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The Plight of Knowledge Workers in the Gig Economy during COVID-19


Change is very real and businesses - large or small, formal or informal - are acting at the speed of insight to steer change. The gig or sharing economy initially claimed to able to redefine white-collar jobs and transformed the way we perceived the very existence of professional service firms. For example, why would you need to outsource a data analytics firm for a project when you have easy and quick access to experts, connected by a digital platform with global reach. Such a stance, e.g., was made by the popular Netflix million-dollar challenge in 2009 that was looking for someone who could develop the best recommendation algorithm. It was won by a team that didn’t belong to a single firm and they were not working remotely across lands. This article showcases plights and opportunities of knowledge workers within the gig economy during the pandemic.
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ResearchGate has not been able to resolve any references for this publication.