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Shahat, Amr and Erika Feleg, 2015, large palimpsest cartouches of Ramesses IV Usurped by Ramesses VI, poster ARCE Annual Meating, Houston TX



The reuse of the Ramesses VI to Ramesses IV inscriptions and cartouches in the Karnak hypostyle Hall in Karnak and Luxor temple have a systematic pattern. Only the cartouches facing the processional way were the ones recarved and reused. Other cartouches of Ramesses IV were skipped. Recent restoration in Luxor temple have removed the plasters that carries the evidence of Ramesses VI recarving of Ramesses IV cartouches. This challenges our concept of conservation and restoration as the modern conservation project is focused on the appeal of colors over the preservation of the accumulative history revealed from the use and reuse of the temple by different kings.
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