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The Gender Diversity Tale in The Forest Sector



As a part of popular culture, comics provide a potential medium for science education and communication. In this science comic poster, the first author delivers her PhD in Wood Science with a dissertation about gender diversity in the forest sector in four countries: the U.S., Canada, Finland, and Sweden. Given an aging workforce, job and career prospects for young people are extremely positive in the forest sector. Employee turnover through retirement also presents a significant opportunity for the industry to increase the diversity of its workforce. This study utilizes interviews of women executives in global forest sector companies, and women student and administrator leaders in top world forestry universities, to better understand how these women leaders perceive the impact of the situation of gender diversity in the forest sector as well as making the forest sector more attractive for young women. The results of this study will provide meaningful insights into gender aspects in the forest sector and raise awareness into the importance of diverse and inclusive workplaces.
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