Personal, social and public resources for social conflict settlement: interdisciplinary approach

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The risk of conflict interaction proceeds to invoke requests of studying conflict manifestations and the search for means for its peaceful settlement. The research subject was the category of «resource», which nature is characterized by bi-directionality: on the one hand, the category of «resource» is thought of as the subject matter of conflict interaction due to its scarcity, and on the other hand, it is as a means to enhance the human ability to handle difficult (incl. conflict) straits. The research objective was to refine a concept of the resource under the terms of interdisciplinary knowledge and its role in conflict arrangement practices. The research was conducted on the basis of theoretical analysis and methods of qualitative research (unstructured interview, questionnaire). The article argues that, the resource approach occurred relative to human adaptation processes, coping strategies and health conditions under the study of psychological phenomena. The personal resource potential of human vital activity primarily emerges full blown in the conflict. Instead, the actualization of the following levels (social and public) is of secondary importance and involves a certain level of practical skills in its using to resolve a conflict situation. The resource concept turned to be inadequately presented within the framework of conflict psychology and it could be expanded through the implication of interdisciplinary knowledge, in particular, the economics of resources and its application in the field of strategic management. This will be especially significant for organizational psychology in the context of the issues of the competitive ability development. The use of resources in a situation of interpersonal conflict is proven limited by self-preservation processes. The ability to cooperate different resources in a conflict situation is related to the practice of training relevant skills, which source point could be important people and first-hand experience. The conducted pilot study indicates the significance of applying the interdisciplinary approach as well as emphasizes the urgency of harmonizing the terminological tools in order to increase the effectiveness of creating interdisciplinary relations. Interdisciplinary research in the conflict sphere

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