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State of Governance and Politics in Japan: A Review from Jomon to Edo Period

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In Bangladesh, the patriarchal capitalism puts women in such a position within their communities that they always remain subordinate under male domination and in many cases this is reflected through violence (Hadi, 2009). Thus a woman commonly has risk of experiencing domestic violence within her family and it is not very surprising that the husband is more likely to assault and/or batter his wife if she fails to meet his dowry demands or to perform household work. Given the scale of the human rights violation against women within family this article concentrates on the socio-legal concerns of domestic violence problem in Bangladesh. The study in the beginning focuses on the socioeconomic cost due to domestic violence in Bangladesh and then finds out the domestic violence prevention mechanisms through national law and international human rights obligations of the state.
Can TQM be effectively implemented under less than ideal circumstances? Steven Cohen and William Eimicke report on a focused strategy for bringing total quality management into an organization through the rapid implementation of quality improvement projects. The use of that strategy in the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation is described and assessed. According to this case, the costs of conducting quality improvement projects is much lower than the benefits they generate.
In this article we address the major theoretical and methodological problems encountered in attempts to arrive at valid and reliable measures of organizational strategy. Our discussion is based on a series of empirical studies of the strategic behaviors of nearly 200 organizations in ten industries. In these studies, four different approaches for measuring strategy have been employed. We describe each approach and discuss its advantages and disadvantages.