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Biostatistics of Greenhouse whitefly on different greenhouse cucumber cultivars

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Biostatistics of Greenhou,sa whitefly on different greerhouse cucumber cultiyars
S$mtlth iVlilzalnohamntadzudchl, Shahzad Iranipoud. Ho:isein Lr.)tf.fllizatlrrhr anrl N{ohanrrnad Jofarloor
2- f)q)lfi.fixilnt ttf Phu* Prottctfrar, [Jnrrer:ri4 t$ Tlbt ii. Tabrii, lntn.
Greetitnuv r.r,/rirq/lli Tridl*uroder ru1xtrariorutrr {Westw*od) is an im1:rorrant pest of greeilhouse thr:ough6ut th.e
rvorltl that curtser se.ritu* d*nage on agricrrlturai products. 'Ihereto'^re. in this resuarch some hiological pammeter.s gf
pest weir studied on tbur cultivarx {Royal, Soltur, Negin and Vida) ot tuo lrcights (60 and g0 cnd in greenhousc
corditiod (?2*3'C and 80%{5 RH). Dl'veloprncnt time of totri immnrure srages was 27.4910.34, :8.13*0.1.
?6.{13+0.24 and ?7.44*t}.3 davs. on so-callcd cultivars rurspectivrly x,hile it tr:ok a littlc longer at hcigtrt 90 cnr
compirred to 60 cm (?8.65 vs. ?6.4:1 days, rcspecrivcly). T.he preinruginll rnortillity pcrccnt rangcd fhln 4 to ?-fc in
dil'fcrcnt lreillments although thil diflerence wils not xignificiut. Irt:nrale longevity rva"s 27.9*0.(t1 .21.35j0.34.
26.71t0.6 and 22tt1.46 days on irbove mentionecl culrivius respecrively (P<0.01). It*.as also averaged as 23.29t0.4
and 26'41U.66 days at the two heights. Nu*rbr::r of egg/ lernale was 203.82+4.8r, 1.3:.26+3.57, ?t0.6li*5.3 I anri
161.79+5.15 ondiffcrent cultivars with an irvr:l'{ge of I6?.ri6+5.68 anci l8?.981.1.75 in 90 ancl 6(icrn (p<0.01) lihcr
sex ratio lvas nol signit'ir":antneitl:er among cultil'ars nor betweeri ttre heights.
Keyrvortls: Whi t t{lv, Bio to gt,, Curu nilte r, G reenhr;uo'e
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