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Abstract The early 1990s satellite TV revolution in the UAE brought foreign media broadcast in the limelight and Japanese anime dubbed in Arabic became the most watched content in Emirati households. Nowadays, the trend continues; however, digital content and the cultural and geographical proximity with Japan are giving youngsters more varied choices in terms of anime selection and accessibility. Through a detailed overview, this article aims to understand the growing popularity, localization, and impact of Japanese anime and otaku culture in the UAE. A focus group was conducted in a leading UAE university among fans of Japanese anime (males and females,) investigating the reasons behind this trend and its preference over Emirati cartoons. A comprehensive description was given by the respondents regarding the popularity of anime-related festivals and recommendations were provided as to how foreign media may positively affect the UAE animation industry, creating professional opportunities for youngsters in the field.
Letter of Acceptance
August 4, 2020
Dear Urwa Tariq,
On behalf of the Review Committee for the Fifth International Conference on Communication & Media Studies, Oct 1, 2020
– Oct 2, 2020 at University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada, this letter confirms your presentation proposal “Anime Fandom Among
Young Emiratis In The Uae: Perceptions And Impact On The Uae Industry” has been accepted. We believe that your presentation
and participation in general discussions will make a significant contribution to the conference.
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