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  • International Vision University
  • International Vision University, Gostivar, North Macedonia


Formerly, Data in Big-Data is compiled from non-traditional sources, such as blogs, social media, emails, sensors, photos, videos, etc. Therefore, they are usually unstructured and bulky. However, they have the promise to give enterprises deeper insight into their customers, partners and businesses. Such data can provide answers to questions that were not previously posted. Enterprises must learn to understand how best to use Big Data. Nowadays big data has become a popular concept and it is interpreted as beginning of a new era. While a huge transformation occurs with the creation of big data concept, institution and organizations point of view and benefits gained from the data have changed and come to a different point. In this study, big data is conceptually analyzed and compared with structured and unstructured data. The usage areas of big data in the world and examples were given.
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