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Handout - The human side of career transitioning in the threshold of Industry 4.0 Kick-off Steps and Support Tools for career transitioning


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Outline for the conversation: What encourage me to research on the Human Perspective of Industry 4.0 Kicking-Off Transition Processes - Some Valuable and Useful Notions. A Virtual Toolbox for Individuals transitioning within Industry 4.0 A couple of tools in practical use Insights for a Transitioning Path
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NDE 4.0
Handout Kick-off Steps and Support Tools
for career transitioning
Ramon Salvador Fernandez Orozco
President & Chairman -Fercon G ro up.
About The
Profile and Experience
President & CEO
Fercon Group
A civil engineer with a major on structural design from the Autonomous
University of Guadalajara.
Dual Degree Master on Business Administration MBA with a specialization in
Strategic Business Management from Regis University and technology and
innovation management and research processes by ITESO.
34 years of experience in Nondestructive Testing and 32 years of experience in
Wel ding Enginee rin g. Cer tif ied as ASNT Le vel III i n R T, UT, MT, P T, VT an d LT
Since 1986, he has coordinated projects and programs focused on quality
improvement, automation and innovation for manufacturing and construction
projects located in three continents and 15 countries.
His construction experience covers over 350,000 metric tons of structures for
bridges, power generation plants, industrial buildings, commercial buildings,
high-rise building and off-shore platforms. Coordinator of the first successful
project of quality certification by the American Institute of Steel Construction
(AISC) for a structural steel fabrication company in Latin America.
Senior Consultant for the CEGINT/ ITESO Business Accelerator Program on
corporate governance, family protocol, business models, institutionalization,
strategy redefinition and organizational change management processes.
He has published papers on the development of his professional work and
lectured at forums in Mexico, the United States, France, Chile and Brazil.
This is where our clients and projects are located
From Mexico we collaborate with companies located in the
United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Spain, France and
The projects where we have participated are located in three
continents including countries as México, United States,
Argentina, Chile, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic
and Panama.
Basic Tools and Support Resources in the Handout
1. Wheel of Life
2. Mapping your Support Networks
3. Personal Business Model
§A Virtual Toolbox for Individuals (Look for QR Code at page 15 of this handout)
§ASNT’s Blog Articles by the author: Look for Blog Posts at
© 2020 FerconGroup Developed by Ramon Salvador Fernandez Orozco
§Every slice of the pie represents a dimension of life or category.
§The categories are sorted from tangible dimensions such as fitness or physical health to intangible assets
such as transcendence sense or happiness.
§Each of these slices can be assigned a value of 1 (Low Score -bad) to 10 (High Score -very good).
§The value of 1 is closest to the center of the circle and the value 10 is at the edge of the circle. After filling it
in, a kind of spider web is created and it is possible to see at a glance what categories score less and what
the life satisfaction of that moment is.
§Every part influences one’s individual life. By completing the wheel in all honesty and correcting it if needed,
you find out what is going right and which parts may need more attention. The more extreme the number,
the more improvement that category could use.
§When filling in the Wheel of Life, it does not matter where you begin or with which category.
Too l 1 : W heel of Li fe :
Obtaining insights on gaps and balance
Wheel of Life:
Obtaining insights
1. How do you feel about your life as you visualize your Wheel?
2. Have been surprises for you?
3. Have you confirmed specific previous perceptions?
4. How balanced in the shape of your wheel?
5. Which low areas needs to be addressed in order to improve the balance?
6. How you may improve those areas? Which specific actions are needed? (Make a list)
7. Which high areas may be capitalized to contribute with your balancing efforts?
8. How you may capitalize those areas? Which specific actions are needed? (Make a list)
9. Integrate the actions in a to-do list, sorted initially by its contributions to close the gap in balance and its feasibility
10. Validate its prio ritization with your fam ily and m entors. Correct th e order of the list acco rding with th e obtaine d insights
11. Share the list with your family and/or mentors for follow-up and motivation.
12. Adjust your to-do list as you progress
2019 ASNT Annual Conference Conference presented by Ramon Salvador Fernandez
Wheel of Life Questions:
Obtaining insights
1. To m ap y ou r ne tw or k us e th e gr ap hi c map p ro vi de d in t he n ex t pag e or u se s om e me nta l m ap pi ng
software (Two suggested alternatives are provide in the supplementary resources)
2. As a first step, make a tree diagram of your OPERATIONAL network that includes the most important
organizations and people
3. Try to sor t you r contac ts in a ch ronol ogical fa shion by c onne cting who i nt roduc ed w ith a ny su cces sive
new contact.
4. Use different colors for visually differentiate organizations and people
5. Once your OPERATIONAL network has been completed, analyze its structure and composition. ¿What
insights have you obtained while you were building its structure and sorting the contacts? Please take
note of them.
Too l 2 -Map your Network :
Obtaining supplementary insights
Too l 2 : M ap you r N etwork
Your Operational Network:
Comprises those involved in your group’s daily
Your Strategic Network:
consist of those who help you prepare for the
future by answering the questions: “¿What should
we be do ing? ¿Where ar e we going a nd how will we
get there?”
Your Developmental Network:
includes those who help you grow and provide
personal, emotional support when you need it.
1. Identify which contacts within your operational network has contributed with an important number of
new connections. They are candidates to integrate your STRATEGIC network
2. From your personal experience, choose within your operational network those special individuals who
have contributed importantly in your personal growth. They are candidates to integrate the personal
portion of your DEVELOPMENTAL Network.
3. Similarly, choose within your operational network those special individuals who have contributed
importantly in your professional growth. They are candidates to integrate the professional portion of
4. Revise your to-do list to capitalize your new insights derived form the mapping processes and to involve
your identified mentors.
5. Regularly update your network map and obtain supplementary insights form its evolution.
Too l 2 -Map your Network :
Obtaining supplementary insights
Do I need a personal
business model?
The foundation for
personal reinvention
2019 ASNT Annual Conference Conference presented by Ramon Salvador Fernandez Orozco
Figure 3: The Personal Business Model Canvas, from Clark,
Osterwalder and Pigneur.
§To of fe r a st ra ig ht a ns we r: Ye s, i t
helps to have a clear and
conscience personal business
§Sometimes not only one but as
many as you may need to
diversify your career and not
having all the eggs in a single
§Methods and tools like the ones
used to build business models,
and value propositions for
companies are also useful at an
individual base.
Virtual Toolbox for Individuals
Business Model
Business and
Soft skills Supplementary
Software tools
Personalized Tools for Specific
A Toolbox for Individuals
A virtual-pair development
Software and
Creating your personal business model canvas
Basic Notions:
Download Quickstart PDF:
Prioritizing and Controlling Pending Tasks and Initiatives
Microsoft To Do (To-Do Lists for Desktop Computer and Mobile Devices)
Mental Mapping
FreeMind Mental Maps for Desktop Computers
Mind Vector Mental Maps (Web and Mobile Devices)
LinkedIn’s Series by Author on Business Models and Strategies:
The most recent version of the Personal Virtual Toolbox is available at
our Research Gate Profile Page.
(Scan the QR Code at this slide to access it)
Ramon Fernandez
President & CEO
Fercon Group
+52 (33) 3129-2560
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