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Practical guidance on calculating resonant frequencies at four levels of diagnosis and inactivation of COVID-19 coronavirus



This paper presents the selective principles of very thin (precision) resonant physical methods and practical calculations of the frequencies of the waves of physical fields in solving the problems of diagnosis and inactivation of coronavirus, with minimal harmful effects on human cells.
Practical guidance on calculating resonant frequencies at four
levels of diagnosis and inactivation of COVID-19 coronavirus
Vladimir N. Fedorov
V.1 May 14, 2020
This paper presents the selective principles of very thin (precision) resonant physical methods and
practical calculations of the frequencies of the waves of physical fields in solving the problems of
diagnosis and inactivation of coronavirus, with minimal harmful effects on human cells.
In applied science, there are precedents when, when microorganisms are irradiated with waves
with a group of resonant frequencies in the kHz range, the effect of inactivation of microorganisms
occurs. Some works [1, 2] will be considered below as examples.
Based on the work [3], it is assumed that the energies of the spectral lines of molecules determine
the energies of molecular bonds and necessarily have many splitting lines in the low-frequency
wavelength ranges. Those. each pilot wave of molecular bonds cannot exist without a pilot wave forming
a spectral line that can be calculated using Rydberg's formula. However, even this pilot wave line with
binding energy cannot stably exist without its low-frequency pilot waves of splitting.
The resonant action of waves at frequencies of splitting lines with sufficient intensity can give either
an inhibitor effect or a catalyst effect for molecular bonds of microorganisms (of coronavirus).
The resonant action (inhibitor effect or catalyst effect) of waves of physical fields on any molecular
bonds depends on the dispersion interaction near the resonant frequency. For example, you can tune
each signal to the region of maximum resonance or to the region of antiresonance.
It should be borne in mind that the positive effects of inactivation of coronavirus are possible both
in resonance and in antiresonance. For example, in antiresonance, the molecular wave pilot wave is
suppressed and destroyed. On the other hand, an excessive energetic effect in resonance can lead to a
significant quantum change in the molecular bond and then the coronavirus will not be able to contact
the human cell.
Such a dispersion interaction of the resonators is similar to a multi vibrator Yagi-Uda antenna.
The resonant frequency of the reflector is shifted down by 5 % (with a low Q factor of the
resonators) and leads to complete suppression of radiation in the direction from the vibrator towards the
reflector. And several directors, shifted up in frequency by 5 % relative to the main vibrator, repeatedly
amplify the radiation in their direction, in fact, pumping energy out of the main vibrator, shunting it and
reducing its wave resistance.
Using the experience of constructing multi vibrator antennas, it was concluded that, in the optimal
version of the antenna, many directors should have a monotonous reduction in size as they move away
from the vibrator. Those. each sequentially removed director pumps out energy from a closer director,
and they all optimally pump out energy from the vibrator.
A set pilot-waves of spectral splitting lines for any pilot-wave of line calculated according to
Rydberg's formula in quantum mechanics plays the role of directors, amplifiers, and stabilizers of spectral
Each spectral splitting line is formed by the 4th pilot-wave of the de Broglie of the electron [3], or
the 3rd pilot-wave of the orbital pilot-wave of the molecular bond. Those the pilot-waves of the
centimeter and meter ranges are directly connected with the orbital pilot-waves of intermolecular bonds.
For this reason, each spectral line calculated by the Rydberg formula has a number of deterministic
lines of its splitting, which are formed on harmonics and subharmonics of the fundamental splitting line
(formula (5)) [8], and all of them are located higher than frequency of the main spectral line of Rydberg.
An example of such physical technology is the technique described in [4]. In this work is
demonstrated 
cantilever first mechanical resonant frequency of 193,
and cantilever static stiffness of 48.8 N/m, with imaging f set point values between 5.5 Hz and 6.6 Hz.
 of 0.4 eV for the transition between these two configurations
(Fig. 4B), which corresponds to the breaking of the remaining bond of the Si atom with the surface and
The above experiment shows with what high accuracy (fractional order 1Hz) it is necessary to
establish the frequencies of dispersion for the inactivation of the coronavirus.
It should also be noted that one frequency of the level of cleavage can belong to many spectral
lines that are responsible for molecular bonds in the human body, but only a set of spectral lines of
cleavage encodes practically one single selected molecular bond for manipulation with it.
Accordingly, if you act on a molecular bond at one frequency, then much more power is required to
act on it. Whereas with the same average power of exposure in the group of spectral lines, the required
power of each spectral line is required much less. Those more useful spectral lines used in the group, the
safer the method of inactivation of coronavirus.
If we compare such subtle physical methods of influencing the intermolecular bonds of coronavirus
with a human cell with methods for selecting chemical elements in medical preparations, it turns out that,
in fact, both methods are identical in terms of the dispersion physical mechanism.
In fact, chemicals are selected empirically in such a way that the spectral lines of the atoms and
molecules of the drugs suppress the molecular bonds of the coronavirus with human cells. However,
many spectral lines of chemical preparations unpredictably interact with human cells - both positively and
negatively. For example, iron has 4,700 lines in its spectrum. In addition there are problems in delivering
drugs to the right areas and saturating these areas with the necessary concentration of chemicals.
Physical diagnostic and treatment methods lack most of these shortcomings.
Thus, physical methods of selective exposure on coronavirus can become much more effective and
safer for patients. In addition, it is possible to organize remote diagnosis and treatment. For example, you
can develop hardware and software for smartphones for diagnosis and treatment, which will allow you to
organize a total fight against coronavirus. In addition, physical methods can make it possible to respond
very quickly to mutations and new pandemics not only of coronavirus.
The use of traditional quantum mechanics for practical purposes is difficult, because the power of
computers is not enough to calculate the splitting spectra of complex atoms. In addition, there are three
prohibition theorems that make it impossible to predict many results, because quantum mechanics are
not based on physical mechanisms, but on probabilistic laws. As a result, there is no reason for the self-
organization of matter, because the existence of a reason for self-organization contradicts the second law
of thermodynamics. But if we understand the principle of the heat pump, then we can understand the
principle of self-organization of matter.
The principle of quantum (phase) processes of energy conversion and transfer in fractal matter, due
to parametric resonance processes, is the basis for the self-organization of matter in soliton structures
from pilot waves. Parametric processes do not lead to abstract quantum numbers of splitting lines, but to
lines of splitting in strict accordance with the numbers of subharmonics and harmonics, as in the Fourier
Without the principles of self-organization of matter, it is impossible to understand the mechanisms
of functioning of the coronavirus and the work of the neural network in brain cells. With primitive views
on quantum mechanics, such as the law changes of wavelength de Broglie from mass, though there is no
such law (there is only a fundamental dependence on the radius of inertia of a particle or body), we will
long dream of artificial intelligence that must fight pandemics. Since 2020, global pandemics are a reality
that we must immediately respond to, instead of the generally accepted 2-3 years to receive a vaccine. It
is good that it is possible to use the antibodies of ill people, but this does not exclude the need for
understanding how the human body does it.
To understand the reasons for the self-organization of matter, a good working theory is needed to
solve particular problems. At this stage, these problems are solved simply using the universal laws of
pilot-wave quantum mechanics, which was formed in accordance with the principles of superdeterminism
in cellular automata of Nobel Laureate Gerard't Hooft [6] and based on the observed phenomena and
calculations of the fractal structure of matter.
The paper gives the universal quantum laws of the Universe associated with Rydberg's formula. It is
shown that these laws are valid for all levels of fractal matter, from elementary particles, to planetary and
stellar systems and organisms. Depending on the energy of the external perturbation of matter, identical
and similar self-organizing quantum structures are formed from pilot waves.
Rydberg formula:
. (1)
To understand the mechanism of the Rydberg empirical law, you need to understand the principle
of formation of effect of the mass.
ergy of motion its
mass at the speed of light along the ring axis of the Compton electron pilot-wave, then the kinetic energy
The second half of the electron energy is formed in the form of an electron gravisphere from all
series pilot waves de Broglie of electron calculated according to Rydberg's formula (1) . Those the energy
of all de Broglie pilot waves of all Rydberg series is the potential energy (gravisphere) of the electron,
equal to the kinetic energy of the electron itself.
The wavelength with binding energy is determined by the coefficient 2/2 - the ratio of the
reciprocal of the Rydberg constant to the electron Compton wavelength.
at they are formed on the
second pilot de Broglie waves of the orbital electron. In this case, the energy of each pilot wave (or the
energy of its photon during "annihilation") is equal to the kinetic energy of the orbital electron. In the
process of quantum orbit change, the electrons simply jump from one pilot wave to another. In this case,
photons are emitted, or photons with a difference in the kinetic energies of the electron are absorbed.
Those In the process of annihilation of the pilot waves, force pulses are formed to change the kinetic
energy of the orbital electron. There are no other mechanisms of force formation in the Universe.
Splitting the lines with binding energy gives the number of low-frequency pairs of pilot waves equal
to 2*1372=37,538 pieces. Such a number of elements of the electronic level of matter determines the
angular momentum of pairs of limit elements of the level n=-3 of fractal matter of universal quantum laws
in formula (7). Such pilot waves with a wavelength (9) exist in the upper part of the
low-frequency pilot wave range.
For example, in the region of spectral lines of pilot waves with binding energy, there is a pair of
limit elements (excitons) of the level of matter n=-2. In pairs of excitons with a wavelength
, the number of elements of the electronic level of matter n=-1 is 2*137=274.
Therefore, it is assumed that to preserve the angular momentum of the interacting elements of matter,
each series of lines of pilot-waves with the energy of possible bonds contains 137 pilot waves, which upon
lines or absorption lines.
Any change in the electron velocity leads to a reformation of the set of de Broglie pilot waves with
binding energy through the photon formation phase. Those the entire electron gravisphere is a single self-
organizing soliton in which the energy of interaction with the medium of the physical vacuum is
minimized. An electron cannot exist without its gravisphere, and it forms it according to universal
quantum laws. This is the principle of self-organization of matter.
Like an electron, each de Broglie pilot wave of an orbital electron forms the line of pilot wave with
binding energy, which forms its own gravisphere with energy equal to half the energy of the spectral line.
The ratio of their scales is also determined by the ratio 2/2. The frequencies of the pilot wave lines
with the binding energy determine the frequencies of their pilot-waves of splitting in the MHz and GHz
bands npv=4 and form their own gravisphere. Those pilot-waves of lines with binding energy are
precessing with frequencies of the pilot-waves of their lines of splitting.
Precession leads to the necessary and strictly defined perturbation of the physical vacuum medium
to maintain each pilot wave in a stable state at the bottom of the potential well. The speed of the
precession motion of the disturbance wave along the pilot wave ring is equal to the equivalent speed of
the pilot wave according to the de Broglie wave formula.
If the frequency of pilot-wave of de Broglie is forced to change, then the speed of the orbital
electron in a molecular bond will change, because its energy is always equal to the kinetic energy of the
Accordingly, each pilot wave of the splitting lines of the MHz and GHz bands (4th pilot-wave of de
Broglie of electron npv=4) also forms its own gravisphere wi2/2 and with its de
Broglie pilot-waves in the range kHz (6th pilot-waves of de Broglie of electron npv=6) These pilot waves
form their de Broglie pilot waves in the Hz range (8th pilot-waves of de Broglie of electron npv=8).
The pilot waves of the electron of the Hz range form the magnetosphere (gravisphere) of the Earth
with its dimensions of the pilot-waves. Thus, each element of matter on Earth is associated with the Sun
It should be noted that the total energy of all pilot waves that form the mass effect in the
gravisphere is always equal to half the ene2
is correct, which is equal to two kinetic energies of all pilot waves.
The inertia force of a pilot-wave is a mechanism of energy transfer from one pilot wave to another,
through quantum transformations of their energy through the phase of photons (Unruh effect). For
example, therefore, in mechanical vortex cavitation processes in water, flashes of electromagnetic
radiation are formed in the region of pilot wave lines with binding energy (white light, the Balmer series
region) with the formation of phonons with a temperature close to the temperature of the surface of the
Sun. This is the mechanism of energy concentration in the center of gravitation and the mechanism of
self-organization of matter in action.
If the spectral lines of the pilot waves with communication energies atom npv=2 are formed by the
second pilot waves of de Broglie of the electron (1), then their splitting lines are formed on the fourth de
Broglie pilot-waves npv=4. Then the calculation formula for the pilot waves for the splitting lines with the
corresponding numbers of harmonics and subharmonics ng is
Where, is orbital velocity of an electron in a hydrogen atom. The frequency is
It should be noted that the levels of splitting do not depend in the 4th degree on the series number
ns, but in the 3rd degree. This is because the splitting levels are determined by the orbital pilot waves, and
not with the electron.
The spectral S lines of an atom are the result of more fundamental πα resonance. Therefore, the S
lines have a much smaller width in comparison with the P, D, and F lines. The spectral S lines of splitting
are synchronized with the triple πα resonance of the limit exciton
and the double α resonance of the orbital electron (8):
. (3)
Therefore, there is a constant coefficient KS connecting the main and S lines of splitting among
themselves, which is calculated from the formulas of universal quantum laws (5) and (12), or this work (2)
and (3)
However, judging by the experimental data, this KS coefficient also has to be corrected by an
additional coefficient related to the  resonance of hyperfine splitting (5).
Thus, there are very simple laws for the formation of splitting spectra, which exactly correspond to
the numbers of harmonics and subharmonics (number ng) of the main splitting lines in Table 1.
However, it is possible to calculate Sp lines using formulas (2), (3) and (4) only if Rydberg series
numbers ns are known. The problem of calculating the spectral lines of the splitting Sp for any spectral
line associated with any molecular bond can be solved by solving the cubic equation (one member of the
equation with ns2, the other with ns3). The solution has the form
ESL - spectral line energy that is responsible for a particular molecular bond.
SK - a switch for calculating the S series of lines, for example, for the line 4S1/2-4D3/2 SK=1, for lines
not containing the S line SK=0.
ng - Is the number of harmonic and subharmonic, therefore this number is ng=1 for the main
spectral line of splitting, if ng=4/3, then the calculated line is the 4th harmonic of the 3rd subharmonic of
the main line. The parameter ng determines the essence of the new exact and simple law of quantum
mechanics, which determines the exact values of the real spectral lines of splitting. This law should
replace the calculations of each spectral line with many formulas for corrections that barely fit on a whole
npv - Pilot-wave number, which characterizes the level of the fractal structure of matter. In this
formula, this parameter for splitting lines cannot be less than 4, but it makes sense at npv=4 (range Sp
GHz and MHz), 6 (range Sp kHz) or 8 (range Sp Hz). For example, for reference, for an electron, this level
of matter is npv=0. For orbital pilot waves de Broglie of electrons npv=1, with the frequency of the first de
Broglie wave, the electron precesses. For the spectral lines of pilot waves with a binding energy of npv=2,
the energy is equal to the kinetic energy of the motion of the orbital electron. With the frequency of the
spectral line of the pilot wave with binding energy, the orbital pilot wave of the orbital electron is
precessing. Those a spectral line with binding energy is not only a pilot wave, but also a phonon. All pilot
waves are phonons that form photons in the processes of conversion on harmonics and subharmonics, as
an intermediate link in the conversion of phonons.
Accordingly, phonons npv=2 precesses with a set of phonon frequencies (a set of splitting lines (5))
of the npv=4, npv=6, or npv=8 level.
Ee - Electron energy.
h - The Planck constant h=e*c*me, e is the Compton wavelength of the electron, c is the speed of
light, me is the mass of the electron.
- Is the fine structure constant, CODATA 2014 value of =1/137.035 999 139 (31). In the pilot
wave concept of quantum mechanics, this constant is determined by the reciprocal of the number of 137
quarks that form the same structure for all pilot waves of any level of fractal matter. Therefore, this
constant is associated with stable -resonances, which synchronizes all processes in the Universe.
ErK=13.598434484634 eV is the experimentally determined constant for the exact calculation of the
spectral lines in the hydrogen atom rK=3288086856.8 MHz, Kramida (2010) NIST [8]. This constant can be
adjusted according to the results of experiments.
KS=1.1049053113 - constant (4) for the formation of S spectral lines of splitting, works only when
SK=1 and does not work if SK=0. This constant can be adjusted according to the results of experiments.
Inverse calculation of the energies of the spectral lines of pilot waves with the binding energy ESL for
any frequency of the spectral line of their splitting Split
Thus, if we know the activation energy of the COVID-19 binding with ACE2 of a human cell, then we
can calculate the main resonant frequencies of the spectral lines of splitting at different levels of the
fractal structure of matter npv=4, 6, 8 and for harmonic and subharmonic numbers ng orbital pilot waves
de Broglie of electrons.
For example, it was established [5] that 
ACE2-SARS-CoV-2 complex with-6.33 kcal/mol (Vs -5.24 kcal/mol without SARS-CoV-.
Then the main resonant frequencies are equal
All other splitting lines are obtained simply by substituting the corresponding numbers of
harmonics and subharmonics ng of the fundamental frequencies at different levels of matter, similarly to
the data for ns=4 in Table 1.
At npv=8, the resonant frequencies are too low to use. However, such a level of frequencies can be
useful for the destruction of elements of the coronavirus itself, where the atomic bond energies are much
In addition, you can try to use higher frequencies in the Hz range, which are 137.036 or 43.6 times
It is possible that such frequency shifts of fundamental resonances, both up and down in frequency,
will be useful at all four levels (npv=2, 4, 6, and 8) for additional exposure and to increase the efficiency of
inactivation and diagnosis of coronavirus.
We can calculate (6) the exact parameters for replacing the bond between atomic manipulations
and conclude that in the experiment [4] alternate vertical interchange atom manipulations produced at
binding energy of atomic
However, such a binding energy ng=1 is only an assumption from some set of possible energies
calculated for splitting lines with other harmonic numbers: ng=3/2P, 4/3P, 1P, 1/2P, 1/3P, 1/6P, 3/2S, 4/3S, 1S.
When several useful resonance frequencies used is known in experiments, the number of energy
variants of the studied bonds decreases.
For example, in [1] Effect of ultrasonic frequency and power on algae suspensions 5 frequencies
were used: 20, 40, 580, 864 and 1146 kHz. It is clear that such a set of frequencies is not accidental; it is
the result of lengthy experiments on the effectiveness of cleaning ships from algae.
To understand why these frequencies are useful, first of all, it is necessary to calculate the
frequency ratios that characterize the numbers of harmonics and subharmonics. We note the
characteristic frequency ratios 20/40=1/2, 864/20=43.21/()=43.6 the fundamental  resonance.
Obviously, the  resonance refers to the hyperfine splitting of the line with a frequency of 864 kHz, the
line at the second harmonic of 40 kHz, together with the splitting line of 20 kHz, forms a stable baryon
structure of the pilot waves
For the high-frequency group of lines, the relations are equal: 580/11461/2, 864/5803/2,
1146/8644/3. All this set of frequencies corresponds to part of the set of quantum numbers ng=3/2, 4/3,
1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/6 used in this work. Therefore, there are only 3 possible options for calculating the basic
binding energy of algae with a ship
Then other known frequencies can be calculated accurately for the selected frequency of 864 kHz
baryon element.
baryon element.
The second possible variant of binding energy:
Hz1160)6,1,0,kcal/mol196.784( knnSE pvgKSLSp
Hz8702/1)6,2/3,0,kcal/mol196.784( knnSE pvgKSLSp
baryon element.
Hz805)6,2/1,0,kcal/mol196.784( knnSE pvgKSLSp
The third possible option for binding energy:
kcal/mol256.673eV11.1344091)6,2/1,0,864( pvgKSplitSL nnSkHzE
Hz11522)6,3/1,0,kcal/mol256.673( knnSE pvgKSLSp
baryon element.
Hz864)6,2/1,0,kcal/mol256.673( knnSE pvgKSLSp
Hz765)6,3/1,0,kcal/mol256.673( knnSE pvgKSLSp
baryon element.
The following is an example. In [2
 bacteria 205, 358, 618, 1017 kHz.
Ratios of frequencies ng in the most likely case were:
kcal/mol98.3725eV4.26737282)6,2/1,0,205( pvgKSplitSL nnSkHzE
Hz1,0255)6,2/1,1,kcal/mol98.3725( knnSE pvgKSLSp
Hz1,013.69352)6,3/4,1,kcal/mol98.3725( knnSE pvgKSLSp
baryon element.
Hz615)6,2/3,0,kcal/mol98.3725( knnSE pvgKSLSp
Hz205)6,2/1,0,kcal/mol98.3725( knnSE pvgKSLSp
Thus, to calculate the exact value of the binding energy, three component frequencies in the group
are not enough. It is assumed that there is a reserve efficiency of algae processing and inactivation of
Escherichia coli if we refine the frequencies and find several more effective resonant frequencies in
accordance with the entire group of quantum numbers.
Thus, we can act on any pilot-wave line of the molecular bond of the coronavirus, by forming low-
frequency pilot waves, at strictly defined frequencies of physical fields. All pilot wave elements of physical
fields are connected by uniform universal laws of the fractal structure of matter at any scale of the fractal
structure of matter.
The energy density of exposure to physical fields in a certain volume should correspond to the
energy density of molecular bonds of coronavirus in the same volume.
The process of selecting effective frequency spectra for the inactivation of the coronavirus should
be combined with the measurement of the binding energy before exposure and at the time of the action
of the physical field. When the preliminary spectrum of the lines is determined, one can begin to change
the parameters of individual spectral lines, varying their amplitudes and frequencies.
The more useful spectral lines in physical fields we form, the more accurate and more efficient the
inactivation of the coronavirus will be.
However, the formation of dozens of signals with very accurate frequencies at several harmonics
and subharmonics in the desired ranges, this is not an easy task.
For example, we can use special Arbitrary Functions Generations. Such generators allow you to vary
the relative amplitudes of harmonic signals; such a function of the generator can be significant.
However, off-the-shelf generators of arbitrary functions with acceptable parameters there are only
for low-frequency ranges.
Therefore, can to use offer simplified methods that allow you to create sets of the necessary
accurate signals even in the GHz range.
For example, if a frequency synthesizer generates a signal on the 6th subharmonic ng=1/6, then it is
enough to include a nonlinear element (diode) at the output of the synthesizer. In this case, the exact
frequency sequence of harmonic signals can be obtained at the output, which will correspond to part of a
series of lines, among which 2, 3, 6, 8 and 9 harmonics will be useful in accordance with Table 1. The
possibility of detecting useful signals on others harmonics should not be ruled out.
In this case, it should be borne in mind that if we set the half-period distortion of the frequency
synthesizer signal, then the output will form mainly signals of odd harmonics. And if we apply the scheme
of two half-period signal distortions, then even harmonics signals will be formed. Therefore, combined
signal distortion schemes should be used.
An additional signal can be supplied to the same signal distortion circuit to obtain the difference of
frequencies, for a series of S lines. Also can to use circuits on broadband transformers with phase
suppression of unnecessary signals.
One of the most acceptable options for exposure on coronavirus is exposure to an electromagnetic
field with a strictly defined spectrum of signals that are amplified to sufficient power. A person in clothes
can be wrapped in the chest area with a flexible wire from one to several tens of turns and a signal power
amplifier can be connected to this wire.
For local action, coils or ultrasonic signal converters can be used. The form of the physical field does
not matter much, because the inertial acoustic waves of ultrasound are automatically converted into
gravitational pilot waves, which form the force of inertia with the disturbance frequencies.
For example, with excessive ultrasound power even sonoluminescence photons are formed from
the generated gravitational pilot waves, which demonstrate the effect of energy concentration in the
gravitational center according to the universal quantum laws of self-organization of the fractal structure
of matter [3]. Those. at the required power of a series of splitting lines, phonons and photons of spectral
lines of bond of atoms and molecules are formed. The creation of such a technology will mean a
breakthrough of electronics in the optical frequency range.
Alternating electric fields can be useful for studying individual atoms of molecules [7].
Remote diagnosis of coronavirus infection is possible either in a passive way, when electromagnetic
waves are fixed on a strictly defined grid of resonant frequencies, or in an active way, by irradiating a
person with electromagnetic or acoustic waves and analyzing the received response.
Thus in this paper, the selective principles of very thin resonant (precision) methods for the
practical diagnosis and inactivation of coronavirus, with minimal detrimental effects on human cells, are
Table 1. The data of experiments in the work of Kramida (2010) [8] and calculations by the formulas (5) of
the universal laws of quantum mechanics.
1H, MHz
pv(ns, ng, npv)
ns=4, Exp1. MHz
ns=4, Exp2. MHz
ns=4, Calc MHz
ns=4, Calc kHz
ns=4, Exp1. S
ns=4, Exp2. S
ns=4, Calc. S
ns=4, Calc. S
ns=6, Exp. MHz
ns=6, Calc MHz
ns=6, Calc kHz
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The problems of Undecidability, Uncomputability and Unpredictability of physical processes are caused by the lack of an objective understanding of relativistic effects and quantum processes, due to insufficiently substantiated axiomatic in physics. These problems can be solved using the pilot wave quantum mechanics, based on the observed phenomena and calculations. It is assumed in the work that the device of the Universe is based on a single essence-a toroidal gravitational pilot wave. De Broglie pilot waves are vortices of deterministic turbulence in the material, dynamic and fractal medium of a physical vacuum. Pilot waves form toroidal gravitational waves and fields, which in the process of quantum transformations form the only mechanism of of force of inertia formation. The paper gives the universal quantum laws of the Universe associated with Rydberg formula. It is shown that these laws are valid for all levels of fractal matter, from elementary particles, to planetary and stellar systems and organisms. Depending on the energy of the external perturbation of matter, identical and similar self-organizing quantum structures are formed from pilot waves. Thus instead of global chaos, there is deterministic turbulence of quantum pilot waves in the material medium. That is, "chaos" is an order that we do not know about. Dynamic pilot wave mechanisms of energy conversion are the cause of self-organization of matter in solitons structures. All pilot waves are governed by the laws of quantum classical parametric resonance in a non-ideal, nonlinear, neutrino, fractal, and dynamic material medium of a physical vacuum. The energy circulation of the elements of matter in the solitons pilot wave forms a gravitational field and provides an equilibrium state in the potential well. "The most incomprehensible thing about the world is that it is comprehensible" Albert Einstein
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Nuclear spins are highly coherent quantum objects. In large ensembles, their control and detection via magnetic resonance is widely exploited, for example, in chemistry, medicine, materials science and mining. Nuclear spins also featured in early proposals for solid-state quantum computers¹ and demonstrations of quantum search² and factoring³ algorithms. Scaling up such concepts requires controlling individual nuclei, which can be detected when coupled to an electron4,5,6. However, the need to address the nuclei via oscillating magnetic fields complicates their integration in multi-spin nanoscale devices, because the field cannot be localized or screened. Control via electric fields would resolve this problem, but previous methods7,8,9 relied on transducing electric signals into magnetic fields via the electron–nuclear hyperfine interaction, which severely affects nuclear coherence. Here we demonstrate the coherent quantum control of a single ¹²³Sb (spin-7/2) nucleus using localized electric fields produced within a silicon nanoelectronic device. The method exploits an idea proposed in 1961¹⁰ but not previously realized experimentally with a single nucleus. Our results are quantitatively supported by a microscopic theoretical model that reveals how the purely electrical modulation of the nuclear electric quadrupole interaction results in coherent nuclear spin transitions that are uniquely addressable owing to lattice strain. The spin dephasing time, 0.1 seconds, is orders of magnitude longer than those obtained by methods that require a coupled electron spin to achieve electrical driving. These results show that high-spin quadrupolar nuclei could be deployed as chaotic models, strain sensors and hybrid spin-mechanical quantum systems using all-electrical controls. Integrating electrically controllable nuclei with quantum dots11,12 could pave the way to scalable, nuclear- and electron-spin-based quantum computers in silicon that operate without the need for oscillating magnetic fields.
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For more than 50 years, Charlotte Moore’s compilation of atomic energy levels and its subsequent revisions have been the standard source of reference data for the spectra of hydrogen and its isotopes. In those publications, theoretical data based on quantum-electrodynamic calculations have been given. This reflects the fact that the theory of the hydrogen spectrum has been perfected to an extent far exceeding the capabilities of the best measurements. However, rapid advances in the techniques of laser spectroscopy and optical frequency metrology have recently put experiments on a par with theory in terms of precision. This calls for construction of new comprehensive data sets for H, D, and T that summarize the latest experimental work and can be directly compared with the modern theoretical reference data. The present work compiles several tens of recent measurements of the hydrogen, deuterium, and tritium fine and hyperfine structure intervals and presents sets of energy levels and Ritz wavelengths derived from those measurements. Data exist for the fine structure of energy levels of hydrogen and deuterium up to principal quantum number n = 12. For higher lying levels, there are many observed lines with unresolved fine structure. From those observations, level centers (centers of the fine structure) are derived by a least-squares optimization, and Ritz wavelengths of series with upper levels up to n = 40 are obtained. For tritium, the n = 2 and 3 energy level intervals are derived from experimental observations.
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The ability to incorporate individual atoms in a surface following predetermined arrangements may bring future atom-based technological enterprises closer to reality. Here, we report the assembling of complex atomic patterns at room temperature by the vertical interchange of atoms between the tip apex of an atomic force microscope and a semiconductor surface. At variance with previous methods, these manipulations were produced by exploring the repulsive part of the short-range chemical interaction between the closest tip-surface atoms. By using first-principles calculations, we clarified the basic mechanisms behind the vertical interchange of atoms, characterizing the key atomistic processes involved and estimating the magnitude of the energy barriers between the relevant atomic configurations that leads to these manipulations.
A computational insight of the improved nicotine bindingwith ACE2-SARS-CoV-2 complex with its clinical impact
  • Selvaa Kumar
Selvaa Kumar C and al. A computational insight of the improved nicotine bindingwith ACE2-SARS-CoV-2 complex with its clinical impact. (2020 ) 6. Gerard't Hooft. The Cellular Automaton Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. (Submitted on 7 May 2014 (v1), last revised 21 Dec 2015 (this version, v3))