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How to get published in Media Asia



These are the slides I used for a webinar organized by the Asian Media Information and Communication (AMIC) Centre on May 15, 2020. To watch the webinar, please go to the YouTube channel of AMIC (
Danilo Araña Arao, editor (starting 2020)
Fast facts on Media Asia
What kind of manuscripts?
Practical tips
Before submitting...
Some notes on academic writing
Why submit to Media Asia?
D. A. Arao 2AMIC Webinar (15 May 2020)
Established in 1974
2020 editorial board: Danilo Arao (UP
Diliman), Lisa Brooten (SIU Carbondale),
Pamela Custodio (UPLB), Roselyn Du (CSU
Fullerton), Ma. Theresa Rivera (FEU Manila),
and Zhang Yin Nick (HKBU)
Accepts manuscripts that “focus on practices
in journalism, advertising, public relations,
entertainment and other aspects of media.”
(Media Asia call for papers, 2020, para. 3)
D. A. Arao 3AMIC Webinar (15 May 2020)
Relevant media-related topics in Asia
e.g., freedom, ethics, working conditions, ownership,
campus press, community press, corporate media,
alternative media, literacy, language, culture of impunity
Community-based, country-based or
comparative study
Empirical study on media
qualitative (e.g., in-depth interviews, focus group
discussions, case studies)
quantitative (e.g., survey, content analysis)
qualitative AND quantitative
D. A. Arao AMIC Webinar (15 May 2020) 4
Grammar, syntax, diction
APA citation style
Word count
Abstract: 100-150 words
Manuscript: not more than
10,000 words (including tables,
references, captions and
Clear outline
Related studies
Statement of the problem
Clear data presentation
In-depth analysis
Logical arguments
Clear contribution to knowledge
D. A. Arao 5AMIC Webinar (15 May 2020)
Ask your colleagues to read your manuscript
Proofread, self-edit, revise before submitting
Ensure that you have read the Information for
D. A. Arao 6AMIC Webinar (15 May 2020)
Try to be readable and understandable
Simple words instead of highfalutin ones
Consider that academic journals may be required
readings for first year college students
Scholarly writing is logical and persuasive
writing, not esoteric and complicated writing
Writing clearly is key
D. A. Arao 7AMIC Webinar (15 May 2020)
Faster turnaround time for most manuscripts
submitted in 2020 (n=16)
Average days from submission to invitation of
reviewers (manuscripts assigned to me, n=3): 0.67
Manuscripts A, B, and C
1 completed review, 1 agreed to review
Average days from submission to withdrawal (n=1): 1
Manuscript D was referred to another journal
Average days from submission to rejection (n=6): 8.83
D. A. Arao 8AMIC Webinar (15 May 2020)
D. A. Arao 9AMIC Webinar (15 May 2020)
Media Asia call for papers. (2020, March 25).
Routledge Taylor & Francis Group. Retrieved
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D. A. Arao AMIC Webinar (15 May 2020) 10
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