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The purpose of the study is to review the published literature on factors affecting knowledge sharing in Pakistan. Only those studies were included in the review, which were conducted in Pakistani context. Data was collected through exploring different sources including Google and Google Scholar. Time limitation was not applied. Review of the Pakistani literature confirmed that factors of different nature influenced knowledge sharing positively as well as negatively.Respondents of the conducted studies were from various categories such as students, teachers, employees (working in dairy, banking, telecom, corporate sectors and academic environment) and bloggers. Results of the study will be useful for organizations, students, and faculty as well as government authorities. It is recommended that organizations should work on minimizing the negatively impacting factors to maximize knowledge sharing among their individuals. Future research directions are also presented in the study.
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Background and Aim: Assessment of library and information science (LIS) publications reflect the standards of LIS education and practice. It is imperative to evaluate the research productivity frequently to highlight the various patterns of LIS publications. The current study aimed to present quantitative analysis of LIS research and its bibliometric indicators produced by Pakistani authors in the year 2020.
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