8?8@8AG @B78? GB FGH7L G;8 58;4I<BHE B9
4 A46E8?<>8 C4A8? HA78E CEB=86G<?8 <@C46G ?B47<A: +;8 C4A8? J4F @B7
8??87 HF<A: 6B;8F<I8 5BA7F 58GJ88A 47=468AG FDH4E8 G45?8GF <A G;8 F4@8
?4L8E +;8 A46E8?<>8 C?4G8 F;BJ87 4 ?BJ8E CEB=86G<?8 E8F<7H4? I8?B6<GL
6B@C4E87 GB 4A 8DH<I4?8AG @BAB?<G;<6 C4A8? J;<6; <F F8AF<G<I8 GB G;8
G;<6>A8FF B9 G;8 C4A8?F  58A6;@4E> 6B@C4E<FBA J4F @478 58GJ88A 4
 @@ A46E8?<>8 4A7 @BAB?<G;<6 C4A8? HA78E 4 CEB=86G<?8 <@C46G I8?B6
<GL B9  @F J;8E85L G;8 A46E8?<>8 C4A8? F;BJ87 4 ;<:;8E CEB=86G<?8
E8F<7H4? I8?B6<GL
EH=<6<6 8G 4? 23 78I8?BC87 4 A46E8?<>8 FG4::8E87 6B@CBF<G8
4A7 F<@H?4G87 <GF C8E9BE@4A68 HA78E ;<:;FC887 <@C46G  @F 9EB@
4 9E4:@8AG F<@H?4G<BA CEB=86G<?8 *' +;8L E8CE8F8AG87 G;8 FG<V G45?8GF
4F 5BEBA 64E5<78 68E4@<6F  4A7 G;8 @4GE<K 4F FB9G CB?LHE84 +;8
A46E8?<>8 6B@CBF<G8 F<:A<9<64AG?L BHGC8E9BE@87 4A 8DH<I4?8AG @BAB
?<G;<6 68E4@<6 C4A8? HA78E 5BG; ABE@4?  @F -F  @F E8F<7H4? I8
?B6<GL 4A7  B5?<DH8 <@C46G  @F -F  @F E8F<7H4? I8?B6<GL
L <AGEB7H6<A: G;8 BCG<@4? 6B@5<A4G<BA B9 F8I8E4? A46E8?<>8 984GHE8F
A4@8?L G;8 G45?8G FHE9468CEBS?8 4@C?<GH78 FHE9468 EBH:;A8FF 4A7 @<A
8E4? 5E<7:8 6EBFFF86G<BA4? 4E84 G;8L J8E8 45?8 GB 9HEG;8E E87H68 G;8
E8F<7H4? I8?B6<GL B9 G;8 CEB=86G<?8 GB  @F 4A7  @F HA78E ABE@4?
4A7 B5?<DH8 <@C46G E8FC86G<I8?L
"A<CCE4G; 8G 4? 23 78I8?BC87 4 SA<G8 8?8@8AG @B78? B9 4
A46E8?<>8 C4A8? 4A7 <AI8FG<:4G87 <GF 58;4I<BHE HA78E CEB=86G<?8 <@C46G
 @F +;8L @<@<6>87 G;8 7BI8G4<? :8B@8GEL B9 G;8 G45?8GF 4A7 G;8
6B;8F<I8 5BA7F 58GJ88A G;8@ +;8 AH@8E<64? E8FH?GF <A7<64G87 G;4G 9BE
G;8 7<F6BAG<AHBHF @4G8E<4? G;8 6BAS:HE4G<BA B9 T4G G<?8F 4A7 54F8 E8F<A
<F 64C45?8 B9 E87H6<A: G;8 <@C46GBE I8?B6<GL @BE8 89986G<I8?L G;4A 4 6BA
G<AHBHF @4G8E<4?  @F -F  @F G;8E85L 4EE8FG<A: G;8 <@C46GBE
HEG;8E <@CEBI8@8AGF J8E8 B5F8EI87 BA G;8 J4IL C4A8? @<A<@H@ G<?8
68AG8E G;<6>A8FF B9  @@ J<G; 4 E8CBEG87 <@C46GBE E8F<7H4? I8?B6<GL
B9  @F
+E4A 8G 4? 23 <AI8FG<:4G87 G;8 58;4I<BHE B9 4 A46E8?<>8 6B@CBF
<G8 C4A8? <:  HA78E HA78EJ4G8E 5?4FG ?B47<A: HF<A: 4 TH<7FGEH6
GHE8 <AG8E46G<BA 4CCEB46; +;8L HF87 4 6BHC?87 46BHFG<6FB?<7 G86;A<DH8
GB @B78? G;8 <AG8E46G<BA 58GJ88A G;8 J4G8E 4A7 C4A8? +;8 7BI8G4<?
F;4C87 G45?8GF J8E8 @B78??87 HF<A: 6BAG<AHH@ F;8?? 8?8@8AGF J;<6;
J8E8 5BA787 5L 6B;8F<I8 MBA8 8?8@8AGF  5<?<A84E GE46G<BAF8C4E4
G<BA ?4J J4F HF87 GB F<@H?4G8 G;8 E4G878C8A78AG 6BAFG<GHG<I8 58;4I
<BHE B9 G;8 6B;8F<I8 5BA7F +;8 A46E8?<>8 C4A8? J4F 58A6;@4E>87
4:4<AFG 4 @BAB?<G;<6 C4A8? B9 8DH4? @4FF +;8 74@4:8 7<FGE<5HG<BA <A
G;8 A46E8?<>8 C4A8? J4F @BE8 HA<9BE@ G;EBH:;BHG G;8 8AG<E8 6B@CBF<G8
6B@C4E87 GB G;8 @BAB?<G;<6 C4A8? AG8E?B6><A: 4G G;8 7BI8G4<? <AG8E9468F
J4F G;8 >8L @86;4A<F@ G;4G J4F 9BHA7 GB E87H68 78?4@<A4G<BA 58
GJ88A G;8 <AG8E?4L8E 47;8F<I8 5BA7F +;<F FGH7L 78@BAFGE4G87 G;4G
A46E8@<@8G<6 6B@CBF<G8F ;4I8 CBG8AG<4? 9BE 54??<FG<6 4E@BHE CEBG86G<BA
7H8 GB G;8<E 8K68??8AG C8E9BE@4A68 HA78E ?B64?<F87 8KGE8@8 ?B47F
HGG4 8G 4? 23 945E<64G87 4 68E4@<6CB?L@8E 6B@CBF<G8 G;4G <F E8@
<A<F68AG B9 A46E8F 5E<6> 4A7 @BEG4E FGEH6GHE8 HF<A: G;8 9E88M8 64FG<A:
G86;A<DH8 GB I4?<74G8 G;8<E CE8I<BHF?L 78I8?BC87 F;84E ?4: @B78? HA78E
7LA4@<6 6B@CE8FF<I8 ?B47<A: +;8 @B78? FH668FF9H??L 64CGHE87 G;8 8K
;<5<G 7LA4@<6 F8?9FG<V8A<A: 58;4I<BHE B9 G;8 6B@CBF<G8 HA78E <A6E84F
<A: 6B@CE8FF<I8 FGE4<A E4G8F +;8L 78@BAFGE4G87 G;8 FGEBA: E4G878C8A
78A68 B9 68E4@<6CB?L@8E 6B@CBF<G8F 5L B5F8EI<A: G;4G G;8 7LA4@<6
6B@CE8FF<I8 FGE8A:G; J4F F<:A<9<64AG?L ;<:;8E G;4A <GF FG4G<6 6BHAG8EC4EG
+;8L 4GGE<5HG87 G;<F 58;4I<BHE GB C4EG<4? 7<F?B64G<BA 8@<FF<BAF 4A7 78
9BE@4G<BA GJ<AA<A: <A G;8 68E4@<6 5E<6>F
4EG;8?4G 8G 4? 23 78I8?BC87 4 94<?HE8 6E<G8E<BA GB 466BHAG 9BE 78
986GF <A G;8 G45?8GF B9 4 A46E8?<>8 FG4::8E87 6B@CBF<G8 4?H@<A4 G45?8GF
5BA787 5L 8CBKL BE CB?LHE8G;4A8 +;8 @B78??<A: 4CCEB46; <F 54F87
BA G;8 FGE8FF 4A4?LF<F 4CCEB46; <A 9E46GHE8 @86;4A<6F A G8E@F B9 @4
G8E<4? 78F<:A G;8L F;BJ87 G;4G G;8 G8AF<?8 FGE8A:G; 64A 58 <A6E84F87
5L 8<G;8E <A6E84F<A: G;8 BI8E?4C E4G<B B9 G;8 G45?8G BE 5L <A6E84F<A: G;8
F;84E FGE8A:G; B9 G;8 <AG8E9468 +;8 6E<G8E<BA CE87<6G87 G;4G <A6E84F<A:
G;8 BI8E?4C E4G<B <F 4 58GG8E 4CCEB46; 5864HF8 <G G8A7F GB E87H68 G;8
FGE8FF <AG8AF<GL 946GBE J;<6; E87H68F G;8 ?<>8?<;BB7 B9 G45?8G 9E46GHE8
+;8 GE46G<BAF A84E G;8 8A7F B9 G;8 BI8E?4C E8:<BAF 4E8 ?4E:8E 9BE G;8
64F8 B9 ABAHA<9BE@ F;84E GE46G<BAF +;<F ;4F G;8 89986G B9 <A6E84F<A: G;8
Conch: H 8G 4? 23 78I8?BC87 4 SA<G8 8?8@8AG  @B78? GB 64C
GHE8 G;8 I8?B6<GL CEBS?8 6E46> CEBC4:4G<BA 4A7 6E46> 7<FGE<5HG<BA <A 4
6B@CBF<G8 C4A8? 54F87 BA G;8 ;<8E4E6;<64? FGEH6GHE8 B9 6BA6; F;8??F HA
78E ?BJ I8?B6<GL <@C46G +;8L I4?<74G87 G;8  @B78? HA78E ?BJ I8?B6
<GL <@C46G 9EB@ 4 7EBC GBJ8E +;8  @B78? FH668FF9H??L 64CGHE87 G;8
6E46> C4G; G;EBH:; G;8 ;<8E4E6;<64? 6B@CBF<G8 FGEH6GHE8 4F J8?? 4F G;8
8KC8E<@8AG4? I8?B6<GL CEBS?8 +;8 6BA6;?<>8 C4A8? CE8I8AG87 C8E9BE4
G<BA 6B@C4E87 GB 4A 8DH<I4?8AG @BAB?<G;<6 C4A8? J;<6; F;BJ87 64G4
FGEBC;<6 94<?HE8  >8L GBH:;8A<A: @86;4A<F@ B5F8EI87 J4F G;8 =4::87
6E46> C4G; <A G;8 6BA6;?<>8 C4A8? J;<6; J4F 946<?<G4G87 5L G;8 FB9G
5BA7F 58GJ88A G;8 ;4E7 C;4F8F
Fish scales: HA> 8G 4? 23 <AI8FG<:4G87 G;8 <AC?4A8 4A7 T8K
HE4? 789BE@4G<BA @86;4A<F@F B9 4 @4A@478 SF; F64?8 FGEH6GHE8 HF<A:
SA<G8 8?8@8AG @B78??<A:  T8K<5?8 CB?LCEBCL?8A8 @8F; 4A7 6B@C4E4
G<I8?L E<:<7 C?4FG<6 F64?8F J8E8 HF87 GB @<@<6 G;8 FGEH6GHE8 B9 G;8 A4GHE4?
G8?8BFG SF; F><A $4AL 584@F J8E8 HF87 GB @B78? G;8 @8F; S5E8F 4A7
G;8 F64?8F J8E8 @B78??87 4F FCE<A:F +;8L B5F8EI87 G;4G G;8 BI8E4?? 58
;4I<BHE B9 G;8 FLAG;8G<6 SF; F><A @4G8E<4? <F :BI8EA87 5L G;8 BI8E?4C B9
G;8 F64?8F G;8 HA78E?L<A: @8F; :8B@8GEL 4A7 G;8 6BAFG<GHG<I8 @4G8E<4?
CEBC8EG<8F J;<6; F;BJ87 4 HA<DH8 FGE4<AFG<V8A<A: E8FCBAF8
;<AG4C4??< 8G 4? 23 78I8?BC87 4 SA<G8 8?8@8AG @B78? GB 64CGHE8
G;8 T8KHE4? 58;4I<BHE B9 4 SF;F64?8 ?<>8 F8:@8AG87 C?4G8 HA78E CHA6
GHE8 A887?8 J<G; 4 G<C E47<HF B9 7E<I8A 4G  @@F +;8L
9BHA7 G;4G G;8 5<B<AFC<E87 4E@BHE 7<FC?4L87 @4AL B9 G;8 4GGE<5HG8F B9
6BAI8AG<BA4? 4E@BHEF <A6?H7<A: T8K<5?<GL 4A7 EB5HFGA8FF J<G; @H?G<;<G
64C45<?<G<8F ?FB G;8 5<B<AFC<E87 F8:@8AG87 C?4G8 F;BJ87 4A <A6E84F8
<A CHA6GHE8 E8F<FG4A68 B9 HC GB  6B@C4E87 GB 4 6BAG<AHBHF C?4G8 B9
G;8 F4@8 G;<6>A8FF @CBEG4AG?L G;8 FG<VA8FF B9 G;8 FH5FGE4G8 4A7 G;8
?B64G<BA B9 CHA6GHE8 BA G;8 F8:@8AG87 C?4G8 C?4L 4 F<:A<9<64AG EB?8 <A E8
7H6<A: G;8 CHA6GHE8 FGE8FF8F 4A7 G;8E85L 8A;4A68 G;8 GBH:;A8FF B9 G;8
$4EG<A< 8G 4? 23 78I8?BC87 4A 4A4?LG<64? @B78? 54F87 BA 6BAG46G
@86;4A<6F GB 4FF8FF G;8 FG45<?<GL B9 4 6<E6H?4E C?4G8 F8:@8AG @<@<6><A:
4 SF; F64?8 HA78E CHA6GHE8 +;8 A887?8 J4F @B78??87 4F 4 CB<AG 9BE68
J;<6; J4F E8FB?I87 <A G;8 ABE@4? 4A7 G4A:8AG<4? 7<E86G<BAF GB G;8 78
9BE@87 C?4G8 +;8L 9BHA7 G;4G G;8 FG45<?<GL B9 G;8 <A7<I<7H4? C?4G8F <F
:BI8EA87 5L G;8 ?B64G<BA B9 G;8 CB<AG 9BE68 BA G;8 C?4G8 9E<6G<BA 4G G;8
A. Ghazlan et al. Composites Part B xxx (xxxx) xxx-xxx
FHE9468 B9 G;8 C?4G8 G;8 F<M8 B9 G;8 C?4G8 4A7 G;8 FG<VA8FF B9 G;8 FH5
#<H 8G 4? 23 64EE<87 BHG 4 AH@8E<6 FGH7L B9 G;8 54??<FG<6 CEBG86G<BA
C8E9BE@4A68 B9 5<B<AFC<E87 SF; F64?8?<>8 6B@CBF<G8F J<G; F<?<6BA 64E
5<78 *< 4A7 4?H@<A<H@ F8?86G87 4F G;8 BHG8E 4A7 <AA8E ?4L8EF B9 G;8
5<B<AFC<E87 6B@CBF<G8 F64?8 G J4F E8CBEG87 G;4G G;8 ><A8G<6 8A8E:L B9
G;8 5H??8G <F @4<A?L 45FBE587 5L G;8 BHG8E 68E4@<6 ?4L8E B9 G;8 5<B<A
FC<E87 6B@CBF<G8 G;EBH:; 5E<GG?8 94<?HE8 4A7 G;8 <AA8E 4?H@<A<H@ ?4L8E
G;EBH:; C?4FG<6 789BE@4G<BA +;8 <A6?<A87 F64?8F ?87 GB G;8 F?<C 4A7 78
T86G<BA B9 G;8 5H??8G 4?BA: G;8 K 4A7 L 7<E86G<BAF C?4A8 ABE@4? GB G;8
<@C46G 7<E86G<BA E8FC86G<I8?L GB 7<99HF8 G;8 ><A8@4G<6 8A8E:L 4G G;8
8EB7<A: 7<E86G<BA ?FB <G J4F 9BHA7 G;4G G;8 8A8E:L 45FBECG<BA 89S
6<8A6L <A6E84F87 4F G;8 BI8E?4CC<A: E4G<B <A6E84F87
BAM4?8M?5H<K86; 8G 4? 23 78I8?BC87 4 AH@8E<64? @B78? 54F87
BA G;8 :4AB<7 C?46B<7 4A7 4E@47<??B 6BAS:HE4G<BAF 9BHA7 <A SF; F64?8F
F;4E>F 4A7 4E@47<??B 4E@BHEF E8FC86G<I8?L +;8L 58A6;@4E>87 G;8 C8E
9BE@4A68 B9 G;8F8 5<B@<@8G<6 4E@BHEF 4:4<AFG 4 5H?> 68E4@<6 C4A8? HA
78E ;<:; I8?B6<GL <@C46G  @F 4G 5BG; BEG;B:BA4? 4A7 B5?<DH8
4A:?8F GB G;8 FGE<>8 9468 ?G;BH:; 4?? 5<B@<@8G<6 C4A8?F F;BJ87 4
78CG; B9 C8A8GE4G<BA ;<:;8E G;4A G;4G B9 G;8 68E4@<6 C4A8? HA78E 4 F<A:?8
<@C46G G;8 @H?G<;<G 64C45<?<GL B9 G;8 4E@47<??B?<>8 C?4G8 J4F 78@BA
FGE4G87 J;<6; F;BJ87 4 ?BJ8E C8A8GE4G<BA 78CG; HA78E 4 @H?G<;<G <@
C46G +;8 74@4:8 9EB@ G;8 SEFG <@C46G J4F B5F8EI87 GB 58 6BASA87 GB
G;8 CEB=86G<?8 <@C46G MBA8
EBJA<A: 8G 4? 23 78I8?BC87 4 @<6EB@86;4A<64? SA<G8 8?8@8AG
@B78? GB <AI8FG<:4G8 G;8 @86;4A<64? E8FCBAF8 B9 4 @4A@478 5<B<A
FC<E87 6B@CBF<G8 <AFC<E87 5L G8?8BFG SF; F64?8F HA78E 5?HAG 4A7 C8A8
GE4G<A: <A78AG4G<BA ?B47<A: +;8 6B@CBF<G8 6BAF<FG87 B9 * F64?8F 8@
587787 <A FB9G F<?<6BA8 EH558E G J4F 9BHA7 G;4G G;8 789BE@4G<BA @86;
4A<F@F B9 F64?8 58A7<A: F64?8 EBG4G<BA G<FFH8 F;84E 4A7 G<FFH8 6BAFGE4<AG
:BI8EA87 G;8 45<?<GL B9 G;8 6B@CBF<G8 GB CEBG86G G;8 HA78E?L<A: FH5
Crustacean exoskeleton: EHA8A98?78E 8G 4? 23 @B78??87 4 64E
5BA S5E88CBKL CE8CE8: 6B@CBF<G8 54F87 BA G;8 ;8?<6B<74? S5E8 4EE4A:8
@8AG B9 G;8 6EHFG4684A 8KBF>8?8GBA GB 4FF8FF <GF C8E9BE@4A68 HA78E ;<:;
8A8E:L <@C46G ;8@<FC;8E<64? 7EBC J8<:;G J<G; 4 7<4@8G8E B9  @@
 ! +;8L 64CGHE87 G;8 @86;4A<64? 58;4I<BHE B9 G;8 6B@CBF<G8 ?4@
<A4G8F HF<A: G;8 DH4F<<FBGEBC<6 @4G8E<4? @B78? J<G; G;8 4F;<A 74@
4:8 6E<G8E<BA +;8L B5F8EI87 G;4G G;8 7B@<A4AG 94<?HE8 @86;4A<F@ A84E
G;8 <@C46G FHE9468 B9 G;8 C4A8? <F S5E8 6B@CE8FF<BA J;<6; <A7<64G8F
G;4G S5E8 5H6>?<A: 4A7 @4GE<K 74@4:8 4E8 7B@<A4AG A84E G;8 <@C46G
FHE9468 A G;8 5BGGB@ F86G<BA B9 G;8 C4A8? G;8 7B@<A4AG 94<?HE8 @86;
4A<F@ <F @4GE<K 6E46><A: J;<6; <F 4GGE<5HG87 GB G;8 58A7<A: @B78 B9
G;8 68AGE4? E8:<BA B9 G;8 C4A8? 7HE<A: G;8 <@C46G CEB68FF +;<F ?847F
GB G8AF<?8 9BE68F <A G;8 5BGGB@ F86G<BA B9 G;8 C4A8? +;8 @B78? F;BJ87
4 J<78 <AC?4A8 FCE847 B9 74@4:8 <A G;8 F@4?? 4A:?8 6B@CBF<G8 
 J;<6; <F E87H687 J<G; 4 E87H6G<BA <A 4A:?8 4A7 F@4??8FG <A G;8
?G;BH:; G;8 @B78? 7B8F ABG 466BHAG 9BE 78?4@<A4G<BA 58GJ88A G;8
C?<8F <G 64CGHE8F G;8 <AC?4A8 74@4:8 @B78F J;<6; 4E8 6BAF<FG8AG J<G;
G;8 8KC8E<@8AG4? B5F8EI4G<BAF @CBEG4AG?L G;8 @87<H@ 4A:?8 6B@CBF
<G8   F;BJ87 G;8 ;<:;8FG E8F<FG4A68 GB <A78AG4G<BA 9EB@ 8KC8E<
@8AG4? B5F8EI4G<BAF
!<4A: 8G 4? 23 78I8?BC87 4 F<@<?4E AH@8E<64? @B78? B9 4 ?4@<
A4G87 6B@CBF<G8 C4A8? J<G; ;8?<6B<74? S5E8 BE<8AG4G<BAF 54F87 BA G;8
FGEH6GHE8 B9 G;8 6EHFG4684A 8KBF>8?8GBA 4A7 <AI8FG<:4G87 <GF C8E9BE
@4A68 HA78E ?BJ I8?B6<GL <@C46G 8A8E:L B9  !  HF8E FH5EBHG<A8
J4F HF87 GB 64CGHE8 S5E8 94<?HE8 G8AF<BA 4A7 5H6>?<A:><A><A: <A 6B@
CE8FF<BA @4GE<K 6E46><A: HA78E GE4AFI8EF8 G8AF<BA 4A7 6B@CE8FF<BA
4A7 <AC?4A8 F;84E 94<?HE8 +;8L B5F8EI87 G;4G 4 F@4?? C<G6; 4A:?8 B9 G;8
S5E8F E8FH?G87 <A 6B@C?8G8 @4GE<K 6E46><A: J<G; G;8 6E46> 7<E86G<BAF
BE<8AG87 4?BA: G;8 S5E8 7<E86G<BAF
5<E 8G 4? 23 78I8?BC87 4 AH@8E<64? @B78? B9 4 C4A8? J<G;
6EBFFC?L DH4F<<FBGEBC<6 4A7 ;8?<6B<74? ?4@<A4G8F 54F87 BA G;8 4E6;<
G86GHE8 B9 4 6EHFG4684A 8KBF>8?8GBA 4A7 <AI8FG<:4G87 <GF C8E9BE@4A68
HA78E ;<:; I8?B6<GL <@C46G 9EB@ 4 ;8@<FC;8E<64? CEB=86G<?8 +;8L 8@
587787 6B;8F<I8 8?8@8AGF <A 846; C?L GB F<@H?4G8 @4GE<K 74@4:8 8
?4@<A4G<BA 4A7 G;EBH:;G;<6>A8FF FC<E4??<A: 9E46GHE8 J8E8 <78AG<S87 GB
58 G;8 @4<A @B78F B9 8A8E:L 7<FF<C4G<BA +;8L E8CBEG87 4 54??<FG<6 ?<@<G
B9  @F 9BE G;8 ;8?<6B<74? 6B@CBF<G8 J;<6; J4F HC GB  4A7 
;<:;8E G;4A G;4G B9 G;8 6EBFFC?L 4A7 DH4F<<FBGEBC<6 6B@CBF<G8F E8FC86
Bone: H4A: 8G 4? 23 GBB> <AFC<E4G<BA 9EB@ 6B@C46G 5BA8 GB 78
I8?BC 4 @H?G<?4L8E C?4G8 J<G; I4EL<A: 78AF<G<8F 46EBFF G;8 G;<6>A8FF
+;8L 6BA7H6G87 F<@H?4G<BAF GB 4FF8FF G;8 C8E9BE@4A68 B9 G;8 F4@C?8 HA
78E 54??<FG<6 <@C46G 9EB@ 4 :4F :HA  @F F;BBG<A: I8?B6<GL J;<6;
J4F I4?<74G87 J<G; 4A 8KC8E<@8AG +;8 @4AH946GHE<A: B9 G;8 F4@C?8F
J4F 54F<6 BA?L <AIB?I<A: G;8 4FF8@5?L B9 <A7<I<7H4? 9B4@ C?4G8F J<G;
4A 47;8F<I8 +;8L 9BHA7 G;4G G;8 BCG<@<M87 5BA8<AFC<E87 @H?G<?4L8E87
FGEH6GHE8 F;BJ87 F<:A<9<64AG?L E87H687 C84> 4668?8E4G<BAF 4A7 G;8 C8A8
GE4G<BA 7<FG4A68 B9 G;8 <@C46GBE J4F E87H687 9EB@  7BJA GB  B9
G;8 6BHCBA G;<6>A8FF +;<F 8KC8E<@8AG 78@BAFGE4G87 G;4G 4 @H?G<?4L8E
C4A8? J<G; 4?G8EA4G<A: FG<VFB9G ?4L8EF 64A 58 4 @BE8 89986G<I8 4E@BHE
FLFG8@ HA78E 54??<FG<6 <@C46G 6B@C4E87 GB @BAB?<G;<6 9B4@
3.2. Manufacturing methods/techniques and experimental results
3.2.1. Additive manufacturing of bio-inspired materials/structures
77<G<I8 $4AH946GHE<A: <F 4 CEB68FF G;4G <AIB?I8F G;8 CEB7H6G<BA B9
C4EGF G;EBH:; FH668FF<I8 477<G<BAF B9 ?4L8EF +;8E8 4E8 7<998E8AG J4LF
G;4G G;8 477<G<I8 @4AH946GHE<A: CEB68FF <F 64EE<87 BHG 23 4A7 
CE<AG<A: @8G;B7F 4E8 G;8 @BFG CBCH?4E 9BE 78I8?BC<A: CEBB9B96BA68CG
5<B@<@8G<6 CEBGBGLC8F %:B 8G 4? 23 <78AG<S87 F8I8E4? CBCH?4E 
CE<AG<A: @8G;B7F 9BE 5<B@4G8E<4?F 48EBFC468 6<I<? <A9E4FGEH6GHE8 4A7
CEBG86G<I8 FGEH6GHE8F A4@8?L 9HF87 78CBF<G<BA @B78??<A: CBJ78E 587
9HF<BA <A>=8G CE<AG<A: 4A7 6BAGBHE 6E49G<A: FG8E8B?<G;B:E4C;L *# 7<
E86G 8A8E:L 78CBF<G<BA 4A7 ?4@<A4G87 B5=86G @4AH946GHE<A: BE G;8 CHE
CBF8F B9 G;<F E8I<8J J;<6; <F G4E:8G87 4G 5<B@<@8G<6 G86;A<DH8F 9BE 54?
?<FG<6 4E@BHE FLFG8@F J8 9B6HF BA  CE<AG<A: G86;A<DH8F 9BE @4AH946
GHE<A: 68E4@<6F 4A7 @8G4?F 4F J8?? 4F ;4E7FB9GC;4F8 6B@CBF<G8F 9BE
CEBB9B96BA68CG 5<B@<@8G<6 CEBGBGLC<A:
&I8E G;8 C4FG 786478  CE<AG<A: ;4F 588A HF87 GB 945E<64G8 7<998E8AG
5<B<AFC<E87 FGEH6GHE8F FH6; 4F A46E8<AFC<E87 23 6BA6; 23 SF;
F64?8 4@BHEF 23 5BA8@<@8G<6 G<FFH8 F6499B?7F 23 4A7 FB
BA 23 +;8 @4<A @4G8E<4?F 8@C?BL87 <A S?4@8AG54F87  CE<AG
<A: 4E8 46EL?BA<GE<?8 5HG47<8A8 FGLE8A8 * 23 CB?L ?46G<6 46<7
'# 23 G;8E@BC?4FG<6 CB?LHE8G;4A8 +', 23 CB?L8G;L?
8A8 23 -8EB.;<G8 G8AF<?8 FGE8A:G; B9  $'4 4A7 94<?HE8 FGE4<A B9
 4A7 +4A:B?46>'?HF G8AF<?8 FGE8A:G; B9  $'4 4A7 94<?
HE8 FGE4<A B9  23 +;8 @4<A @4G8E<4?F HF87 <A CBJ78E54F87
 CE<AG<A: 4E8 4 @<KGHE8 B9 *E+ CBJ78E 4?H@<A<H@ BK<78 CBJ78E
4A7 M<E6BA<4 54??F 23 64?6<H@ CB?LC;BFC;4G8 23 +<?- 23
G<G4A<H@ G<G4A<H@ 5BE<78 J;<F>8E 23 K4@C?8F B9 5<B@<@8G<6 CEB
GBGLC8F G;4G ;4I8 588A 78I8?BC87 E868AG?L I<4  CE<AG<A: 4E8 CEBI<787
Multiple architectures: !<4 8G 4? 23 @4AH946GHE87 F8I8E4?
5<B<AFC<E87 FGEH6GHE8F HF<A: @H?G<@4G8E<4? CB?L=8G  CE<AG<A: 4A7 <A
I8FG<:4G87 G;8<E C8E9BE@4A68 HA78E ?BJI8?B6<GL G;E88CB<AG 58A7<A:
 @F HF<A: 4 *C?<G BC><AFBA 'E8FFHE8 4E *' +;8F8 @<
6EB4E6;<G86GHE8F <A6?H787 6BA68AGE<6 ;8K4:BAF 5BA8 BFG8BAF FG4:
:8E87 5E<6> 4A7 @BEG4E A46E8 6EBFF?4@8??4E 6BA6; C?4<A @H?G<?4L
8E87 F84 FCBA:8 4A7 ;8?<6B<74? 6EHFG4684A 8KBF>8?8GBA +;8L @<@
<6>87 G;8 ;4E7 C;4F8 HF<A: -8EB.;<G8 4A7 G;8 FB9G @4GE<K C;4F8 HF<A:
+4A:B'?HF +;8 F84 FCBA:8 4E6;<G86GHE8 F;BJ87 G;8 ;<:;8FG 8A8E:L 7<FF<
C4G<BA 4A7 @4K<@H@ 94<?HE8 7<FC?468@8AG J;<?FG G;8 6BA6; 4E6;<G86GHE8
F;BJ87 G;8 ;<:;8FG C84> 9BE68 +;8 @4<A GBH:;8A<A: @86;4A<F@F G;4G
A. Ghazlan et al. Composites Part B xxx (xxxx) xxx-xxx
G;8L B5F8EI87 J8E8 6E46> 78T86G<BA F;<8?7<A: 5E4A6;<A: 4A7 GJ<FG<A:
J;<6; J8E8 946<?<G4G87 5L G;8 ;4E7 4A7 FB9G C;4F8F <A 846; 4E6;<G86GHE8
Nacre: +E4A 8G 4? 23 @4AH946GHE87 4 ABI8? @H?G<@4G8E<4?
A46E8<AFC<E87 C4A8? HF<A: 8KGEHF<BA54F87  CE<AG<A: <:  +;8
A46E8?<>8 G45?8GF J8E8 CE<AG87 J<G; * 4F FGEBA: 4A7 FG<V @4G8E<4?
4A7 G;8 7H6G<?8 5BA7<A: J4F @<@<6>87 HF<A: '# BE +', G 64A 58 B5
F8EI87 9EB@ <:  G;4G 7<998E8AG FG4::8E87 CB?L:BA4? A46E8?<>8 4E
6;<G86GHE8F J8E8 945E<64G87 <A6?H7<A: 4 6HEI87 6B@CBF<G8 FGEH6GHE8 G;4G
J4F 78I8?BC87 HF<A: ABAHA<9BE@ E4G<BA4? 54F<F FC?<A8F %,)* +;8L
4?FB 78I8?BC87 4 AH@8E<64? @B78? B9 G;8 FG4::8E87 A46E8?<>8 6B@CBF<G8
FGEH6GHE8 4A7 I4?<74G87 <G HF<A: 8KC8E<@8AGF 9EB@ G;8 ?<G8E4GHE8 G J4F
B5F8EI87 G;4G G;8 G45?8G <AG8E9468 ;47 4 @4E:<A4? 89986G BA G;8 GBH:;
A8FF 5HG E4G;8E G;8 6B;8F<I8 ?4J B9 G;8 47;8F<I8 @4G8E<4? C?4L87 4 F<:
A<9<64AG EB?8 <A 78T86G<A: 4A7 4EE8FG<A: 6E46>F
=H@4F 8G 4? 23 @4AH946GHE87 F8I8E4? FG4::8E87 A46E8?<>8 6B@
CBF<G8F J<G; 7<998E8AG C4GG8EAF 5E<6> ;BA8L6B@5 ;BHE:?4FF BFG8B@BE
C;<6 HF<A: @H?G<@4G8E<4?  CE<AG<A: +;8L 6BA7H6G87 $B78 9E46
GHE8 G8FGF GB <AI8FG<:4G8 G;8 89986GF B9 G;8 :8B@8GEL B9 G;8 G45?8GF BA G;8
<AG8E?B6><A: 58;4I<BHE B9 G;8 6B@CBF<G8F +;8L HF87 4 ;4E7 FG<V CB?L
@8E -8EB.;<G8'?HF GB E8CE8F8AG G;8 G45?8GF 4A7 FB9G EH558E?<>8 CB?L
@8E +4A:B?46>'?HF 9BE G;8 @4GE<K +;8L 9BHA7 G;4G G;8 BFG8B@BEC;<6
F4@C?8F F;BJ87 G;8 ;<:;8FG FGE8A:G;  $'4 4A7 8?BA:4G<BA GB 94<?
HE8  J;<6; F<:A<9<64AG?L BHGC8E9BE@87 G;8 BG;8E 6B@CBF<G8F 8
?B64?<F4G<BA B9 FGE8FF 4EBHA7 G;8 6E46> G<C J4F B5F8EI87 <A 4?? FC86<@8AF
8K68CG 9BE G;8 ;BHE:?4FF F;4C8 J<G; <GF 6BA64I8 :8B@8GEL +;<F J4F 4G
GE<5HG87 GB G;8 G;<A E8:<BA B9 G;8 G45?8G J;<6; <A6E84F87 FGE8FF 6BA68A
GE4G<BAF 4A7 ?87 GB 84E?L 9E46GHE8 B9 G;8F8 5?B6>F FG<V C;4F8 4<?HE8
G;EBH:; G;8 FB9G C;4F8 4F BCCBF87 GB G;8 <AG8E9468 58GJ88A G;8 FB9G 4A7
FG<V C;4F8F 78?4@<A4G<BA J4F B5F8EI87 9BE 4?? FC86<@8AF 8K68CG 9BE
G;4G J<G; ;BHE:?4FF :8B@8GEL
Conch: H 8G 4? 23 @<@<6>87 G;8 F86BA7BE78E ?4@8??4E FGEH6
GHE8 B9 4 6BA6; F;8?? 5L 78I8?BC<A: 4 F@4?? C4A8? HF<A: @H?G<@4G8E<4?
CB?L=8G  CE<AG<A: 4A7 G8FG87 G;8 CEBGBGLC8 HA78E ?BJ I8?B6<GL <@C46G
 @F HF<A: 4 7EBC GBJ8E +;8 C4A8? J4F 4FF8@5?87 9EB@ 4 ;4E7
C?4A>F 4A7 FB9G 5BA7<A: @4G8E<4? G;E88 ?4L8EF B9 EBG4G87 ?4@8??48
J<G; 5BA7<A: 4A:?8F B@C4E87 GB 4A 8DH<I4?8AG @BAB?<G;<6 C4A8?
@478 9EB@ G;8 F4@8 FG<V @4G8E<4? G;8 6BA6;?<>8 78F<:A E8F<FG87 C8E9B
E4G<BA +;8 @4<A GBH:;8A<A: @86;4A<F@ B5F8EI87 J4F 6E46> 78T86G<BA
4?BA: G;8 FB9G 47;8F<I8 5BA7F
*4?<A4F 8G 4? 23 945E<64G87 F8I8E4? CB?L8G;L?8A8 F4@C?8F HF<A: 
CE<AG<A: J<G; CB?L8G;L?8A8 GB @<@<6 G;8 FGEH6GHE8 B9 6BA6; F;8??F 4A7
G8FG87 G;8F8 HA78E <A78AG4G<BA +;8 F4@C?8F J8E8 6B@CBF87 B9 AH@8E
BHF  W  @@ 584@F 4G P P BE P 4A:?8F J;<6; J8E8 6BI8E87
5L 4 G;<A ?4L8E B9 E8F<A   +;8 ;<:;8FG <A78AG4G<BA E8F<FG4A68 J4F
B5F8EI87 9BE G;8 F4@C?8F J<G; RP C?4A> 4A:?8F
Fish scale: )H7L>; 8G 4? 23 8@C?BL87 @H?G<@4G8E<4? CB?L=8G
 CE<AG<A: GB 78I8?BC 4 CEBGBGLC8 54F87 BA G;8 FGEH6GHE8 B9 SF; F64?8
4A7 G8FG87 G;8F8 HA78E <A78AG4G<BA 4A7 G;E88CB<AG 58A7<A: -8EB.;<G8
-. J4F HF87 4F G;8 ;4E7 @4G8E<4? 4A7 +4A:B'?HF +' J4F HF87 4F
G;8 FB9G @4G8E<4? +;8L 78I8?BC87 CEBGBGLC8F J<G; 7<998E8AG <A6?<A4G<BA
4A:?8F 4A7 FG<VFB9G IB?H@8 9E46G<BAF +;8 BCG<@4? <A6?<A4G<BA 4A:?8F
Fig. 11.  'E<AG87 A46E8?<>8 C4A8?F 4 ?4G 4A7 5 6HEI87 C4A8?F J<G; ;4E7 46EL?BA<
GE<?8 5HG47<8A8 FGLE8A8 * G45?8GF 5BA787 5L CB?L?46G<6 46<7 '# 4A7 67 * G45?8GF
5BA787 5L T8K<5?8 G;8E@BC?4FG<6 CB?LHE8G;4A8 +', 23
4A7 @4G8E<4? IB?H@8 E4G<BF J8E8 B5G4<A87 <A G8E@F B9 CEBI<7<A: 5BG;
C8A8GE4G<BA E8F<FG4A68 4A7 T8K<5<?<GL G J4F ABG87 G;4G 5BG; CEBG86G<BA
4A7 T8K<5<?<GL 4E8 ;<:;?L GHA845?8 5L I4EL<A: :8B@8GE<64? C4E4@8G8EF
B9 G;8 @<6EBFGEH6GHE8 8: C?4G8 <A6?<A4G<BA 4A:?8 4A7 IB?H@8 9E46G<BA
?FB G;8F8 8KC8E<@8AGF <78AG<S87 GE478BVF 58GJ88A G;8 GLC<64??L 6BA
T<6G<A: CEBC8EG<8F 8: T8K<5<?<GL -F C8A8GE4G<BA E8F<FG4A68 4F J8?? 4F
G;8 45<?<GL GB 78F<:A G;8 @BFG CEBG86G<I8 @4G8E<4? 4E6;<G86GHE8 9BE 4 E8
DH<E87 T8K<5<?<GL +;<F @4L CEBI<78 A8J 78F<:A :H<78?<A8F 9BE 8A;4A687
T8K<5?8 4E@BHE FLFG8@F
Crustacean exoskeleton:  F<AHFB<74??L4E6;<G86G87 ;8?<6B<74? 6B@
CBF<G8 J4F 945E<64G87 5L 04E4:;< 8G 4? 23 HF<A: @H?G<@4G8E<4? 'B?L
!8G  CE<AG<A: 4A7 G8FG87 HA78E 6B@CE8FF<BA  ;4E7 @4G8E<4?
-8EB.;<G8'?HF J4F HF87 9BE G;8 S5E8F 4A7 4 FB9G CB?L@8E<6 @4G8E<4?
+4A:B?46>'?HF J4F HF87 9BE G;8 @4GE<K +;8 FGEH6GHE8 <F 54F87 BA 4
;8EE<A:5BA8 FGEH6GHE8 54F<64??L 4 ;8?<6B<74? 6BAS:HE4G<BA 5HG J<G; F<
AHFB<74? S5E8F )8FH?GF 9EB@ G;8 8KC8E<@8AGF F;BJ87 G;4G G;8 ;8EE<A:
5BA8 FGEH6GHE8 ;4F 58GG8E 8A8E:L 45FBECG<BA 64C45<?<G<8F G;4A G;4G B9 G;8
CHE8 ;8?<6B<7 FGEH6GHE8 +;8 6E<G<64? FGE8FF B9 G;8 ;8?<6B<74? FGEH6GHE8 J4F
B5F8EI87 GB 58 @H6; ?8FF G;4A G;4G B9 G;8 ;8EE<A:5BA8 FGEH6GHE8 +;<F
FH::8FGF G;4G G;8 ;8EE<A:5BA8 FGEH6GHE8 <F 64C45?8 B9 J<G;FG4A7<A: ?4E:8
FGE4<AF J<G;BHG F<:A<9<64AG 74@4:8 G;8E85L ?847<A: GB 4 ;<:;8E 45FBE587
8A8E:L 78AF<GL J;<6; J4F E8CBEG87 GB 58  !@ 9BE G;8 ;8?<6B<74?
FGEH6GHE8 G <F G;E88 G<@8F ?BJ8E G;4A G;4G B9 G;8 ;8EE<A:5BA8 FGEH6GHE8
 !@
)<554AF 8G 4? 23 945E<64G87 G;E88 GLC8F B9 ;8?<6B<74? S5E8 FGEH6
GHE8F 5L  CE<AG<A: HF<A: *GE4G4FLF )  E8F<A 4 E<:<7 GE4AF?H68AG
@4G8E<4? 4A7 6BA7H6G87 G;E88 CB<AG 58A7<A: G8FGF GB 6;4E46G8E<F8 G;8<E
9E46GHE8 58;4I<BHE G J4F B5F8EI87 G;4G J;8A 6E46>F CEBC4:4G8 4?BA:
G;8 FG46><A: 7<E86G<BA B9 S5E8 ?4L8EF @BE8 8A8E:L <F 7<FF<C4G87 9EB@ BA8
?4L8E GB G;8 A8KG <9 G;8 S5E8 7<E86G<BA 6;4A:8F F?<:;G?L 58GJ88A G;8@
$BABGBA<6 GBEF<BA4? G8FGF J8E8 4?FB 6BA7H6G87 GB 6;4E46G8E<F8 G;8 <AG8E
?4@<A4E F;84E E8F<FG4A68 B9 G;8 ;8?<6B<74? S5E8 FGEH6GHE8F +;8 S5E8 IB?
H@8 E4G<B B9 G;8 C?4<A ;8?<6B<74? FC86<@8AF J4F  J;<6; J4F ?BJ8E
G;4A G;8 S5E8 IB?H@8 E4G<BF B9  <A G;8 FC86<@8AF G;4G J8E8 E8<A
9BE687 J<G; ;8?<68F 4A7 E<A:F +;8E89BE8 G;8 ;<:;8E C84> ?B47 <A G;8
C?4<A ;8?<64? FC86<@8AF J4F 4GGE<5HG87 GB G;8 ;<:;8E @4GE<K 6BAG8AG
Bone: ;4M?4A 8G 4? 23 945E<64G87 4 5BA8?<>8 68??H?4E FGEH6GHE8
<: 4 HF<A: 8KGEHF<BA54F87 AL?BA  CE<AG<A: +;8L 9BHA7 G;4G
G;8 5BA8?<>8 FGEH6GHE8 8K;<5<GF FHC8E<BE 8A8E:L 45FBECG<BA BI8E GE47<
G<BA4? 68??H?4E FGEH6GHE8F <A6?H7<A: ;8K4:BA4? 4A7 E88AGE4AG 4HK8G<6F
<: 5 4A7 6 J;<6; ;4I8 588A FGH7<87 8KG8AF<I8?L <A G;8 ?<G8E4GHE8
23 +;<F 58;4I<BHE J4F 4GGE<5HG87 GB G;8 HA<9BE@ CEB:E8FF<I8
Fig. 12.  'E<AG87 68??H?4E FGEH6GHE8F 4 BA8?<>8 J<G; ;L5E<7 6BA64I8 4A7 6BAI8K 68??F
5 8K4:BA4? 4A7 6 E88AGE4AG 4HK8G<6 7 '8E9BE@4A68 B9 G;8F8 68??H?4E FB?<7F HA78E HA<
4K<4? 6B@CE8FF<BA 23
A. Ghazlan et al. Composites Part B xxx (xxxx) xxx-xxx
5H6>?<A: 4A7 6B??4CF8 B9 G;8 ;L5E<7 68??F J;<6; CEBI<787 FG45<?<GL GB G;8
FGEH6GHE8 4A7 78?4L87 G;8 BAF8G B9 78AF<S64G<BA <: 7 $<@<6><A:
G;8 CBEBHF 68??F B9 G;8 5BA8?<>8 FGEH6GHE8 @4L ?847 GB <AGE<64G8 5B7L 4E
@BHE C4A8?F J<G; FHC8E<BE 74@4:8 @<G<:4G<BA 6;4E46G8E<FG<6F
L 8@C?BL<A: CBJ78E54F87  CE<AG<A: )BB;4A<F94;4A< 8G 4?
23 @4AH946GHE87 4 FGEH6GHE8 G;4G @<@<6F G;8 @86;4A<64? CEBC8EG<8F
B9 6BEG<64? 5BA8 9BE 5<B@87<64? 4CC?<64G<BAF  @<KGHE8 B9 *E+ CBJ
78E 4?H@<A<H@ BK<78 CBJ78E M<E6BA<4 54??F 4A7 8G;4AB? J4F GE84G87 <A
4 FLFG8@4G<6 CEB68FF GB 6E84G8 4 @<K B9 B5G4<A87 C4EG<6?8F B9 J;<6; 
J8E8 F@4??8E G;4A  μ@ +;8 5<A78E 9BE  CE<AG<A: J4F @478 9EB@
G;<F CBJ78E J<G; J4G8E 4A7 477<G<BA4? 4:8AGF GB @4<AG4<A G;8 ;B@B
:8A8BHF 4A7 I<F6B8?4FG<6 E8FCBAF8 +;8L CEB7H687 4A7 FGH7<87 G;8 58
;4I<BHE B9 :?4FF68E4@<6 F6499B?7F 9BE 6BEG<64? 5BA8 HA78E 6B@CE8FF<BA
6L6?<6 6B@CE8FF<I8 ?B47<A: 4A7 58A7<A: +;8  CE<AG87 F4@C?8F J<G; 4
;8K4:BA4? 4E6;<G86GHE8 F;BJ87 4 6B@CE8FF<I8 FGE8A:G; J<G;<A G;8 E4A:8
B9 6BEG<64? 5BA8 4F J8?? 4F ;<:; 94G<:H8 E8F<FG4A68 94<?HE8 E8?<45<?<GL 4A7
4 ;<:; 58A7<A: FGE8A:G;
'BJ78E54F87 @H?G<@4G8E<4?  CE<AG<A: J4F HG<?<F87 5L -?4F84 8G 4?
23 GB @4AH946GHE8 F4@C?8F J<G; 7<998E8AG ?4L8E BE<8AG4G<BAF J;<6;
@<@<6 G;8 @86;4A<64? 58;4I<BHE B9 6BEG<64? 5BA8 +;8 @4G8E<4?F HF87
J8E8 4@BEC;BHF 64?6<H@ CB?LC;BFC;4G8 '' CBJ78E +;8 CHECBF8 B9
G;<F FGH7L J4F GB 78G8E@<A8 G;8 45<?<GL B9 G;8 5<B@<@8G<6 FGEH6GHE8 GB
E8C?468 ;H@4A 5BA8 5L ?<A><A: <GF @86;4A<64? CEBC8EG<8F GB <GF FGEH6
GHE4? 984GHE8F +;8 4HG;BEF @478 SI8 6L?<A7E<64? F4@C?8F  @@ 7<4@
8G8E  @@ ;8<:;G J<G; 7<998E8AG 6BA68AGE<6 S5E8 BE<8AG4G<BAF A4@8?L
P P P P 4A7 P +;8 E8FH?GF F;BJ87 4 F<:A<9<64AG 6BEE8?4
G<BA 58GJ88A G;8 ?4L8E BE<8AG4G<BA 4A7 G;8 6B@CE8FF<I8 FGE8A:G; B9 G;8
G8FG87 F4@C?8F +;8 P F4@C?8F ;47 G;8 ;<:;8FG 6B@CE8FF<I8 FGE8A:G;
 $'4 J;<?8 G;8 P ?4L8E BE<8AG4G<BA E8FH?G87 <A G;8 ?BJ8FG 6B@
CE8FF<I8 FGE8A:G; A4@8?L  $'4 &A G;8 BG;8E ;4A7 G;8 P F4@
C?8F ;47 G;8 ?BJ8FG CBEBF<GL  6B@C4E87 GB G;8 F4@C?8F
J;<6; ;47 G;8 ;<:;8FG CBEBF<GL 
.8<5@4AA 8G 4? 23 945E<64G87 BC8A CBEBHF 5BA8?<>8 F6499B?7F
HF<A: CBJ78E54F87  CE<AG<A: G<G4A<H@ CBJ78E +<?-  E478 
 @B78? J4F 78I8?BC87 HF<A:  FB9GJ4E8 4A7 GE4AF98EE87 GB  CE<AG
<A: <AFGEH6G<BAF .;8A G;8 945E<64G<BA CEB68FF J4F 6B@C?8G87 4 J<E8
8?86GE<64? 7<F6;4E:8 @46;<A8 J4F 8@C?BL87 GB E8@BI8 G;8 FHCCBEG FGEH6
GHE8F L?<A7E<64? F4@C?8F J<G; 4 F<M8 B9  @@ <A 7<4@8G8E 4A7  @@ <A
;8<:;G J8E8 @4AH946GHE87 4F HA<G 68??F J<G; 8<:;G 7<998E8AG GLC8F B9 BE<
8AG4G<BAF +;8 ?4L8E G;<6>A8FF J4F 6BAGEB??87 4G 4CCEBK<@4G8?L  μ@
+;8 F4@C?8F J8E8 E8@4E>45?L @4AH946GHE87 4G @BE8 G;4A  466H
E46L 9EB@ G;8  @B78? A G8E@F B9 @86;4A<64? C8E9BE@4A68 G;8 E8
CBEG87 8?4FG<6 @B7H?HF B9 G;8 F6499B?7F J4F J<G;<A G;8 E4A:8 B9 ;H@4A
6BEG<64? 5BA8
3.2.2. Composite fabrication
Conch: 4F4 8G 4? 23 78I8?BC87 4 CE8CE8: 64E5BA S5E8 E8<A
9BE687 6B@CBF<G8 C4A8? G;4G @<@<6F G;8 @46EB ?4L8EF B9 G;8 6BA6; F;8??
4A7 <AI8FG<:4G87 <GF C8E9BE@4A68 HA78E G;E88CB<AG 58A7<A: +;EBH:;
F64AA<A: 8?86GEBA @<6EB:E4C;F *$ G;8L B5F8EI87 G;4G G;8 GHAA8?
6E46>F 8@4A4G<A: 9EB@ G;8 G8AF<?8 MBA8 <AA8E ?4L8E J8E8 78T86G87 4G
4EBHA7  4A:?8F G;EBH:; G;8 @<77?8 @46EB ?4L8E 85BA7<A: 4A7 9E<6
G<BA4? F?<7<A: 58GJ88A G;8 ?4@8??48 J8E8 E8CBEG87 J;<6; E8FH?G87 <A FG4
5?8 6E46> CEBC4:4G<BA G;8E85L CE8F8EI<A: G;8 <AG8:E<GL B9 G;8 FGEH6GHE8
Crustacean exoskeleton: EHA8A98?78E 8G 4? 23 945E<64G87 4 64E
5BA S5E88CBKL CE8CE8: 6B@CBF<G8 54F87 BA G;8 ;8?<6B<74? S5E8 4EE4A:8
@8AG B9 G;8 6EHFG4684A 8KBF>8?8GBA GB 4FF8FF <GF C8E9BE@4A68 HA78E ;<:;
8A8E:L <@C46G 7EBC J8<:;G J<G; 4 7<4@8G8E B9  @@  ! 4A7 FH5
F8DH8AG 6B@CE8FF<BA49G8E<@C46G  @@@<A 23 +;8L FG46>87
 ?4L8EF <AS?GE4G87 G;8 8CBKL HF<A: 4 I46HH@ 54: 4A7 6HE87 G;8 F4@
C?8F 466BE7<A: GB G;8 @4AH946GHE8EF FC86<S64G<BAF +JB 6BAGEB? F4@
C?8F J8E8 945E<64G87 9BE 6B@C4E<FBA A4@8?L HA<7<E86G<BA4? 4?? C?<8F
BE<8AG87 <A G;8  7<E86G<BA 4A7 DH4F<<FBGEBC<6 
BE<8AG4G<BAF J<G; G;8 ?4LHC FL@@8GE<6 45BHG G;8
@<7C?4A8 +;8 ;8?<6B<74? ?4@<A4G8F ;47 EBG4G<BA 4A:?8F B9
4A7  9G8E 4FF8FF<A: G;8 74@4:8 <A G;8 C4A8? HF<A: H?
GE4FBA<6 F64AF G;8L 9BHA7 G;4G G;8 @87<H@ 4A:?8 6B@CBF<G8 
 ;47 G;8 ?84FG 4@BHAG B9 74@4:8 C8A8GE4G<BA 78CG; B9 G;8 <A78AG8E
J4F 4EBHA7  ?8FF G;4A G;8 DH4F<<FBGEBC<6 6BAGEB? F4@C?8 @CBE
G4AG?L G;8 E8F<7H4? 6B@CE8FF<I8 FGE8A:G; B9 G;8 @87<H@   4A7
?4E:8 4A:?8   6B@CBF<G8F J8E8 E8CBEG87 GB 58  4A7  ;<:;8E
G;4A G;4G B9 G;8 DH4F<<FBGEBC<6 6BAGEB? F4@C?8 E8FC86G<I8?L A 6BAGE4FG
4 CEB@<A8AG 4@BHAG B9 78?4@<A4G<BA J4F B5F8EI87 <A G;8 F@4?? 4A:?8
6B@CBF<G8 J<G; G;8 74@4:87 4E84 58<A: F<:A<9<64AG?L ?4E:8E G;4A
G;4G B9 G;8 BG;8E F4@C?8F
&G;8E <AI8FG<:4G<BAF J8E8 6BA7H6G87 BA 6EHFG4684A<AFC<E87 ;8?<
6B<74? CE8CE8: 6B@CBF<G8F HA78E I4E<BHF ?B47<A: 6BA7<G<BAF 5HG G;8
@4AH946GHE<A: CEB68FF <F F<@<?4E GB G;4G E8CBEG87 5L EHA8A98?78E 8G
4? 23 *:?4FF8CBKL 6B@CBF<G8 HA78E DH4F<FG4G<6 T8KHE8 4A7 F;84E
J;<6; F;BJ87 @4E:<A4? <@CEBI8@8AGF <A T8KHE4? 4A7 F;84E FGE8A:G;
6B@C4E87 GB 4 DH4F<<FBGEBC<6 2 3 F4@C?8 23 5<B<A
FC<E87 64E5BA S5E88CBKL HA78E ?BJ I8?B6<GL <@C46G 4A7 6B@CE8FF<BA
49G8E <@C46G J;<6; F;BJ87 4 ?BJ8E 78:E88 B9 <AG8EA4? 74@4:8 ;<:;8E
78?4@<A4G<BA 4A7 ?4E:8E FCE847 B9 <@C46G 74@4:8 6B@C4E87 GB 6EBFFC?L
4A7 DH4F<<FBGEBC<6 F4@C?8F 23 64E5BA S5E8E8F<A 6B@CBF<G8 HA78E
DH4F<FG4G<6 58A7<A: J;<6; F;BJ87 E8@4E>45?8 78?4@<A4G<BA 5HG 4 CEB
?BA:87 E8F<7H4? ?B47 6B@C4E87 GB DH4F<<FBGEBC<6 4A7 6EBFFC?L F4@C?8F
23 4A7 64E5BA8CBKL 6B@CBF<G8 HA78E DH4F<FG4G<6 C?4G8 58A7<A:
J;<6; F;BJ87 4A <@CEBI87 C84> ?B47 4A7 ;<:;8E FG<VA8FF BI8E 4 6BEE8
FCBA7<A: 6EBFFC?L F4@C?8 23
Bone: ABG;8E <AI8FG<:4G<BA BA 4 CE8CE8: 64E5BA S5E88CBKL 6B@
CBF<G8 J4F <AFC<E87 5L 5BA8 23 A G;<F 64F8 G;EBH:;G;<6>A8FF E8
<A9BE68@8AG J4F CEBI<787 5L FG4C?<A: G;8 ?4@<A4G8F J<G; FG4<A?8FF FG88?
FG4C?8F G J4F 9BHA7 G;4G G;8 FC86<@8A J<G; 4 ;8?<6B<74? FG46><A: F8
DH8A68 ;4F 58GG8E 785BA7<A: E8F<FG4A68 4A7 <@CEBI87 74@4:8 GB?8E4A68
6B@C4E87 GB GE47<G<BA4? ?4@<A4G87 6B@CBF<G8F ,A78E G8AF<BA G;8 ;8?<
6B<74? 4E6;<G86GHE8 F;BJ87 ;<:;8E 8A8E:L 45FBECG<BA 7H8 GB ?<@<GF BA G;8
78I8?BC@8AG B9 GE4AFI8EF8 6E46>F ,A78E C?4G8 58A7<A: G;8 ;8?<6B<74?
FC86<@8A F;BJ87 G;8 ;<:;8FG ?B47 4A7 8A8E:L 45FBECG<BA +;8 <@C46G
G8FG F;BJ87 G;8 ;<:;8FG C8A8GE4G<BA E8F<FG4A68 +;<F 58;4I<BHE J4F 4G
GE<5HG87 GB G;8 7<998E8AG S5E8 BE<8AG4G<BAF J;<6; CE8I8AG 6BAG<AHBHF
@4GE<K 6E46><A: 4A7 ?<A>HC G;8E85L 7<FF<C4G<A: 8A8E:L <A G;8 7<998E8AG
S5E8 7<E86G<BAF
3.2.3. Other manufacturing of bio-inspired materials/structures
Nacre: %4E7H66< 8G 4? 23 GBB> <AFC<E4G<BA 9EB@ A46E8F G45?8G
FGEH6GHE8 4A7 HF87 4 ?4F8E 6HGG8E GB 8A:E4I8 7BI8G4<? C4GG8EAF <AGB 64E
5BAS5E88CBKL 6B@CBF<G8 ?4@<A4G8F CE<BE GB ?4LHC 4A7 6HE<A: J;<6;
G;8L G8FG87 HA78E G;E88CB<AG 58A7<A: +;8 @8G;B7 CEB7H687 G45?8GF
J<G; 4A 466HE4G8 J<7G; B9   *$ B5F8EI4G<BAF F;BJ87 G;4G 6E46>
78T86G<BA I<4 <AG8E?B6><A: J4F G;8 >8L GBH:;8A<A: @86;4A<F@ J;<6;
@<G<:4G87 74@4:8 4A7 CE8I8AG87 ?B64?<F87 94<?HE8 &G;8E 5<B@<@8G<6
CE<A6<C?8F ;4I8 588A 8@C?BL87 GB <@CEBI8 G;8 C8E9BE@4A68 B9 ?4@<A4G87
6B@CBF<G8F 23
$<E>;4?49 8G 4? 23 8@C?BL87 ?4F8E 8A:E4I<A: GB 78I8?BC 4 F<A
:?8 87:8 ABG6;87 G8AF<?8 :?4FF FC86<@8A J<G; =<:F4J?<>8 T4JF 54F87 BA
G;8 6E46> 78T86G<BA @86;4A<F@F B5F8EI87 <A A46E8 +;8 T4JF J8E8 @4
6;<A87 4;847 B9 G;8 6E46> G<C +;8L FH5F8DH8AG?L <AS?GE4G87 G;8 T4JF
J<G; CB?LHE8G;4A8 J;<6; 78@BAFGE4G87 ;<:;8E GBH:;A8FF 6B@C4E87 GB
@BAB?<G;<6 8A:E4I87 :?4FF B@C4E87 GB E8:H?4E :?4FF G;8 A46E8?<>8
:?4FF J4F B5F8EI87 GB 58  G<@8F GBH:;8E +;8 G86;A<DH8 <F 4CC?<645?8
GB 54??<FG<6 4E@BHE FLFG8@F 4F <G @4L 58 8@C?BL87 GB GBH:;8A 5E<GG?8 68
4EG;8?4G 8G 4? 23 8@C?BL87 6B@CHG8E AH@8E<64? 6BAGEB?
% @46;<A<A: GB 78I8?BC 4 A46E8?<>8 CEBGBGLC8 54F87 BA G;8 7BI8
G4<? :8B@8GEL B9 G;8 G45?8GF +;8L 4FF8FF87 G;8 89S646L B9 G;8 G45?8G
F?<7<A: @86;4A<F@ HA78E G8AF<BA 'B?L @8G;L? @8G;46EL?4G8 '$$
A. Ghazlan et al. Composites Part B xxx (xxxx) xxx-xxx
A4@8?L 46EL?<6 :?4FF J4F HF87 GB @4AH946GHE8 G;8 5E<GG?8 G45?8GF +;8L
<AF8EG87 5B?GF G;EBH:; G;8 G;<6>A8FF GB :8A8E4G8 G;8 GE4AFI8EF8 <AG8E?B6>
<A: 9BE68F HA78E F?<7<A: L G<:;G8A<A: G;8 5B?GF G;8L 46;<8I87 94<?HE8
FGE4<AF B9 45BHG  J;<6; <F CEB@<A8AG?L ;<:;8E G;4A G;4G B9 '$$
Fish scale: ;<AG4C4??< 8G 4? 23 8@C?BL87 ?4F8E 8A:E4I<A: GB @4A
H946GHE8 4 SF;F64?8 ?<>8 F8:@8AG87 C?4G8 GB <AI8FG<:4G8 <GF 58;4I<BHE
HA78E CHA6GHE8 A887?8 J<G; 4 G<C E47<HF B9 7E<I8A 4G  @@
F +B @4>8 G;8 C?4G8 F8:@8AGF 4 ?4F8E J4F E8T86G87 BV 4 @<EEBE 4A7
G;EBH:; 4 ?8AF GB 78I8?BC ;BBC FGE8FF8F 4G G;8 G4E:8G87 ?B64G<BA B9 G;8
:?4FF C?4G8 G;8E85L :8A8E4G<A: ;BBC FGE8FF8F G;4G ?847 GB E47<4? 6E46>F
F @8AG<BA87 45BI8 G;8 5<B<AFC<E87 F8:@8AG87 C?4G8 F;BJ87 4A <A
6E84F8 <A CHA6GHE8 E8F<FG4A68 B9 HC GB  6B@C4E87 GB 4 6BAG<AHBHF
C?4G8 B9 G;8 F4@8 G;<6>A8FF
$4EG<A< 8G 4? 23 8@C?BL87 ?4F8E 6HGG<A: GB 8KGE46G 4 ;8K4:BA4?
F8:@8AG 9EB@ 4 @BAB?<G;<6 :?4FF C?4G8 +;8 SF; F64?8?<>8 F4@C?8 J4F
C?4687 BA 4 FB9G 8?4FGB@8E<6 CB?LHE8G;4A8 FH5FGE4G8 4A7 FH5=86G87 GB
F;4EC 4A7 5?HAG A887?8 CHA6GHE8 4G 4A 8668AGE<6<GL 9EB@ <GF 68AGEB<7 4A7
4 6BAFG4AG I8?B6<GL B9  F +;8<E 4<@ J4F GB HA78EFG4A7 ;BJ G;8 >8L
C4E4@8G8EF <A6?H7<A: G;BF8 6BAGEB??<A: G;8 FG45<?<GL B9 G;8 C?4G8 64A 58
BCG<@<M87 4G G;8 78F<:A FG4:8 GB CEB7H68 5<B<AFC<E87 CEBG86G<I8 FLFG8@F
J<G; 4 78F<E87 6B@5<A4G<BA B9 FHE9468 ;4E7A8FF FG45<?<GL 4A7 T8KHE4?
6B@C?<4A68 +;8L 9BHA7 G;4G G;8 FG45<?<GL B9 G;8 <A7<I<7H4? C?4G8 <F :BI
8EA87 5L G;8 ?B64G<BA B9 G;8 CB<AG 9BE68 BA G;8 C?4G8 9E<6G<BA 4G G;8 FHE
9468 B9 G;8 C?4G8 G;8 F<M8 B9 G;8 C?4G8 4A7 G;8 FG<VA8FF B9 G;8 FH5FGE4G8
C<6;4GGE45EHG 8G 4? 23 @4AH946GHE87 ?4@<A4G87 6B@CBF<G8F J<G;
 ?4L8EF GB @<@<6 G;8 FGEH6GHE8 B9 SF; F64?8F +;8 <A7<I<7H4? ?4@<
A4G8F J8E8 FG46>87 J<G; S5E8 BE<8AG4G<BAF B9 E8?4G<I8 GB 846; BG;8E
J;<6; <F 4A4?B:BHF GJ<FG87 C?LJBB7 G J4F B5F8EI87 G;4G G;8 8A8E:L
45FBECG<BA B9 G;8 6B@CBF<G8 J4F <@CEBI87 7H8 GB G;8 S5E8 BE<8AG4G<BA
J;<6; ?<@<G87 G;8 B66HEE8A68 B9 GE4AFI8EF8 6E46>F 7H8 GB 5E<7:<A:
<B@<@8G<6 CEBGBGLC8F 4G G;8 @<6EB GB A4AB F64?8F ;4I8 4?FB 588A
78I8?BC87 HF<A: G;8 9B??BJ<A: G86;A<DH8F BG CE8FF 4FF<FG87 F?<C 64FG<A:
* @<6EB 23 <68 G8@C?4G<A: J<G; CB?L@8E <AS?GE4G<BA @<6EB
23 @4:A8G<6 9E88M8 64FG<A: @<6EB 23 GE8A6; 8G6;<A: B9 G;8 F<?<
6BA ?4L8EF 4A7 S??<A: B9 G;8 GE8A6;8F J<G; C;BGBE8F<FG 23 ?BFG @BH?7
945E<64G<BA @<6EB 23 6B??B<74? 4FF8@5?L A4AB 23 A4ABC4E
G<6?8 E8<A9BE687 6B@CBF<G8F 5L A4AB:E49G<A: A4AB 23 8?86GEBFC<A
A<A: A4AB 23 C 7E<I8A F8?94FF8@5?L A4AB 23 946<?8 ;L
7EBG;8E@4? CEB68FF 6B4G<A: 23 4A7 G;8E@4? CEB68FF<A: 23 H8
GB G;8<E E4E8 B66HEE8A68 <A G;8 ?<G8E4GHE8 <A G;8 6BAG8KG B9 5<B@<@<6EL
9BE 54??<FG<6 4E@BHE 4CC?<64G<BAF 9HEG;8E 78G4<?F BA G;8 @4=BE<GL B9 G;8F8
G86;A<DH8F 64A 58 9BHA7 <A )89F 23
Nacre: HGG4 8G 4? 23 945E<64G87 4 68E4@<6CB?L@8E 6B@CBF<G8 G;4G
<F E8@<A<F68AG B9 A46E8F 5E<6> 4A7 @BEG4E FGEH6GHE8 HF<A: G;8 9E88M8 64FG
<A: G86;A<DH8 +JB GLC8F B9 68E4@<6 CBJ78EF J8E8 HF87 GB FLAG;8F<F8
GJB GLC8F B9 6B@CBF<G8F E8CE8F8AG<A: G;8 G45?8GF A4@8?L F<?<6454F87
*<& 4A7 4?H@<A<H@ BK<7854F87 ?& J<G; FC;8E8 7<4@8G8EF B9
4A7   E8FC86G<I8?L +;8 @4GE<K J4F E8CE8F8AG87 5L *
8CBKL E8F<A +;8 FG4G<6 4A7 7LA4@<6 C8E9BE@4A68F B9 G;8 FC86<@8AF J8E8
8I4?H4G87 HF<A: 4 $+* @46;<A8  @@@<A 4A7 *C?<G BC><AFBA 'E8F
FHE8 4E *' E8FC86G<I8?L G J4F 9BHA7 G;4G 7LA4@<6 6B@CE8FF<I8
FGE8A:G; B9 G;8 68E4@<6CB?L@8E 6B@CBF<G8F <F F<:A<9<64AG?L ;<:;8E G;4A
<GF FG4G<6 6BHAG8EC4EG +;<F J4F 4GGE<5HG87 GB G;8 FGEBA: FGE4<AE4G8 78C8A
78A68 B9 G;8 @86;4A<64? CEBC8EG<8F B9 G;<F GLC8 B9 68E4@<6 CB?L@8E 6B@
CBF<G8 EB@ G;8 @<6EBFGEH6GHE4? CB<AG B9 I<8J GJB 789BE@4G<BA @86;
4A<F@F J8E8 <78AG<S87 HA78E ;<:; FGE4<AE4G8 ?B47<A: <A G;8 68E4@<6
5E<6>F A4@8?L C4EG<4? 7<F?B64G<BA 8@<FF<BA 4A7 789BE@4G<BA GJ<AA<A:
77<G<BA4??L <G J4F F88A G;4G 9BE 4 SK87 68E4@<6 J8<:;G 9E46G<BA G;8
FGE4<A ?8I8?F <A6E84F8 J<G; 4A <A6E84F<A: FGE4<AE4G8 +;8E89BE8 G;8 6B@
CBF<G8F J8E8 B5F8EI87 GB 8K;<5<G 7LA4@<6 F8?9FG<V8A<A: 58;4I<BHE
04B 8G 4? 23 945E<64G87 4 A46E8?<>8 FGEH6GHE8 HF<A: 4 6B??B<74?
4FF8@5?L G86;A<DH8 4F<64??L F?<:;G?L ;L7EBC;B5<6 6;8@<64? FC86<8F
4@<A8G8E@<A4G87 F<?4A8 J8E8 4GG46;87 GB G;8 FHE9468F B9 ?4L8E87 7BH
5?8 ;L7EBK<78 # C?4G8?8GF GB 46;<8I8 4 ;<:;?L BE<8AG87  FGEH6
GHE8 I<4 F8?94FF8@5?L B9 G;8 6B??B<74? <ABE:4A<6 5H<?7<A: 5?B6>F A
8G;4AB? FHFC8AF<BA 6BAG4<A<A:  IB? @B7<S87 C?4G8?8GF J4F FH5F8
DH8AG?L 47787 7EBCJ<F8 BAGB G;8 FHE9468 B9 78<BA<F87 J4G8E 9G8E H?
GE4FBA<64G<BA 4 F@BBG; 4A7 C8E986G?L BE<8AG87 @BAB?4L8E B9 C?4G8?8GF
J4F 9BE@87 4G G;8 4<EJ4G8E <AG8E9468 +;8 4FF8@5?87 C?4G8?8GF J8E8 84F
<?L GE4AF98EE87 GB 4 :?4FF FH5FGE4G8 J<G; 4 ?4L8E B9 6;<GBF4A 5L F<@C?8
7<C 6B4G<A: +;8 GE8A7F <A G;8 G8AF<?8 FGE8A:G; B9 G;8 6;<GBF4A ;L5E<7
S?@F 4E8 F<@<?4E GB G;4G B9 A46E8 <A6E84F<A: J<G; 4 786E84F<A: 6BA68A
GE4G<BA B9 6;<GBF4A <8 46;<8I<A: 4 ;<:;8E IB?H@8 E4G<B B9 C?4G8?8GF +;8
0BHA:F @B7H?HF B9 G;8 ;L5E<7 S?@F <F 4?FB 8A;4A687 5L 4A <A6E84F8 B9
C?4G8?8GF 4A7 5<B?B:<64??L <AFC<E87 ?4L8E87 FGEH6GHE8 +;8 J<78 E4A:8 B9
@86;4A<64? CEBC8EG<8F B9 G;8 S?@F G8AF<?8 FGE8A:G; 9EB@  GB  $'4
0BHA:F @B7H?HF 9EB@  GB  '4 J4F 4GGE<5HG87 GB G;8 I4E<BHF
6B@CBF<G<BAF 4A7 945E<64G<BA GLC8F B9 B5G4<A87 S?@F
#< 8G 4? 23 945E<64G87 A46E8?<>8 @H?G<?4L8E FGEH6GHE8 B9 FG46>87
6B@CBF<G8 S?@F HF<A: 4 F<@C?8 FB?HG<BA 64FG<A: G86;A<DH8 +;<F @8G;B7
<AIB?I87 6B4G<A: F<A:?8 ?4L8EF B9 :E4C;8A8 BK<78 & J<G; CB?LI<AL? 4?
6B;B? '- 4A7 C?46<A: G;8 6B4G87 ?4L8EF BA GBC B9 BA8 4ABG;8E GB 5BA7
G;8@ GB:8G;8E F 4A 477<G<BA4? FG8C '- J4F 4?FB E87H687 GB )'- <A
;L7EB<B7<6   46<7 J;<6; ;47 G;8 89986G B9 E87H6<A: G;8 <AG8E?4L8E 7<F
G4A68 58GJ88A '-& 5?B6>F +;8L 46;<8I87  JG )& <A G;8 6B@
CBF<G8 A46E8 ;4F 4 ;4E7 C;4F8 B9  IB? +;8L 9BHA7 G;4G G;8 )'-
& 6B@CBF<G8 J4F F<:A<9<64AG?L FGEBA:8E 4A7 GBH:;8E G;4A '-& <8
G;8 G8AF<?8 FGE8A:G; 4A7 94<?HE8 FGE4<A <A6E84F87 5L  4A7  E8
1;H 8G 4? 23 78I8?BC87 4 ?<:;G 474CG<I8 A46E8@<@8G<6 A4AB6B@
CBF<G8 HF<A: 6B??B<74? 4FF8@5?L <8 6BAA86G<A: ?<:;G;4EI8FG<A: E87H687
:E4C;8A8 BK<78 )& 6B??B<7F J<G; FHCE4@B?86H?4E G;8E@BE8I8EF<5?8
5BA7F +;8 4EG<S6<4? A46E8 J4F 9BE@87 5L 4DH8BHF ;<8E4E6;<64? 6B4FF8@
5?L B9 FLAG;8G<6 A4AB6?4L )& 4A7 6BCB?L@8EF 6BAG4<A<A: ;L7EB:8A
5BA7F +;8L 4?FB 8@C?BL87 ?<:;G <EE47<4G<BA J;<6; ?87 GB 4 @46EBF64?8
@4G8E<4? GE4AF<G<BA 9EB@ FG<VFGEBA: GB FB9G7H6G<?8 +;8L B5F8EI87 G;4G
4G EBB@ G8@C8E4GHE8 4A7 <A 45F8A68 B9 G;8 ?<:;G G;8 A46E8@<@8G<6 58
;4I8F 4F 4 I8EL FG<V 4A7 FGEBA: @4G8E<4? J<G; ;<:; FG<VA8FF ;<:; G8A
F<?8 FGE8A:G; 4A7 4 F@4?? 8?BA:4G<BA 4G 5E84> 4CCEBK<@4G8?L  ,CBA
?<:;G <EE47<4G<BA G;8 @4G8E<4? 6BAG<AHBHF?L 474CG87 <GF @86;4A<64? C8E
9BE@4A68 GB G;8 ?<:;G THK 4A7 B5G4<A87 G8@C8E4GHE8 BAF<78E45?8 FB9G
8A<A: B66HEE87 J;<6; 64A 58 GE4687 5L ?BJ8E 0BHA:F @B7H?< 4A7 ?BJ8E
@4K<@H@ FGE8A:G;F
Crustacean exoskeleton: 8?<KE8<A9BE687 M<E6BA<H@ BK<788CBKL
6B@CBF<G8 F4@C?8F J8E8 945E<64G87 5L 'BEG8E 8G 4? 23 HF<A: G;8
9E88M8 64FG<A: G86;A<DH8 4A7 FH5F8DH8AG CB?L@8E <AS?GE4G<BA 4A7 G8FG87
HA78E GBEF<BA $4:A8G<6 S8?7F EBG4G87 4G 7<998E8AG FC887F 45BHG G;8 <68
:EBJG; 7<E86G<BA J8E8 4CC?<87 GB 4 9E88M8 64FG<A: CEB68FF GB FG88E G;8
@4:A8G<6 A4ABC4EG<6?8F 7HE<A: FB?<7<S64G<BA +;8 ;8?<KE8<A9BE687 FGEH6
GHE8F BE<8AG87 4G GB G;8 4K<F B9 4CC?<87 GBEDH8 CEBI<787 G;8 :E84G
8FG GBEF<BA4? E<:<7<GL J;8A GJ<FG87 <A G;8 6?B6>J<F8 7<E86G<BA FH6; G;4G
G;8 <A7H687 @4K<@H@ 6B@CE8FF<I8 FGE8FF8F CEBC4:4G87 C4E4??8? GB G;8
;8?<KE8<A9BE68@8AG ?? @4G8E<4?F 8K;<5<G87 5E<GG?8 9E46GHE8 CE<@4E<?L
:BI8EA87 5L G;E88 94<?HE8 @86;4A<F@F 78?4@<A4G<BA B9 G;8 8CBKL 9EB@
G;8 1E& 5E<GG?8 9E46GHE8 B9 1E&?4@8??48 4A7 <AG8E?4@8??4E F;84E<A: B9
47=468AG ?4@8??48
4. Conclusions
 ?<G8E4GHE8 E8I<8J J4F 6BA7H6G87 GB <78AG<9L F8I8E4? G86;A<DH8F 9BE
6;4E46G8E<F<A: G;8 FGEH6GHE8F 4A7 @86;4A<64? CEBC8EG<8F94<?HE8 @86;
4A<F@F B9 F8?86G87 5<B?B:<64? 4E@BHE FLFG8@F J;<6; @4L ;4I8 G;8
CBG8AG<4? GB 89986G<I8?L <@CEBI8 54??<FG<6 E8F<FG4A68 <B?B:<64? 4E@BHE
FLFG8@F 8@C?BL 64E89H??L 4EE4A:87 ;<8E4E6;<64? @H?G<?4L8E87 FGEH6GHE8F
GB 46;<8I8 CEBC8EG<8F <A6?H7<A: 4A 8K68??8AG 6B@5<A4G<BA B9 FG<VA8FF
A. Ghazlan et al. Composites Part B xxx (xxxx) xxx-xxx
FGE8A:G; GBH:;A8FF 8A8E:L 45FBECG<BA <@C46G E8F<FG4A68 4A7 ?<:;G
J8<:;G J;<6; A887 GB 58 6BAF<78E87 J;8A 78F<:A<A: ;<:; C8E9BE@4A68
5B7L 4E@BHEF @CE8FF<I8?L @B??HF6 F;8??F 6BA6; F;8??F 4A7 SF; F64?8F
4E8 @478 @4<A?L 9EB@ 5E<GG?8 @<A8E4?F GLC<64??L 64?6<H@64E5BA4G8 68
E4@<6F BE ;L7EBKL4C4G<G8 6ELFG4?F G;4G 9BE@ BI8E  B9 G;8<E 6B@CB
F<G<BA +;8F8 5<B?B:<64? FGEH6GHE8F J8E8 9BHA7 GB CBFF8FF HA<DH8 ;<8E
4E6;<64? 6BAS:HE4G<BAF G;4G 64A CEBI<78 E8F<FG4A68 GB C8A8GE4G<BA 7HE
<A: CE874GBE 4GG46>F BE <@C46G G;E84GF 8K68??8AG @H?G<;<G 64C45<?<GL
4A7 CE8I8AG 64G4FGEBC;<6 94<?HE8 *C86<9<64??L A46E8 8@C?BLF 4 E<:<7
5E<6> 4A7 @BEG4E @H?G<?4L8E87 4E@BHE FLFG8@ J;8E85L G;8 ;4E7 68
E4@<6 G45?8GF ;4I8 ;<:; E8F<FG4A68 GB ?B64?<F87 C8A8GE4G<BA J;<?FG G;8 FB9G
5BA7F J<G; ?<:4@8AG 4GG46;@8AGF 7<FF<C4G8 8A8E:L GB CEBG86G G;8 FB9G
G<FFH8F 9EB@ 74@4:8 BA6; ;4F 4 6EBFF?4@8??4E FGEH6GHE8 J;<6; <F 4?FB
@478 9EB@ ;4E7 68E4@<6 C?4A>F 9BE E8F<FG<A: <A78AG4G<BA 4A7 G;8 <A
G8E?B6><A: 58GJ88A G;8 EBH:; C?4A>F CE8I8AGF 64G4FGEBC;<6 94<?HE8 <F;
F64?8F 4 @BE8 T8K<5?8 4A7 78G46;87 4E@BHE FLFG8@ ;4F 4 ;4E7 5BAL
BHG8E ?4L8E GB CE8I8AG C8A8GE4G<BA J;<?FG G;8 546><A: ?4L8E 6BAG4<AF BE
G;B:BA4? 6B??4:8A S5E8F GB 7<FF<C4G8 8A8E:L I<4 @86;4A<F@F FH6; 4F S
5E8 5E<7:<A: A 6B@C4E<FBA C?4<A 68E4@<6F HF87 <A 5B7L 4E@BHEF FH6;
4F F<?<6BA BE 5BEBA 64E5<78 4E8 J8?? >ABJA GB HA78E:B 64G4FGEBC;<6 94<?
HE8 J;8A 74@4:87 E8FH?G<A: <A 74A:8EBHF 9E4:@8AGF 58<A: 8=86G87 4G
;<:; I8?B6<G<8F
&G;8E 5<B?B:<64? FGEH6GHE8F J8E8 4?FB <AI8FG<:4G87 A4@8?L 6EHF
G4684A 8KBF>8?8GBAF 4A7 6B@C46G 5BA8 ?G;BH:; G;8F8 FGEH6GHE8F 4E8
ABG 6?4FF<S87 4F 4E@BHE FLFG8@F G;8L 4E8 ABA8G;8?8FF ;<:;?L 4GGE46
G<I8 7H8 GB 7<FG<A6G 984GHE8F <A G;8<E ;<8E4E6;<64? FGEH6GHE8F G;4G 4E8
;<:;?L E8?8I4AG 9BE 54??<FG<6 CEBG86G<BA *C86<9<64??L 6EHFG4684A 8KBF>8?8
GBAF CBFF8FF ;<:; FG<VA8FF 4A7 ;4E7A8FF <A G;8<E BHG8E ?4L8E 8KB6HG<6?8
GB CE8I8AG ?B64?<F87 C8A8GE4G<BA J;<?FG G;8 FB9G8E 546><A: ?4L8E 8A7B
6HG<6?8 45FBE5F 8A8E:L GB CE8I8AG 64G4FGEBC;<6 94<?HE8 +;8 S5E8F 4E8
GJ<FG87 4?BA: 4 ;8?<K GB CEBI<78 FGE8A:G; <A 7<998E8AG 7<E86G<BAF 4F J8??
4F 6E46> 78T86G<BA 4A7 4EE8FG G;EBH:; 6B@C?8K C4G;F BA8 BA G;8 BG;8E
;4A7 ;4F <GF S5E8F JE4CC87 6BA68AGE<64??L 4EBHA7 4 68AGEB<74? 4K<F
J;<6; E8FH?GF <A ;<:; E8F<FG4A68 GB 58A7<A: 6B@CE8FF<BA G8AF<BA 4A7
GJ<FG<A: +;<F 6BAS:HE4G<BA 64A 4?FB 58 89986G<I8 <A CE8I8AG<A: 64G4
FGEBC;<6 94<?HE8 HA78E 8KG8EA4? <@C46G 4A7 G;HF 6BH?7 <AFC<E8 G;8 78F<:A
B9 9HGHE8 4E@BHE @4G8E<4?F 4A7 FGEH6GHE8F
+;8 G86;A<DH8F 4A7 @8G;B7B?B:<8F 6HEE8AG?L BE CBG8AG<4??L 4I4<?45?8
9BE G;8 4A4?LF<F 945E<64G<BA 4A7 8KC8E<@8AG4? <AI8FG<:4G<BA B9 5<B<A
FC<E87 4E@BHE 6B@CBF<G8F 4A7 FLFG8@F J8E8 4?FB E8I<8J87 <A 78G4<? <
A<G8 8?8@8AG  F<@H?4G<BAF ;4I8 588A HF87 8KG8AF<I8?L 9BE F<@H?4G<A:
G;8 E8FCBAF8F B9 5<B<AFC<E87 4E@BHE FLFG8@F HA78E I4E<BHF 7LA4@<6 <@
C46GF <A6?H7<A: ;<:; I8?B6<GL 54??<FG<6 <@C46G +;<F <F 4GGE<5HG87 GB G;8
6;4??8A:8F <A @4AH946GHE<A: 5<B@<@8G<6 FGEH6GHE8F 4G F@4??8E F64?8F 4A7
6BFG B9 6BA7H6G<A: 8KC8E<@8AGF ?FB  4A4?LF<F ;4F G;8 47I4AG4:8 B9
6BA7H6G<A: 8KG8AF<I8 C4E4@8GE<6 FGH7<8F GB DH<6>?L 4A7 BCG<@4??L 78
F<:A G;8 FGEH6GHE8F B9 4E@BHE FLFG8@F <A6?H7<A: 5<B<AFC<E87 4E@BHEF
4A7 6BEE8?4G8 G;8<E FGEH6GHE4? 984GHE8F GB C8E9BE@4A68 6E<G8E<4 8: 54?
?<FG<6 ?<@<G I8?B6<GL 4A7BE 546> 9468 F<:A4GHE8  CE<AG<A: <F BA8 B9 G;8
J;<6; ;4F 588A 9BHA7 GB 58 ;<:;?L 89986G<I8 <A 945E<64G<A: ;<8E4E6;<64?
FGEH6GHE8F B9 5<B?B:<64? 4E@BHE FLFG8@F 4G G;8 @<6EBF6BC<6 F64?8 &G;8E
G86;A<DH8F 9BE 945E<64G<BA 4G G;8 @46EB ?8I8? 4E8 I46HH@4FF<FG87 E8F<A
GE4AF98E @BH?7<A: B9 6B@CBF<G8F 4A7 5BA7<A: 7<998E8AG C4A8?F GB:8G;8E
@4AH4??L GB 46;<8I8 @H?G<?4L8E87 FGEH6GHE8F J<G; :E4787 CEBC8EG<8F
+;8 @B78??<A: 4A7 8KC8E<@8AG4? E8FH?GF B9 G;8 E8FCBAF8F B9 5<B<A
FC<E87 @4G8E<4?F 4A7 4FF8@5?<8F HA78E 7LA4@<6 <@C46GF J;<6; ;4I8
588A 9BHA7 GB 58 G;8 @BFG E8?8I4AG GB G;8 78I8?BC@8AG B9 CBG8AG<4? 4E
@BHE FLFG8@F 9BE 54??<FG<6 CEBG86G<BA 4E8 FH@@4E<F87 58?BJ
%46E8<AFC<E87 6B@CBF<G8F E46> 5E<7:<A: <F BA8 B9 G;8 >8L 8A8E:L
7<FF<C4G<BA @86;4A<F@F 4A7 <AC?4A8 6E46> 78T86G<BA G;EBH:; G;8 6B
;8F<I8 5BA7F 58GJ88A G;8 G45?8GF <F BA8 B9 >8L GBH:;8A<A: @86;4
A<F@F %46E8<AFC<E87 6B@CBF<G8F 8K;<5<G F8?9FG<V8A<A: 58;4I<BHE HA
78E <A6E84F<A: 6B@CE8FF<I8 FGE4<A E4G8F +;8F8 4GGE<5HG8F @4L C?4L >8L
EB?8F <A <@CEBI<A: G;8 54??<FG<6 C8E9BE@4A68 B9 9HGHE8 4E@BHE @4G8
E<4?F G J4F ABG87 9EB@ G;8 CE8F8AG E8I<8J G;4G <A G8E@F B9 G;8<E
54??<FG<6 CEBG86G<BA C8E9BE@4A68 FB@8 A46E8?<>8 6B@CBF<G8 FGEH6GHE8F
BHGC8E9BE@ G;8<E 8DH<I4?8AG @BAB?<G;<6 6BHAG8EC4EGF J;<?8 BG;8EF 4E8
?8FF 89986G<I8 +;<F <A7<64G8F G;4G G;8 54??<FG<6 CEBG86G<BA C8E9BE@4A68
B9 A46E8<AFC<E87 @4G8E<4? <F F<:A<9<64AG?L 49986G87 5L G;8 CEBC8EG<8F
4A7 :8B@8GE<8F B9 G;8<E 6B@CBF<G8 6B@CBA8AGF
BA6;<AFC<E87 6B@CBF<G8F +;8 =4::87 6E46> C4G; G;EBH:; G;8
6EBFF?4@8??4E FGEH6GHE8 J;<6; <F 946<?<G4G87 5L G;8 FB9G 5BA7F 58GJ88A
G;8 ;4E7 C;4F8F <F 4 >8L GBH:;8A<A: @86;4A<F@ B@C4E87 GB 4A
8DH<I4?8AG @BAB?<G;<6 C4A8? @478 9EB@ G;8 F4@8 FG<V @4G8E<4? G;8
6BA6;?<>8 78F<:A ;4F 58GG8E 7LA4@<6 C8E9BE4G<BA E8F<FG4A68 7H8 GB
6E46> 78T86G<BA 4?BA: G;8 FB9G 47;8F<I8 5BA7F
<F;F64?8 <AFC<E87 6B@CBF<G8F +;8L 7<FC?4L @4AL B9 G;8 4GGE<5HG8F
B9 6BAI8AG<BA4? 4E@BHEF <A6?H7<A: T8K<5<?<GL 4A7 EB5HFGA8FF J<G;
@H?G<;<G 64C45<?<G<8F *64?8 58A7<A: 4A7 F64?8 EBG4G<BA 4E8 GJB >8L 78
9BE@4G<BA @86;4A<F@F +<FFH8 F;84E<A: 4A7 E8FGE4<AG :BI8EA G;8 45<?
<GL B9 G;8 SF;F64?8 <AFC<E87 6B@CBF<G8 GB CEBG86G G;8 HA78E?L<A: FH5
FGE4G8 G J4F E8CBEG87 G;4G G;8 SF;F64?8 <AFC<E87 C?4G8 6BH?7 E8FH?G
<A F<:A<9<64AG?L ;<:;8E CHA6GHE8 E8F<FG4A68 6B@C4E87 GB 4 6BAG<AHBHF
C?4G8 B9 G;8 F4@8 G;<6>A8FF
EHFG4684A 8KBF>8?8GBA <AFC<E87 6B@CBF<G8F +;8<E 7B@<A4AG 94<?HE8
@86;4A<F@F <A6?H78 S5E8 94<?HE8 G8AF<BA 4A7 5H6>?<A:><A><A: <A
6B@CE8FF<BA @4GE<K 6E46><A: HA78E GE4AFI8EF8 G8AF<BA 4A7 6B@CE8F
F<BA 4A7 <AC?4A8 F;84E 94<?HE8 8?4@<A4G<BA 4A7 G;EBH:;G;<6>A8FF
FC<E4??<A: 9E46GHE8 4E8 G;8 @4<A @B78F B9 8A8E:L 7<FF<C4G<BA +;8 54?
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F;BJ87 G;4G G;8 ;8EE<A:5BA8 FGEH6GHE8 ;4F 58GG8E 8A8E:L 45FBECG<BA
64C45<?<G<8F G;4A G;4G B9 G;8 CHE8 ;8?<6B<7 FGEH6GHE8
BA8<AFC<E87 @4G8E<4?F G J4F ABG87 G;4G 4 @H?G<?4L8E 5BA8?<>8
C4A8? J<G; 4?G8EA4G<A: FG<VFB9G ?4L8EF 6BH?7 58 4 @BE8 89986G<I8 4E
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7H68 G;8 78CG; B9 C8E9BE4G<BA B9 G;8 CEB=86G<?8 5L HC GB  6B@C4E87
GB @BAB?<G;<6 9B4@
Declaration of competing interest
+;8 4HG;BEF 786?4E8 G;4G G;8L ;4I8 AB >ABJA 6B@C8G<A: SA4A6<4? <A
G8E8FGF BE C8EFBA4? E8?4G<BAF;<CF G;4G 6BH?7 ;4I8 4CC84E87 GB <ATH8A68
G;8 JBE> E8CBEG87 <A G;<F C4C8E
+;<F E8F84E6; J4F 9HA787 5L G;8 898A68 *6<8A68 4A7 +86;AB?B:L
EBHC 4A7 G;8 <B AFC<E4G<BA 4??@4E> )8F84E6; A<G<4G<I8 4G G;8 ,A<
I8EF<GL B9 $8?5BHEA8
23  HGG4  -4A78E>?B> * +8>4?HE <:; FGE4<A E4G8 @86;4A<64? 58;4I<BE B9
F84F;8??@<@8G<6 6B@CBF<G8F 4A4?LG<64? @B78? 9BE@H?4G<BA 4A7 I4?<74G<BA $86;
$4G8E 
23 ! H4A:  HE78A $ ;BJ7;HEL <B<AFC<E87 4E@BE CEBG86G<I8 @4G8E<4?
FLFG8@F 9BE 54??<FG<6 F;B6> @<G<:4G<BA $4G8E 8F 
23 ! HEB)BLB " 1B?BGBIF>L # $B:4F*B?78I<?4 * -4EF;A8L % &K@4A $
BL68 8G 4? $8G4$8F; 4 ;<8E4E6;<64? 6B@CHG4G<BA4? @B78? 9BE 78F<:A 4A7
945E<64G<BA B9 5<B@<@8G<6 4E@BE87 FHE9468F B@CHG8E<787 8F<:A
23 ! (< ! EH8G !* '4?@8E  &EG<M $ BL68 $<6EB@86;4A<6F 4A7
@46EB@86;4A<6F B9 G;8 G8AF<?8 789BE@4G<BA B9 A46E8 A  B?M4C98? 87<GBE
$86;4A<6F B9 5<B?B:<64? G<FFH8 8E?<A 8<78?58E: *CE<A:8E  &).
23 )1 .4A: 1 *HB  I4AF % 04B  >F4L 89BE@4G<BA @86;4A<F@F <A
A46E8 ! $4G8E )8F 
A. Ghazlan et al. Composites Part B xxx (xxxx) xxx-xxx
23  EBJA<A:  &EG<M $ BL68 $86;4A<6F B9 6B@CBF<G8 8?4F@B<7 SF; F64?8
4FF8@5?<8F 4A7 G;8<E 5<B<AFC<E87 4A4?B:H8F !BHEA4? B9 G;8 $86;4A<64? 8;4I<BE B9
<B@87<64? $4G8E<4?F 
23 * )H7L>; $ BL68 A4?LF<F B9 8?4F@B<7 SF; <@5E<64G87 ?4L8E87 F64?8G<FFH8
FLFG8@F 4A7 G;8<E 5<B<AFC<E87 4A4?B:H8F 4G SA<G8 FGE4<AF 4A7 58A7<A: $
!BHEA4? B9 CC?<87 $4G;8@4G<6F 
23 * )H7L>;  &EG<M $ BL68 ?8K<5<?<GL 4A7 CEBG86G<BA 5L 78F<:A <@5E<64G87
;L5E<7 @<6EBFGEH6GHE8F B9 5<B<AFC<E87 4E@BE *B9G $4GG8E 
23 ! H4A:  #< 1 '4A ( .8< 0! ;4B / #< ,A6BI8E<A: ;<:;FGE4<A E4G8
CEBG86G<BA @86;4A<F@ <A A46E8 *6< )8C 
23  );88 $ BEFG8@8L8E 0 J4A:  #<@  ? "47<E< . +E<@  FGH7L BA G;8
FGEH6GHE8 4A7 @86;4A<64? 58;4I<BE B9 G;8 +8EE4C8A8 64EB?<A4 64E4C468 4 C4G;J4L
GB 78F<:A 5<B<AFC<E87 FLAG;8G<6 6B@CBF<G8F $4G8E<4?F *6<8A68 4A7 A:<A88E<A: 
23 $ EH=<6<6 * )4@4FJ4@< ! *A<C8F %46E8?<>8 68E4@<6CB?L@8E ?4@<A4G87
6B@CBF<G8 9BE HF8 <A 5B7L4E@BE 4CC?<64G<BAF  $* $4G8E<4?F *6<8A68
23 $ EH=<6<6 !* *A<C8F * )4@4FJ4@< 4??<FG<6 <@C46G 58;4I<BE B9 A46E8?<>8
?4@<A4G87 6B@CBF<G8F 6BAF<FG<A: B9  G45?8GF 4A7 CB?LHE84 @4GE<K !BHEA4? B9
@4G8E<4?F 8A:<A88E<A: 4A7 C8E9BE@4A68 
23 * %4?8J4L !) +4L?BE $$ 'BEG8E $ $8L8EF ! $6"<GGE<6> *GEH6GHE8
4A7 @86;4A<64? CEBC8EG<8F B9 F8?86G87 CEBG86G<I8 FLFG8@F <A @4E<A8 BE:4A<F@F
$4G8E<4?F *6<8A68 4A7 A:<A88E<A:  
23  .4A: ! $6"<GGE<6> $ $8L8EF "8E4G<A FGEH6GHE8 @86;4A<64? CEBC8EG<8F
B66HEE8A68 <A 5<B?B:<64? BE:4A<F@F 4A7 8VBEGF 4G 5<B<AFC<E4G<BA 'EB:E8FF <A
$4G8E<4?F *6<8A68 
23 ' ??<FBA $( ;4A7?8E )  )B7E<:H8M  .<??<4@F ) $BF8E 
.8<FF 8G 4? $86;4A<64? CEBC8EG<8F 4A7 FGEH6GHE8 B9 G;8 5<B?B:<64? @H?G<?4L8E87
@4G8E<4? FLFG8@ GE46GBFG8HF FC4GH?4 F64?8F 6G4 <B@4G8E 
23 / H $ +4>4VB?< $! H8;?8E <8E4E6;<64??L 8A;4A687 <@C46G E8F<FG4A68 B9
5<B<AFC<E87 6B@CBF<G8F 7I $4G8E 
23  "A<CCE4G; ' BA7 )* +E4F> <B?B:<64??L <AFC<E87 6E46> 78?B64?<M4G<BA <A 4
;<:; FGE4<AE4G8 8AI<EBA@8AG !BHEA4? B9 G;8 )BL4? *B6<8GL AG8E9468
23  04B  4A: 1 +4A # .H * 0H Biologically inspired, strong, transparent, and
functional layered organic- inorganic hybrid 6lms. A:8J ;8@ AG
23  EBH6; AGEB7H6G<BA GB 4E@BHE @4G8E<4?F A  EBH6; 87<GBE +;8 F6<8A68
B9 4E@BHE @4G8E<4?F ?F8I<8E  C 
23  4EG;8?4G  +4A: ' 14I4GG<8E< $ #<  FC<ABF4 &A G;8 @86;4A<6F B9
@BG;8EB9C84E? 4 >8L 984GHE8 <A G;8 @4G8E<4? ;<8E4E6;<64? FGEH6GHE8 !BHEA4? B9
G;8 $86;4A<6F 4A7 ';LF<6F B9 *B?<7F 
23 ' +E4A  ;4M?4A +' %:HL8A ) E4I<A4 KC8E<@8AG4? 4A7 G;8BE8G<64?
74@4:8 4FF8FF@8AG <A 47I4A687 @4E<A8 6B@CBF<G8F $4E<A8 6B@CBF<G8F 78F<:A
4A7 C8E9BE@4A68 .BB7;847 'H5?<F;<A:  C 
23 + #8  ;4M?4A + %:B + %:HL8A '8E9BE@4A68 B9 4 5<B@<@8G<6  CE<AG87
6BA6;?<>8 FGEH6GHE8 HA78E DH4F<FG4G<6 ?B47<A: B@CBF *GEH6G 
23  1;H  &EG8:4 ) $BG4@87< # *M8J6<J  -8EA8E8L 4EG;8?4G  FGEH6GHE8
4A7 @86;4A<64? C8E9BE@4A68 B9 4 ‘“$B78EA”’ SF; F64?8 7I A: $4G8E
23 #" EHA8A98?78E % *H>F4A:C4AL4  *4?<A4F  $<??<EBA % 04E4:;< *
8EE8E4 8G 4? <B<AFC<E87 <@C46GE8F<FG4AG 6B@CBF<G8F 6G4 <B@4G8E
23 0 #<H  #HB + .4A: <8E4E6;<64? FGEH6GHE8F B9 5BA8 4A7 5<B<AFC<E87 5BA8
G<FFH8 8A:<A88E<A: *@4?? 
23 ' 4M8?? Penetration mechanics <A armour: materials, Theory and design ) 'E8FF
 C 
23  ;4M?4A + %:B ' +E4A +;E887<@8AF<BA4? IBEBAB< @B78? B9 4 A46E8@<@8G<6
6B@CBF<G8 FGEH6GHE8 HA78E <@CH?F<I8 ?B47<A: B@CBF *GEH6G 
23 * "4@4G  "8FF?8E ) 4??4E<A< $ %4FF<EBH  8H8E E46GHE8 @86;4A<F@F
B9 G;8 *GEB@5HF :<:4F 6BA6; F;8?? @<6EB@86;4A<6F 4A4?LF8F B9 @H?G<C?8
6E46><A: 4A7 ?4E:8F64?8 6E46> 5E<7:<A: 6G4 $4G8E 
23 / H  ;8A ! )<6;@BA7 $! H8;?8E <B<AFC<E87 ;<8E4E6;<64? 6B@CBF<G8
78F<:A HF<A: @46;<A8 ?84EA<A: F<@H?4G<BA 477<G<I8 @4AH946GHE<A: 4A7
8KC8E<@8AG $4G8E<4? BE<MBAF 
23 )* ;4E< %' '4G8?  .4A: '! 4M8?? %H@8E<64? <AI8FG<:4G<BA B9 <5BA466<
F8E<8F 54F87 5<B<AFC<E87 ?4@<A4G8F HA78E <@C46G ?B47<A: B@CBF *GEH6G 
23  EBH6; B7L 4E@BHE  A8J @4G8E<4?F A8J FLFG8@F 898A68 +86;AB?B:L
23  4EG;8?4G  FC<ABF4 A 8KC8E<@8AG4? <AI8FG<:4G<BA B9 789BE@4G<BA 4A7
9E46GHE8 B9 A46E8  @BG;8E B9 C84E? KC $86; 
23 * %4?8J4L $$ 'BEG8E ! $6"<GGE<6> $ $8L8EF *GEH6GHE4? 78F<:A 8?8@8AGF
<A 5<B?B:<64? @4G8E<4?F 4CC?<64G<BA GB 5<B<AFC<E4G<BA 7I $4G8E
23 $ $8L8EF ! $6"<GGE<6> '0 ;8A *GEH6GHE4? 5<B?B:<64? @4G8E<4?F 6E<G<64?
@86;4A<6F@4G8E<4?F 6BAA86G<BAF *6<8A68 
23 $ $8L8EF '0 ;8A $  #BC8M 0 *8>< 0$ #<A <B?B:<64? @4G8E<4?F 4
@4G8E<4?F F6<8A68 4CCEB46; !BHEA4? B9 G;8 @86;4A<64? 58;4I<BE B9 5<B@87<64?
@4G8E<4?F 
23 $ $8L8EF '0 ;8A 0$ #<A 0 *8>< <B?B:<64? @4G8E<4?F *GEH6GHE8 4A7
@86;4A<64? CEBC8EG<8F 'EB:E8FF <A $4G8E<4?F *6<8A68 
23  4EG;8?4G 1 0<A $! H8;?8E *GEH6GHE8 4A7 @86;4A<6F B9 <AG8E9468F <A
5<B?B:<64? @4G8E<4?F %4GHE8 )8I<8JF 
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*GEH6GHE4? 5<B?B:<64? @4G8E<4?F &I8EI<8J B9 HEE8AG E8F84E6; !&$
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23 . 04A:  ;8A  ?H7BI4GM  1<@@8E@4AA )& )<G6;<8 $ $8L8EF
%4GHE4? T8K<5?8 78E@4? 4E@BE 7I $4G8E 
23  4EG;8?4G ! )<@  FC<ABF4 A Review on the Structure and mechanical
Properties of mollusk shells - Perspectives on synthetic biomimetic materials <A 4CC?<87
F64AA<A: CEB58 @8G;B7F /  5<B@<@8G<6F 4A7 <A7HFGE<4? 4CC?<64G<BAF 
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FGEH6GHE8 @86;4A<6F 4A7 C8E9BE@4A68 AG8EA4G<BA4? $4G8E<4?F )8I<8JF
23  ;4M?4A + %:B + #8 + %:HL8A  )8@8AA<>BI ?4FG C8E9BE@4A68 B9 4
5<B@<@8G<6 C4A8? 54F87 BA G;8 FGEH6GHE8 B9 A46E8 4 AH@8E<64? FGH7L B@CBF
*GEH6G 
23 # *4?<A4F  78 &54?7<4  !8BA: ! 8EA4A78M ' 14I4GG<8E<  "<F4<?HF
A;4A687 GBH:;8A<A: B9 G;8 6EBFF87 ?4@8??4E FGEH6GHE8 E8I84?87 5L
A4AB<A78AG4G<BA !BHEA4? B9 G;8 $86;4A<64? 8;4I<BE B9 <B@87<64? $4G8E<4?F
23 0 *;<A * 0<A / #< * #88 * $BBA ! !8BA: 8G 4? %4ABGJ<A:BI8EA87
GBH:;8A<A: @86;4A<F@ <A ;<8E4E6;<64??L FGEH6GHE87 5<B?B:<64? @4G8E<4?F %4G
B@@HA 
23 0* #<A + .8<  &?8IF>L $ $8L8EF $86;4A<64? CEBC8EG<8F 4A7 G;8
?4@<A4G8 FGEH6GHE8 B9 E4C4<@4 :<:4F F64?8F !BHEA4? B9 G;8 @86;4A<64? 58;4I<BE
B9 5<B@87<64? @4G8E<4?F 
23  )4458  *46;F ' )B@4AB +;8 6EHFG4684A 8KBF>8?8GBA 4F 4A 8K4@C?8 B9 4
FGEH6GHE4??L 4A7 @86;4A<64??L :E4787 5<B?B:<64? A4AB6B@CBF<G8 @4G8E<4? 6G4
$4G8E 
23 !0 );B # "H;A*C84E<A: ' 1<BHCBF $86;4A<64? CEBC8EG<8F 4A7 G;8 ;<8E4E6;<64?
FGEH6GHE8 B9 5BA8 $87<64? A:<A88E<A: 4A7 ';LF<6F 
23  ;4M?4A + %:B % #4@ ' +E4A  AH@8E<64? <AI8FG<:4G<BA B9 G;8 C8E9BE@4A68
B9 4 A46E8?<>8 6B@CBF<G8 HA78E 5?4FG ?B47<A: CC?<87 $86;4A<6F 4A7 $4G8E<4?F
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<@CH?F<I8 ?B47<A: B@CHG4G<BA4? $4G8E<4?F *6<8A68 
23  ?BE8F!B;AFBA # *;8A  H<4@4GF<4  %:HL8A  AH@8E<64? FGH7L B9
5<B<AFC<E87 A46E8?<>8 6B@CBF<G8 C?4G8F HA78E 5?4FG ?B47<A: B@CBF<G8 *GEH6GHE8F
23  ?BE8F!B;AFBA # *;8A  H<4@4GF<4  %:HL8A %H@8E<64? <AI8FG<:4G<BA
B9 G;8 <@C46G 58;4I<BHE B9 5<B<AFC<E87 A46E8?<>8 4?H@<A<H@ 6B@CBF<G8 C?4G8F
B@CBF *6< +86;AB? 
23 ) $4EG<A<  4EG;8?4G *G45<?<GL B9 ;4E7 C?4G8F BA FB9G FH5FGE4G8F 4A7 4CC?<64G<BA
GB G;8 78F<:A B9 5<B<AFC<E87 F8:@8AG87 4E@BE !BHEA4? B9 G;8 $86;4A<6F 4A7
';LF<6F B9 *B?<7F 
23 )" ;<AG4C4??< $ $<E>;4?49 " 4FG=8E7<  4EG;8?4G 45E<64G<BA G8FG<A: 4A7
@B78?<A: B9 4 A8J T8K<5?8 4E@BE <AFC<E87 9EB@ A4GHE4? SF; F64?8F 4A7
BFG8B78E@F <B<AFC<E4G<BA 4A7 <B@<@8G<6F 
23 ' #<H  1;H 0 04B ! .4A: +( H< %H@8E<64? F<@H?4G<BA B9 54??<FG<6 <@C46G
58;4I<BE B9 5<B<AFC<E87 F64?8?<>8 CEBG86G<BA FLFG8@ $4G8E 8F 
23  <AM5HE:  '<AGB & 8EIB?<AB $ $8B 4@4:8 GB?8E4A68 B9 5<B<AFC<E87
;8?<6B<74? 6B@CBF<G8F HA78E ?BJ I8?B6<GL <@C46G B@CBF *GEH6G
23 ! HEE8L $86;4A<64? CEBC8EG<8F B9 @BG;8E B9 C84E? <A G8AF<BA 'EB6887<A:F B9
G;8 EBL4? FB6<8GL B9 ?BA7BA F8E<8F 5<B?B:<64? F6<8A68F 
23 0 A 1 #<H  .4A: . .H $<6EBFGEH6GHE8 4A7 GBH:;8A<A: @86;4A<F@ B9
6B@CE8FF<I8 9E46GHE87 A46E8 7I $4G8E )8F 
23  4EG;8?4G 8F<:A<A: A46E8?<>8 @4G8E<4?F 9BE F<@H?G4A8BHF FG<VA8FF FGE8A:G; 4A7
GBH:;A8FF BCG<@H@ @4G8E<4?F 6B@CBF<G<BA @<6EBFGEH6GHE8 4A7 F<M8 !BHEA4? B9
G;8 $86;4A<6F 4A7 ';LF<6F B9 *B?<7F 
23 ! *HA  ;HF;4A <8E4E6;<64? FGEH6GHE8 4A7 @86;4A<64? CEBC8EG<8F B9 A46E8 4
E8I<8J  )BL4? *B6<8GL B9 ;8@<FGEL  C 
23 / .8< + <??8G8E  FC<ABF4 *G4G<FG<64? F;84E ?4: @B78?  HAE4I8??<A: G;8 F<M8
8V86G <A ;<8E4E6;<64? 6B@CBF<G8F 6G4 <B@4G8E 
23 ! HEE8L ! +4L?BE +;8 @86;4A<64? 58;4I<BHE B9 FB@8 @B??HF64A ;4E7
G<FFH8F ! 1BB? 
23  &EG<M $ BL68 <B<AFC<E87 FGEH6GHE4? @4G8E<4?F $4G8E<4?F *6<8A68
23  "4><F4J4 + *H@<GB@B +;8 GBH:;8A<A: @86;4A<F@ B9 A46E8 4A7 FGEH6GHE4?
@4G8E<4?F <AFC<E87 5L A46E8 *6< +86;AB? 7I $4G8E 
23 ! .<??<4@ 'EB )" #<@ #) '8GMB?7 $ ,GM ',54F87 F<@H?4G<BAF B9 9E46GHE8
<A <784?<M87 5E<6> 4A7 @BEG4E 6B@CBF<G8F !BHEA4? B9 G;8 $86;4A<6F 4A7 ';LF<6F B9
*B?<7F 
23 - .<?5E<A> $ ,GM )& )<G6;<8 $) 8:?8L *64?<A: B9 FGE8A:G; 4A7 7H6G<?<GL
<A 5<B<AFC<E87 5E<6> 4A7 @BEG4E 6B@CBF<G8F CC? ';LF #8GG 
23 $ 8:?8L %) ';<?<CF  B@CGBA - .<?5E<A> )& )<G6;<8 $ ,GM
$<6EB@86;4A<64? @B78?F GB :H<78 G;8 78I8?BC@8AG B9 FLAG;8G<6 5E<6> 4A7 @BEG4E
6B@CBF<G8F !BHEA4? B9 G;8 $86;4A<6F 4A7 ';LF<6F B9 *B?<7F 
23 $ *4E<>4L4 A <AGEB7H6G<BA GB 5<B@<@8G<6F 4 FGEHGHE4? I<8JCB<AG $<6EBF6BCL
)8F84E6; 4A7 +86;A<DH8 
A. Ghazlan et al. Composites Part B xxx (xxxx) xxx-xxx
23 "* "4GG<  $B;4AGL ) "4GG< %4AB@86;4A<64? CEBC8EG<8F B9 A46E8 ! $4G8E
)8F 
23 (# 8A: 1 H<  'H )1 .4A:  #< ELFG4? BE<8AG4G<BA GBH:;8A<A:
@86;4A<F@F 4A7 4 @<@<6 B9 A46E8 $4G8E<4?F *6<8A68 4A7 A:<A88E<A: 
23  *BA: 0# 4< V86GF B9 A4ABFGEH6GHE8F BA G;8 9E46GHE8 FGE8A:G; B9 G;8
<AG8E9468F <A A46E8 ! $4G8E )8F 
23 ) )45<8< * 8>4;  4EG;8?4G 4<?HE8 @B78 GE4AF<G<BA <A A46E8 4A7 5BA8?<>8
@4G8E<4?F 6G4 <B@4G8E 
23 " &>H@HE4 E46GHE8 FGE8A:G; B9 5<B@<@8G<6 6B@CBF<G8F F64?<A: I<8JF BA A46E8 !
';LF BA78AF $4GG8E 
23 " 8EGB?7<  <:BA< .! EH:4A %46E8 4A BEG;BGEBC<6 4A7 5<@B7H?4E 8?4FG<6
@4G8E<4? B@CBF<G8F *6<8A68 4A7 +86;AB?B:L 
23 ' ??<FBA ) $BF8E !' *6;<E8E )# $4EG8AF ! !BE7BA $( ;4A7?8E
AF<GH A4AB@86;4A<64? FGH7<8F B9 789BE@4G<BA 4A7 74@4:8 @86;4A<F@F <A
A4AB6B@CBF<G8F @BA<GBE87 HF<A: F64AA<A: 8?86GEBA @<6EBF6BCL $4G8E #8GG
23 ! HEE8L +;8 78F<:A B9 @<A8E4?<M87 ;4E7 G<FFH8F 9BE G;8<E @86;4A<64? 9HA6G<BAF
+;8 !BHEA4? B9 KC8E<@8AG4? <B?B:L 
23 )1 .4A:  .8A 1 H<  1;4A:  #< &5F8EI4G<BAF B9 74@4:8
@BEC;B?B:<8F <A A46E8 7HE<A: 789BE@4G<BA 4A7 9E46GHE8 ! $4G8E *6<
23  +4A:  4EG;8?4G  FC<ABF4 A 8?4FGBI<F6BC?4FG<6 <AG8E9468 @B78? 9BE
<AI8FG<:4G<A: G;8 6BAFG<GHG<I8 58;4I<BE B9 A46E8 !BHEA4? B9 G;8 $86;4A<6F 4A7
';LF<6F B9 *B?<7F 
23 ' !46>FBA !- -<A68AG B@C4E<FBA B9 A46E8 J<G; BG;8E 68E4@<6 6B@CBF<G8F
! $4G8E *6< 
23 $ )BHFF84H  #BC8M ' *G8@CT8 $ E8A7?8 # E4A>8  H8GG8 8G 4?
$H?G<F64?8 FGEH6GHE8 B9 F;88G A46E8 <B@4G8E<4?F 
23 / #< . ;4A: 0! ;4B ) .4A: $ ;4A: %4ABF64?8 FGEH6GHE4? 4A7
@86;4A<64? 6;4E46G8E<M4G<BA B9 4 A4GHE4? A4AB6B@CBF<G8 @4G8E<4? G;8 F;8?? B9 E87
454?BA8 %4AB #8GG 
23 / #< 1 /H ) .4A: A F<GH B5F8EI4G<BA B9 A4AB:E4<A EBG4G<BA 4A7 789BE@4G<BA <A
A46E8 %4AB #8GG 
23  4EG;8?4G $ #<  B@<  FC<ABF4 $86;4A<64? CEBC8EG<8F B9 A46E8
6BAFG<GH8AGF 4A7 G;8<E <@C46G BA @86;4A<64? C8E9BE@4A68 ! $4G8E )8F
23  FC<ABF4 ! )<@  4EG;8?4G $ H8;?8E $8E:8E B9 FGEH6GHE8 4A7 @4G8E<4?
<A A46E8 4A7 5BA8 C8EFC86G<I8F BA 78 ABIB 5<B@<@8G<6 @4G8E<4?F 'EB: $4G8E *6<
23 ) "4GG< "* "4GG< !$ *BCC $ *4E<>4L4  SA<G8 8?8@8AG @B78?<A: B9
@86;4A<64? E8FCBAF8 <A A46E854F87 ;L5E<7 A4AB6B@CBF<G8F B@CHG4G<BA4? 4A7
+;8BE8G<64? 'B?L@8E *6<8A68 
23 "- %4E4F<@;H?H !# )4B ') 4A7 ) FC86GE4? FGH7<8F B9 G;8 F84 J4G8E @HFF8?
$LG<?HF 6BAE47<AHF F;8??F *C86GEB6;<@<64 6G4 '4EG  
23  *BA: " *B; 0# 4< *GEH6GHE4? 4A7 @86;4A<64? CEBC8EG<8F B9 G;8 BE:4A<6
@4GE<K ?4L8EF B9 A46E8 <B@4G8E<4?F 
23 ) "4GG< *$ 'E47;4A "* "4GG< $B78?<A: G;8 BE:4A<6<ABE:4A<6 <AG8E946<4?
A4AB4FC8E<G<8F <A 4 @B78? 5<BA4AB6B@CBF<G8 A46E8 )8I<8JF BA 7I4A687
$4G8E<4?F *6<8A68 
23  I4AF 1 *HB )1 .4A:  >F4L $0 8 !. HG6;<AFBA $B78? 9BE
G;8 EB5HFG @86;4A<64? 58;4I<BE B9 A46E8 ! $4G8E )8F 
23 "* "4GG< ) "4GG< .;L <F A46E8 FB GBH:; 4A7 FGEBA: $4G8E *6< A: 
23 $  #BC8M ' $8M4 $4EG<A8M $ $8L8EF &E:4A<6 <AG8E?4@8??4E ?4L8EF
@8FB?4L8EF 4A7 @<A8E4? A4AB5E<7:8F BAGE<5HG<BA GB FGE8A:G; <A 454?BA8 4?<BG<F
)H98F68A68 A46E8 6G4 <B@4G8E<4?<4 
23 + *6;4V8E  BA8F6H14A8GG< ) 'EB>F6; $ E<GM  .4?G8EF % ?@DI<FG
8G 4? B8F 454?BA8 A46E8 9BE@ 5L ;8G8EB8C<G4K<4? AH6?84G<BA BE 5L :EBJG; G;EBH:;
@<A8E4? 5E<7:8F ;8@ $4G8E 
23  *BA: / 1;4A: 0# 4< $<6EBFGEH6GHE8 4A7 6;4E46G8E<FG<6F <A G;8 BE:4A<6
@4GE<K ?4L8EF B9 A46E8 ! $4G8E )8F 
23 # *@<G; + *6;4V8E $ -<4A< ! +;B@CFBA % E878E<6> ! "<A7G 8G 4?
$B?86H?4E @86;4A<FG<6 BE<:<A B9 G;8 GBH:;A8FF B9 A4GHE4? 47;8F<I8F S5E8F 4A7
6B@CBF<G8F %4GHE8 
23 ' !46>FBA !- -<A68AG )$ +HEA8E +;8 @86;4A<64? 78F<:A B9 A46E8
'EB6887<A:F B9 G;8 EBL4? FB6<8GL B9 ?BA7BA F8E<8F 5<B?B:<64? F6<8A68F
23 ) $8A<: $ $8L8EF $ $8L8EF "* -866;<B (H4F<FG4G<6 4A7 7LA4@<6
@86;4A<64? E8FCBAF8 B9 ;4?<BG<F EH98F68AF 454?BA8 F;8??F 6G4 $4G8E
23 . &?<I8E $ ';4E A <@CEBI87 G86;A<DH8 9BE 78G8E@<A<A: ;4E7A8FF 4A7
8?4FG<6@B7H?HF HF<A: ?B47 4A7 7<FC?468@8AG F8AF<A: <A78AG4G<BA 8KC8E<@8AGF !
$4G8E )8F 
23 #+ "H;A*C84E<A:  "8FF?8E  ;4G84H ) 4??4E<A<  8H8E E46GHE8
@86;4A<F@F B9 G;8 *GEB@5HF :<:4F 6BA6; F;8?? <@C?<64G<BAF 9BE G;8 78F<:A B9
5E<GG?8 ?4@<A4G8F ! $4G8E *6< 
23 * "4@4G / *H ) 4??4E<A<  8H8E *GEH6GHE4? 54F<F 9BE G;8 9E46GHE8
GBH:;A8FF B9 G;8 F;8?? B9 G;8 6BA6; *GEB@5HF :<:4F %4GHE8 
23 1 1;4A: 0. 1;4A:  4B &A BCG<@4? ;<8E4E6;L B9 ?B47584E<A: 5<B?B:<64?
@4G8E<4?F 'EB6887<A:F B9 G;8 )BL4? *B6<8GL  
23  "4E4@58?4F * *4AG;4A4@ 1% .<A: *GEB@5HF :<:4F <AFC<E87 5<B@<@8G<6
68E4@<6 6B@CBF<G8F I<4 *##F8DH8AG<4? ;<8E4E6;<64? 8A:<A88E87 ?4L8E
?4@<A4G<BA 8E4@ AG 
23 ) $8A<: $ $8L8EF $ $8L8EF "* -866;<B (H4F<FG4G<6 4A7 7LA4@<6
@86;4A<64? E8FCBAF8 B9 *GEB@5HF :<:4F 6BA6; F;8??F $4G8E<4?F *6<8A68 4A7
A:<A88E<A:  
23 # )B@4A4 ' +;B@4F ' <?4F !# $4AFBG $ $8EE<S8?F 0 8E6<BA 8G 4? ,F8
B9 A4AB<A78AG4G<BA G86;A<DH8 9BE 4 58GG8E HA78EFG4A7<A: B9 G;8 9E46GHE8 GBH:;A8FF
B9 *GEB@5HF :<:4F 6BA6; F;8?? $4G8E ;4E 
23  #< 1 /H / #< $H?G<F64?8 ;<8E4E6;<64? 4FF8@5?L FGE4G8:L 4A7 @86;4A<64?
CEBJ8FF <A 6BA6; F;8??F HFL6BA 64E<64 ! *GEH6G <B? 
23 0$ #<A $ $8L8EF "* -866;<B $86;4A<64? CEBC8EG<8F 4A7 FGEH6GHE8 B9
*GEB@5HF :<:4F +E<746A4 :<:4F 4A7 4?<BG<F EH98F68AF F84 F;8??F 4 6B@C4E4G<I8
FGH7L $4G8E<4?F *6<8A68 4A7 A:<A88E<A:  
23 ! -8EA8E8L  4EG;8?4G &A G;8 @86;4A<6F B9 SF;F64?8 FGEH6GHE8F AG8EA4G<BA4?
!BHEA4? B9 *B?<7F 4A7 *GEH6GHE8F 
23 % HA> $ -8E4 #! *M8J6<J  4EG;8?4G $' *GBL>BI<6; ! -8EA8E8L
<B<AFC<E87 945E<64G<BA 4A7 6;4E46G8E<M4G<BA B9 4 FLAG;8G<6 SF; F><A 9BE G;8
CEBG86G<BA B9 FB9G @4G8E<4?F * 4CC?<87 @4G8E<4?F 4A7 <AG8E9468F
23 1 *HA + #<4B . #< 0 BH " #<H # !<4A: 8G 4? <F;F64?8 5<B<AFC<E87
@H?G<9HA6G<BA4? 1A& A4ABFGEH6GHE8F %' F<4 $4G8E 
23 + >B@4  "B54L4F;< ! +4A4>4  .4?F; @4AA * Microstructure, mechanical,
and biomimetic properties of 6sh scales from Pagrus major !BHEA4? B9 *GEH6GHE4?
<B?B:L 
23 -) *;8E@4A % 04E4:;<  "<F4<?HF $ $8L8EF $<6EBFGEH6GHE4? 4A7
:8B@8GE<6 <ATH8A68F <A G;8 CEBG86G<I8 F64?8F B9 GE46GBFG8HF FC4GH?4 !BHEA4? B9
G;8 )BL4? *B6<8GL AG8E9468 
23  +BEE8F &' +EBA6BFB ! %4>4@4GFH ! E4A78 $ B@8M
;4E46G8E<M4G<BA B9 G;8 A4AB6B@CBF<G8 ?4@<A4G8 FGEH6GHE8 B66HEE<A: <A SF; F64?8F
9EB@ E4C4<@4 <:4F $4G8E<4?F *6<8A68 4A7 A:<A88E<A:  
23  1;H # *M8J6<J  -8EA8E8L  4EG;8?4G 'HA6GHE8 E8F<FG4A68 B9 G;8 F64?87
F><A 9EB@ FGE<C87 54FF 6B??86G<I8 @86;4A<F@F 4A7 <AFC<E4G<BA 9BE A8J T8K<5?8
4E@BE 78F<:AF !BHEA4? B9 G;8 $86;4A<64? 8;4I<BE B9 <B@87<64? $4G8E<4?F
23  +BEE8F  #8 BHE;<F &' +EBA6BFB ! #?4@BM4 *GEH6GHE8'EBC8EGL
)8?4G<BAF;<CF <A E4C4<@4 :<:4F F64?8F )8I84?87 5L A4AB<A78AG4G<BA G8FGF
'B?L@8EF 4A7 CB?L@8E 6B@CBF<G8F 
23 '0 ;8A ! $6"<GGE<6> $ $8L8EF <B?B:<64? @4G8E<4?F 9HA6G<BA4? 474CG4G<BAF
4A7 5<B<AFC<E87 78F<:AF 'EB: $4G8E *6< 
23 ! EH8G ! *BA: $ BL68  &EG<M $4G8E<4?F 78F<:A CE<A6<C?8F B9 4A6<8AG
SF; 4E@BHE %4G $4G8E 
23 ! -8EA8E8L  4EG;8?4G *><A 4A7 F64?8F B9 G8?8BFG SF; F<@C?8 FGEH6GHE8 5HG ;<:;
C8E9BE@4A68 4A7 @H?G<C?8 9HA6G<BAF !BHEA4? B9 G;8 $86;4A<6F 4A7 ';LF<6F B9
*B?<7F 
23 $ $8L8EF 0* #<A  &?8IF>L '0 ;8A 4GG?8 <A G;8 @4MBA E4C4<@4
I8EFHF C<E4A;4 7I A: $4G8E 
23  *46;F  45E<G<HF  )4458 ATH8A68 B9 @<6EBFGEH6GHE8 BA 789BE@4G<BA
4A<FBGEBCL B9 @<A8E4?<M87 6HG<6?8 9EB@ G;8 ?B5FG8E B@4EHF 4@8E<64AHF ! *GEH6G
<B? 
23 '0 ;8A 0 #<A ! $6"<GGE<6> $ $8L8EF *GEH6GHE8 4A7 @86;4A<64?
CEBC8EG<8F B9 6E45 8KBF>8?8GBAF 6G4 <B@4G8E 
23 & 45E<G<HF  *46;F ') +E<:H8EB  )4458 ATH8A68 B9 FGEH6GHE4? CE<A6<C?8F
BA G;8 @86;4A<6F B9 4 5<B?B:<64? S58E54F87 6B@CBF<G8 @4G8E<4? J<G; ;<8E4E6;<64?
BE:4A<M4G<BA G;8 8KBF>8?8GBA B9 G;8 #B5FG8EB@4EHF 4@8E<64AHF 7I $4G8E
23  )4458  ?*4J4?@<; * 0<  45E<G<HF 'E898EE87 6ELFG4??B:E4C;<6 G8KGHE8
B9 4?C;46;<G<A 4F 4 @<6EBF6BC<6 4A7 @46EBF6BC<6 78F<:A CE<A6<C?8 B9 G;8
8KBF>8?8GBA B9 G;8 ?B5FG8E B@4EHF 4@8E<64AHF 6G4 <B@4G8E
23 * %<>B?BI $ '8GEBI # #L@C8E4><F $ E<4>  *46;F & 45E<G<HF 8G 4?
)8I84?<A: G;8 78F<:A CE<A6<C?8F B9 ;<:;C8E9BE@4A68 5<B?B:<64? 6B@CBF<G8F HF<A:
45 <A<G<B 4A7 @H?G<F64?8 F<@H?4G<BAF G;8 8K4@C?8 B9 ?B5FG8E 6HG<6?8 7I $4G8E
23 # ;8A:  +;B@4F !# ?4A68L $ "4E?FFBA $86;4A<64? 58;4I<BE B9
5<B<AFC<E87 ?4@<A4G87 6B@CBF<G8F B@CBF CC? *6< $4AH9 
23  )<554AF 0 #< + +4A  5<B<AFC<E87 FGH7L BA G;8 <AG8E?4@<A4E F;84E E8F<FG4A68
B9 ;8?<6B<74? S58E FGEH6GHE8F !BHEA4? B9 G;8 $86;4A<64? 8;4I<BE B9 <B@87<64?
$4G8E<4?F 
23 $$ 'BEG8E # $8E4M  4?78EBA  ;B<  ;BH;4A # .4A: 8G 4?
+BEF<BA4? CEBC8EG<8F B9 ;8?<KE8<A9BE687 6B@CBF<G8F 945E<64G87 5L @4:A8G<6 9E88M8
64FG<A: B@CBF *GEH6G 
23 % 04E4:;< % H4E<A14C4G4 #" EHA8A98?78E  <AGF4?4 * ;BJ@<6> !$
<??8E 8G 4?  F<AHFB<74??L 4E6;<G86G87 ;8?<6B<74? 5<B6B@CBF<G8 7I @4G8E
23  ;4M?4A + %:HL8A + %:B * #<A9BEG; + #8 '8E9BE@4A68 B9 4  CE<AG87
68??H?4E FGEH6GHE8 <AFC<E87 5L 5BA8 +;<A.4??87 *GEH6G 
23  ;4M?4A + %:B + #8 * #<A9BEG;  )8@8AA<>BI  .;<GG4>8E  5<B@<@8G<6
68??H?4E FGEH6GHE8 9BE @<G<:4G<A: G;8 8V86GF B9 <@CH?F<I8 ?B47<A:F 4 AH@8E<64?
FGH7L !BHEA4? B9 *4A7J<6; *GEH6GHE8F 4A7 $4G8E<4?F 
23 ' H:4G * *6;BE?8@@8E +;8 EB?8 B9 6BEG<64? 5BA8 4A7 <GF @<6EBFGEH6GHE8 <A 5BA8
FGE8A:G; :8 :8<A: *
23  4E>4BH< ) 4@5?< <A<G8 8?8@8AG  @B78?<A: B9 @86;4A<64? 8;4I<BHE B9
$<A8E4?<M87 6B??4:8A @<6EBS5E<? !BHEA4? B9 4CC?<87 5<B@4G8E<4?F 4A7
5<B@86;4A<6F 
23 * .8<A8E  .4:A8E +;8 @4G8E<4? 5BA8 FGEH6GHE8@86;4A<64? 9HA6G<BA
E8?4G<BAF AAH )8I $4G8E *6< 
23 ) .4A: * HCG4 89BE@4G<BA 4A7 9E46GHE8 @86;4A<F@F B9 5BA8 4A7 A46E8
AAH )8I $4G8E )8F 
A. Ghazlan et al. Composites Part B xxx (xxxx) xxx-xxx
23  4E>4BH<  ;4@8>; + $8EMBH>< ) 4@5?<  $>4778@ $H?G<F64?8
4CCEB46; <A6?H7<A: @<6EBS5E<? F64?8 GB 4FF8FF 8?4FG<6 6BAFG4AGF B9 6BEG<64? 5BA8
54F87 BA A8HE4? A8GJBE> 6B@CHG4G<BA 4A7 ;B@B:8A<M4G<BA @8G;B7 AG8EA4G<BA4?
!BHEA4? 9BE %H@8E<64? $8G;B7F <A <B@87<64? A:<A88E<A: 
23 % )8MA<>BI ) *;4;4E * .8<A8E +;E887<@8AF<BA4? FGEH6GHE8 B9 ;H@4A ?4@8??4E
5BA8 G;8 CE8F8A68 B9 GJB 7<V8E8AG @4G8E<4?F 4A7 A8J <AF<:;GF <AGB G;8
;<8E4E6;<64? BE:4A<M4G<BA BA8 
23 % )8MA<>BI ) *;4;4E * .8<A8E BA8 ;<8E4E6;<64? FGEH6GHE8 <A G;E88
7<@8AF<BAF 6G4 <B@4G8E 
23 "! "B8FG8E !. :8E )& )<G6;<8 +;8 GEH8 GBH:;A8FF B9 ;H@4A 6BEG<64? 5BA8
@84FHE87 J<G; E84?<FG<64??L F;BEG 6E46>F %4G $4G8E 
23 $) )B:8?  (<H  @88E +;8 EB?8 B9 A4AB6B@CBF<G8F <A 5BA8 E8:8A8E4G<BA
! $4G8E ;8@ 
23 ! 1;4A: . #<H - *6;A<GM?8E  +4A6E8G ! BH?8E 4?6<H@ C;BFC;4G8 68@8AGF
9BE 5BA8 FH5FG<GHG<BA 6;8@<FGEL ;4A7?<A: 4A7 @86;4A<64? CEBC8EG<8F 6G4
<B@4G8E 
23 . .4:8E@4<8E * HCG4  BHEE<8E $ HE:;4@@8E ' )BF6;:8E ' E4GM?
*C<E4? GJ<FG<A: B9 S58E BE<8AG4G<BA <AF<78 5BA8 ?4@8??48 <B<AG8EC;4F8F
23  4@87 0 #88  !4F<H> $H?G<F64?8 @B78?<A: B9 8?4FG<6 CEBC8EG<8F B9 6BEG<64?
5BA8 6G4 $86; 
23 )" %4??4 !! "EHM<6 ! "<AA8L )& )<G6;<8 $86;4A<FG<6 4FC86GF B9 9E46GHE8
4A7 )6HEI8 58;4I<BE <A ;H@4A 6BEG<64? 5BA8 <B@4G8E<4?F 
23 * *6;EB9 ' -4E:4  8FF8 $ *6;BA8 ) *6;HGM  $4F<6 8G 4? $H?G<@B74?
6BEE8?4G<I8 <AI8FG<:4G<BA B9 G;8 <AG8EC?4L<A: @<6EB4E6;<G86GHE8 6;8@<64?
6B@CBF<G<BA 4A7 @86;4A<64? CEBC8EG<8F B9 ;H@4A 6BEG<64? 5BA8 G<FFH8 E8I84?F
CE87B@<A4AG EB?8 B9 S5E<??4E BE:4A<M4G<BA <A 78G8E@<A<A: @<6EB8?4FG<6 G<FFH8
CEBC8EG<8F 6G4 <B@4G8E 
23 $ (J4@<M478; 1 1;4A: " 1;BH 0. 1;4A: 'EBG8<A I<F6BF<GL @<A8E4?
9E46G<BA 4A7 FG4::8E87 4E6;<G86GHE8 6BBC8E4G<I8?L 8A45?8 G;8 94FG8FG FGE8FF J4I8
7864L <A ?B47584E<A: 5<B?B:<64? @4G8E<4?F !BHEA4? B9 G;8 $86;4A<64? 8;4I<BE B9
<B@87<64? $4G8E<4?F 
23 + *@<G !$ HL:;8 * BJ<A FG<@4G<BA B9 G;8 CBEB8?4FG<6 C4E4@8G8EF B9
6BEG<64? 5BA8 ! <B@86; 
23 $ (J4@<M478; 1 1;4A: " 1;BH 0. 1;4A: &A G;8 E8?4G<BAF;<C 58GJ88A G;8
7LA4@<6 58;4I<BE 4A7 A4ABF64?8 FG4::8E87 FGEH6GHE8 B9 G;8 5BA8 !BHEA4? B9 G;8
$86;4A<6F 4A7 ';LF<6F B9 *B?<7F 
23 ' E4GM? * HCG4 ' '4F6;4?<F ' )BF6;:8E *GEH6GHE8 4A7 @86;4A<64? DH4?<GL
B9 G;8 6B??4:8A@<A8E4? A4AB6B@CBF<G8 <A 5BA8 ! $4G8E ;8@
23  #<5BA4G< # -8E:4A< ,A78EFG4A7<A: G;8 FGEH6GHE8CEBC8EGL E8?4G<BAF;<C <A
6BEG<64? 5BA8 GB 78F<:A 4 5<B@<@8G<6 6B@CBF<G8 B@CBF *GEH6G
23 &# "4GF4@8A<F + !8A><AF '! +;HEA8E +BH:;A8FF 4A7 74@4:8 FHF68CG<5<?<GL <A
;H@4A 6BEG<64? 5BA8 <F CEBCBEG<BA4? GB @86;4A<64? <A;B@B:8A8<GL 4G G;8
BFG8BA4??8I8? BA8 
23 * 4HC8EG * H8E4E7  '8LE<A  $<GGBA ' #4H:<8E %BA 78FGEH6G<I8
6;4E46G8E<M4G<BA B9 6BEG<64? 5BA8 @<6EB74@4:8 5L ABA?<A84E E8FBA4AG H?GE4FBHA7
FC86GEBF6BCL '?B* &A8 
23 ! 8EG84H $ '<G;<BHK  4EBA # E4A6> ' ;45E4A7 ' #4F4L:H8F A I<GEB
H?GE4FBA<6 4A7 @86;4A<6 6;4E46G8E<M4G<BA B9 G;8 @B7H?HF B9 8?4FG<6<GL B9 6;<?7E8A
6BEG<64? 5BA8 ,?GE4FBA<6F 
23  8HG8? & "8AA87L ;4E46G8E<M4G<BA B9 74@4:8 @86;4A<F@F 4FFB6<4G87
J<G; E898E8A68 CB<AG <A78AG4G<BA <A ;H@4A 5BA8 BA8 
23  5E4;4@  :4EJ4??4  0474I4??< !0 #<H *0 +4A: $<6EBFGEH6GHE4? 4A7
6B@CBF<G<BA4? 6BAGE<5HG<BAF GBJ4E7F G;8 @86;4A<64? 58;4I<BE B9 4:<A: ;H@4A
5BA8 @84FHE87 5L 6L6?<6 4A7 <@C46G E898E8A68 CB<AG <A78AG4G<BA BA8
23 ' $<?BI4ABI<6  1<@@8E@4AA  )<878?  IB@ *6;8<7G # 8EMB: $
"E4HF8 8G 4? $H?G<?8I8? 6;4E46G8E<M4G<BA B9 ;H@4A 98@BE4? 6BEG<68F 4A7 G;8<E
HA78E?L<A: BFG8B6LG8 A8GJBE> E8I84? GE8A7F <A DH4?<GL B9 LBHA: 4:87 BFG8BCBEBG<6
4A7 4AG<E8FBECG<I8GE84G87 5BA8 <B@4G8E<4?F 
23 + !8A><AF #- BHGGF  HA?BC )& &E8VB  BBC8E % 4EI8L 8G 4?
:EBHC & -4E<45<?<GL <A E898E8A68 CB<AG @<6EB<A78AG4G<BA 4A7 E86B@@8A74G<BAF
9BE G8FG<A: 6BEG<64? 5BA8 @4K<@H@ ?B47 F4@C?8 BE<8AG4G<BA@B78 B9 HF8 F4@C?8
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<B@87<64? $4G8E<4?F 
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6BEG<64? 4A7 GE4586H?4E 5BA8 ! <B@86; 
23  *;4;  *GB<64  4E78@<?  '4?@DH<FG $H?G<F64?8 6;4E46G8E<M4G<BA B9
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I<F6B8?4FG<6 6;4E46G8E<M4G<BA B9 5BI<A8 GE4586H?4E 5BA8 <B@86; $B78?
$86;4AB5<B? 
23  4H@?8E # 4@58E:8E ' 14F?4AF>L , "4?HF ) 8BE:<8I4  'EHFF
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9E46GHE8CEB68FF MBA8 !BHEA4? B9 $4G8E<4?F <A <I<? A:<A88E<A: 
23  I4AF ) #<FFA8E +8AF<?8 4A7 6B@CE8FF<I8 FGE8A:G; B9 ;H@4A C4E<8G4? 5BA8
! CC? ';LF<B? 
23  %BI<GF>4L4 '0 ;8A * #88  4FGEB8F8O4  <E4G4 - #H54E74 8G 4?
A<FBGEBCL <A G;8 6B@CE8FF<I8 @86;4A<64? CEBC8EG<8F B9 5BI<A8 6BEG<64? 5BA8 4A7
G;8 @<A8E4? 4A7 CEBG8<A 6BAFG<GH8AGF 6G4 <B@4G8E 
23 * #<  8@<E6< -- *<?58EF6;@<7G -4E<45<?<GL 4A7 4A<FBGEBCL B9 @86;4A<64?
58;4I<BE B9 6BEG<64? 5BA8 <A G8AF<BA 4A7 6B@CE8FF<BA !BHEA4? B9 G;8 @86;4A<64?
58;4I<BE B9 5<B@87<64? @4G8E<4?F 
23 $ (J4@<M478; $ #<A 1 1;4A: " 1;BH 0. 1;4A: BHA7F 9BE G;8 7LA4@<6
@B7H?HF B9 HA<7<E86G<BA4? 6B@CBF<G8F J<G; 5<B<AFC<E87 FG4::8E87 7<FGE<5HG<BAF B9
C?4G8?8GF B@CBF *GEH6G 
23 / .8< $ %4E4:;<  FC<ABF4 &CG<@4? ?8A:G; F64?8F 8@8E:<A: 9EB@ F;84E
?B47 GE4AF98E <A A4GHE4? @4G8E<4?F 4CC?<64G<BA GB 64E5BA54F87 A4AB6B@CBF<G8
78F<:A * %4AB 
23 . *B5BL8=B HEG;8E GBC<6F <A 6B@CBF<G8F A $  87<GBE $86;4A<64?
CEBC8EG<8F B9 8A:<A88E<A: @4G8E<4?F  C 
23  ;4M?4A + %:B ' +E4A ATH8A68 B9 <AG8E946<4? :8B@8GEL BA G;8 8A8E:L
45FBECG<BA 64C46<GL 4A7 ?B47 F;4E<A: @86;4A<F@F B9 A46E8BHF 6B@CBF<G8 F;8??F
B@CBF *GEH6G  
23 *' "BG;4 0 #< % HM8?FH $<6EB@86;4A<64? @B78? B9 A46E8 G8FG87 <A G8AF<BA !
$4G8E *6< 
23  HGG4  +8>4?HE $ $<>?4I6<6 &CG<@4? BI8E?4C ?8A:G; <A FG4::8E87
4E6;<G86GHE8 6B@CBF<G8F HA78E 7LA4@<6 ?B47<A: 6BA7<G<BAF !BHEA4? B9 G;8
$86;4A<6F 4A7 ';LF<6F B9 *B?<7F 
23  HGG4 * +8>4?HE E46> GBEGHBF<GL <A G;8 A46E8BHF ?4L8E  GBCB?B:<64?
78C8A78A68 4A7 5<B@<@8G<6 78F<:A :H<78?<A8 AG8EA4? !BHEA4? B9 *B?<7F 4A7
*GEH6GHE8F 
23 0 *;4B ' 1;4B /( 8A:  4B <F6BAG<AHBHF 6E46> 5E<7:<A: @B78? 9BE
9E46GHE8 GBH:;A8FF 4A4?LF<F B9 A46E8 !BHEA4? B9 G;8 $86;4A<6F 4A7 ';LF<6F B9
*B?<7F 
23  4B  !< # !4:8E  EMG ' E4GM? $4G8E<4?F 586B@8 <AF8AF<G<I8 GB T4JF 4G
A4ABF64?8 ?8FFBAF 9EB@ A4GHE8 'EB6887<A:F B9 G;8 %4G<BA4? 6478@L B9 *6<8A68F
B9 G;8 ,A<G87 *G4G8F B9 @8E<64 
23 "* "4GG< ) "4GG< *$ 'E47;4A  ;BF?8 '?4G8?8G <AG8E?B6>F 4E8 G;8 >8L GB
GBH:;A8FF 4A7 FGE8A:G; <A A46E8 ! $4G8E )8F 
23 ! -8EA8E8L " $HF<>8G  4EG;8?4G $86;4A<6F B9 SF; F><A 4 6B@CHG4G<BA4?
4CCEB46; 9BE 5<B<AFC<E87 T8K<5?8 6B@CBF<G8F AG8EA4? !BHEA4? B9 *B?<7F 4A7
*GEH6GHE8F 
23  8@<EG4F  HEE4A  ,E4? FF8FF@8AG B9 G;8 8V86G B9 E87H687 6B@CBF<G<BA4?
;8G8EB:8A8<GL BA 9E46GHE8 E8F<FG4A68 B9 ;H@4A 6BEG<64? 5BA8 HF<A: SA<G8 8?8@8AG
@B78?<A: BA8 
23  04A: " HGM  HVL # %<85HE  %4H@4A )' $4<A
;4E46G8E<M4G<BA B9 64A68??BHF 4A7 6BEG<64? 5BA8 FGE4<A <A G;8 <A I<IB @BHF8 G<5<4?
?B47<A: @B78? HF<A: @<6EB+54F87 SA<G8 8?8@8AG 4A4?LF<F BA8
23  4EG;8?4G " 4FG=8E7< ) )45<8< A <@CEBI87 94<?HE8 6E<G8E<BA 9BE 5<B?B:<64?
4A7 8A:<A88E87 FG4::8E87 6B@CBF<G8F !BHEA4? B9 G;8 )BL4? *B6<8GL AG8E9468
23 - BAM4?8M?5H<K86; $ )B7E<:H8M$<??4A + GB ! #BL4 $ $<:H8?8M
%H@8E<64? 4A4?LF<F 9BE 78F<:A B9 5<B<AFC<E87 68E4@<6 @B7H?4E 4E@BEF 9BE 54??<FG<6
CEBG86G<BAF AG8EA4G<BA4? !BHEA4? B9 4@4:8 $86;4A<6F 
23  !<4A: 0 )8A 1 #<H * 1;4A: 1 #<A #BJI8?B6<GL <@C46G E8F<FG4A68 58;4I<BEF
B9 5<B<AFC<E87 ;8?<6B<74? 6B@CBF<G8 ?4@<A4G8F J<G; ABA?<A84E EBG4G<BA 4A:?8
54F87 ?4LHCF B@CBF *GEH6G 
23 $) 5<E + +4L ' #88 &A G;8 <@CEBI87 54??<FG<6 C8E9BE@4A68 B9
5<B<AFC<E87 6B@CBF<G8F B@CBF CC? *6< $4AH9 
23 ! K68?? * %4G;4A +;8 E<F8 B9 477<G<I8 @4AH946GHE<A: A:<A88E 
23 + %:B  "4F;4A<  @54?M4AB "+( %:HL8A  H< 77<G<I8
@4AH946GHE<A:  CE<AG<A: 4 E8I<8J B9 @4G8E<4?F @8G;B7F 4CC?<64G<BAF 4A7
6;4??8A:8F B@CBF<G8F '4EG  
23 ' +E4A + %:B  ;4M?4A  H< <@4G8E<4?  CE<AG<A: 4A7 AH@8E<64?
4A4?LF<F B9 5<B<AFC<E87 6B@CBF<G8 FGEH6GHE8F HA78E <AC?4A8 4A7 GE4AFI8EF8
?B47<A:F B@CBF<G8F '4EG  
23 * )H7L>;  &EG<M $ BL68 ?8K<5<?<GL 4A7 CEBG86G<BA 5L 78F<:A <@5E<64G87
;L5E<7 @<6EBFGEH6GHE8F B9 5<B<AFC<E87 4E@BE *B9G $4GG8E
23 * )BB;4A<F94;4A< ' %8J@4A  1E8<D4G 8F<:A 4A7 945E<64G<BA B9  CE<AG87
F64VB?7F J<G; 4 @86;4A<64? FGE8A:G; 6B@C4E45?8 GB 6BEG<64? 5BA8 GB E8C4<E ?4E:8
5BA8 78986GF *6< )8C 
23 $ -?4F84 ) '<??<4E  +BLF8E>4A< BAGEB? B9 FGEH6GHE4? 4A7 @86;4A<64?
CEBC8EG<8F <A 5<B68E4@<6 5BA8FH5FG<GHG8F I<4 477<G<I8 @4AH946GHE<A: ?4L8E
FG46><A: BE<8AG4G<BA 77<G<I8 $4AH946GHE<A: 
23 - .8<5@4AA ) 478E  4AF@4AA % #4H98E ATH8A68 B9 G;8 FGEH6GHE4?
BE<8AG4G<BA BA G;8 @86;4A<64? CEBC8EG<8F B9 F8?86G<I8 ?4F8E @8?G87 +<?-
BC8ACBEBHF F64VB?7F $4G8E 8F 
23 *# *<A: ! A .0 08BA:  .<E<4 #4F8E 4A7 8?86GEBA584@ CBJ78E587
477<G<I8 $4AH946GHE<A: B9 @8G4??<6 <@C?4AGF 4 )8I<8J BA CEB68FF8F $4G8E<4?F 4A7
78F<:AF !BHEA4? B9 BEG;BC487<6 E8F84E6; 
23  *;8L748<4A  +BLF8E>4A<  A8J 4CCEB46; 9BE 945E<64G<BA B9 G<G4A<H@G<G4A<H@
5BE<78 C8E<B7<6 6B@CBF<G8 I<4 477<G<I8 @4AH946GHE<A: 4A7 CE8FFHE8?8FF F<AG8E<A:
B@CBF<G8F '4EG  A:<A88E<A: 
23 0 H . BA: / .4A: 0 #<  %<A:  .4A: #4F8E 78CBF<G<BA477<G<I8
@4AH946GHE<A: B9 +<+< 6B@CBF<G8F J<G; ABI8? G;E887<@8AF<BA4?
GBH:;8A<A: B@CBF  A: 
23 ) 1BH 0 /<4 * #<H ' H . BH ( H 8G 4? FBGEBC<6 4A7 4A<FBGEBC<6
8?4FG<6<GL 4A7 L<8?7<A: B9  CE<AG87 @4G8E<4? B@CBF  A: 
A. Ghazlan et al. Composites Part B xxx (xxxx) xxx-xxx
23 * +<J4EL * "<F;BE8 * *4E>4E ) $4;4C4GE4 '$ =4L4A " ;4GGBC47;L4L
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23 # ;8A ) 4??4E<A< Bioinspired micro-composite structure. ! $4G8E )8F
23  *45E88 ! BH:;  8E5L $86;4A<64? CEBC8EG<8F B9 CBEBHF 68E4@<6 F64VB?7F
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23  1;H $ %B46> ) $8E<A7B?  4EA8E"BJB??<>  .4?G;8E #<:;G474CG<I8
FHCE4@B?86H?4E A46E8@<@8G<6 A4AB6B@CBF<G8F %4AB ?8GG8EF 
... A single hard phase, metakaolinbased geopolymer, is studied while varying the soft phase to form different bioinspired geopolymer composites. A variety of soft phases exist in natural materials (see Refs. [57,58] for a review) as well as in existing composites (see Refs. [59,60] for a review). These soft phases play an important role in enhancing the mechanical behavior of these composites as they serve as media for the various toughening mechanisms. ...
Geopolymer cement is a promising alternative to ordinary Portland cement as it offers comparable mechanical properties and greater durability with lower carbon emissions. Despite its advantages, the brittleness of geopolymer hinders its application as a structural material. In this work, a bioinspired brick-and-mortar structure is explored as a design paradigm to overcome this brittleness and to further augment geopolymer mechanical performance. To this end, composites were prepared with geopolymer as the brick phase and 3D-printed polymers as the mortar phase, with focus on the influence of the mortar phase stiffness. Bending and fracture results reveal strong and tough geopolymer composites can be achieved through a bioinspired brick-and-mortar structure. The geopolymer based composites showed up to 830 times greater toughness with simultaneous gains of 48% in strength compared to the bulk geopolymer. This composite exceeds bending strength and toughness of both its constituents. Stiffer soft phases generate tougher composites compared to more compliant soft phases. Various toughening mechanisms, including brick interlocking, crack bridging and crack deflection, triggered by the bioinspired design, were revealed through Digital Image Correlation, indentation, and microscopy.
... There are several criteria for grouping the design solutions for stab-resistant armors [3], including -base materials used for manufacturing the protective armor: -their structure, especially for composite (as monoblock component, as fibers arranged in yarns and fabrics with different architecture, but dense and with no loose spaces between yarns), -their shape as layers (here including knitting, woven fabrics with metallic fibers, polymeric and natural fibers [4][5][6], glass fibers [7], but also stratified sheets), monoblock plates or animal-mimicked shaped [8] (like scales, turtle tiles, egg-shell [9] etc.), -the technology involved (from laminates, fabrics to printing fabrication). Base materials could be metallic alloys, having the disadvantage of high specific weight, inflexibility, polymeric materials as plates or woven fabrics, the last having the advantage of light weight and flexibility and ceramic materials, usually used to faced combined threats as blades and bullets. ...
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This paper presents preliminary results and discussion on two aramid fabrics in order to establish their stab resistance when used as panels with different numbers of layers. Twaron fabrics SRM509 and CT736CMP, were arranged in 16 and 20 layers and in a combination of them (10 layers SRM509 and 10 layers CT736CMP). Samples of 130 mm x 130 mm were cut from the fabrics, weighed and measured for thickness. All tests were done for an impact energy of 24 J (the resulting impact velocity being 3 m/s). The blade had the geometry recommended in the standard Stab Resistance of Personal Body Armor NIJ Standard-0115.00 as P1. The conclusion of this analysis is that the better behavior to stab is obtained for panels that have higher gradients in time, for all four characteristics here discussed: force, displacement, absorbed energy and velocity. When using hybrid panels, the results could intermediate those of the components, this solution could be recommended for reasons as price, weight.
... Complicated damage mechanisms of these helicoidal structures such as fibre breakage, matrix cracking, fibre/matrix interface debonding and delamination have been also observed [2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10]. Changes in the ply orientation are known to affect the toughness and strength of composites by altering their damage mechanisms and related propagation [7]. ...
The design of impact-resistant composite laminates could be inspired by a biologically helicoidal architecture where a series of thin unidirectional fibre laminas are stacked one by one, with the orientation of each fibre layer rotating sequentially by a near-constant angle. The results of low-velocity/face-on impact show that the excessive diffusion of damage inside the helicoidal configurations poses a potential threat to the structural integrity of size-limited laminates, even though the fibre failure is suppressed (which tends to occur in the Cross-Ply controls, resulting in lower contact force). Here, we propose a cross-helicoidal design strategy for the fabrication of high-performance helicoidal composites with variable rotation angles. By adjusting the relative position of the oriented fibre sheets, this cross-helicoidal architecture changes the out-of-plane stiffness of the original helicoidal configuration, resulting in a rather different impact response. Both experimental data and numerical simulations confirm that the introduction of this cross-helicoidal design significantly improved the impact resistance of laminates, with larger impact peak forces and much smaller projected damage area.
... Across the long periods of evolution, natural creatures have developed and optimised structures with porous, grading, stochastic and hierarchical features to achieve superior functionalities (Ghazlan et al. 2021;Tran et al. 2017). These functionalities, which include lightweight, high-strength, impact resistance and energy absorption capacity, can help creatures to survive under harsh environmental conditions. ...
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This paper presents a novel multiscale explicit topology optimisation approach for concurrently optimizing the structure at the macro level and the bio-mimicking porous infillings at the micro level. Solid bar components with cross-section control at the macro level and sphere components at the micro level are constructed as the minimal control units to replace the manipulation of material distribution at each grid. The overlapping, moving and morphing of bar components provide the ability to generate flexible structural shapes at the macro level. Using the inspiration of the turtle shell (carapace), the sphere components are designed to move, overlap, and resize inside the bar to sufficiently mimic both the regular and irregular porous features. Classical beam designs, lattice structure designs and unit cell designs are illustrated as numerical examples to demonstrate the functionalities and correctness of the proposed method. As a result, the stochastic pores distribution and porosity control can be validated. The abilities of optimising lattice structure at truss-level and single unit cell level are demonstrated. Moreover, the samples are fabricated by selective laser melting (SLM) technology and then scanned with the X-ray micro-computed tomography (micro-CT) technique to further examine the manufacturability.