The Cubical Matrix of SustainabilityThe Cubical Matrix of Sustainability

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Companies need to meet accepted sustainability standards with solutions that are unique to their business’ needs, requiring them to seek out sustainability experts for help. As part of Sphera’s mission to create a safer, more sustainable and productive world, Sphera works with companies around the world to help them along their sustainability journeys. Such a flexible approach allows Sphera to work with businesses without a fixed offering, remaining agile to better cater to any particular company’s needs. This adaptive approach has a complex strategy behind it that combines data, software and consulting to help clients move toward sustainabil-ity independence. The approach emphasizes education and training, which encourages innovation and a shift in business models. This leads to greater transparency in sustainability communication and creates a collaborative model for sustainability expansion along the value chain. This combination is what makes Sphera’s consulting strategy unique. In addition, Sphera’s consulting approach tackles corporate and product sustainability and the topics that arise where the two categories of sustainability meet. The intersection between product and corporate sustainability begins in a space where each side can inform the other. This synthesizing approach is, ultimately, always a life cycle approach. The life cycle of the product includes the value chain, whereas the lifecycle of the company is composed of the value chain of their entire product portfolio, including the com-pany’s operations itself. That combination involves value chain management and transcends simple solutions to lead companies to address bigger-picture topics, such as cooperative business practices, that will move modern economies toward a circular economy, an obligation for every company if we are to meet the rapidly mounting environmental challenges and create a sustainable future for humanity.

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To read the full-text of this research,
you can request a copy directly from the authors.

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Sustainable Solution Steering® - the BASF Method
  • Thinkstep
Sustainable Solution Steering® -the BASF Method
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